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30-Minute Full-Body Cardio Fusion Workout With Rachel McClusky | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Full-Body Cardio Fusion Workout With Rachel McClusky | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's up class fit sugar my name is Rachel mccleskey and today we have a 30 Minute cardio fusion class we're going To focus on the entire body and I am Here with Pauline hi I'm Nikita hey are We ready to get started yes can't wait All right let's warm it up a little bit Take a nice wide stance open up your Chest and before we get started I just Want to take two big deep breaths Center Yourself ground we have 30 minutes Together take a big inhale through your Nose Big exhale through your mouth One more big inhale through your nose Set an intention 30 minutes together However you want to feel what type of Energy you want to step into set the Intention exhale let go of anything Holding you back And let's get started you're going to Come all the way up Lower three more lift nice cardio warm Up here we go two more up wake the whole Body up last one reach your arms long And you're gonna reach lateral reach Open reach beautiful so bend your knee As you're reaching towards your heel Good four more four nice three Two last one bring your hands in lateral Lunge drop down lift squeeze your glute At the top good take a big inhale Through your nose Big exhale through your mouth

Two more we're gonna wake it up cardio Right here skater side to side we go hit Hit side to side Pauline's got us on the Modifications all throughout class Right Pauline I do there she is I was Like hello I'm not awake yet Last two Two one good take a wide stance we're Gonna go right back to the top take a Big deep breath up And lower one more Reach your arms long hold it here as the Beat comes back in reach extend reach Beautiful drop your shoulders away from Your ear start to feel your entire body Wake up four more go four Three Two more last one bring your hands in Lateral oh I decided to switch it up on Each side lateral Good Eight more eight chest stays High Breathe again this is just our warm-up Yeah we're just waking our bodies up Starting to connect to our breath our Intentions last one skaters let's go Hit Nice side to side staying low chest Stays High whoo how you oh Nikita she is Moving she's gonna go off screen in a Moment eight more eight you own those Black diamonds I think Four three two one whoo Shake It Out All Right we have a little cardio arm series

If you've done standing arms with me Before you know that you don't need any Equipment we just try to keep our arms Up for three-ish minutes and here we Have a cardio segment so when you're Ready drop your shoulders away from your Ears elbows at shoulder High Palms Facing in open up your chest Pauline's Gonna go low impact for us but we're Gonna start just presses right here lift So tuck your tailbone underneath you and Then elbows come right back down to Shoulder height good stay here for four Three good two and then all we do is add A jump right here keep the arms moving Come up Good Heart rate's gonna come up here if you Need a breather at any point just follow Pauline right over here three Good two Last two last one now hold it still and Press right in front of you and then Squeeze your shoulder blades behind you Elbows Stay High Before Three two Without a jump you ready Press Good press That's it how you doing Nikita I'm Feeling good loving this pace three Two Last one stand still put it together

Come up cross lift again your elbows Stay High Like a dance party last two last one out Of jump come on lift Good list who knew my arms had so many Dance moves Four more go four Three Two Last one let's go right back to the top Right here press lift Good six Four Three two out of jump lift Good six we're almost there keep Breathing big inhale Big exhale stand still press Squeeze your shoulder blades behind you If you need to shake your shoulders out Go for it and then come right back to it At a jump oh that was a quick transition We got it Pin Four more four Three Two Last one stand still put it together Lift press You'll learn anytime I say eight counts You really have no idea how long that is I love it it's like a mystery three it's A surprise yeah Last one out of jump finish it Lift

Taking low impact at any time we're Almost To four Three Two One [Applause] So good shake your shoulders out all Right moving back down the body we are Gonna do a full song on this leg so Right leg forward left leg back into a 45 degree angle hands on your hips we're Gonna start with a curtsy lunge so front Knee right above your ankle back knee is Going to hover off the ground Pauline You've got our mods you want to call it What they are yeah I am not going as Deep as you guys are I'm keeping it a Little bit higher beautiful last two Last one now take it to a lunge behind You down up again back knee hovers off The ground Oh back beautiful Four more Go four keep your chest nice and high Three should feel really nice to have Our heart rate come down for just a Moment we're gonna go from a curtsy to a Lunge I got so excited my whole body Just decided to do a little worm good Curtsy lunge Four more Go four Nice three

