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30-Minute Bollywood Fusion Dance Workout With Kavita Rao | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Bollywood Fusion Dance Workout With Kavita Rao | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hi welcome to dance fit sugar my name is Kavita Rao and we have a really high Energy Bollywood Fusion workout for you We're going to be moving it from head to Toe I have Frank hey there and Mina hi And we're ready to dance with y'all Let's go hey Hey all right dancers we're going to Connect to our breath right away get That body moving ready here we go take a Deep breath and up Let It Go roll those wrists down again Two more times Gather all that positive energy because We're about to have a party y'all let's Clap it out Hey [Music] It's good Let's just build up that heart rate Already Add a little Bend of the knees [Music] [Applause] Good now we're gonna take it to Four Corners up and back [Music] Up good show me those levels y'all Each Corner [Music] Good two more times Good last one we're gonna take a Grapevine here we go one two three tap Hey I want you to have your own party in

That upper body give me a little Freestyle Let's go y'all make sure that upper body Is nice and loose Now we're gonna add a roll here we go Roll two three Should already be stealing it I'm Sweating y'all Add a twist Good One more time we're gonna connect to That breath Roll this red Again We're gonna take it from the top my Friends clap it out Okay [Music] Yes you know what's happening y'all We're day four corners here we go up [Music] All right Grapevine show me that roll Roll two three Hey you wanna add some sound effects Y'all [Music] I think you made a list though bro let's Give a pull All right Frank I hear you Let's go again y'all Okay and that's end Four Corners you all know what's Happening here you go This time step

[Applause] S [Music] Let's add that great five roll two three Hey roll two three hey roll two three And pull roll two three and pull all Right you guys take the feet nice wide Up bring it in We're gonna add some isolations head Arms are here you're gonna give me one Two three four five Other side if you want to add a little Side eye it's Bollywood y'all Bollywood Is known for its side eye again gives me Four three two one and four three here We go you're gonna give me two two can We sit into it hey Down Hey it's like you're just tapping your Cheek to your hand good let's work out That neck here we go one hey Side [Music] Oh it's Pony feels good within it Sounding up my friends down up down Let's take a big circle round Oh this is a moment to breathe because It's only me moment you're gonna breathe This whole workout y'all you know what I'm talking about It's Bollywood we gotta keep moving all The way and up [Music] And around one more y'all give me that

Big head Circle if you want to get that Upper body involved please do Good you're gonna give your shoulders Back back [Music] Hey let's take it front and up two three Yes Y'all let's go let's go give me four And four bigger arms up three four and Front two now we're gonna take it slow Hey really dig into those hips get those Shoulders right here we go front [Music] Okay Good again slow slow slow [Music] Good Bring it front and one two three four Five good you guys we're gonna move on To the rib cage we're gonna go push push Hey hey say no Push that wall away from back open up To read Now take it four and four one two three Four and open close one more time here We go one two three four top I lied one more time yeah I know you Guys it was coming you felt it All right we're gonna take those ribs All the way around roll Bro yes yes that feels good can we add Some arms hey Hey You guys know we gotta go the other way Let's see let's stay even

Give me two more on this side you guys Now add those arms [Music] You guys we're gonna get to the hips Hips hey Add a little personality take it front And back up Hey One more time four and four one two Three four and front back Harry two and Two one two Cups front back up Last day you guys then we're done with The warm-up turn it out In Up Press And up in This is a moment to just get our full Body warmer to double time that down And out and down hold it out feel them We're gonna move it on you guys all Right hands up here y'all we're gonna Get a little garage with this one you're Gonna go Really important that you use your Breath here and a contraction huh Yeah Honestly that's really gonna get the ABS At the same time we love that right Double double effort double benefit You're gonna double [Music] You really have to bend those knees to

Feel this one That's a single boom boom Give me that devil shoot Now we're going to swing it across it's Gonna go move and slap Stop we're gonna go nice and slow right Now just gonna use that familiar with What the body is doing so when we take It up it's gonna be like oh yeah I got This no big deal Breathe Now what it's gonna go is gonna go swipe Click click I told you it's fast that's why we gotta Go slow Really lean into it [Music] Good so I'm going to show you slowly how We're going to put it together Boop Jump Push One more time so y'all boom [Music] Shoot Are you ready y'all yes [Music] Hey hey Hey jump set it out Good really pick up that leg y'all One more [Music] Good now we're gonna swipe the sweat hip Hip because you're sweaty I hope you're sweating for real we are

Let's say the faster [Music] You guys we gotta add that hip This is a Bollywood fusion class Yeah I have some hips in there now the Next step is go slide Swoop we're still wiping that sweat but We're making it look good Right you're at the club wherever you Need to wipe that sweat off this is how You do it y'all I mean haven't been a club in a while But if I was this is what it would look Like this is how they still do it let's Put those two together slow it's gonna Go shoot Click click shoot Click click shoot Let's take your temper shoot You guys we're gonna put together from The top Tempo here we go Jump it y'all remember this part again [Music] Now wipe this way [Music] One more time shoot Y'all now we're gonna take it singles Same thing [Music] Get ready for that sweat boom [Music] Hey one more time [Music]

