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30-Minute Energizing Cardio Workout With Amanda Butler | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Energizing Cardio Workout With Amanda Butler | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to Classic sugar my name is Amanda Butler and today I have a 30 Minute cardio hit workout for you don't Worry you don't need any equipment and Today I'm so excited I have my BFF Jimmy With me that is me and my new BFF Ellie With the modification hey I got your Mods heck yes are you guys ready I am so Ready let's do this let's get it let's Go all right let's get started with a Quick warm-up so we're gonna start with Alternating windmills feet nice and wide Arms out to a t hinge in your hips take Opposite finger opposite toe sending That booty back to that invisible wall Behind you Now I want you to focus on your breath This entire workout remember that this Workout is yours you're here to have fun Move your body we're moving energy for Nice and fun play y'all Yes nice Jimmy out of breath so good you Guys we got five more seconds and we're Gonna turn to the side in three two and One let's take it inch worms to two Shoulder Taps so start at the front of Your mat I want you to walk it all the Way down to a plank position give me two Shoulder tops push the floor away and Walk it all the way back up so take your Time here I want that back nice and flat Shoulders right over your wrists feet Nice and wide and roll it up Oh this feels good how are you guys

Doing good it's really warmed up I love It it is early and it feels so nice to Just move your body we got one more here And then let's take it all the way up to Our feet all right y'all we are going With a squat pulse to a calf raise so Sitting nice and low give me a little Pulse come up to your toes feet are hip Width apart use those arms to launch it Up Sit low launch it high there we go we're Opening up those hips Whoa y'all It is not quite the weekend but we're Practicing Getting ready to go on one more oh you Took violence today all right you guys Let's go lateral butt kicks right here We're gonna pop off the outside of our Feet just taking those heels to your Glutes getting that heart rate up We are prepping for this workout Whoa You're not mine right you guys I want You to think about how do you want to Feel when you finish this workout right It's all about setting an intention Being super present and just making sure That we are setting the tone for the Rest of the day all right let's finish a Few more here for three Two and one all right we're going into Frogger squats we're gonna drop low into A squat fingertips on the floor we're

Bending and extending the hips so lift The hips find that stretch in the back Of your hamstrings and as you come down Take your elbows to your knees and find That deeper stretch in your hips That feels so good right it smells great Yeah especially if you've been sitting All day oh you just woke up this is so Nice to see here oh yeah y'all five more Seconds finish it and we are out of this Warm-up and done so good all right grab A quick little sip of water but don't go Far because we're about to get going Into set number one so we have three Sets this workout four exercises per set I'm going to give you a little bit of Recovery between sets and then we're Going right into those exercises okay so We are going to start with some lateral Squat walks so I want you to start Towards the left side of your mat you're Going to go down into a low Squat and You're going to take two steps three Steps maybe depending on how big your Legs are and then you're giving me that Jump squat at the end all right let's go Meet me here Ellie's over here if you want to take That modification you just take out that Jump squat I want you to listen to your body the Entire time if you're feeling tired just Adjust okay it's not about perfection It's just about showing up

Beautiful I can already tell let me sore Lose I'm gonna be sorry baby out of this 30 minute workout whoa Say hello remember if your butt is Really high then you're not getting the Most out of this okay so I want you to Sit really low Finish it let's go Jimmy come on Ellie Oh my God right here send it all right Shake It Off you got 15 seconds all Right every exercise is gonna be 45 Seconds little breather between so we're Gonna go into butt kick punches we're Gonna start with the left leg and the Left arm we're on in three two one let's Go So keeping the shoulders down away from Your ears just like the warm-up we're Taking those heels right to that big old Juicy booty yes I said it we're building Booties this summer y'all come on whoa All right get this healed up how we Doing oh No we're hopping him up and already Y'all it's all fun and games When you program and then you actually Have to do the workout Oh so fun all right maybe we go into Like a little circle here add a little Bit of movement make it more fun if You're in your living room Just go around like your coffee table or Something five more seconds you got it Finish it three two one Shake It Off

