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30-Minute No-Equipment Full-Body Cardio




30-Minute No-Equipment Full-Body Cardio

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Hey everybody Welcome to class fit sugar Get ready because we gonna get that full Body hit sweat session rocking in just 30 minutes so go ahead with your bad Selves get on your mat grab that H2O Because we gonna go okay we're all gonna Start off at the top of our mat since we Do have 30 minutes today I have a nice Little warm up and then we're gonna dive In two blocks of movement progressing as We go so go ahead world's greatest Stretch nice lunge forward with that First right leg both hands down to the Ground we're gonna open up to this day This beautiful workout rotate right into That anybody get a backpack oh I Good I really want everyone to focus and Really tuning in with their body today Good both hands down to the ground we're Gonna straighten and bend that first Over this looks so good oh I love the Warm-up it's my favorite part juice yeah Juice it's real juicy we made them extra Juicy for you good right here one more Beautiful we got time to rotate one more Into that front leg good both hands down To the ground step that leg back other Leg up and forwards okay does anybody Want to try that crack rotate oh pop it Oh did you drop pop and lock it back There I definitely say pop did not laugh Oh you dropped a long day yeah good Drive that back leg up good straighten It out nice little okay then relax my

Ankle pop oh okay One more all the way up and then back Down good so all we're going to do is Step that second foot back and go ahead Walk it out walking up technically walk It back give me a nice little Sun Salutation why because we can we're Welcoming in this workout clap those Hands back down to the ground unload That weight forwards all the way good Let's give ourselves a nice little hip Drop here for a second Little Cobra oh My God my hips are opening it feels so Good back up to that leg walking on back If you walk it out And a little extra movement today you're Welcome we spoil you here's the sugar Good unload it down into that nice Little plank hold engage that core focus On the movements that we're doing good We are gonna get that heart rate up so I'm telling you enjoy this moment Good walking Beautiful nice Strong high plank good Let's move it up a little bit more not a Lot baby girl just a little bit faster Good one more all the way down and out Beautiful walking on back Guess what we got time for one more and Then we're going into loaded beasts Beautiful so right here we're about to Go beast mode baby nice strong stance Good we're gonna drive those hips all The way back towards those ankles good

And then bring it all the way forwards Now I love that we're all doing this Warm-up together but once we progress Through this workout Paris our dear Friend here is gonna offer all of the Modifications today so go ahead if You're looking for something a little Bit lower impact if you're looking to Treat yourself you know to that lower Impact movement follow along with Paris If you're looking to go all out people Are going to go balls to the wall that's Right I said it right follow along with Me Or Nikita falls to the wall yeah baby That's right good from right here we're Gonna step those feet right up to the Hands we're going into good Old-fashioned squat drive so all we're Gonna do is unload those hips I just Went Southern I said I'll load those Hips down to the ground my mom would Love me right now she's from Kentucky All the way up high to the sky beautiful Unload it down now we want you to keep Your feet planted right here hands firm On the mat drive those hips all the way Up feel that hamstring stretch we got Those ham hocks working baby All the way up hands remain on the Ground really feel those hamstrings Elongating baby oh but also you're Feeling it a little bit right yeah oh Yes

Good last one go ahead stand it all the Way up and we're going into some good Old-fashioned jumping jacks right here All the way up and now beautiful notice How Paris is kind of stepping it out Right now let me see you one two step Understanding good all the way up and Out good Nikita and I got those good Old-fashioned jumping jack just like PE Baby bring it back bring it bring it Back who doesn't love gym class am I Right right actually I really oh that's Not a surprise why I'm here but I really Did love did you guys love gym classes I Did not but I I would love it now You're getting that five star rating Good beautiful in just a second here We're gonna open up our chest because we Do got a lot of upper body movement Today we're gonna go into Highland Jacks Beautiful and Paris good what am I doing Here see you later I got you girl just Kidding I'm still here good I oh there It is I found a flow I'm like we're in This together we'll get it to win it and Guess what so are all of you thank you For signing on to this workout thank you For dedicating time to you to me and to Both Nikita and Paris as well super Grateful you're here and guess what also Be grateful for that body because we About to Rocky Sign off good congratulations we've made It into the first block of movement I