Good two more now you're gonna hold the Lunge hold it here we're gonna jump Up hold low Lift hold low two more two Last one Shake It Out Shake It Out Shake It Out we do that one more time on the Same leg we'll do the other leg later in Class I promise right back to your Curtsy position chest is up when you're Ready Down Uh Nikita how you doing my quad is Talking to me Ah there we go four more Four it's like we're so ready to switch To the other leg when we have to go back On the same one whoo Last one switch to the lunge drop lift Chest stays High make sure you find your Balance belly button in towards your Spine Breathe Four more Four lift three Good two more last one and then we go Curtsy to Lunge Curtsy drop Again you can always go a little bit Higher and just bend your knee a little Bit like Pauline's showing yeah four More four Whoa whoa three Two more two last one hold your low Lunge let's jump come on

Up lower Let that hold be a moment for your heart Rate to just come down a touch Four more Four lower three Two more yes we can two Last one Shake it out so good all right heart Rate goes right back up I want you to Put a little Bend in your knees we're Gonna go out in Pauline's got the mods we go for Three Two and then go ahead drop down Switch Good four more four if you can't touch The four all good two last one jump out And then eight Seven Whoo that's it four more four Three Two One touchdown eight Seven good little cardio burst we have 20 seconds four Three two four of each four of each four Three Two Drop down four four Three Yes two counts two counts Two whoa drop Drop oh heart rate is up Oh beautiful

Let's bring our heart rate down just a Little bit you thought I forgot about The other side I did not move into your Curtsy left leg back when you're ready Down lift so you know the form you know Exactly where we're going so I just want You to really hone in to how this feels Yeah maybe focus on every single muscle That you're activating breathe a little Bit deeper say something kind to Yourself yeah last one switch to a lunge What a great time to come back to your Intention how you want to feel what type Of energy you want to embody yeah four More four chest High three Two more two last one Side to side curtsy lunge curtsy lunge Pauline still got us with the mods Curtsy lunge good can you go one inch Lower oh my gosh Makita four hello Two last one hold it in your lunge now Jump four times four land low Three lamb love two yes we can Shake It Out Shake It Out hey All right round two Curtsy position chest High let's do it Again one last time and we're done with These forever I feel like we've spent half the class In a curtsy lunge at this point like True ballerinas exactly four left Three chest up Two Last one take it to your lunge

Oh Good breathe a little deeper big inhale Through your nose Big exhale through your mouth let Something go four Nice three Two more We go lunge to curtsy one last time Lunge curtsy You really decide how low you go here Yeah really make the choice of what Feels best for your body with a little Bit of a challenge for Three Two all right let's add the jump hold The low lunge lift up hold down that's My balance lift Easy to do Four more and we're there come on Nikita Whoa Yes Pauline there I go I got too excited Then I fall over two Last one Shake your legs out shake your legs out Oh all right heart rate is gonna come Back down we are going to move into our Standing arm Series so wide stance tuck Your tailbone underneath and then Squeeze your belly button in towards Your spine drop your shoulders down take Your arms out long Palms up and then When you're ready it's over under You can do a little hip sway if that Feels good

Whatever feels best for your body I just Want to make sure that your shoulders Are dropped and you feel connected yeah All these are moves make me feel like I'm in a dance party yes Palms Up Lift That's the Hope raise the roof even in Cardio Fusion we feel like we're just Having the time of our life at a dance Party anymore Three Good too Last one Palms down Lift Up Lift good Keep your shoulders dropped so we got a Taste of this in cardio arms we're just Gonna add a little bit more spice four Love a little spice three Two last one now Palms forward a little Presses press like you're squeezing Something in front of you so small Bend In your elbows good And there's really no mod for this we Are all in this together this spice Last two press it back press it back Nice I was trying to find another Synonym for spice and I thought Flames This fire flames class that we're doing Does that work Good three Two Last one Take It Forward take it back Forward press good how our shoulders Feeling I feel the burn spicy fire Flames thank you so much Three good last two last one let's take

