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30-Minute Low-Impact Bodyweight Workout With LIT Method | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Low-Impact Bodyweight Workout With LIT Method | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey guys it's Justin Taylor and we're Back on class fit sugar today's workout Is a 30 minute body weight only workout No running no jumping no weights let's Get sweaty We are back Justin and Taylor here Bringing you that 30 minute low impact High intensity workout you ready I'm Ready all right guys let's get it Started you know the drill dynamic warm Up shoulder width apart we're bringing Some nice squats to overhead reaches on My go in three two one lifted it all Right team you know the drill nice and Slow here Dynamic warm-up preparing your Body for the workout that mental and Physical toughness coming into play During this 30 minute workout It's been too long yes it has we're Excited to be back with you guys put a Smile on crank the music up we got ours Blaring in here it's loud it's gonna get Sweaty it might get a little weird but You can handle it you know the drill We've got five we've got four three two Last rep and recover hands cover right Behind your butt slow butt kicks on my Going three inhale exhale two one left Nice job team did you miss us you did I Know you missed us a little bit come on You know who picked these matching Outfits absolutely me you know that you Know the drill shoes outfits we got it All today on this brand new set come on

I know you guys can do this just for us The last five seconds here we're getting It started in five four three two one Shake it out first move of the day Extenders compound set left foot forward Right foot back arms come here you ready T I'm ready are you sure I'm born ready All right we'll see who sweats first Three two one let's go 30 seconds on the Clock we switch sides here okay we're Picking up the speed already and then This is the warm-up still Come on all right Team 15 seconds here Remember if you want to make this move a Little bit harder just add a little bit More flexion in that front leg drop it Low oh T oh here we go five four three Two one switch sides on our go get ready On your mark get set go 30 seconds each move team we're gonna Repeat first three moves two times and Then we'll start to really get into it Enjoy this remember once you break that First sweat energy levels increase I Feel it oh yeah there you got 10 more Seconds here all the way through take That Tempo up just a little bit more Let's go counting you in in five four Three two one recover nice little squats Shoulder width apart toe slightly out Inhale exhale smile you're beautiful two One slow squat Squeeze perfect team that's it weight in The hill to your feet once you combine

That cardio and strength move you reap All the benefits so slow it down focus On the movement breathe through it we're Here with you How you feeling over there t oh you know Are you feeling over there working it Out are you sweating yet no are you Sweating that hole you're like no but we Already know it's gonna get harder you Know what's gonna happen you got 10 more Seconds here enjoy the pace Awesome team last five four three two One square your body up left foot comes Forward right one back slow punches ice Putting shoulders three oh of course He's ready ready two one it goes Left Right perfect Team all you're doing here Is just treating this as a warm-up for Those shoulders Sorry but I'm not sorry we're gonna be Doing some push-ups some mountain Climbers some shoulder Taps we're going To talk about love some relationship Building skills you know the drill 10 More seconds let's take the tempo up in Three two one let's go burn them out at Your own pace right here Come on you know the drill bring it Bring it bring it bring it last five Four three two one you got a quick 10 Second breather I'm gonna forecast same Three moves we're doing it again but We're doing it better okay left foot Forward right foot back arms extended

When I count you in in three and two one Let's go hey Come on Second Time Around you've got to Push yourself a little bit harder team We know you've got it in you come on Here we go last 15 seconds you go as Quickly as you can three two one let's Go come on team everything you've got Right here you're with t all the way Through 10 seconds I count you down in Eight then six five four three two one Switch on over right leg forward left Leg back on our Mark Get Set Let's Do It Let's Go All right team take that knee up just a Little bit more you can intensify with Taylor drop that leg a little bit lower And you can modify with me and slow it Down the one thing we do care about Don't stop moving you've got this come On On that go 15 seconds as quickly as you Can in three two one let's go everything You've got right here right now you slow Down after this I know you got it when I Count you in here we go last eight six Five four three two two two I love you And recover big inhale exhale give me Some love team killing it slow it down Shoulder width apart toe slightly pushed Out elbows drop three two one let's go Breathe through it remember you slow it Down reap the benefits inhale on the way Down exhale as you come up

I know your neighbors love you no Running no jumping no weights you're Sweating you're smiling you're moving Uh that is called winning let me remind You you are winning right now if you're Moving your body Last 10 seconds here slow it down we Hold at the bottom in five Four three two hold So how's your day going How's your day going hold it I saw the Legs just a little bit more we add a Pulse in three two one small pulse you Got eight pulse it out this is the World's slowest counter over here you Know that it's a love hate thing Five four three two stand it on up shake The legs out left leg come forward right Leg back on our go slow punches for the First 15 in three two one take it left Right that's a nice Tempo there it is Team All right when the beat drop hits I can Hear it coming on my go we take off 15 Seconds are you ready I'm ready I don't Believe you are you ready we're ready Here it comes in three two one hit it All the way through 15 seconds you're Out of here Come on team 10 seconds give me eight Give me six give me five four three two One shake it out this is your Opportunity get some water recover on my Go you're gonna meet me in that squat