Know right you're like wait but guess What we're going right into cardio That's right because we got hit today so Good old-fashioned nice little jumping Rope yeah you can give me that boxer Shuffle right here nice little to the Left dude I'm just kidding stay in the Center yeah My invisible one oh Good butt kickers nice little movement Good can you get those heels all the way Up to your booty good oh you girl you've Been working out you know I've been Doing these videos this makes my job Easy good and just like that Congratulations we're down on the mat we Gonna fly away like superwoman right now But seriously the exercise is called Superwoman so down on the mat beautiful All the way down hands are going to be Nice in front of us beautiful we are all Going to do this movement together we're Gonna squeeze our entire posterior chain Which means our whole back side right Like that squeeze and breathe baby and Then unload it down Good it's a nice Controlled movement feels good right After that cardio you're like oh gosh I Can breathe I can fly yes how are you ladies feeling I feel good yeah yeah you look good Thank you you got the best view in the House right now

Good neck head back and spine are in Neutral alignment you're really Squeezing now this ain't no flailing Party okay I really want everyone Squeezing straight through their glutes All the way through reaching to that Wall in front of you and that wall Behind my foot party right now good we Got time for about one more we're gonna Stand it on up and we've had to hit all Them angles that's right because we got Squat kicks this is like when I was like Taking karate class as a kid and I was Like yeah that's really what we're about To do right so if you don't want to go As low follow along with Paris right but Nikita and I are right here boom side Baby got back and timer is going so if You're signed on I don't know what You're doing all right you better you Better yeah you squatting okay Beautiful straight up That's right it's all in the hips right Now anybody Happy Gilmore is all in the Hips it's really on the hips good so Down on the mat we got plank swivels Hands locked and loaded right under us We're gonna drop those hips one side to The next right so squeeze down and back Nice Strong high plank beautiful notice How Paris is down On her knees right so if you need that Modification drop them down good ladies Ladies we're looking real good over here

Dropping those hips we may have gotten a Little trigger happy and started a Little early but guess what I spoil us You're welcome everybody loves ABS core Galore good now the way to make this a Little more effective is to really Actually take those elbows and drive Them towards your hips yeah notice how Nikita isn't shooting those hips up to The sky core is engaged and the more That you drop to each side The more you feel baby the more you feel The more change is happening Right here Oh we are almost there beautiful guess What we're gonna stand it on up How you doing Yeah here's like I don't know how I'm Doing right now but guess what we're Going in a good old-fashioned plank Runners so step that foot back you're Going to drive that knee straight up to The sky right so unload it back drive That knee right up this is a little bit About speed but it's also stability Squeeze those shoulder blades down and Back nice strong stance and guess what We're in it to win it baby and we are Right here with you what'd you say I'm Just repeating in it to win it yeah we Are it apparents are you in it to win it Let's hear it [Applause] Not making an omelette

Right through with those knees drive Them all the way we are doing one side At a time you will start to feel that Glute burn and guess what you're earning That ish feels good right you're going Oh they went oh now it wasn't like oh it Was oh that's a different type of ooh That's the one we like right here Because I feel it in my other side yes That's one that you should feel it okay Because that's what's stabilizing you It's a nice little step back driving That knee up to the chest oh it burns That we said yeah that love a little Quad I almost went down leaning Good switch legs give it a second you Just shake it out that's okay right we Have that quick little recovery period Not too long don't get it don't go sit Down okay move through the whole thing And go ahead just like that we are Driving that knee Straight up to the chest look side view You're welcome I spoil us right here Step that leg back drive that knee right Up to the chest Good unload that weight back if it's Feeling a little too challenging Paris Don't step quite as far back right so Boom Drive boom Drive the more that you Drive the more you feel you know I'm Gonna keep saying that but that is The truth how you doing good are you Doing it and doing it doing it well I'm

Doing it I guess I'm doing it well yes But guess what we are moving right along Some cardio okay okay so here we go four Square hops I'm really bringing us back To gym class today yeah you are front Side back back front side back here we Go it's like dance in the club right how Are we working out are we at the club I Just transported us to the club good all The way down and back beautiful nice Little hops here good that timer's gone Which means we are what I'm moving and Grooving and halfway through we're gonna Actually switch it up switch it up Switch it up it's not yet Mom's ready not yet not here not now Just keep going we're moving and Grooving baby we are almost there Good let's see you all switch directions Does anybody else like your squares all Of a suddenly look like an octagon oh Yeah Circle and you're like I'm just Here I'm just here moving guess what Your heart rate's up congratulations you Are winning I'm serious this is more Than just about you you affect the People you encounter through the day and You are bettering yourself for all of That so let's get round Applause for all That yes arm work too just kidding good We are down to that how do you like that Okay heart rate oh God beautiful ladies Let's go down to the mat it's up and It's up it's and when it's up and it's

