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30-Minute Conscious Cardio Workout With Nikki Nie | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Conscious Cardio Workout With Nikki Nie | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hello class fit sugar I'm Nikki Nee and I'm here with you today to share a 30-minute conscious cardio workout to Help you manage your stress in a mindful Way I got my girls with me today Paris What's up guys and Sienna and they're Gonna help you get your body strong and Your mind calm are we ready oh I'm ready For sure let's go All right we're going to start this Workout right here with an a step so You're going to take the elbow to the Opposite knee and if this bounce is a Little bit too much you can keep the Workout more at low impact but watching My girl Sienna over here giving you that Sweet modification And then Paris will give you a little In-between movement if you need it I Gotcha she's got you we got you we are Here in this together 30 minutes to De-stress and you know how you de-stress You play you have fun yes so we're here And you also connect to your breath so Right now start taking a deep breath in High that breath out maybe give me a Little bit more 10 more seconds [Music] All right good beautiful like that we're Gonna take it to a lunge with the arms Overhead us up starting to open up the Upper back So much of our day is spent sedentary so We're seated so the arms overhead are

Going to start giving you a little bit More lift and openness in the front of Your chests helping some of that tension Alleviate through your body through your Mind So bring your focus here even if you've Got a bunch of things on your to-do list Start getting present and your breath is Going to help you do that let's take About four more inhale exhale huh how Are we feeling I'm feeling good we're Moving that alignment on point looks Good Sienna All right stay right here come to the Back of your mat let's take an inchworm So we just stretch out the back of the Legs as we roll down Crawl the hands out in front of you and Then bring them right under your Shoulders press your hips back take a Downward facing dog oh yes pedalize your Feet if that feels good and start being Able to move Organically for you so we're here to Guide you create a container for you to Lead your workout through but you know You can always bump it up move how you Need find that place when you're ready Go ahead and lower down to four point Kneeling we're gonna take bird dog so Left arm out right leg extends and as You exhale contract the elbow to the Knee Inhale bring the body reach in opposite

Directions and then exhale take it in Oh You can modify Sienna where she's just Lifting and lowering the arms so decide What feels right for you See if you can find the space in your Body when we were stressed out we'd hold Tension and tighten everything up see if You can do that on the other side plant Bowl pants shift over take your right Hand up left leg back draw it in so Warming up the core muscles The back line of the body Find that Focus your intention To feel good to relax To get Unwound from your day good lower That down and let's take the right leg Forward and come into a nice low lunge You can frame the top foot if you want a Little bit more you can untuck the toes To lift your back knee off the floor and Bring your fingers to your temples elbow To the sky and then find that twist Elbow to the ground so twisting through The body it'll help to massage the Internal organs when we hold stress in The body that changes our microbiome so Then we start to get sick and we do not Want to get sick we need to feel good so We can do these workouts and feel well And Alive let's do one more twisting That out wring it out when you're ready Go ahead and lower the knee switch it Out four point healing other side take

It through the lunge and then you know You can decide what you need you need to Add that modification are you going to Pop that knee off the floor maybe you Really open up the chest if you're Feeling your stress being held in the Upper back and shoulders I don't know about you but that is where I hold a lot of my stress when I'm Feeling overwhelmed in my life And your shoulders yeah mine too girl Right shoulders draw sometimes too my Dentist told me that would be grinding My teeth at night apparently we got Really into okay we gotta relax that all Right one more go ahead and land back Down to all fours position And then take it back one more time to That lunge Slide it into a pivot so that we're Facing each other and then walk the Hands over the other side oh I want you To feel that stretch of the inner thigh Make sure you're sticking your booty out Keep the spine nice and long because You're going to start to float the arms Up engage a little bit more in your Lower half of your body feel the sits Bones reach back navel draws in and then Your jaws relax yeah no unneeded Wrinkles coming onto our forehead keep It looking cute as the body gets nice And tight all right our last 30 seconds Of our warm-up let's take into some

