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30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata Dance Workout




30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata Dance Workout

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What's up dance sugar it's your Girl kalila Jordan and today we're doing A hip-hop Tabata workout so let's get Shaker [Applause] All right guys let's get into this a Workout just rock it out I got my girl rahima and Melissa she'll Be doing modifications for you guys all Right now let's kick the butt stretch Out the pantry nice and slow take it out [Music] Beat it up Come on kick that butt Hey take it down dance [Music] Now give me a nice plie That feels good yes all right now let's Squat it out get those Mega knees ready Squat it down [Music] Hey squat it down [Music] Thank you There you go nice little squeeze Beautiful now one I'm not sure [Music] Together [Music] There you go Home [Music] [Music] Good morning happy birthday

Reach it over to the side Twist from that spine Hey hey hey All right wind it up guys hey Circle it Nice and low Bring It Around Town like SpongeBob hey There you go you can put your hands here Here or here or wherever other way [Music] S Hey take it around Sopranos [Music] Back guys Push it back Hey now double step out Oh boys [Music] Y'all feeling it in there Now body Roll come on Baddies Other way Snake Come on Hey now single step out with the arms Single too [Music] Now dust It Off Please [Music] These are my eyes [Music] Step it out again Come on [Music] Other way

He's naked Again [Music] We some baddies like close it out Oh all right guys we did that warm-up Let's take a quick water break grab your Water And we're gonna get into this hip hop Tabata workout y'all so we're doing Seven moves 20 seconds on 10 seconds off 30 seconds in between each move all Right guys [Music] Okay so I'm gonna show you the move After that sip of water okay Your first move Flick Flick push it out Push it out and up we got this right Y'all yeah okay let's get it music y'all Here we go 20 seconds [Music] You know what time it is Five seconds Hey three two One Break it up so you guys That 10 seconds goes real fast You all ready and on here we go [Music] Hey there we go Five seconds Four Three

Two Hey you know what time it is Come on push those haters off y'all hey Five seconds [Music] And one One more Two And one Come on [Music] Come on y'all see you Three two And one I feel like that was four So that was four right that was four it Was four that was four okay so 30 Seconds to rest yeah you can grab water If you need to we are going into the Second move already baby [Music] So your next move Your next move you're gonna Pump It You remember this one you're gonna pop It up And over ready here we go three Two one and pump it huh and two Swing it over give it to me real big Yellow Swing it and swing it give me one more Okay And break it oh Oh she popping All right we got a second one coming

That 10 seconds goes quick here we go [Music] Speed it up [Music] Eight seconds No time three two one okay [Music] Hey [Music] Give it to me even bigger now [Music] Another one [Music] [Music] [Music] That's our next move we're back on in Seven six Give me your jump if you can Hey [Music] Three yeah [Music] Five Four Three [Music] Two And kick it Roll It Roll It [Music] Give me some more Here we go [Music]

Give me more Ah I'm smacking myself Smack yourself hey Three two One ten seconds [Music] How we feeling y'all Right Last one last one here we go and on Kick It Roll It kick it [Music] And if you can't get that high maybe You're right here that's probably still High for some people right here Right here Three two and one That was four okay break real quick guys Get a little sippy sip if you need to All right I'll show you next move So you're gonna twist in one Two three Four [Music] Okay one more time [Music] Hot [Music] All right And one hey hey Grandma baby Here we go [Music] Every time [Music]

[Music] We got two more yeah give it to me here We go Six one [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay here we go [Music] Three in the clouds [Music] [Music] Hey hey [Music] [Music] Right here [Music] All right water break next move baby So now we're getting on the floor we're Getting down and dirty with it guys so You're going to want to walk it out to a Plank four counts and then giggle the Page four four counties come up with the Four counts pause cross and cross Yeah here we go and on the blue 20 Seconds [Music] Nice and slow take it down two three Four and jiggle jiggle wiggle wiggle Take it up two three up pause it and Cross it for them ass whoa All right cut it off Feeling good feeling great We failing it all right so if you guys

Have a problem with planking you can go Down right here you can jiggle it right Here Same thing yeah here we go Seven Walk It Out hey one what you can Do like this One more take it down two three four and Booty two three four bring it up two Three four and seven cross seven cross Break ten seconds cool it's looking like We got like two of those in US yeah Here we go no time six seven eight and Down [Music] Swag on it and cross it out beautiful Again take it down two three four Hey hey hey hey uh you three four and Step cross it out Cross it hey You want to keep popping your booty as You come up And five six seven Walk It Out hey one If you can kill me The elbow yes [Music] And break it guys all right 30 seconds Grab some water if you need it honey and We are gonna go into that next move let Me show you so you're on your booty butt And you're gonna bring your legs up to a Nice tabletop and you're gonna drive Baby skirt skirt cross it out Cross it modify you're right here And cross

Crust you guys ready let's get done here We go 20 seconds in three two one here We go [Music] All ready [Music] Two and one I love that if at any time y'all those That are going for it if any time you Need to bring the legs down just bring Them on down okay we're back at it here We go and one two three four And cross beautiful row it two three Four and Center cross eight seconds and Row Two more go round one two more baby we Got this three two go one two three four Yeah [Music] [Music] Nobody gonna top us A [Music] Let's go man hey I'm shaking on this one guys And cross eight seconds we got this Bring those legs higher as they're Falling come on three two I do it Right Here But you still want to go all right 30 Second break we're not done yet we got Two more moves all right so this next

Move you're gonna jump out Three four Step it over something My modifier is right there watch her Okay Here we go 20 seconds on 10 seconds off Oh let's wait for that music to come off Five six jump it one two three four over Pump Come on hey [Music] It's getting slippery here hey oh I Think it's my sweat from sitting down Five seconds Y'all [Music] Two and one jump it up Pumping I call that the Florida pumpkin cause That's how they begin down in Florida Hey hey [Music] Four seconds three Two and one Oh my God 10 seconds Two more And one here we go and dance [Music] Hey Energy Two And one let's go hey one one two three Four over huh

Hey what Three four ten seconds can you get lower For this one again come on Four Three Yeah [Music] Get your water one more exercise y'all We're so freaking close [Music] Out on the lower body yeah I spelled it We are here working out What you thought okay talk to the side Crab walk step together Kick it forward Knock the haters out other side Here we go five Six There's that music let's start with the Music There we go Can you get along with it Really get in love with this one nice And control [Music] That was one round two babies Together and kick now get nice and low So you can really challenge yourself [Music] Number Three coming up [Music] Three two one

Two three [Music] [Music] It's time to cool down All right legs nice and wide All right you guys did it you should be Proud of yourselves Let's take a deep breath And plie [Music] You guys got through it stretch over to The side [Music] Just hold that pose oh this feels so Good yes after a workout like that let's Go to the other side you're gonna push Through the butt stretch it over So you just feel it all in that side Now go to the center hang down hey yo She give me that feeling that won't stop Straight legs [Music] [Music] Give me one more Please What you need nice twist and breathe When we hit the Dance Floor straight arm Energy through the fingers switch to the Other side I mean really extend that arm [Music] Back to the center [Music] And then slightly bent soft knees roll

Up very slow Through the spine your head is gonna be Last Yeah And then kick that leg up stretch out The quad a little bit You need to hold a wall hold a wall hold A friend other side Release it give yourself a bell Great job guys You did the darn thing so shout out to My girl rahima and my girl Melissa we Held it down like some baddies okay so Make sure you subscribe to the pop sugar Fitness channel and check out some more Of my dance fit sugar workouts honey Yeah [Applause]

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