Whoa deep breath how you doing girl good So good Yeah all right we've got two more we're Going right into jumping jacks you know What to do you know how to do a jumping Jack but I want good jumping jacks don't Give me these little half jumping jacks All right you ready let's go come on Right here Feet nice and wide arms overhead Come into your breath All right I'm gonna ask for a little Challenge the last few seconds It's coming so take your time Oh I hope you're doing this with a Friend it makes it so much more fun Working out with a team but if not we're Your friends yes we're your new best Friend today we got you we are here for You yes here we go sometimes I like to Add on to Jumping Jacks especially if There's a fun song I like to go side to Side I like to find the beat makes it Way more fun all right let's beat it up Come on less than 10 seconds go fast Three two one Shake It Off nice okay wow that was Great So much cardio already we got this Though one more you get a longer break All right we're going to mountain Climbers plank position shoulders Stacked over wrists we're driving our Knees into our chest let's go three two

One come on driving those knees we have A modification Ellie over there killing It you just take the little hop out step It in Step it back Maybe you want to do half and half if You're feeling good you're feeling Strong halfway through you can always Join me in Jimmy We got this team One step at a time literally Okay knowing that we get another break After this Can you stay in there yes you got this Through the pain we do way harder things Than mountain climbers we do in life Seven seconds y'all come on three two One Thank you So good so good how are you guys doing Good okay oh I am sweating y'all there's A drought in LA but not anymore it's About to get sweaty in here okay all Right sweaty mess you have 20 seconds so Take this time slow everything down come Back into your body back into your Breath now you know what to expect let's Come back let's do it again round one is For figuring out the movement round two Perfect that movement baby we ready We're going back to those lateral squat Walks with the jump optional to just Squat in three two one let's go [Music]

Okay my thing is like when I'm doing a Workout I want to know exactly what I'm Doing ahead of time I feel like when You're going in blindly you're like Makes it so much harder so knowing that It's like round two I'm like all right I Got this how do you guys feel yeah yeah Exactly What are your guys's favorite type of Workouts Oh I love it He's like just keep going I hit Queen oh Yeah honestly Dance Fitness oh Yes yes anything moving to a beat is so Much fun catch me doing Daniel's Fitness On a Friday night Three Two one Shake It Off [Music] We got this okay All right we're getting that cardio so That we can dance on the weekends if you Know what I'm saying all right we're Just we're just prepping for the weekend Right here let's go to the butt cake Punches starting with the left arm left Leg three two one let's go All right you know what we're gonna do We're gonna make this more fun we're Gonna Bop around in just a second get Your footing get your balance and then We're gonna move you all ready to move Yes let's hit that Circle this time Let's go to the left come on come on

Yeah baby who we punching no one bad Energy getting it out of our life that's It we ain't fighting Good 10 more seconds you're almost there Yes breathe through it finish it all the Way don't you quit we are right there With you don't quit never quit never Quit keep going and time Okay did it yeah you guys are killing it Thank you y'all I don't know what I do Without them oh I am sweaty the shirt oh My God rip I repeat all right jumping Jacks three two one let's go Maybe I wanted to forget I think that's What it was it's gonna be the best for Last Y'all I'm hoping That I made the hardest exercises first But we'll see That's okay we got this All right y'all I'm gonna start to move Because this is more fun I like to move Around this is a little bit more Advanced there's so many jumping jack Variations but we're about to pick it up Let's go three two one come on all right Finish it you guys we got five seconds We're almost there last time you see This three two one rest shake it off we Did it all right one final exercise you Know what's coming those mountain Climbers slow and steady wins the race Baby yes all right playing position we Are on in three two one let's go

Drive those knees you know what to do so I want you to remember don't let those Hips sink don't let your shoulders go Behind your wrists keep that nice strong Pose Yes Ally you got this girl thank you Walk it out How you doing Jimmy I'm crushing it Feeling great he's like don't talk to me I'm working you guys we got 20 seconds Right here climbing through the pain Baby yep we just step it out one foot at A time we are almost there just keep Breathing Guess what after this we get a nice long Breather so we got five seconds finish Strong three two and time Yes one down two to go it's good to go So good all right you get a longer break Here this is 45 seconds towel off grab a Little shot of water don't drink too Much just work on just bringing that Body back down we got all new exercises Which I'm excited and a little scared For we'll see what I programmed Sometimes I feel a little devilish Sometimes I'm feeling a little nice We'll see how it turns out so she chose Violence today just an FYI no middle Name all right we're gonna go in 15 Seconds so I want you to put hands Behind your head feet hip width apart We're going one good morning and then We're gonna stand up you're gonna give

