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30-Minute Hip-Hop Fusion Workout With Amanda LaCount | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Hip-Hop Fusion Workout With Amanda LaCount | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome back to dance fit sugar my name Is Amanda account and today I am so Excited to have a 30 minute all levels Hip-hop fusion class for you guys today Helping me out I have Madison hi and Adele so they're gonna be dancing with Me and throughout this whole class I'm Going to be breaking it down and doing It slow and as I do that please feel Free to make it your own and make it Unique to you are we ready to get Started yeah let's go All right so first we're gonna break it Into sections so let's do this first Section slow so you can get in our Bodies and then as we get more Comfortable with it we'll be able to Speed it up and put it all together and Perform it at the very end a few times Sound good yeah let's do this all right So we're going to start stepping to the Right we're gonna go up and down up and Up and throw and on those throws you can Make it whatever you want like Personality Um there should be very you yeah it is All about being yourself and expressing How you are yeah so doing that again Right and Um [Music] Two more times right and uh and a hey Okay you should be feeling yourself So hard hey good how do we feel about

That that was fun are we feeling Untouchable Sexy a little bit you know we love it Let's do that one more time a little bit Closer We go right and left and a hip and Throat and uh left and so right and the Hip and throat two more times [Music] Hey and left and the right and hip and Throat good I feel like we're pretty Confident in that I think make sure we Know that this head is doing it up and Flick and uh it almost be like a hair Flip very sassy personality we don't Want to stay [Applause] Um let's do it one more time and then We'll go on let's try it a little faster One two three four and five six seven Eight five hey [Music] Don't forget that hair hair Throw one more time left right and up Hey okay awesome I think maybe one more Time [Music] Left and the right and a hip to the side And that's only the first I'm like Already out of bro the first two I know Like a Dance Workout okay we're having Fun but we're also sweating moving on I Think yeah yeah let's go for it so we Just ended up

[Music] I'm through we're gonna go tap tap tap I'm gonna prep this right arm up to then Go down and down and that should be very Rounded and again I don't know how to Describe it like right it's just Grounded yeah one two three and a down Down so think of rolling your chest when You step two half And then your arm is following that Awesome we're gonna repeat [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Make sure we're really grounded yeah I think we have that pretty well so Let's go ahead and put everything Together from the beginning slow And five six seven eight that you're Ready Don't forget to make it your own follow The rules [Music] Tap tap tap and a roll roll pay my Personal favorite part is hey hey Tap tap tap and a roll roll tap tap tap And roll roll hey [Applause] That was pretty good I think maybe one More time and then we'll go on yeah Cool Vibe out a little bit And a one two three five starting to the Right hip

[Music] Hip [Music] Drop one two three down down one two Three down down one two three down down One two three down down hey okay I think We have it pretty well I hope we're Feeling good you guys look great very Good look great good job my assistants Are amazing Um I think we're good to go on I think So yeah yeah let's do it we got it we Believe in you we believe in you we just Came from Roll Roll Now you kind of have To overturn this last roll to get to go Back back we're gonna do honestly it Gets my heart rate up every time but It's pretty simple but for some reason I'm like dead tired after it we're gonna Go turn it to the front one Two three four and on this part you can Do whatever arms you want this is very Much personality so think of it like Someone called your name and you're like Uh yeah me against me I'm that girl yeah That Vibe so make sure we're not just Like eat [Applause] Some personality in it yeah so once we Do it four times this way we're gonna do The other side four times as well four Three two one we're gonna do it again That heart rate is up okay and last time Two three and you're gonna turn to the

Front on that fourth one instead of Doing the fourth one so the last one Goes one two three and turn yes cool and Then that'll be the end of section one So we'll stop there for a while run it a Few times from the beginning but first Let's go over that two part we just went The last time tap tap tap and the circle To the back and twice two Three four one two three four one more Time one two don't get Disney Three to the front Sometimes I choreographed stuff and I'm Like wow why'd I do that to myself Because I am Missy and out of breath but We love it we love it we're working hard Um I think let's try putting that Together from the beginning slow [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] We go right right and the left and the Hip throat left and the right and the Hip throat right hey Feel it yes and the left right hip and Tap to the left one two three pass one's My favorite pop save one two tap and a Roll roll one two three One two don't forget to go to the back And one two three One two three Four and a one two three two four one Two three to the right good okay we have

It pretty good I think maybe one it want It run it one more time Oh let's write it one more time from the Beginning doing everything we know so Far and then I'll go on a little bit and Just so you can maybe have a little bit Of peace of mind and not stress so much We do have a chorus that repeats so There's really only three little phrases We have to learn left and then we can Just dance for the rest of the time and Have fun and repeat we love a repeat so Nice let's do it for the beginning one Last time [Music] Oh Let's go right Don't forget to have some fun so far And left right left [Music] Roll hey [Music] Let's go Two Three four and one two Three four [Music] And one Two three Yes okay that was great I feel like We're pretty good you guys look amazing I'm sure you guys look amazing as well So let's go ahead and go on with this Horse