It from the top right here over under Now always fold forward shake it out if You need to if you need a moment Otherwise one moment past what's Comfortable four Whoo three Good two Last one Palms up press lift Good Four three two Palms down eight Nice yes we can yes we can four three Palms forward press we're almost there 30 seconds yeah 30 seconds shake it out If you need to otherwise stay with us Yes we can press back eight Give yourself a little ow at home Take it Forward take it back it did feel Good it does Press push Four more Four Three Two One Whoo shake your shoulders out beautiful Job oh my goodness all right we are Gonna make our way down to the floor so Go ahead and meet me in a tabletop Position we're going to start with our Left leg left leg extends and then tuck Your right toe underneath Little Bend in Your elbows shoulders right above your Wrists are we ready to go yeah Leg lift oh I started too soon now lift

Lower there we go all to the Beat of the Music Point your toes and get your leg Totally straight so you can squeeze your Glute Good four more four Good three Belly button in towards your spine last One hold it here I want you to pulse Lift up Oh just as the beat starts to turn a Little groovy we've added pulse good Nice for four Three we're gonna change it up into tuck Your left toe right here come under Round your spine and then lift up nice Round your spine pull your knee up Beautiful and then make sure your toes Still pointed breathe Under Good two more Two Lift last one Now you're gonna take it to your high Plank you're gonna hold it hold Shoulders right above your wrist kick Through your heels tuck your hips big Inhale Big exhale we're gonna go into mountain Climbers eight counts and that's it Heart rate goes up And for the mods you can either stay in Plank or hold a slow mountain climber Four three two one take a quick child's Pose pull your weight back

Oh Four three two one extend your right leg Point your toes Little Bend in your Elbow here we go lift lower so we know What's coming we've done it on one side We're gonna do it on the next I want you To lean in even more say yes to it lift How we doing I'm feeling good yeah I Feel great I love it Good four Three Two that's it hold it up little pulses Press press squeeze your glute Point Your toes and your legs should be Totally straight Beautiful even if it's not up as high Yeah I want your like totally straight Keep pulsing eight Six Four three two tuck your toe tuck under Good lift tuck round your spine and Really engage your core here Tuck whoo beautiful we're here so think About lifting rather than swinging up Yeah lift A beautiful Round Good tuck Lift four more four more four Breathe into it breathe into it Three We're in our last 10 ish minutes can we Give even more Last one

Hold your high plank hold it breathe Shoulders right above your wrists kick Through your heels breathe a little bit Deeper say yes to it mountain climbers In four say yes [Applause] Three two one go for it that really Meant to sound a little more encouraging It felt like a bit of a demand but we Got there for Three Two Last one pull it back child's pose big Inhale Big exhale let something go ha Beautiful one more time high plank hold It breathe Beautiful take a moment reconnect to the Intention to what you want to embody let This be a moment of reconnection Mountain climbers in four three this is It to end the song Eight Breathe Good six yes we can in four three two One Give me five From oh and got her Very close so good I was focused on the Child's pose I feel like we could say in child's pose For a while here but we are going to Move on to your left side you are going To wrap your left arm underneath you

Right hand comes in front of your Shoulder and we're going to take a Tricep extension here so we lift for two And then lower as you come up squeeze Your tricep And there's almost a little twist at the Top So one thing I want you to avoid is Kicking your leg up as you come up and Dropping your shoulders out of your ears Lift Good take it up squeeze your tricep Beautiful Two more two Breathe a little deeper yes we can last One and I want you to hold it here Little pulses halfway eight Oh these are so spicy they're so sneaky For the tricep oh my gosh four mods you Can just hold it too or drop your hand Down Drop your left hand down Pull It in Extend obliques right away exhale pull In And Pauline's got you with the mod four Nice three Two Nikita you ready to pick it up I'm Ready to pick it up Oh here we go come in quick Good six In four three two one There we go switch to the other side That was a shortage yeah believe it or Not they do exist

Left hand in front of the right shoulder When you're ready Lift for two Lower Chest opens and a little twist at the Top squeeze lift Nice breathe a little deeper Connect a little bit more Be totally present I know especially as We get towards the end it's a lot easier To think about everything that you have Going on later and I want you to stay Totally present Nothing before this nothing after this Just giving this the attention it Deserves hold at the top come halfway Little pulses seven I'm just gonna hold it in my mods hold It over there girl good three Two last one drop your right forearm Down then pull good Nice pull in beautiful oh so good Pauline in all right Nikita it's our Time to shine right here let's pick it Up Pick it up pick it up pick it up Seven so you're gonna lean back a little Six Four three two one shake it out Beautiful job you're gonna flip over Into onto your back onto your forearms And then pull your knees in towards your Chest one heel Taps down at a time tap Tap tap lift out of your shoulders