Me a two pulse squat at the bottom and Then stand back up all right let's meet Me there three two one this is a hinge So you're sending your hips back you're Dropping your chest and keeping a micro Bend in your knees on that squat I want You to sit nice and low with your chest Lifted and your butt as low as you can Go Yes there we go You all see that's what I'm saying this Is the this is the warm-up for the Weekend right here is what you do at the Club you send it back you drop it low Right Dang maybe I need to go out more I think I think that's what this problem is ten More seconds finish it you're doing Great doing great sweetie five seconds Three two and time Shake It Off Beautiful oh my models look so good oh My gosh yeah All right that was like a little Strength move now we're gonna go into Cardio we got ice skaters most of you Guys know what this is so let's start on The left side of your mat we're gonna Land on that right leg in three two one Let's go here oh all right take the First few reps to find your balance and Then you can pick up speed so don't go Straight out of the gate like a bowl in Spain find your balance and then add on To it

You're launching off the outside of your Foot Landings slow and controlled really Working the outer glute and those legs Y'all I'm already sore I was sore going Into this and now I'm really gonna be Sore whoa All right nice job team how are we doing Back there oh we're good yes working That balance right now oh my gosh it's The hardest part yeah Three seconds finish it last one and Shake It Off Baby so good okay we're going into plank Position playing step ups with an Optional jump squat so let's start plank Position you're gonna step right foot up Left foot up stand up option to jump Squat okay Ellie is just gonna step it Up let's go right here step it up jump Squat take out the Hop if you are Modifying I think I did choose violence today It really shows It's okay You know what you know it's something I Do I'm gonna talk to you guys I do Things that I hate until I learn to love Them yes Ellie so I hate jump squats I Used to hate burpees and now I love them Are you guys seeing the Hops on this are You seeing the Hops he's jumping he's Jumping to the Moon all right let's Finish it right here final five seconds Three two one last one for good measure

So good All right we're gonna bring our heart Rate down for this last one That was so good finish on some standing Core feet hip width apart arms overhead We're going to take same knee to Elbow Engaging our core working through Obliques let's go meet me there Driving it all the way up So don't drive through the center of Your core take those knees out wide so You're really working through the Obliques we're crunching here [Music] There we go yes work that side body okay I feel like Barbie aerobics we're like Little Barbies what kind of Barbie would You be Ellie over here I'm gonna be I don't know like a Malibu Barbie oh dang it you took mine Jimmy What about you Oh Can't talk to me now maybe I'm in my Zone All right time so good so good I Literally was gonna say Malibu Barbie Because I think that's the only one I Know Oh Okay All right How we doing how we feeling at home How are you guys doing It doesn't show I don't know I don't

Think he's working very hard same okay We're gonna do that again you know the Deal so we're just gonna do that one More time okay starting with the good Morning to the two-pole squat feet hip Width apart let's take it a little bit Take it a little bit deeper right here On the squat let's go meet me there one Good morning Say hello Drop it drop it low girl that's what This reminds me of Just Breathe So inhale as you hinge forward exhale as You lift same thing with that squat Inhale as you lower exhale as you stand Really use your breath I'm it's so I'm Really really big on breath here because When you start to get tired the breath Is going to carry you through Good and remember you don't have to keep Up with us you don't have to go as fast As us you can go as fast or as slow as You need always listen to your body this Is your workout finish it right here we Got five more seconds Yes three two one beautiful work y'all Beautiful work [Music] Okay Ice skaters y'all do you guys like ice Skaters I love I do I I actually hate them but they're so Good for you okay so let's go here we go

Let's go we're on Remember I do things I hate to do until I learn to love them I know right you got to get through Those first three reps and then you get It yes okay I'm just channeling my inner Who's a nice skater Yes Michelle Quan I love her Are the Winter Olympics this year I Don't even know I don't know okay I Think so good All right oh my gosh see I think it's Because it's my balance If you don't use it you lose it folks so I'm a prime example do your ice skaters Five seconds tap the floor oh here we go And time So good so good Okay We're two down two down baby almost There I'm proud of you guys I'm so proud Of you All right plank step UPS you ready plank Position step it up three two one jump Squats If you're feeling a little tired just Take out the jump squat And when you stand I want you or you Jump use your legs don't pull from your Lower back oh yeah so notice how she's Passing down if you're feeling Crazy like me what's up jumps not the Tuck jumps all right that means I gotta Get back in there I'm just gonna show