Scissor jack so taking it wide cross the Legs and cross the arms get that heart Rate elevated for this conscious cardio Workout That's it 10 more seconds Sienna is Nailing that mod Take a deep breath in Deep breath out let go the stress and Then just shake it out amazing work Let's go into our first block we're Gonna take it down to our mat so we're Gonna do about 10 mountain climbers of Your choice and Sienna will definitely Give you some modifications that you can Use to tap or even come onto fists and Then after about 10 mountain climbers You're going to take your variation of Two push-ups so that can be triceps Push-ups on your knees elbows wide just That inch Bend whatever feels good for You our first set is going to be 40 Seconds on 20 seconds off are you ready Are you ready let's go take those Mountain climbers Stay with it keep the shoulders engaged So that we're not rocking too much and Then two push-ups of your choice make Sure you're breathing Running it out find your pace it doesn't Always have to be fast to be effective To push-ups Stay with it we're more than halfway Through this first set Keep that going stay positive this is

Why we're here put in the work Last 10 seconds running it out That's right Sienna make it work for you For three four two four one let's go to All fours and just take a gentle cat Cow Deep breath in our to the back Exhale pull the shoulders wide open your Belly thankful for this break Thankful for the break we are grateful For this moment to have the ability to Do this workout to let go We just got 20 seconds in three and two In one all right I'm gonna remember to Do push-ups this time I think I Subconsciously was like I don't really Like push-ups so we're not gonna do it But this time we got it going on keeping It nice and strong Again shift that inner voice to say yes I can I am worthy to feel good I can Take time out of my day and then lower That down breathe 10 seconds cat Cow Take a break Sienna take that break There we go Bring your mind back right here right Now last set in three two one ten Seconds that's only maybe two push-ups Yeah get it in maybe it's four Guys you got You've got one and three two one breathe Cat Cow that out amazing that's just our First move in this first block we're Going to our second move so from here Take a deep breath in

Rise to stand relax it down we're gonna Go into some gate swings so we're gonna Take the elbows to the legs to go into a Nice low Squat and then jump the feet Together taking it wide jump together Yeah I've got that Modification are we ready yeah I'm ready Are we sweaty yeah okay here we Go drop it down So you know what you need you know what You want it's not always about giving it All the push especially if you already Are have that tendency to get round up Tight and stressed out maybe today you Just need to find breath and take a Little smaller Go internal close those eyes You're almost there you're in the last 15 seconds And maybe for you you're like I need This Mickey I'm gonna turn it up Finishing it nice and strong last big Set for three Four two Four one big shoulder roll That's it hexa let it go ha and then You're in your own time find that Massage Of that tension that we're holding maybe You soften your throat maybe you soften Your belly your fingertips You know your areas better than I ever Will let that go Inner voice says

Oh my God I want this yeah we're going 20 seconds okay in three and two Oh So you came here for some cardio just Because it's conscious doesn't mean it's Easy We're not sitting in meditation today Y'all So stay with that Almost there eight seconds Inner critic is like you got this All right stand up tall take a shoulder Rolls forward oh Nikki you working in The nose out the mouth oh one more set Of this and we don't do great things Ever again in our whole lives until we Press play on this next time All right [Music] Here we go in four three two let's go Okay I'm gonna try to go really fast This time yes Paris you better go yeah Challenge that's it Wherever you're at the accepting of this Place that you're at right now no fomo No comparison we're all on our own path Four three two one oh they're gonna do a Big shoulder roll the arms Say good job be proud I'm proud of you Staying with me we've got one more block Of this set so we're gonna go ten high Knees and then my friends I know it's a Burpee so we're gonna either drop it all The way down or into a high plank top of

A push-up either jump or just come to Standing you know who to follow you know What you need take a deep breath in okay Oh say a little prayer we got a water Break after this set we're going in five High knees two burpees Pick one here we go And then you smile because you're like Okay look how crazy I am but this is What I do when I don't have to work I Just work out and then drop it down Whenever you're ready into those two Burpees take the variation that is gonna Challenge you so that it changes you Right now drop it down find those Burpees [Music] Keep it going back to those hot knees Finish it 10 more seconds two burpees We're gonna take a little moment to Breathe Finish on the ground sit back take a Nice moment breathe Child's pose See if you can drop your breath into Your belly and slow it down consciously Shape your breath to shape your energy Oh do you feel that that is a moment Hold on to that feeling Next time you got to work it out we're Going in 20 uh 20 seconds on in three Two and one I'm gonna start with two Burpees I know about you Let's go