Y'all know what's up [Music] Wipe the sweat and wipe the sweat Hey y'all actually yes actual sweat yes All right you guys we're gonna have big Arms here yeah so it's gonna go step Push step push it again Hey really push something away [Music] Now that we wipe the sweat we're gonna Build it back up you guys It's a fake out What we're here for exactly right we're Here to work y'all and have fun now the Arms are gonna click Click click Try that again click click click click One more time Last time I've been down Shifting those hips shift the weight all The way now let's put those together so Boom push boom now hits Click click we're ready to go Tempo Y'all yes here we go [Music] Give me two more here y'all hey Hey for me this one's all about the hips I feel good in that part gets my energy Now we're gonna take a walk forward Now hit it back I see you Mina better work Are we in a music video or what oh hey We sure are y'all good now you guys it's Gonna go punch

Punch open close other than side punch Hey Y'all if you notice I'm always using Those hips because it feels sassy maybe A little sexy Boom hi give me one more time so Foreign [Music] All the way You guys everybody try it double time Let's go here we go punch punch hey Hey You know you're also getting an arm Workout here those biceps You know what's gonna happen we're gonna Put together from the top From the pushes one two three four Walking forward Hit the back Punch it up [Music] One more time Good we're gonna try it one more time You guys ready yes here we go five six Seven eight push it one two three Push it forward [Music] Punch it out Let's do that again y'all And six how big can you make it Take your friend [Music] Punch it up Huh

Really bounce back Let's go y'all punch it up Hip it You should be really able to start just Having fun now that you know the Choreography Bollywood is all about a performance Quality does not exist without a party In your face y'all last time make this Your best time Well make your favorite time whatever That means for you It's your class y'all Punch punch cut Can we just hold it here because I feel Good here Come on see the yellow extra arm come on Oh I love that did you sell my ass page Break Good you guys huh All right guys we're gonna take it back We have a little bit of old school Bollywood for you we're gonna put a Little spin on it so for all my Bollywood lovers out there this one's Gonna feel really good it's just a Triple it nice and slow it's gonna go One two three we're just gonna get the Feet down But make it a little cute Add a little upper body oh hey you can Add that upper body A little hit [Music]

Good you're gonna add a little arm [Music] Take it up Yes this is like some classic Bollywood Sinks Bollywood sing songy Can we make it a little bigger one two Three little hot [Music] One more time so It's like you're on the Mountaintop Swiss Alps and you're in your own Bollywood One more time so you guys know we're Gonna take it a little bit faster [Music] Add a little one two three one two three One two three one two three Pets down down Two more y'all Hey Last one now we're gonna take it back to A classic Bollywood movie a pony movie I Mean step and movie so if you're new to Bollywood this is a great song to start Working on the personality the facials So this is one of the most common Bollywood steps called a pony it's just A shift of your weight front and back Let's try the other side so we're even Good now this feels like a little bit of A seesaw action you've taken one of my Other classes there's usually always a Pony the perfect step to travel with Just get from point A to point B but

Looking cute while you're doing it but Of course we're gonna add some arms Let's go up two three four Push it two right now we're staying in Spot but I promise this is gonna start Traveling Okay Four down two three four uh we need to Bring that knee up to the belly button Four [Music] Two I feel like the sun is shining on my Face right now maybe on the beach right [Music] Good two more up two three four down Good we're gonna open two three four Open two three four open now we're gonna Take this around in a circle here we go Circle two three four other way Again [Music] Okay by the way [Music] Last time You guys ready to take it from the top From the triplets yes Are you guys ready Only arms are the two of us up down Again Now travel those ponies Two three four down other way up Take that Circle round two three five Six either way

Here we go One two three how much space can you Take we're gonna end with a little pony Head Add a little swivel a twirl your Personality awesome you guys All right guys this is a quick one so We're gonna get right to it with those Shoulders pop it one Two three four hey all the way up bend The knees if you get a little low hey Yes we're good you guys we're gonna Double it up right away so it's gonna go Quick shoulders here we go one two three Four hey Now I feel like we're gonna have to Travel this y'all So just the feet slowly let's go one two Three One two three one two three Now we're gonna add a little head make It spicy y'all hey Hey and a side eye always Hey So that head is just isolating So it's like really small movements While that shoulder's still going [Music] Good now I'm going to introduce the Second step of this combo the leg is Gonna go attack Open tap other side cross Now you know it's not gonna stay here We're gonna take it bigger up up all the

Way knee to belly button other side and Jump into it Good now from the top double touch [Music] Jump it out L one two three four Again take it Huh Jump it out [Music] Now take it on the diagonals one Board take it back Now add some arms two three four cross It over y'all let's do that again hey One Cross it jump [Music] Now we're gonna take the same step right Away take it big two three four hey Yes you guys created that heart rate up You guys are over halfway done with Class So you're gonna push yourselves right Here you're gonna find that inner strand It's actually just your inner Joy it's Gonna make you keep going from the top Here you go hey ready travel Big arms y'all Pain it's a party in here you guys Add a little swag to it this is our Fusion class y'all let's go Hey yeah Oh that was a quick button fast one all Right now we're taking it back again to A little bit more a classic Bollywood