Breathe a little deeper Perfect Pauline go for Last three two one whoo so good all Right we are gonna move on to our backs This is our last one are we ready Hands behind your head low back is gonna Drop down to the floor we're gonna Exhale right knee in and then both knees Pull in exhale nice twist left knee Exhale both knees and just stay here Shoulder blades coming off the ground Can you breathe with every single move Exhale Yes Got a few more This is it two minutes everything that You have left a hundred and ten percent Yeah Last two Pull in last one then both your knees Are gonna pull in you're gonna hold it Here speed bicycle so it's your top Speed let your heart rate come up Pauline is here with the mod Nikita oh My gosh it literally reminds me of one Of those like little egg beaters in a Mixing bowl That's what I'm journaling how'd you Know two one pull your knees into your Chest I could not even recover from that I could not even join you that was so Good Extend your arms hands behind your head Round two

When you're ready here we go in three Two one twist Pull your knees in Beautiful pull in this is it Minute and a half yeah Minute and a half so there's so many Reasons that we show up to move our Bodies especially to do it together yeah To do it together we should feel so Proud of ourselves I want you to finish So much stronger in good pull Oh Twist Nice Two more two Beautiful Last one hold your knees in Speed bicycles come on As fast as you can go yes you can yes You can lean into it say yes lean into It oh my gosh whoa I know for four three Two one pull your knees into your chest Take a big inhale Big exhale Rock back up to your forearms Where we were right before this drop Your shoulders away flex your feet we're Gonna tap one heel at a Time come on Touch touch touch nice Tap now both heels tap down both heels Tap eight yes we're almost there Lean in Come on Four more yes Nikita yes Pauline three Last two last one hover your feet hold

It here hold for four three Two one oh so good beautiful job let's Take a quick stretch pull your knees in Towards your chest Big inhale Big exhale So good if you want to massage your low Back hands behind your knees Rock up and Down a few times And then pull your knees in towards your Chest whenever you're ready Quick stretch extend your left leg pull Your right knee in take a few circles Full body cardio Fusion We did it go ahead take a figure four Pull your hamstring in How are we feeling back there over there Feeling good this stretch feels amazing Yes After all those curtsy lunges good Spinal twist take it over Poof [Music] I used to be the person who would leave Before the stretch and now I'm like Where was I going the best part where Was I going this is the most enjoyable Part pull your other knee in towards Your chest [Music] Figure four pull your hamstring in Also I'm pretty sure this song is now Coined my stretch song so I'm pretty Sure I've never used anything else here

Class fit sugar and I love it And extend your leg twist over spinal Twist Beautiful slowly Come up To a seated position so go ahead take Your hands behind you interlace your Fingers open up your chest drop your Shoulders away from your ears whoo I am So sweaty that was incredible And then lift your gaze a little bit Beautiful protract forward round your Spine tuck your chin Beautiful let's do that one more time Open up your chest Round your spine forward beautiful from Here take your right hand and go ahead Do a little spinal twist gaze over your Left shoulder And switch [Music] Beautiful go ahead come back to Center Let's give a little attention to our Shoulders from those standing arms take Your arm over first drop your shoulder Away from your ear and then press over Oh There's truly nothing that makes me Happier than getting to move with you All thank you so much as usual for Joining switch I hope this felt so good If you took it low impact if you took it As fast as Nikita's legs were going in That bicycle just be so proud of

Yourself And then go ahead take your arm up and Over Beautiful switch And use this as an opportunity to Come back to the intention that you set How you wanted to embody whatever that Is bring the soles of your feet together Take your arms all the way up and then Fold forward let your head hang loose Take a moment here Reconnect And most importantly just feel so proud Of yourself think of one moment that you Stayed a little past what was Comfortable think of one thing that you Did today For you By showing up 30 minutes together Let's take two big deep breaths together To finish big inhale Big exhale Let It Go Shake It Out One more big inhale seal in the change Big exhale let go of anything holding You back And Gathering all the strength all the Energy all the crazy hard work that you Put in thank you so much for joining us Thank you Nikita and thank you Pauline For being here this was another Incredible episode with class fit sugar And make sure to come back and join me Again see you later [Applause]

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