Ellie's beautiful form she's rounding Down through her heels all ten toes and Then we've got Jimmy back there the Little Cricket The little flea jump into the heavens Five seconds Last one Just jumping to conclusions Time Okay oh man wow I really thought I was Gonna be the only one sweating this much So I'm glad you guys are right there With me nothing baby yes okay this is it Standing knee to elbows really crunch Through that side body let's go right Here meet me here Here's our breath I'm gonna take this Time To come back to my body Engage your core so everything comes From your core this is your Powerhouse If you don't have this you might tend to Have low back problems Balance issues me no I'm just kidding Um so really work on strengthening your Core this is a great exercise also a lot Of the exercises we've already done Amazing core building exercises Drive it up we got 10 more seconds Finish it we got that long break Five seconds team Yes let's go in three and two and one Done Oh I'm so proud of you guys

That was so good how are you feeling Good good How are you feeling at home do a little Self checking Okay I want you to always check in during Your workouts how am I feeling how's This making me feel am I pushing myself Too hard maybe I can push myself a Little bit harder it's always so good to Be in tune with your body making those Connections Okay Let's take a breath together big breath Exhale Bring it down okay our final set we've Got quick feet so feet hip width apart We're just gonna chop our feet chop our Hands athletic stands we're there in Three two one let's go we're gonna make This a little bit more fun though every 10 seconds we're gonna turn to the right Okay I want you to turn to the right With us let's go turn come on quick feet Quick feet Y'all I played soccer for like I don't Even know 17 years or something this is What this brings me to turn to the right Let's go raise the back whoa We can't see you so we don't know what You're doing make sure you're with us All right come on let's turn to the Right Finish it can we drop down a little bit

More drop down quicker chop yes yes Ellie looking good girl turn last one Face the front This is it bring it home We're there in three in two and one time Yes Good that's good all right all right all Right all right all right all right you Just gotta talk yourself through this That's all it is even when you're a Trainer doesn't get easier okay we're Gonna go walk outs push-ups start at the Front end of your mat we're gonna walk It down to a plank position take it to a Push-up dropping your chest elbows right By your rib cage push the full away Stand it up meet us here Ellie's got the Modification take your push-up on your Knees Okay you guys I have been on this Mission I don't know if you guys know this I've Been on this mission for the past like Six months I've been trying to get Everyone To build their push-ups so great I Really want women to know how to do Strong push-ups so if you're someone who Always goes to your knees start trying On your toes or at least start to build Those up it's so important that we know How to do things lifting our own body Weight and don't sell yourself short if You're not good at it you just gotta try

All right three two one beautiful job So good All right I'm getting to that point I'm Getting to that sticking point where I'm Like my mind's coming in and I'm like Do I need to quit do I need to tap out How are we doing oh we're we're hanging Good okay all right let's go feet nice And wide we're gonna go low traveling Lateral lunge so we're gonna start to The right then we go to the left really Making sure we get that outer glute And quad right here I love these right my hips it feels good Well she's a dancer look at her Happy and always tell Oh my hips are the tightest thing on me But this is so good and if you didn't Get the glutes earlier you're getting Them now Yes Got it you can do this at any time you Don't have to go as fast you can turn This into Mobility exercise and really Just like slow it down hold it for a Couple seconds every rep There you go let's final three two one That was really nice guys that was great It was really nice needed that nice Little breather can't do Straight Carter The whole time all right our final Exercise meet me in a forearm plank The Wider your feet the stronger you're Going to be in your core the easier this

Is going to be so we're gonna go plank Hip dips you're going hip bone to hip Bone meet me here you're gonna pretend Like you're taking your hips over a Little medicine ball underneath your hip So you're creating a little Rainbow here Up and over rotating on your toes Shoulders over the wrists or the elbows God we're just swiveling get as much Depth as you can Either harder than they look You think these are easy And then add talking to it 15 seconds That break is coming I'm always going to Take you to your Edge and then I'm going To give you that little recovery all Right you guys five more seconds here Finish it for three two one done shake It off we did it so good oh what was That okay A little Shimmy Shimmy I love It all right let's come back up to our Feet this is our final set you guys I'm So proud of you at home you're staying With me I'm proud of you guys for Carrying me through because she is tired All right so we're gonna go back to Those quick feet you know what to do Stay low chop those feet chop those arms Every 10 seconds we're moving to the Right be ready to bring it home y'all Ready all right let's go three two one Chop away come on every 10 seconds we're Here whoa all right I'm gonna challenge