All about the hips the hands the face so We're just gonna start by sewing the Stab a little jump Jump Jump Out of the way jump two Three Four again jump Two Jump Two Jump two Now I'm gonna introduce the arms it's Gonna go Three Four other way Two three four Now give me two okay [Music] Now add that down one two Three Four jump Two three four Now give me two jump jump [Music] Now we're gonna go slide hip hip size Hips hips side like show off your hips Hey hey [Music] Now just to give you guys a heads up We're gonna put those things together Nice and slow first but then we're gonna Go a little faster [Music] Hip hip All about the hip on this one

[Music] Two Side [Music] Almost there you guys I feel like we feel really good about This right should we take it faster in Five six here we go two three four side Two three four five how much space can You take up one two three four five Eight one two three four One more time each side one two three Four five One two three four five good now we're Gonna go cross cross Cross Cross take it up two [Music] Three Other side so your wrists are just Breaking we're really twisting that hip Should be a little bleaked Two Three Four Good Two take it up Two three and hold it at the top awesome You guys This last song is your big push okay so You are gonna find it you guys ready yes You ready Get our jumps in Now all it is is the twist of the hip

Down down Find that balance y'all yes helps really Bend that supporting leg Other side twist Now this is just to feel the core we'll Put it up all over and squeeze use that Obliques right here squeeze that muzzle Let's go faster one two three four twist The hips six seven eight add that jump Two Wherever you feel comfortable I want you To keep this step Now twist two three four hold it five Six hey And one two left three let's go y'all One more time take it four two three Four and up I'm serious obliques y'all [Music] Squeeze one more time one Here we go Everything last time good you're getting Me kick kick kick Kick kick kick other side Now again it's not going to stay low Like this because this is our final push Jump it out kick kick kick use that body Hey it's lean back knee in front lean Back let's take singles hey okay You gotta breathe with this one y'all One two three four bring it together on Eight seven eight Yeah you guys what do you think we're Gonna do put those pieces together Twist those tip

One two three four click five six seven Jump eight one two three four five six This is your push y'all so do what you Need to Two three I promise you it helps to Smile now we add a hand three four punch It up punch punch punch hey hey Punch Two Hey This also helps to dance with friends Good we're just gonna take it down This is our breather Because let me tell you We are gonna do that whole sequence One more time and I want you to feel Really good I'm really strong about it so take Advantage of this Breath Right Here you Guys ready yeah let's do it Four times in a row here we go okay two Hey punch punch Hey Flex your feet yeah one But One You guys we have two more times yeah you Do you can Come see you I really do You are at home sweating it out you Should be so proud of yourselves y'all Last time one two three four my last Time I'm using two each side

Y'all know what I mean my last time Never last time this is your last one Make your best one [Music] Really punch that air Okay Rocky out Whoa you guys that one if none of the Other ones got you that one should have Gotten you so we're just gonna cool it Down all right you guys definitely Deserve this cool down after that last One so take the feet nice and wide take A deep breath in up Pull it in Take it out And push it down Yes I hear you breathing thank you Frank I get up Good take it out and over take a flat Back Good really stretch from the top of your Spine all the way I'm just gonna turn Inside so you guys can see one at one Long nice line drop it down to the floor Hands on the floor Good just shake those hips right and Left you guys did so much work in that Lower body today you have to stretch After doing that kind of work we want You to feel really really good not only This moment but also tomorrow so that Means really stretching it And making sure he protect our joints Our muscles turn to a lunge

I'm so proud of you guys today really we Did a lot of hard stuff a lot of cardio But most importantly I hope you had a Good time Good stretches hips up to the ceiling And breathe really try to even those Hips out really feeling our hamstrings One more time down Good making sure that knee is in line With that ankle stretching through that Back heel turn it out to the front Whoo yes you guys that was fun thanks For Dancing With Me guys take it over Now I love that we call this a Bollywood Fusion class but let's be honest all Bollywood is a fusion of styles that's Really what makes Bollywood I think so Special is why I love it so much I get To really use all my backgrounds and all My different dance styles because Bollywood is just a combination of so Many genres And I think the root of all of it is Joy Take those hips up so as long as you're Finding joy throughout this Dance Workout you're doing it right yeah That's what I try to keep in mind when I'm choreographing everything is Led With that joy that happiness and that's What gets you through those hard things Those hurdles not only in dance but in Life right so I feel like dance is just A metaphor for life right if you can Make it through through this you can

Make it through anything bringing those Together Push those knees out You guys amazing job take it up roll it Up Bring those hands all the way up I Always think of this last moment as Gathering all that positivity all that Energy all that hard work saying Namaste Thank you Frank thank you Mina I can't Wait to see you guys next time on Dance Bit sugar hope you guys had a good one Bye y'all

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