High knees Try not to stop and see if you can just Find those modifications that allow you To keep going Five more seconds finish the set in the Lower position You got child's pose Sienna take a break 10 seconds breathing through your nose Let your belly be wide Exhale soften relax or your forehead Your intuition your third eye on the mat Last 20 second Block in three And two And one let's go ten high knees two Burpees My friends we get a water break after This you're gonna be craving that Hydration Get ready drop it down if you haven't Done those burpees yet Maybe you jump higher You got four three two one either take Child's pose for a moment deep breath in Tie it out Soften create more space in your body And your breath between your thoughts Maybe you're going to get a little quick Sip of water I'm gonna wet the whistle and we're Gonna go into our second and also final Block before cardio before core this is Cardio yeah hello You're rocking it cheers cheers cheers Cheers cheers to you start to get ready

Just eyes on me and I'll demo before you Need to get into the work of the second Block so we're gonna take quick feet Which is super fun because when you take These like a little football player feet It's almost like this little like dance Twerk you just kind of let everything Shake and be free no stress in the booty And then from there we're gonna take Four lunges so we're gonna take that Shake and then she got either a Chomp Lunge or you could take a little beat in The middle or just step it back to two Reverse lunges You know what you're gonna do yes 40 Seconds on you got this come on stay With me stay with me three two one pass Me Shake It Out make it three you're Gonna take those four lunges here we go Four three two one back to those quick Feet come on get him up there get him up There she's down like a pack of tap Dancers on your floor three two one Lunge it out All right going back to that can you get A little lower sink it down Four lunges last 10 seconds come on deep Breath in deep breath out Finish it off for me stay low shake it Shake it shake it shaking Good breathe up lateral stretch inhale Drop it down Other side Maybe close your eyes move your

Attention inward notice how you feel in Your body as you start to let go of what Does it really matter And start to invite more space Into what does 20 seconds are 10 seconds off in three and two here we Go Inevitable so you gotta bring a little Fire a little Joy take those lunges Last 10 seconds If you do a little hair roll around Yourself for our lunges last five Seconds make it your own Three three two one lateral stretch oh That had me feeling like Tina Turner Totally right Tina Turner Vibes up in Here today yes go the other side Drop it back down Not about being perfect just about Staying with it we're going in four Seconds our last round of these Three two One give me a little bit lower okay Shake it out you got it ladies you gotta Stay with it four lunges Halfway through come on Stay low get down You're an animal you're a beast unleash Three two one stretch it out Holy moly oh my God what you what you Guys got me doing today dripping and Sweat I'm a yogini I don't know about This no it feels great it feels so good

It's so important for us to find this Moment in our day to create this moment In our day To relax to play to feel freaking good All right so I'm going into our next set Plant the feet soft Bend in the knees Blade the palms and Slide the elbows Back and forth It's like a little video Game Run yeah like you're being chased But your feet are stable to the floor All right I'm gonna give you 10 more Seconds to breathe not because I need it Um I'm fine I I need it guys so don't worry If you need it too And two and once you're gonna take these Quick arms mind you you don't want to Treat yourself So go full out All right let's take four skaters right Here so we're gonna take it over Drop It Low you can take out the jump Just like Sienna and then we're right Back into it run run run run Like you're being chased go for it Running away from the toxic people the Stressful relationships that part yes The things you don't need and then take Those four skaters And more importantly Start visualizing what you're running Towards last set What are you running towards feeling Good self-love enjoyment of Life

Gratitude Stay with it Finish it up five seconds take those Four skaters and we're in our recovery Move It's just a little twist right here take It wide Slower feel the wind on your arms as you Move around make it super mindful Slow it down Give them a little kidneys a love tap And we're going to go into 20 seconds Here we go let's run it up Fast arms you want to make sure that You're staying nice and stable in your Hips and your lower half and the top Half is like Going crazy all right four skaters here We go take it side to side find that Lateral jump The balance And then take it back Center Last 10 seconds Pick up the pace run it out all right Give me the four skaters I feel like I'm back to my dancing Roots Right here take it into that little Lateral Side twist Drop it down Get the breath out of your chest drop it To your belly Feel safe you can even say I'm safe I am Loved

