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30-Minute Latin-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout With Luis Cervantes | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Latin-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout With Luis Cervantes | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to dance fit sugar my name is Luis Cervantes and today I have a 30 Minute Latin inspired Dance Workout for You now get ready because I got my girl Val hey and Steph hey hey what's good We're about to get into it we're gonna Get sweaty we're gonna get spicy oh and We're gonna bring it all out so are we Ready Yeah let's do it come on let's go all Right go ahead and Shake It Out we're Gonna get started with a nice little Warm-up we're gonna get that body moving We go four hip rolls four three two now Switch left four heel comes off the Floor nice again to the right go oh it's Just getting started y'all start to get In the groove switch left yes we're Gonna dip those hips down four times get Slow down yes now Shake It Out side to Side arms can go up just play around With it one more Get Low warm up those Hips hey take it out side to side go Now chest out strong arms go out in yeah Opening up that chest adding a little Bend to the knees we're gonna rock those Shoulders right left we rock right left Isolate that chest that's a squeeze that Core one more time big arms out and Angle hey Good getting that body moving hey I want more right and left with those Shoulders hey yes you can look at your Neighbor hey what's good here we go we

Push to the right big twist so twist Twist Waking up that torso looking side to Side now take it up and over reach it up Drop Drop It come on nice and light good now kick Back right and left kicking that booty Back warming warming up those legs we Crunch that right knees and you crunch [Music] Great Vines to the right go right and Hurry right back a little step 101 right Here come on now option at that turns Off turn hey that's it come on One more box step right foot to the Front go front and back front get those Hips into it we're gonna be doing a lot Of hits today so just get get them Warmed up with those arms [Music] Hey pump that's it nice we tap that Right heel nice and slow light right and Left give me a little shoulder give me a Little Shake be like oh you look cute Doing it come on you better believe it Double time let's go Hey We're gonna throw in some arms we start Left arm up take it out go Hot and Hot Reaching to the sky right here nice and Tall nice and Light Kick that right foot back right And left right

Yes [Music] Again throw that chest forward just lean Into it hey now kick one more go back And back That's it nice and light side to side Now crunch that right knee and please go Crunch and lean and rock and hate yes One more time kick it back Three two and let it all go okay we are Nice and warmed up now we're gonna get Into the thick of it here we go start to Rock those hips down Here [Music] [Music] Back it up four go eight drop below That's right go for it Hey one more time Now we know it now we're gonna start to Add that energy Get Low work it out Hey come on that's it look at these Girls behind me getting it come on Keep it going keep it going Up yeah come on Mel let's go look at her Get low take it out go two more let's Rock It up Okay remember when I said we were Getting spicy that's what I'm talking About here we go rock it down Again Start to bring that chest into it yeah

[Music] Bring it back up go up and up okay Four three two one Let It Go Shuffle [Music] Keep it right here let's go roll it hey Top it up it's a party at the top let's Go hey [Music] [Music] Here we go roll it out we step and throw Go step Hey now if we're going a little low Impact today my girl valves have got you Right there so you just minimize that Jump so keep throwing nice and strong Hey [Music] Let's go All the way all the way keep it up go Go how we feeling how we feeling yeah Feeling good She's scratching it come on one more Time hey all right I want those arms Back too big on this next one you're Gonna swing you're gonna step it out Come on three two let's go Oh if you got hair like my ladies behind You you use it roll go hey hey hey again Go I'm living vicariously through their Hair with me now oh my goodness go roll It out roll it out keep it up box up Hey That's it one more

Big roll Last time last time take it out go All right Hey we roll hit that post at the end All right moving on now again my girl Val has you on those modifications so We're gonna start with two little pumps With that right foot go [Music] Right here keep it going get low putting That energy behind it Okay okay You throw it away you don't need it Anymore come on take it down take it Down Again From the top right foot pump two two Back it up four oh come on It's like where that party's about to Come through and you're getting ready For it hey one more oh thanks Now right foot you swing go back back Now lock it up you step walk and walk Again take it back right foot so Val's Gonna stay in that walk otherwise jump And jump one more let's go yeah picking Up that energy come on oh let that head Swing Scoop it down to the right four three [Music] A little more a little more Crunch it breathe Nice we test two pumps two two back it Up yeah come on oh