Myself to try to go a little bit faster This round because why not all right Let's turn come on turn to the right all Right keep going keep going we're Turning to the right in three two one Let's go turn oh y'all don't let those Heels drop light on your toes come on You got it yes Ellie okay come on all Right let's turn to the right go we're Almost there oh I am dying light harder All right turn to the front we're there In three two and time yeah We did it good job My high school coach would be so proud She does know how to move those feet Fast weird all right let's go walk outs Push-ups this is it remember the Modifications there if you need it all Right let's go walk it down Remember strong push-ups so let me guide You through that so when you drop it Down you're not playing position hips Are even just as high you're dropping it Down and you're lifting your chest and Your hips at the same time don't give me A little body roll you know how those People do those little like that don't Do that Try to really press down through your Toes lift it all the way up So good if this is too hard you're not Quite at the full push-up you can do Something called a full release push-up Which helps you build those push-ups so

You can also drop your chest all the way Down and then press all the way up That's how you're going to learn how to Build a push-up last one finish it Finish it three two and one done Ah we're gonna do our favorite move guys Oh we're not done no but wait there's More but wait there's more we got that Little stretch so feet nice and wide low Traveling lateral lunge let's go it's Kind of like a little stretch for the Best of both worlds Is it low oh that feels great right and Then when you have a song playing and It's going to the beat of this you Really get into it you're like okay it's Like Stomp the guard from back in the Day you know Nice job just keep falling here this is Kind of like a little mini active Recovery a little bit a little bit a Little bit just a wee bit this is just Probably get to our last exercise you Know because we were like that one was Like the hardest one so all right you Guys stay with me Stay with me don't go anywhere don't you Quit don't think that the workout's done Since we got we got this little move Here five more seconds finish it see Look I'm adding a little shoulder in Here three two one let's go okay yeah You saw you're like oh you see that Little dancing

All right final exercise plank hip dips So if you wanted to take a modification Just hold that modified plank otherwise Join me and Jimmy with our hips we're on Right here let's go Final 45 seconds of work you've come so Far don't you dare quit on me Just yet I will find you Jimmy is coming for you y'all [Music] Breathe yeah so you can always slow it Down you can always add a modification Do whatever you need to finish the Workout but try to turn your mind to Always finish never give up 15 seconds Almost there How you doing Ellie oh you took it up to A high plane get it girls you're Challenging yourselves I love that five Seconds we're there three two and one Drop it down All right team let's wiggle it around Let's cool it down we're gonna lay on Our backs Legs nice and long arms nice and long by Your side and then I want you to just Hug your knees into your chest okay hug It in nice and tight and then let those Knees open up to the side and start to Rock right here Coming back into your breath Back into your body acknowledging all The hard work you just did

Big Breath Right Here And on that exhale let the left leg go Long right leg to the sky nice big Hamstring stretch here you can add a Couple ankle circles right here [Music] And then let's go into a supine twist so Drag that leg across the body it goes in The opposite direction Oh this feels so good oh wow oh wow We deserve this yes put in the work come Back to Center let's take the left leg To the sky same thing Remember to keep taking those deep Breaths We're hitting the pause on everything Else that's going on outside of this Workout it's there waiting for you don't Worry Take that leg across your body Case goes opposite direction Send the air to your hips to your low Back Beautiful come back to Center and then I Want you to turn over onto your stomach We're going to place our hands right Underneath our shoulders press our laces Down into the floor press up into a Cobra pulling our chin out of our chest Beautiful and then let's press back into A child's pose sending our booty to our Heels creating some space in our chest Reaching our arms nice and long here One big inhale

Exhale send the air back And walk those hands up amazing job you Guys thank you so much for joining me I'm so proud of you thank you Jimmy for Joining me of course thank you Ellie Absolutely killed it my name is Amanda I Hope to see you guys on the next class Fit sugar bye you guys bye guys

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