Can you tell us our favorite part just a Little bit I was waiting all day for That activated Um and these arms on the throw again are Kind of free so I do want some sort of Accent and throw on it but whether you Want to throw up or down or out it can Kind of Be Your Own Thing to give your Own personality to it so we went and Back throw back and Back same thing back and one two three We repeat it again bro Back and one two three back throw Back and one two three good maybe one More time yeah yeah so again just so you Know the transition you just came from Two three to the front we go back Throw it Back and ha ha ha there's an attitude Here and a throw and a bath and a one Two three hop throw hop and back jump Jump one and throw and back and jump Jump back good I know the part is so bad Yeah I was feeling a certain way when I Made up that part From here are we good to go on yes yeah Let's go If you thought your legs were burning Before You are not ready and this part repeats So we're doing like leg day today yeah We just came from one two three we're Gonna go just the legs go in and in and Then our body's gonna go scoop and scoop

Pretty much we're doing like a fancy Version of like squats but the fun way The fun way so as you do that the arms Are gonna go in and to the head and we Go scoop and a scoop then we're gonna do The same thing but starting with the Left leg scoop and scoop and left right We do it again each side right and left And while my legs hurt why is this leg And left and right okay we're not lying I at least I don't know about if my legs Are burning yeah We need to be doing more lunges Um so again for that part we just came Out of ha and throw and back and jump Jump that goes into right Scoop [Music] Scoop at least we're gonna burn you look Cute while doing it That's right good okay from there all we Have left to learn is one more phrase And then this part just repeats and That's it so we're really close to being Done you guys are doing great I'm sure You're probably sweaty but that means Your rookie card so that's the best part And you're having fun while doing it so Best of Both Worlds right um [Applause] [Music] Okay let's put those two moves together All the way back from this fun little Heart rate

[Music] [Music] Throw it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Okay amazing we only have a little bit Left to learn but before we do that Let's go ahead and run this with music From the top we go right Hip throat this one is good yeah it's a Little groovy right Don't forget to use that head And tap to the left tap tap tap [Music] One two three four so cute and two three Four one two three four and a one two Three to the front chorus back throw Back one two three [Music] Back one two three last time before our Legs die and a right left right Left right left right Almost there Left right and up up okay you did that Amazing I'm gonna do it one time one more time Before we add on but [Music] Thank you all right I'll tell you guys It One two three Let's go and I'm back six seven and an

Eight and all right left hip hey okay Left right hip okay see that personality Okay the choice is right Right hey tap and attack it out [Music] Tap tap tap Hey tap tap tap to the back let's go [Music] Okay okay [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Uh let's go ahead and learn this last Little phrase before the chorus repeats And then you guys will have learned the Whole thing then a little time at the End to run it twice and really go for it Yeah okay this last section we just Ended at scoop scoop we're gonna go ha And uh throw and a body roll and a half Here we go rock and roll and the roll And uh ha ha let me do the other side Rock and roll and up and a back back two More times Throw and up still kind of doing the Legs so my legs are burning Throw [Music] Half and one two three two more times Throw back one two three and legs Right left scoop scoop left Right

Scoop scoop Right left scoop Scoop and last hit right how we're gonna Finish it off and pause however you want I like to personally and and one very Dramatic I love I love The Dramatics so Ha and pose but It's gonna hit us and one and one and One whatever you want to do yeah make it Feel good to you it does not have to be This and that is the end of the whole Routine Good job I know this might be tricky Some of us are beginners maybe Intermediate Advanced but it's all Levels you did such a great job and I Hope you're having fun while doing it Before we start running it from the top Let's go over that new part one more Time because I know it's kind of a lot Um so one more time that part and then We'll just start running it there's Music from the beginning and that's it So we just came from uh we did left Right Scoop scoop we go rock and a Throat Up and the back back rock and a throw And up and a back back two more times go Up and a back back last time hey up and A chorus and a back [Music] Throw and Two three two three back And legs right I know we know this part

Right and a left left forget it right up And up right left right left and the Left right Scoop big finish and one [Music] Great let's run it one more time from The beginning and then we'll do it twice With the music ready yes let's go and at Five six seven eight to the right one And the two Hip throw and then left Right hip Throat [Music] Tap tap tap circle circle Tap tap tap circle circle two more times Tap circle circle and a one two three to The back we go whoa Four one two three four one two three Four And a one Three to the front and back throw back Jump jump jump one two back jump jump Row down let's go hey throw back leg Time and a right left scoop scoop left Right scoop scoop two more times New part left right and a rock go Hey rock throw it up back back huh You're out we're almost there hey Rock Row up back chorus hey bro almost done One two three back go back you're doing Amazing Grow All we have left left is those legs Let's go big finish one two three and a

Legs hey right Left Scoop left right two more times my legs Are burning up oh my gosh [Music] Okay I think you're ready should we just Run it twice Just a heads up it's attached it faster But we can do it I Believe in Us let's Go two times [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] One two three [Music] We're almost there [Music] Okay almost there let's go guys [Music] Don't give up now yourself [Music] Two more times when you're done Yeah Oh [Music] Spicy I love how we all said we all said [Applause] Okay we're a little out of breath and We're sweating but we got time for one More time so yeah let's go for it Let's go Okay [Music]

Let's go Last time [Music] [Music] One two three [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey hey [Music] Hey [Music] Last time and one Let's go we just got it yeah 30 minutes I was sweating the whole time I hope it was fun in this 30 minute all Levels hip-hop fusion class I know I did Again thank you to Madison and Adele so Good thanks for helping me out and we Will see you next time at dance bit Sugar yeah hey

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