Okay yes that time right here come on Yes yes We're picking it up right Phillips back You swing go [Music] Hey hey get out take it up if you have That face use it come on side to side go Back back Take it out take it out All the way keep it going right foot Stand back Look at these girls oh my goodness Again go oh hey hey Get up Three two one and ah oh my goodness give Me some give me some y'all for these Girls nice work all right now we're Getting real spicy you just put that red Dress on you know like the little emoji And we're gonna start with a little Salsa movement right foot to the front Slope right left right back left right One more shake those hips step it out Here we go double time rock oh Oh come on hey Go right and back Here we go to the side go pop and pop And pop little party clap go clap clap Now right foot slow you pop that hip go Slow and up so twist now pick it up Double go hey Step to the right clap it out go Okay we're gonna do the same thing slow On the left side in three two left foot

Focus And pop all right show them come on show It Yes now step left right go you gotta Show off those hips right come on let's Go take it out hey hey [Music] Arm for free let the shoulders relax Into it yes now all around the world Right foot go around Shake It come on to Me show them Shake It Out yes oh you got That me come on my girl's stuff Come on hey step it out right she knows What's up she's done this before hey hey Now to the front from the top step it Out go rock and back and hey you can Have a little shake when you're ready go Oh and back it up hey now rice but we Pop go pop pop pop Yes step to the right go That's it A little breakdown right left Hey stop left right Oh my gosh to the front to the front Right foot go Hey Right how we doing how are we doing Okay all around right foot go around Shake it shake it boom boom switch it Out let's go hey come on come on one More time to the front just step in Front and back oh that Red Dress he's Doing real good right now come on hey to The right to the right take it out go

Oh oh you can look at your partners You're like hey hey hey and hey hey Boom all right we're gonna go ahead and Take one and take it just a little Slower but we're still gonna get into it Okay so just feel it out we're gonna Take one big step to the right here we Go two two double go four Snaps to the front go four hey just rock With it now big pull one more time go Away and hey double rocket feel it out That's it snap four and three we're Gonna take two steps to the right here We go to the right go step step crunch Right knee out go hey that's it slow it Down go hey hey so really take your time With this one feel it out nice and Groovy go hey hey we're here for a Second so just enjoy this time it's like You're moving through water you're like Oh and gooey And pull it back right no bone and boom Go four three snap to the front go hey Again take it back here we go Yes add that sauce wherever you like Take it three yeah she said okay one More take it back go away Getting nice and low yeah that's it come On hey No hey hey I know they're feeling it Look at them Hey hey hey Four three two Let It Go oh okay we're Gonna start to pick it back up all that

Energy let's go so right here just start To rock those hips hey hey hey we're Gonna drop it down you're gonna take two Pumps with the right three two right Foot two pumps go two now back it up go Brush both shoulders It's all right with that attitude from The start you're like oh this is me I am So good drop it down low here we go Top and drop hey hey one more boom boom Now single single double pump it one one Two one one and two yeah okay nice and Low that right foot to the front go Front and back hey rock those hips we've Been here before we know it so just give It that attitude now add that clap and Down You're like you're not ready [Music] Yes nice and strong you can pick those Knees up hey hey Hey I'll let it feel good throw it all the Way come on from the top we pop right Foot go too now brush it back who's in The house Ends up now pump it to the right go down Down First nice first come on come on stay Low pump those arms Up to the front yes that's what I want That's what I want we're working hard [Music]

Little more [Music] Remember how he said you don't need it Anymore same here you don't need it come On throw it away you're like what to the Right let's go Hey Let it all go nice work nice work we're Gonna get into this next one okay here We go hey hey you're gonna throw that Right foot to the front so single single Double yeah so lean into it Rock forward [Music] Good now push away right and go four Three two zip left go dip Pop That Booty Let's go switch left hey dip right Two more times go yeah dip it down hey Pop pop one more left [Music] Tip down Go clap front yeah start to pick it up Go go hey hey nice and strong beautiful We're gonna take two or three steps to The front so three two pop that chest go Three two back it up double pump pump Hey get low step it down go down pop That chat Back it up yes go pump it and rock it Hey hey from the top throw it from go One double hit boom Boom feel good in it hey hey Nice now push away right knee here we go Rock four Pop That Booty go low Pop It Come on hey hey that's it let's go I

Already know they're popping it like Crazy come on let's go hey hey drop it Down go oh I expect nothing less that's Good hey drop it down From the top so it right go back one Double oh come on hey hey hey If this voice doesn't make me go hard I Don't know what will come on let's go Hey go pop pass cops now three steps to The front go go three two three [Music] Up down hey Get Low Make that chest pop big boom boom yes Back it up let's go Double All right that made me sweat for you Yeah oh my goodness how are we feeling Girls take it down right boom boom hey Hey again right First Step Go Take it back take it back double Double from the top roller right here we Go to the front go double boom Okay all right give me a little pose at The end all together here we go in four Three two one Oh okay y'all we're really picking it up We're gonna do some booty shaking and We're gonna just have some fun so we're Gonna start nice and wise right arm Rock Right left right oh she's cute right now You're like okay this is cool right We're gonna start to drop it down low oh Oh oh get low right here now crunch that