Up and it's up we're up and actually We're going down so that push-up we are Upping the game we're going into a Push-up release right so that plank Position nice strong stance unload that Weight down and again we're squeezing That entire posterior chain timer is Going which means what shake and bake Baby that just felt right I don't know If that even made sense good squeeze Your entire backside good now I want Everyone to notice how Paris is hitting That assisted push-up right Beautiful I love this modification but When she hits that release and squeeze She's still engaging the glutes and Driving through right with her booty Booty booty that's rocking everywhere Yeah right that's what we want we're not Just flailing those legs but we got just A few seconds left hands right under Those shoulders nobody is peeling like a Banana off the mat right if you need to Go assistant go to assistant right we're All here just to push ourselves and do Our best and guess what Up baby we got squat kicks all angles But Nikita and I are up in the game a Little bit okay we're adding a jump all Right follow along with Paris if you Want to keep that low impact but we are Here ready hit it like I said don't quit It squat come on give me those kicks Ladies kick it like you mean it

Beautiful can I get a jump Squad Straight up side we bring it bring it Back bring it bring it bring it back hop Good how you doing I'm feeling good yeah You liking that I like a good kid a lot Of dumb or anybody so would you tell me The chances of a uh of guys like us and Girls like you right one in a million so You're telling me there's a chance there Is a chance you got just a few seconds Left of this so give it your all dig Deep last kick come on one more jump you Got this boom shakalaka ladies And guess what we got back down to that Plank move right and we're gonna saw it Out but Instead of the dip to the sides we're Hitting that sauce we're gonna go Forwards back knee Drive knee Drive Timer is going beautiful I love how Paris has given us that modification of That nice strong plank hold now I was Just you literally are you kidding me Where did where did I find you ladies Thank you good you can still add that Knee drive from that assisted position Wherever you're at whatever you do you Do you boo boo okay but you do push Yourself you dig deep we are all here For ourselves this is me time baby right And how far are you willing to go how Far are you willing to push yourself Wherever that is at you are winning no Matter what because you showed up and

Also you're done with that move I talked The whole time I am so sorry but also You're welcome it goes faster here we go Plank runners okay it all the way back We're gonna up the game a little bit Here drive now Paris you're sticking With that first movement right good Parents like yes I am I am good timer is Going right Nikita and I are finding That stability that balance there is a Slight Bend in that knee right here Unloading that weight down and then Driving it all the way up good you are Well how you doing it happens it's okay You know what I always like to say I Almost wobble a little bit if you sway If you falter it happens in life and What do we do we reset we restart we are Only human right no one's stable no wait What I'm great Literally up to the other side good so All the way down drive that knee all the Way up you do have a few more seconds if You need that little break but guess What We're good We're good nothing phases me like I said I'm stable as hell Good right here driving that knee up Imagine that your body is like a seesaw Right and this leg is the lever hands go Down leg goes back and then you switch Right good ladies I'm so impressed thank You for being here for showing up for

Doing the damn thing with me thank you Great to have Partners through this Right accountability is key to success Now speaking of all that her make this a Little fun you ready for this can you Give me a little hop at the top we Didn't do it on the last one because I Got distracted but guess what you know What talking about unstability Here we go come on last one Boom shakalaka baby and guess what that First block of Boomin is done and we are Moving and grooving into the next block So go ahead find yourselves at the top Of the mat which means you are more than Halfway there and it feels good doesn't It damn it feels good to be a gangster Here I know You guys we're sparkling we're shining Okay on all fours Quadruped here we go right push-up for Us step it on back into that plank good Nikita and I have that nice little Quadruped push-up notice how our elbows Are going out oh I just add an extra Push double down baby you better tell Our elbows are going out to the side Right in that quadruped more than when We were doing the push-ups earlier right But right here step it back in that nice Strong Plank and Nikita good how you Doing even though shoulder blades Squeeze down and back yeah I'm feeling Strong good Paris how you doing Paris

Doesn't have the push-up but she's also Challenging that upper body strength Good I feel it in my core beautiful set Those Knees Down We ready for some more Good mornings hands up at your head Stick that butt out show it off we're Gonna squeeze all the way up to our Tippy toes beautiful now I always like to explain this exercise Imagine you're at a party right you Really got to go to the bathroom I'm Going somewhere with this I promise okay Right you go to the bathroom you're like Oh I really gotta go the difference Between a squat and a good morning is Notice how Nikita in Paris are both Sticking their booties out right if You're at the party and you squat you're Gonna miss that toilet you want to hit That toilet because you don't want to be The person at the party who's missing The toilet I hope you all remember that Movement now don't ever forget it don't Say anything every bathroom Great almost there well that was last One good down onto the mat We're going into a good old-fashioned Boat coz squeeze those shoulder blades Down and back feet are gonna get lifted Up off the floor Squeeze the shoulder blades down and Back I love this move so much because It's not only insanely effective