Dancing three All right that was a quick water break I Know you'll get used to it two ISO hold Bring it down hold perfect what we're Gonna do here is just sit right down Nice and low hands are gonna come behind The head when I count you in in five Four three two arms come up right behind Head hold when I say go you swing it From left to right three for those Obliques in two one go super slow and Controlled remember you're gonna get That slow movement right after the fast Every time Oh how are those legs feeling you can't Stop tick tock come on oh here we go Team the last five seconds hang in there You've got five four three Two one stand it up Shake It Out give me Some love all right team on our go squat To oblique twist when I count you in in Four in three in two one let's get it oh You're gonna isolate those legs core Arms chest back compound movement you're Getting a little bit of everything Intensification drive that knee a little Bit higher twist through it come on Let's go That's it you've got five seconds here Five four three two one hands on the Hips right in front slow movement Alternating reverse lunges left leg First inhale exhale that's nice three Two one left

Switch it all right team after this move We're doing that whole circuit again Those obliques Oh how'd that feel like it's a little Heavy are they It's not you it's the new set I'm Telling you It's a new set it's the music you've got 10 seconds here put a smile on your face Chest is up nice and Tall shoulders back Realizing that strength you've got five You've got four three three Two last rep and recover you ready for The last one I'm ready are you I'm ready I'm not ready that's why I'm asking here We go inhale exhale drop hold handstand Front first breathe so big muscle group Here shift your weight to Hills of your Feet pull up on those toes hold when I Count you in hands come right behind Head three Two bring them back hold oh go left the Legs don't see legs are running so I go Now oh gosh Come on Gene we do this for a living but For us to whiting I know you're sweating Hard five four three two last one shake Them out squats only twist fast ones Coming Square it up on our go you ready ready Three two one let's get it 30 seconds This is it if you need to modify you Take the squat out drive the knees up Intensification should notice Justin is

The modifier hey this is what it's all About five seconds I get right back at It in four three let's finish it out two Cover You guys are absolutely crushing it to The front hands on the hips chest up Nice and Tall inhale exhale left A little bright it hurts the matching Outfits for the two The lights I'm sweating Don't tell anyone Breathe through it team smile find that Form same thing modification you're just Tapping it back nice and slow but one Thing you cannot do is stop moving You've got this come on you I know You've got this last five all the way Through we finish it strong together Four let's go three up two and recover Oh Hands and knees bring it down Wow all right guys we're gonna activate That upper body just a little bit you're Gonna meet me in a high plank when I Count you in 15 seconds of mountain climbers we shake It off we repeat three times ready Born Ready all right guys here we go hands Directly underneath the shoulders High Plank position ABS nice and tight we're Driving left knee right knee on our go In five four find your strength three Two one let's get it that's it team Modification you're just walking it in

Nice and slow focusing on that upper Body strength intensification you're Going cross body that's it okay that's It all right team last five last four Last three two one Shake It Out All right Second Time Around you've got To do it better on my going five on my Going four full speed in three two one Let's go you can go right to that Intensification crossbody it heading Down you don't need to look at camera Listen to the coaching you've got 10 Seconds I need you to dig deep you've Got this tell yourself I've got this Five four three two Shake It Out Oh I think you've got more you've got more Yeah we've got more all right one more Time as a team as a unit three Two one let's go cross body all the way Through last round Make It Count come on She's with you the whole time last 10 Seconds I'm jumping in let's go you've Got five four three two one on the knees Recover all right team arms extended Palms down as you pull you rotate out The three two one nice and slow really Focusing on that posture pulling the Shoulders back you got those rear delts The lats rhomboids traps getting Everything give me five four we hold in Three two hold Palms up squeeze your Shoulder blades together hold five four Three two one Bring It On Down

Modification we're going straight Push-ups everyone together okay on my go In five I'm here for it trust me even if You're strong I want you first round on The knees three I'll teach you one in a Second two one all the way forward right Back out super slow perfect team Focus On the form foe form over everything Elbow stay tight you've got 10 seconds Here you're going right to a high plank In five told you four Three two one more rep all the way down Hold High plank position hold it we're Tapping left to right with the toes in Three two one go left Perfect Team 15 seconds how the Shoulder's feeling they're burning so You want to do another minute oh sure Here we go all right team hang in there You got five you've got four you've got Three two one shake it out quick Transition on the knees back to posture Pulse quickly we going five we going Four three pumps down two one rotate Them perfect oh it's burning I told you The shoulders right so you've got fast Switch you've got slow twitch Burn them out this is what you get slow It down breathe you've got five when I Count you in we hold four Three two hold it in nice and tight Chest up pull your shoulder blades Together just a little bit more flex Your back we're sitting poolside Vegas