Core punch crunch crunch hit forward Crunch yes Now Shake It Out All Around go Shake oh Come on Pump It Go let's see let's go Hey One more To the right go three pop it up Get Low One more time hit it right foot pop in Front go pop pop roll it back go four Three switch it up go pop [Music] To the right Rock hey hey really lean Side to side boom boom boom take your Time hey Oh one more pop it out let's go okay I Wasn't joking when I said we're booty Popping come on fix it up let's go hey From the top we crunch go crash crash Hey hey Talk about standing incredible yeah now Pop it all around go One more time one more time To the right go boom Oh hello quads how you feeling [Music] Now pop it up sorry not sorry come on Back it up back it up switch it hey Take it back To the right let's rock Yes Stay low you gotta go go One more time Pop It Up Shake we'll play with those

Arms who's kind of maybe you just let Them freeze and roll it back hey hey Take it back and Hit that post All right we got one more left in us Before we pull it down we're gonna turn It back fast so you sit four times to The right go four minutes Yes that's it all the way to the left we Rock rock and go Yes left foot steps out go out beautiful Wipe [Music] That's it now pop that chest go four Three now add that hot go pop My Girl Doll has you on those modifications if You need hey Hey Pop That chest go to the right we Sit go sit that's it Paper outside we set go oh feel it out Arms up switch it to that left though Play with those arms yeah you can have Fun with it left foot step go Beautiful right hip hip die let's go Go go go hey you're taking it you're Like it's mine okay come on a little More a little more keep it up go hey Sit right hip here we go right Hey All right let go One more to the left here we go Wipe it and rock it left foot left step [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] Four three two one Way to work y'all give yourself a little Pat on the back crushed it all right you Guys we're gonna take a minute to cool It down so let's go ahead and just give A big deep breath in arms up For all that hard work exhale Let It Go One more big deep breath Grab onto that wrist pull it over to the Side full side body stretch open up that Chest to the sky exhale Yeah slowly bring it up switch wrist Pull it over oh that's where we get to Show our body that TLC that love for all That hard work all that dancing slowly Bring it up exhale fold forward drop it Down to the floor let your body hang Heavy really feeling it in the back of The legs and that low back grab your Elbows swing it side to side foreign Yes shake it now Drop the hands down walk it over to the Right leg nice long spine bring that Chest to knee Then when you're ready right hand up to The sky looking past those fingertips Stretching out that torso Make sure we're breathing slowly exhale Drop it down walk it over to the left Start by holding it here Nice and sweaty how we feeling good good Left arm up to the sky flicking past

Those fingers Big deep breath slowly drop it down walk It to the center drop the hips down and Give me four extends so big extend back Up drop it down Extend lengthen two more Breathing through last one Drop it down keep it low elbows on the Inside of those knees and just rock it Out applying slight pressure to those Knees just let those hips shake out Breathing through it then drop it down Roll it up all the way Yes go ahead and give me four big Shoulder rolls for that back wall And then four to the front One big neck roll all the way around ear To shoulder take your time [Music] And then switch it out [Music] Good bring the right arm up Bring it behind in between your shoulder Blades then just pull that elbow across When you're ready give me a slight Bend To the side Make sure Focus forward breathing Through slowly bring it back up exhale Let It Go and switch sides left arm drop It down pull it over And then give me a little bit Good slowly bring it back up Let It Go Arms come out into a nice white V you Pull the elbows in as you lengthen

That's fine Exhale press Two more big breath in Exhale one more And exhale slowly drop it down now two Options you're going to lean into that Right you can either stay here with my Girl Val or you can drop it down all the Way to the floor really getting into That hip Shake It Out And when you're ready slowly Stitch it Over to the other side Good stay low big breath exhale bring it Up and roll it up one more time yes take Your time right heel down to the floor You want to bend into it options to stay Here or you reach for that shoe nice and Long Foreign [Music] [Music] Shoulders focusing on the stretch on the Right And then slowly release switch it over To the other side Good take a big deep breath and slowly Let it go oh my goodness you guys give Yourselves a round of applause also give It up for my girls Val and Steph That was your 30 minute Latin inspired Dance Workout so I hope you guys enjoyed Make sure you drink plenty of water rest And recover and we'll see you at the

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