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30-Minute Dance-Party Workout With Sheela Awe | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Dance-Party Workout With Sheela Awe | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to a special dance fish sugar Party I'm your host Sheila Ave and today we Are celebrating moving into the new year With an EDM Dance Workout guess what Where we bring the party to you I got my Girl Stephanie and Lillian hey and we're Ready to turn it up come on ladies let's Turn it up turn it up turn it up All right guys we're gonna start with The warm-up we're gonna go head Shoulders body roll roll take it slow But we're gonna get our heart rates up Okay here we go starting with the head In five six five six seven eight we go Up we go down We go side And side let's do it double time we go Up down side side hey It's EDM all right Ah here we go and then we're gonna take A slow circular motions I don't even Know which one I'm going now here we go [Music] One more time really roll out that neck You guys we got lots of moves coming up Ready shoulder up drop up Yes shoulder come on We're gonna go uh opposite direction or Not opposite we're gonna bring It Forward is what I mean here we go Dropping really roll it out bring it up To your ears Good okay guys we're gonna get a little

Bit of hip movements in there five six Five six seven eight front back front Back front back Haze side to side side Side Yeah all right you ready to roll it out Five six seven eight roll two three four Rolls roll two three four other Direction yeah [Applause] Feeling these Body Rolls yeah let's go Get in there guys right now we're gonna Stretch it out Up again stretch it out We're gonna go down two down two can we Do a double time And dance it out Here we go oh wow this is kind of like This is over Stretch in There we go we're ready All right guys we're going into our First song who's ready to party we are a Step to the right here we go step tap All right we're gonna add a little arm Cross just to give it some flavor you Know boom hey We're gonna reach over [Music] Keep that tap going in [Music] And again energy [Music] Here we go ready We're encounter these bad boys come on

Get up there As I clap in Try to do it in place but get that Bounce going Two white cows you got this Okay [Music] Here we go we're gonna go dip dip up up [Music] Alternate the arms [Music] You had a party now here we go one more Time let me see it One two three four oh you feel it I like this move I love it keep it going Hey we're gonna take it back from our Taps tap tap tap tap tap we're gonna add That cross in there here we go [Applause] [Music] Get in there [Music] Here we go we're gonna twist hey really Reach over reach reach Again Good let me see y'all First song guys Tell me We're moving yeah we are tell us one More time Classic count Five kids we're gonna dip dip [Music] Dip hop

And finish the Hop great job I shot it All right guys keep the energy up Everyone's doing so great we're gonna Keep it going opposite arm opposite leg Five six seven here we go boom hey and Swipe [Music] Really hit that swipe it one more time Oh this is a lie you gotta get it get in There and one more accounts [Music] Hey use this time to breathe dance it Out We're gonna go [Music] You know we're gonna take it the other Direction right here we go left [Music] We go back to the beginning [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Hip place you ready [Music] Other side [Music] We can't can't really breathe but that's Okay [Music] Yeah all right let's keep it going with The next one keep that energy up we're Gonna get disco with it here we go Y'all ready five six seven eight double

Sing a single yeah down into a square Hey come on now Down down Energy enter enter energy [Music] We got some fist Paws hey two alternate Hey Fist pumps groove it up With a step love a Groove Hey to the front here we go To the back a to the front p That's it tonight Single into a square you got this Tonight Girls hey tonight we got the energy Good keep that energy up guys yes I'm feeling it y'all feeling it yes we Are feeling it five six coming out here We go Are you ready yes to the front here we Go Hey to the front We're gonna hit tonight again here we go Double Single into on a square You got this guys oh no it's fair Alternate [Music] Well my heart rate Here we go [Music] Ready five six seven eight Great job On to the next one here we go this is

Fun feel it it's gonna be in your body We're gonna start with the side side six Seven eight hey Give you a moment to breathe there [Music] We go Cross cross cross [Music] Yours great bye And around yourself circle circle hip And hit hit great minds hey And circle And back to it keep that hop going you Guys heart rate up hey Did you I love this song it's one of my Favorites [Music] Back to the Cross grab Keep it going guys [Music] You know what it is Okay I see you Stephanie with the hair Hey And hip hip [Music] Hey me too [Music] Keep on going okay Stop get it get it cross grab Hey Good job you guys [Music] What do you need ready you need yeah Five six seven eight you

All right guys let's go on to the next One we're gonna work on some isolations But keep that energy up okay starting With a chest six seven eight good we're Gonna go down inside chest bring it Bring it up bring it up Six seven eight double time we like a Double time moment you know hey hey Really isolate the chest Here we go slow two three four really Have fun with it flow it out flow Through your body Six pick it up double time hey hey Add arms if you want to it's your moment Here we go we're gonna mix it up mix it Up mix it up and point level Point level Mix it up mix it up and point level Point levels take a break how y'all Doing good here we go let's bring it Back seven eight and uh [Music] Here we go I'm gonna hit that Again slow Oh this one feels great yeah roll it Through Six double time Go low go low [Music] And five six seven eight and Lots of cardio for this one y'all ready Oh yeah okay we're gonna start with this A Brisk sidestep All right cause uh we're gonna we're