You've got this five you're like what Four three two one shake those arms out Nice and slow how you feeling over there You good Perfect all right team meet Down push-up position we repeat this one Again on the knees in three two one Let's go slow and controlled you got 15 Here 15 of toe taps breathe through inhale on The way down exhale on the way up Awesome guys this is it last five oh my Goodness four Three Two one more good rep hold it high plank It Tap the feet go left hey perfect All right pick that Tempo up shoulders Are burning hang in there you got this You got five you've got four three two One stand it on up shake it out it's Gonna get hard no I'm just kidding All right guys left foot forward right Leg comes back on my go in three And two and one drop it back hands on The hips hold nice and slow 10 seconds Right down here we're gonna add a little Curtsy lunge in three In two and one slide it over Hold drop it we're gonna pivot that foot Back and forth in three two one let's go Hey okay I'm really feeling the burn now All right guys You've got it here 15 seconds then you Get a nice transition hang in there

You've got five same with us you got it Four three two one All right 15 seconds we're getting right Back into that move right foot forward Left leg comes back three two one drop It bend the knee Push it over three two hold it on my go We swing it three Two Go All right guys ISO that leg nice little Bits of flexion in there you've got it Hang in there the sweat is rolling down My face you've got this five four three Two one shake it out amazing job team Bring the feet nice and wide here we're Gonna hold skaters left to right nice And slow on my going three Two one tap it Switch it over slow and controlled Eyes On Camera hey eyes are right on us When I count you in we take off Give me the speed in five let's see it In four Three Two go all the way through she said Let's see it go t go t go for the Challenge 15 seconds I told you guys we know who the boss is 10 seconds give me a Six Five four three two walk it forward we Repeat that sequence all over again left Leg forward right leg back in three

Depends on the hips two push it Bend it Swing it over Three Two go nice and slow focus on the Stability it will bring you strength Nice little movements here [Music] Right leg forward left leg back on my Going three In two one drop it back bend the knee Swing it to the side Showtime go oh you like that huh do you Guys miss us we get the DMS we see it I Told you we were coming back bigger than Ever new set matching outfit new mat new Shoes Told you five Four three Two Shake It Out meet us back here we go Feet nice and wide slow at first and we Pick it up in three Two one nice and slow oh It is all right team You know the drill at that halfway point We're picking it up We found over there I'm ready All right guys Here we go in three Two One fifteen seconds let's see it you're At your own pace head down find what Motivates you what inspires you we're in

It together all the way through 10 more Seconds come on you've got this you've Got this adversity strength endurance Four three two one Shake It Out Give yourself some love All right big move coming you know the Drill squat alternating hooks ABS stay Nice and tight inhale Exhale Talking to myself here we go in three Two left one first one go drop left slow It down Breathe This Is Us Punching all the haters out of the way Oh in fact I don't have any haters Doesn't don't like me Yes you do yes you do you're like all Right I do here we go in three two pick That Temple up go left right left hey Right left right come on stay with us Last five last four three two one shake It out nice job team this is where you Recover We're going right back to that move in Five Four Second Time Around do it better Three two one it's slow at first [Music] It's wet is literally Coming off did I get you there maybe a Little bit that's all right All right guys we had misters in here On my go we pick it up in three two ten

Second push right here let's go come on Hello haters Dodge him out of the way Last five last four three two one on the Knees Oh Breathe Low plank hair ISO the ABS does everyone Want abs yeah Yeah usually you guys on the Instagram Lives like give us apps You know we give you what you want low Plank and four Low Plankton three Two one hold that low plank focus on Your breathing head down Close your eyes this is that opportunity To find what motivates you what inspires You what you're fighting for celebrating Your wins because this is one hold it 10 seconds you got this take your palms Push them apart Hands face to ceiling hold when I count You in we rock it front to back in three Two rocket oh nice one of their teeth Quiet for a reason this is hard you guys Got this come on give us five Four Three two drop it to the knees The left hand comes down Right leg pushes back We drive it in and out booty work three Two take that knee in Right back out slow and controlled You guys knew I was going to add a

