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30-Minute Bollywood Dance Cardio Workout With Kavita Rao | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Bollywood Dance Cardio Workout With Kavita Rao | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to dance fit sugar my name is Kavita Rao and I am the founder of Carmography today I've choreographed a Really high energy oh yes super sweaty Super Jumpy Fun Bollywood workout for You guys I have Frank hey there and Mina Hi and they are going to be dancing with Us all day so if you have any Modifications mean as you're a girl if You want to go extra high energy Frank All right you guys let's get this party Started All right dancers we're gonna get warm So just follow along here we go you're Gonna pull that chest through and down Good elbows back good really squeezing Those shoulder blades Good keep going use those legs get up Hey I know we're starting off so but y'all Just wait we're about to pick it up Ready let's take it up a little bit here We go Okay [Music] Good really pop that chest Hey We're about to jump y'all I'm feeling it Now if this is not where you're at today You can always follow Nina she's got you Guys I think we keep going let's get That body warm All right you guys let's get that Classic

Here we go take it down Take it back okay the other side Lean it back One more time y'all Shake it down we love a good chimney Don't we Go you're gonna shimmy it around two Three pull it four Good separate those fingers Hey Take out the shimmy Good loves to see a level change here Y'all you guys got those legs nice and Warm Good let's get those on good Nice and slow Down and stick it up y'all Hey [Music] Other side push it down front arm is Always pushing Everything's bending I think we're ready for some double time Yeah I'm here Take it y'all should be getting warm I Sure am [Music] Again I don't know if I warned you guys but We're gonna get sweaty today yes we are You signed up for a workout y'all Good one more time Hey hey let's go yeah Okay now we're gonna pick those knees up

Nice and high here we go I'm trying to put my abs in this one Yeah breathe out double time push it up Hey Hey [Music] You want a yellow line say hey take it Up hey Double again touch [Music] One more time down [Music] Okay Shake It Up Hey you guys I'm getting warm what about You I'm feeling it yes all right we're Not done with our warm-up y'all this is A three-time warm-up so let's get right To it here we go one leg in front most Basic body would step a pony just look It up we start nice and slow catch your Breath breathe hands just come to your Hips Now if you're feeling extra you bring That knee up just to transfer weight From front to back almost like you're on A seesaw Let's try the other side start let's go Do you get it yeah just that Little Rock [Music] If you're feeling spicy Are you feeling spicy y'all yes [Music] It's all about those looks yes

[Music] Fingers [Music] Like you're scooping out big scoops of Ice cream [Music] Thank you Good open cut open open [Music] Take out the hips go one two three use That head five six back to our side Touches here we go roll two I feel like I'm just like dancing in the fields Right now Good just pull And pull back to those ponies but this Time we're going to add a little wrist Take it up Other side Same direction hands are facing each Other good definitely have the hip here If you can take it down One more time Good let's get those hands ready we're Only gonna take this double times y'all Awesome you guys all right now we're Ready to break it down from our Head Shoulders Knees and Toes we're gonna get The whole body working yeah arms up Arms up let's isolate Nothing else should be moving in the Body Except maybe an eyebrow try those eyes Side side

Bollywood you gotta dance with your eyes Y'all [Music] So we're going to take it all the way Around slow roll A little bigger Can you make it bigger Now all the way biggest one Other way here we go [Music] A little bigger [Music] All the way down We're gonna get those shoulders moving And grooving y'all back Let's get those elbows get out of my way [Music] Good side to side hey This one should feel good in the body Y'all take a breath [Music] Good Y'all are gonna start working that rib Cage here we go isolate side side sharp In this whole song we're really breaking Out body parts of my body parts open up This is a good breeding moment Good Hits round two Let's take it down y'all hey I feel that one too You guys know what's happening we're Going down hey It's not my favorite move of all just a