But also it's such a nice recovery Movement where you're like I'm kind of Chilling but also you're working the Crud let's just be honest the crap out Of your abs so squeeze those shoulder Blades down and back notice how both of The ladies beautiful if you get a little Wobble you can put your feet down there Good nice little modification right There still crushing we're crushing core Today yeah I don't know what that was But it was something good Nikita has her Shoulder blade smooth down the back nice Strong core you look at your sweating Girls I'm sweating yeah baby I like the Sparkling today we're not sweating we're Sparkling yeah how dare you so rude good So right from here we're all actually Gonna drop our feet down onto the ground Pam's place behind us we're going into Crab dips right imagine crab right like That that's right we are in PE remember Crab walks good drive those hips up We're gonna go dip knee Drive dip knee Drive now the key to success with this Movement good let's all get in unison Yep there we go there it is good good The key to success with this movement First of all Is right to let those elbows drive to The wall behind you right none of our Elbows are flying out like this right Squeeze those shoulder blades down and Back let those elbows drive right to the

Wall behind you and also keep those Glutes up off the floor baby how's Everybody doing feeling good yeah you Feel okay triceps right you're like okay Triceps on fire try tips on fleek Good we are almost there and then we're Going back to that quadruped move right When we're in on all fours and that cat Cow position so go ahead take that thing Down flip it and reverse it okay yeah Okay okay So right here we're gonna lift our knees Up off the ground instead of a push-up This time we're going lateral tap Lateral tap step back into that push-up Position now Paris you're back to that movement Before right but Nikita and I are adding In a little more challenge here right I Am officially dripping sweat and guess What I don't like it I love it Good bring it bring it back bring it Bring it bring it back oh Nikita I love You you're following right along with me How's everybody doing how's that upper Body are you feeling the burn yes do you Burn baby burn For a second I mean let's just go crazy Practically Perfect good time for one More beautiful set those Knees Down Stand it on up congratulations Everybody's working real hard today I'm Really proud of all of us we're doing

Those good mornings again okay remember You don't want to miss the toilet but Nikita and I are adding a hop at the top Just like you would on the toilet yeah So Nikita we were talking about yeah That's not another story that's a rough Day good so hands up on our head good We're gonna explode Toilet explode okay sorry all the way up Drive it straight up clearly have a Great trip Paris is staying there I just Want to point out for a second we were Going through this before the workout Nikita what's a good morning hop and I Was like oh that's foosball baby good Stick that butt out show it off and Drive straight up to the sky good we are Almost there Really proud of all of us I know you're feeling it that heart rate Is up I was like what is happening but Guess what we all earned that and we're Back down at the mat ladies oh Okay like I'm crying I'm crying Down on the mat we're upping the ab game Which everybody loves so instead of Right here with that nice hold we're Gonna unload that weight down and swoop It on back up imagine you're at the Candy store whoa candy score candy store I love a candy store good what does that Get Candy Crush yeah imagine here at the Candy store right and you are swooping

Up all that candy just go to that happy Place it's okay good we got this Paris I Love that modification notice how Paris Is doing exactly what we're doing right But she still has her feet on the ground That is beautiful you look amazing thank You doing okay Nikita I'm doing good she Has to say that Good we are almost there beautiful Good last one Stand it on up good right here and we're Going into some good old-fashioned Skaters okay so right here we're gonna Hop it out tap that ground unload it Down beautiful good unload it if you Need to do it a little bit lighter right Follow along with Paris maybe you're not Jumping out quite as far maybe you're Not going quite as deep right but you Are still doing it and doing it and what Do you want it That's right good Nikita and I are Pushing a little bit harder now okay a Little bit faster now A Little Bit Stronger now yeah Hey [Applause] I love this Good find your flow through these Movements and get ready because we are Going right back down Onto the mat for some more crab dips Those triceps are getting lean and mean Baby just like our bodies leaning