Little bit of these in for you All right team while you're recovering Head down I'm coaching you to the next Move you've got 10 seconds here when I Count you in we hold it at the top with T and five we hold it in four we hold it In three you got this in two hold it Climb up on the hands all the way up Point the toe circles in three Two one let's go 15 seconds I don't care which way you're Circling which way you're doing it Take it up a little bit higher ISO that Glue medial glue Yup Yup I feel it five I feel it four every Time Taylor stops we do the exercise Again oh gosh three two one We know we're not doing that for me Other side right shoulder comes down Hold it Palm down three two one tuck it In Right back out Huh Hold it enjoy it it's gonna get hard After this You're in here for 15 seconds when I Count you in hands climb up We ISO that glue here we go in five And four In three And two last one hold Point climb up Circles go [Music]

Oh see I know what you're thinking the Body weight is it going to be hard the Answer is yes give me five Give me four Give me three Two One to bring it in high plank position Ah no water Bring it on up here we go shoulder TAPS In three In two and one let's get it nice and Slow focusing on that core strength that Stability Here's what we're gonna do as a group Whenever I count you in we're going Single arm high plank in three okay left Arm down and two One hold that left arm here right arm Comes back hold for five Are you shaking yet a little bit hold it Four three Two switch sides go hold it four three Two switch sides you asked for this four You got this three two switch sides four Three two Bring It On Down hands and Knees stretch that low back take a Breather Push up three sets of ten Three sets first set was on the knees Everyone you have to try the full range You're stronger than you know here we go A modification for drop down you can Drop it extend it press it on our go in Three all you have is 10 seconds I just

Need three reps let's do it two One let's go Oh we're going for five reps now we're Going until Taylor drops oh my goodness One more recover break Shake It Out I did not drop Whoa all right another set 10 second Push here we go intensification you Alternate Each foot here we go in four In three And two one go Oh Come on you've got this one more each Side and recover Y you are stronger than you think you Are come on all right this time no feet Wait I'm just kidding all right here we Go 10 second push In three in two and one let's go all I Need is three reps come on Five reps now two more One more Shake It Out Then next time you take this class you Have to try the single leg push-up you Have to try it I didn't see You next time I take the class I'm gonna Do the single leg I'm gonna try with you All right guys we're back to ABS bring It here take a look left arm comes down Shift the feet over we attack the Obliques left knee down right leg up Right arm extends in the air we drop the

Hips down and up in three two one drop Them down And up nice and slow Wow Intensification you can go ahead and Stack them out Keep it going you're here for 10 seconds Let's do it hang in there All the way through how those obliques Falling Give me five squeezing four Three Two back on the knees one minute of Push-ups I'm just kidding Right arm down drop the knee left leg Extended it comes up three Two one drop it down right back up slow And controlled attacking those obliques Getting that core Everyone at home we modify and intensify Together three two let's intensify it up Let's go ten seconds on your countdown Here we go I don't know what's burning more the Obliques are the shoulders I think it's The shoulders I think it's both Four three two one bring it on up you Know the drill here around sand it on up Okay It's never given it's only earned squat Alternating hand to toe hard move I know Here we go here we go 30 seconds on the Clock Whatever motivates you whatever inspires

You know the drill it's from the inside Out it happens right now on our go hero Round in three In two one let's get it All the way through come on top that toe Pick the speed up let's go let's go Longest 30 seconds or best of your life Come on now I'm not talking about the LA One all the way through here team come On 10 seconds hang in there you cool Down after this don't quit don't quit Tell yourself I've got this come on five Four hang in there three hang in there Three Two One oh I think we missed you more though I Think we missed you more Bring it on down on the knees Big inhale Exhale hands come forward we decompress Child pose three two one Oh my goodness my lungs are burning oh They are my lungs are burning It's got to be the music and it's got to Be the new set it's a Vibe it's a vibe Walk the hands over to the left Lengthening the right lat Muscle really Dig deep into it Palm comes down push Yourself away protect that rotator cuff Three two one Switch sides push away protect that Rotator cuff that lat give me four three Two one arms extended right here in

Front drop it down head stays down Give yourself something positive about You not your job not your relationships Not your friendships something positive About you something you love about Yourself put it in the front of your Mind we push it forward in three Two one bring it all the way forward Decompress that low back Head comes up Perfect Rockets to the left Rocket to the right Push the toes under Butt comes up into the air activate the Hamstrings nice and slow what was that a Boop three two one bend the knees walk The hands back Sit down nice and low hold on to those Toes Slowly kick your hips up into the air Stretch those hamstrings we roll up one Vertebrae at a time feeling extra heavy A little extra grateful if you're Winning arms come up team you know the Drill this is where you say it you've Got to believe it you're unstoppable When I count you in ready one two three Husband and wife Duo Justin and Taylor Norris the creators the co-founders of Lip method we're here to build you not Break you we'll see you next time class Fit sticker bye team bye

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