Gonna jam it up we're gonna pump it up Here we go [Music] [Music] Here we go [Music] Go DJ hey And again this is a Vibe you got the Club go DJ Slow toe Taps up toe tops up boom really Get that crunch going no time hey Good All right so next move we go Now back hey we're gonna twist Back always bring it back to Center you Guys Step boom twist you know what time it is Double time Twist good Really twist that body and always bring It back to Center y'all got this Here we go go DJ Slow Put it like a slow movement you know you Gotta catch your breath Where the party is [Music] Still time here we go [Music] Hey Good job you guys keep it going It's all attacked Don't attack We're gonna do our sidestep

Double time Ready five six seven hey hang on now Good Really hop it Hop light on your feet It's like just your barely touching the Floor and again [Music] Lots of cardio I told you We're gonna bring it back To the go DJ here we go Okay really hit the air give the air a High five okay here we go [Music] Keep it going until the end you've got This double double hey Laughing Cow you guys almost home really Take it away What six five six hey go DJ Y'all ready to scoop it we're ready here We go guys in five six five six seven Eight and scoop scoop get low with it Hey hey Single [Music] Get that hop in good job here we go Single single double Oh hey it's like you're rolling a boat Here we go catch your breath here one Two three four bring it together two Bring it down nice back up And open good job And down And up two counts one two one two down One two one two one

Here we go good job a little challenging But you've got this here we go And again Almost there catch your breath really Extend put that energy in there you got This Oh You know what this is bleeding Let's go here we go here we go hey Let's go Hello hello [Music] [Applause] [Music] Here we go roll This move all the way to the end you Guys you've got this we're almost there Almost there baby take it home here we Go man five six seven eight okay Yeah all right who's ready to run it Back this is my favorite let's get it Hello starting off slow We're gonna go low we're gonna hop run It up And hop back double time [Music] Drop cause you make it Dry skin tight jeans Drop double times We're gonna Rodeo hey [Music] Here we go Hop Down low and hop bring it back double

Time Good job Back to the slide you guys Slow relax drop hey baby girl no detox [Music] If you have the space go for it Rodeo here we go and hop three times [Music] You're running back Here we go get crazy Lady Gaga get crazy Break it down [Music] And again [Music] Hey Body Rolls [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Here we go Keep that energy up guys you're almost There How about yourself [Music] Double [Music] [Applause] [Music] Last one best one [Music] Here we go finish it off take it home Five six seven eight All right guys y'all feeling good oh yes We're gonna go slow slow slow

Around yourself up slow slow around Yourself up double time [Music] Here we go Hey let's go come on now get that energy Up [Music] And slow it down hey breathe yes Here we go take it slow slow Around yourself And double time hey [Music] Good job guys get the energy [Music] Almost there don't stop now we've come So far slow Hey Good job touch the ground up And again slow down [Music] Here we go Keep it going guys you got this so close Ready in five six seven eight whoa All right you guys last one best one Keep that energy let's go This is a nice groovy one here are the Islands and you're getting Brewery here We go here we go boom boom up up hey Yeah This is the groove guys We're gonna go slow hey [Music] You know what and pop it don't Time Come on keep that energy up you guys

[Music] Almost there you're getting closer here We go wave wave one two three pull Have fun with this guys Hey Island life [Music] And pull Good job you guys Hello hey and pop pop slow punch it in And pop double time here we go Hey hey [Music] From the top here we go Hey hey good job you guys don't give up Now almost home We're gonna go slow with it Four double arms and puppy Let's go ladies hey double time [Music] Hey okay Six give it a break five six seven eight Whoo hey last Pull It in here we go fast Have fun with it guys And best pull it in [Music] And slow crunch it in crunch it in we Got the hit Slow pick it up in five six seven eight We go Last move guys bring it home energy [Music] [Applause] This is the cool down let's breathe Let's relax let's stretch it out you

Ready here we go Sonic with neck rolls [Music] [Music] [Music] Good we're gonna stretch it out Breathe you guys bring it back up and Again And again one last time then we're gonna Stretch out the legs ready here we go Stretch it out [Music] Bend your back bend your other leg yes Good job you guys wow thank you thank You that was a whole little workout Chair my hair is wet guys I love it Good job feel that shirt right here [Music] And bend your back leg Stretch it out you guys Stretch it out Whoa lost the balance there all right Guys stretch it out with the arms one Last time You can always come back to this we're Going into the new year with positive Vibes and even better moves oh yeah here We go [Music] Thank you guys so much for joining us on Dance with sugar thank you to my girl Stephanie Y'all we'll see you next time peace [Music]

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