I can do anything I put my mind to we're Going in three two one let's keep those Arms going as fast as we're you can go From four skaters finish it up Make it a dance made it a Groove because My friends were gonna just breathe right Here take those restorative twists again Again feel your skin on the breeze the Temperature deep breath We're gonna do our last block it's gonna Be shoot throughs so as you keep doing Those twists finish that out stay Connected to your breath I'm going to Show you on all fours I'll lift my right Arm and shoot my opposite leg so my left Leg shoots through come back to all Fours ideally you can try it without Touching your knees it's a lot harder But if you need to watch Tiana she'll Modify there and she's not gonna go too Far off the floor with the arm and the Leg we got 40 seconds here we go in Three two one take those shooters So this is helping your agility your Mobility as well as the strength through Your full body so the shoulders are Feeling that the core is activated your Legs need to work in order to stay off The floor And guess what we're having a good time I get to be with my girls I get to be With you we're breathing we're working It out Finish it in four and three and two

Cover pose so go ahead and snake onto Your belly lift the heart up roll your Shoulders back See and notice where your tension is Being held right now those little parts That always get tight relax them for you Your jaw your forehead your throat Your butt whatever it needs give it back And let's go into our second set 20 Seconds here we go shoot throughs So she can stay really stable so that We're not having any faulty Shoulder issues about being Loosey Goosey activate there you got three two One lay it down we got one more set take A moment in Cobra Feel that length through the abdominals Feel your heart open up when we're Stressed there's so much tension in our Heart so see that soften And then go ahead let's take it to that Last round two throws let's go take it Out We are almost there my friends Find that inner cheerleader that mindset That you choose that you're gonna keep Going don't give up on you three Two don't give up on you okay finish That off Cobra pose We got a little bit of core work my Friends and then we're gonna cool down We have a moment of mindfulness So from here Starting our core work we're gonna go

Into Russian Twists so bring the legs Around Option here to lean back to the angle That's appropriate for you to keep the Core engaged you can take your hands to Prayer Anjali mudra and just find a nice Gentle twist yeah let's go and if you're Like Nikki this is so simple you can do Just like Paris and lift those heels off Of the floor keeping the knees squeezed Together so I often see so many people Do these Russian Twists like super duper Fast and I think it's so much more Beneficial to extend the movement all The way over side to side as far as you Can that'll really activate your Obliques Getting that body strong keep your mind Calm that is a superhero you can be Mellow and empowered responsive and not Reactive You're almost there you got about 10 More seconds that's it Stress depletes us it diminishes our Capacity for patience so right now we're Filling our cups for three two one go Ahead and extend it long stretch the Arms overhead give your body some length That feels good From there we're going to take a seat And we're going to either do a sit up All the way up and then we're going to Take two punches if that is a little too Much to go all the way down you can just

Lower down to an appropriate space and Then come back with those two punches All right here we go we got 30 seconds So either taking it all the way down Punch through those legs you can open up Those hips through the punch And then see that Target out in front of You A lot of times when we hold stress that Shows up in anger and air ability and Judgment whether that's for ourselves Uh-oh or others scary and so right now We can kind of eliminate that through Our physical movement through your Breath and also through your mindset so Give me 10 more seconds yes Paris I see You getting it girl just like that Sienna You got it at home for three for two Give it a good stretch nice and long lay Your body down you're all are doing Amazing we're gonna take it up to some Leg lifts so you can bring your hands Under your lower back to support the Lumbar spine if you want you better keep Your throat relaxed do not tensify in Your neck we're gonna lower the legs Down hover the floor and then bring them Back up keep your hips and your whole Spine on the mat the entire time Whenever you're ready you'll join us the Modifications here to bend the knees and Not go quite as low to the floor So again you are driving your car your

Car is your body your breath your mind You get to decide where you need to be Today in order to find that little bit Of expansion a little bit of growth Stay with it Take about three more And then we're going to keep those feet All the way up overhead and just lift The hips up and down it's a tiny little Hip raise toes reach all the way up like There's a Target right above your toes and you're Punching the bullseye So this is helping us to be weatherproof That means that we are not getting riled Up or our mood is not getting based on Whether the sun is shining or it's Pouring down rain we are finding that Sense of inner peace no matter what Right at the end of our workout I'm Feeling it Finish it out right here for three Four two Three four one lower down my friends we Got our last little bit we're gonna hold A 30-second play are you ready either a High plank on your knees on your elbows We're going in three and two in one and Lifting those knees up maybe close your Eyes connect back to your breath just as We started this workout already almost 30 minutes ago my friend Breathe in through the nose if you can Breathe out of your nose as well keep