Fighting Machines congratulations back Down on the mat good booty booty booty Rocking everywhere yeah baby Palms Facing so this is how we up the game Right we're gonna hit that crab dip can You reach oh Paris was like I'm doing This one good I love that beautiful here We go ladies boom all the way up that Timer is going we are pushing through we Are rocking good elbows are going Straight back to the wall behind us good And if you can you get a little wobbly Just go back to that knee Drive the most Important thing is you're unloading that Weight down good there it is no you do You boo-boo whatever you're at come on I'll trust you you're like no no really I'm good with the knee drive I love this they're like y'all this is Real this is what we show up for this is Where we dig deep and this is where the Change happens so congratulations change Is happening what change is habit but Change really is happening we got Skaters with a pause to finish strong so Here we go right we did those skaters Now it's go time baby can you Stabilize through can you hop a little Bit wider out can you hop a little bit Farther to the left to the left to the Left everybody go to it right is that Something somebody needs to do a count Of how many songs Jenna has referenced Wait can we please can we work out

Karaoke oh my God we just created Something awesome Found it here yeah good stabilize Through if you need to tap the ground Tap the ground if that stability is Feeling like it's a little too Challenging guess what You can always Take that little step back make that Minor modification beautiful And just like that guess what we've made It to Hand not the end the miniature baby All right we have one round through Pushing in the ladies hate me right now You probably do too but guess what I Don't care It's a winner and you're gonna feel Great after this so here we are on the Mat We're back to that high plank okay can You give me a reach And a reach and then an open Good and an open beautiful I actually Love showing this one first of all Paris You look incredible notice how paris's Butt is still down right you're not in That quadruped position or cat Cow you Are still maintaining that nice strong Plank and you're reaching neck is in a Nice neutral position Nikita do you mind I'm going to adjust you just a little Bit just me right here good so I don't Want you to swivel those hips even when

You open up that shoulder right the key Here is core core is key to success Beautiful good still open it up right But keep that nice center of gravity Beautiful we got time for one more Ladies I'm going to join you in this Last round why because I can right here Good notice nice stability open up to The other side drop those Knees Down Take that thing down flip it and reverse It all right we got some good Old-fashioned frog rope UPS feet Together knees off to the side good Right here the reason I love the Rope-ups is because they isolate each Movement right so we're gonna go one two Three one two three good the Modification for this is don't reach as Far or if you need a little extra neck Support go ahead take your hands and put Them behind your head if you need that The key is really just relaxing your Neck here keeping it straight up about 45 degrees and allowing your core to do The work Good how's everybody doing I think my Face is probably really I was called Rudolph at one point when I was little Because my face would get so red and my Nose would get really red but guess what I own that now yeah Rudolph is badass Good he's everyone's favorite reindeer Down here I'm just kidding okay all the Way but guess what we are also almost

Done we have just a few seconds left and I'm gonna say that word that everybody Hates but also loves and it starts with A B That's right it's Burpee so go ahead Roll the stand yeah that's a move I was In a children's circus true fun here we Go facts okay it's burpees Look at me Now hey Mom okay here we go ready Burpees good old-fashioned jump it back Nikita and I do we got that push-up good Paris With me right here but guess what We are almost at that finish line We got less Than 30 seconds left to hone it in to Dig deep To push your limits to give it your all And guess what we are about to be done That's the Burpee in my mind cool Five four Three come on come on two come on two Huh you thought we were done two in it To win it baby and just like that Wow we did it Ladies yes you can't have a workout Without a cool down oh sorry So right here Good old-fashioned bear Hands behind us Just take a moment of gratitude right Here thank you buddy yeah oh thanks bye Seriously because you did that drop Those knees off to one side

Notice your heart rate Humping huh oh yeah I am it feels good Though right in a really twisted kind of Way and he's like you're like that Really feels good Like I said good one more and then we're Actually going to rotate all the way Through good old-fashioned pigeon on This side Good now the key right here is we want To keep movement through this so give me Some nice little circles Yeah how good does that feel right now After all that glute work you're like Damn Jenna that's right from dude That's on the kingdom Nikita's like yeah My cheeks hurt anybody else get a cheek Workout during this yeah we're winning We were smiling yeah sweating and Smiling that's pretty good we sweat and Smile here pop sugar good Beautiful take that other leg step it Back let's go into a really quick Downward facing dog oh yeah yes pedal Those feet out Oh drop those knees down to the ground Baby Reach those arms forward and just like We all are at heart Child pose If you're at home right now Go ahead and list something you're Grateful for it's one of my favorite Things to do it's one of my favorite

Ways to start my day One more nice big inhale through the Nose exhale it out Oh I got sweat dripping on the mat all In a day's hard work thank you all for Being here I'm Jenna Lewis you can find Me on Instagram Ms Jenna Willis and my Girls here Nikita for rocking this Workout in Paris for pushing through the Whole time please be sure to check out a Ton of other workouts on class fit sugar Bye-bye

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