The core nice and tight And again just finding that sense of Peace of calm that you can relax even Though you're super engaged there's a Sense of knowingness That you're in control that you are Responsible that you've taken the action To be here And then just like that 30 seconds is up Relax Lower that down amazing job sit back Into child's pose let's take a nice Beautiful cool down So folding in Find your breath notice if it's fast if Your heart rate has sped up mine Definitely has A detoxified through all of this sweat Let that feel good let that be your sign Of just knowing that you did your best You can walk the hands over to the left Stretch the side body back to Center Over to the right From there let's take a shoulder stretch Coming onto one Palm the elbows up and Slide and take the left hand long and You can just press the front of your Pectoral muscle into the floor and relax Your cheek them in that And then you can take the other side Bend the left arm in I'm extending my Right arm out Just opening up through the front of Your chest

That sweet sweet satisfaction of Accomplishment as you crawl forward into All fours position go ahead and take one Leg in front An option to give yourself that twist And be reaching the hand up or just Keeping it on the thigh And then you could plant and square It Off Hoping through the front of the hip Flexor and then take it back A little half split if you will [Music] And then come back forward if you would Like you can bend the back leg reach Back behind you to grab a hold of your Foot or your ankle for a quadricep Stretch oh this one always hurts uh Heart's so good though right yeah it's Good awesome let's go ahead and find a Nice lateral lunge like we did in the Beginning class like a wild Cheeto walk Over the other side you did this Go ahead and square it off and find your Nice low lunge back and down take a Twist Breathe into your belly ring out the Weights feel that purification that has Happened through this workout Go ahead and maybe reach back even Further bend the back leg grab a hold of It The quad stretch I know I do feels so Good

Let's go ahead and square off the hands Pull the hips back give yourself that Hamstring stretch Send your body love be gentle And take priority in this time I know You have a busy life and so much to get To but this is so important in your Workout is to cool down is to bring Yourself back to a state of calm From here just go ahead and open up the Legs to a v-sit this is what's going to Help you to stay working out forever to Keep your health at your you know Maximum capacity if you have this time To recover Breathe into it let your hips be soft Maybe you melt a little bit deeper [Music] And more than anything the physical is Important but be able to have that space For your mind to slow down to have a Little bit more Gap in between each one Of your thoughts that's going to help You when life gets challenging and those Big waves come crashing that you're able To just remain this eye of the storm and Handle whatever you've got to handle Ah all right let's go ahead and lay down On your backs so as you lay down on your Backs You can take a supine twist I like to Just draw both knees in but maybe it's Just one leg the the right leg and then You'll drop your knees to the left

And see if you can notice where you're Still like maybe shaky or jittery and That's just that sign again of still a Little excess energy that's not focused Where we want it to be in the body so Again give yourself permission to slow Down when you're ready you can take your Twist to the other side either drop both Knees or take your left knee across the Body I can hear my friends breathing and that Is the sweetest sound to me so if you Don't hear yourself breathing or maybe You have a workout buddy remind each Other through your deep luscious full Breath to let that be your your guide to Stay present and In This Moment From here we're going to finish one Minute of just mindfulness so you could Either take that here laying in Shavasana Or maybe you would prefer to take a seat Maybe in on a cushion if that feels good For you and that's nearby And just as you drop in I invite you to Close your eyes just keep your attention Internal And just be aware of how you feel right Now Most often we always feel really good Really accomplished more relaxed more Resilient proud And as you become more aware maybe of The stressors in your life you can start

Bringing that awareness to weed those Things out And now if we have time we set time Consciously aside each day to do Something playful to do something that Makes us feel good to step out into Nature maybe What is that for you as you just sit Here or lay here in these last moments What brings you a sense of relaxation And play It might even bring a little smile to Your face And ask yourself how can I do more of That how can I call that in and create Time to play We do not want stress to rule Our Lives We want to be the creators of a life That feels good So maybe a hand on the heart a deep Breath in A moment of gratitude for yourself for Showing up I'm so grateful for you for Being here with us when you take care of Yourself that automatically sends a Ripple of positive energy into the space Around you and will help to continue to Elevate your life And feeling that connection to your Breath let that keep you calm and strong Throughout the rest of your day thank You to my girl Sienna in Paris for Holding us down today and big thank you To you for showing up and just being the

Master of your beautiful life I'll see You next time right here at class fit Sugar Laughs

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