Hip So simple but so effective You can't do any Bollywood dance without A hip volley hit double time hey [Music] Let's add some arms too go away haters We got this [Music] Good really fit into that hip Double time Hey Y'all we're gonna break down those arms Two fingers together right at the chest Elbows up you're gonna open up the Flower bring it in now this trick is Have energy through every fingertip [Music] Can we go faster up in Add that head out Let's add both arms out y'all out take It up twist those hands to the back out Double time right who knew you could get A fingers you didn't know till now but It's happening so just go with it Okay do four more Three And two all right you guys feet together Good now you're gonna just bring one leg Up cross it over to a number four sit it Back now if you feel wobbly try to stare At one point to really get your balance If you need to hold on to something That's okay too Wherever you are at is fantastic this is

Your workout good really push that out To the side Take it down relax [Music] Pull that core you guys made it Even though we're just breaking it down We're getting everything going okay you Guys time to get those pointer figures Out Good reach Hey we're taking it to North India yeah [Music] Move your shoulders One more time It's all about the shoulders here hey [Music] Good now we're gonna clap Other side Y'all I watch you feel good [Music] Hey We're picking that under the backup [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] This workout is so fun to do with Friends let me tell you so bad partner Get Low two let's get those legs turn Those knees out Stay here You guys ready we're gonna chugging Forward tug two three

And stretch out got my legs Okay you guys we're gonna keep going This one's a fun one you just crossing It over one two three uh they're outside One two perfect like a little Lambie [Applause] Side it up slow Slow touch like your frame of your face [Music] It's groovy right Tell me Now we're gonna go back to that Beginning step nice and slow we're gonna Add one two three It's like a little chicken arm oh we Love it yes we love it good [Music] Back to those sides like I think we can Go faster If you need to go slow at any point that Is totally okay this is your workout Y'all Wherever you are at we will meet you There We just want you guys have a good time Because we're having a good time ready To jump in Okay [Music] Let's sign it up one two take it up take It back One more time Take a bad space y'all Good y'all we can just roll it out

Hey Chicken Other side Let's slide it out slide Now we're gonna add those rolls in y'all Down Can we do that again y'all Back to our favorite chicken here we go [Music] Other side One more time [Music] Good job let me see I'll jump And jump back up [Music] Y'all we add those rolls in Hey now let's add that traveling one two Four take it back Whoa whoa [Music] You guys need it this next one we're Gonna bring that heart rate down a Little bit but we're gonna take it right Back up so we're gonna start by just Taking it back to some Garba you know What I mean this is pretty so fun ready Hands be high in the back we're just Transferring the weight one two three One two three really twist twist twist Can we add some snacks yeah [Music] Let's take it high step One two down low low [Music]

Good you guys we're gonna do some little Garba slides we're going to start nice And slow here all it is is a jump Together jump good pass behind your back Good now you can take this big or as Little as you like so for your friend You'd be extra add those arms This is gonna help you with that hey let Me swing Take it forward Good take it back so this seems really Chill It's not I always think that when I go to Garba And then I'm just trying to sweat we Love that dancers right So now we're gonna break down one more Step in this piece it's a triplet it's Gonna go one two three one call the Triple furries in one two three Now we're gonna make it a little bigger One two three so it's like that pony we Did way back long ago in that second Sock it's a jump [Music] Now ideally you see Frankie again just Move to the belly button one two three But if you need to keep it right here You guys that is exactly where you keep It whatever is good Grab playable bow and arrow Good clap it Good [Music]

Can we take it back to y'all one two Three [Music] Two three template one two one more time Y'all one two three and boom That one when you get those knees to Your belly button every time All right guys this one doesn't feel Good yeah okay it says Hey all right we're gonna start with a Classic you know shout out today Click Get that hair out of the way You want to add a little hip in there [Music] For the king of Bollywood This is like his go-to move [Music] [Applause] Also classic a kid roll roll hey we all Love a good body Roll come on [Music] Now if you feel a little crazy that's Okay one more time at a snap That's the best part about dance we all Feel a little crazy good we're gonna Slide slide now I want you to keep those Knees bent the whole time Because we're also working those legs [Music] Good we're gonna take those With those arms Other way This is like a fake out of bringing it

Back down before you take it back up After this one two now let's double tap Those butt rolls One two three four Oh yeah one two three [Music] One two three four hey That's a short little break that's all You get okay you guys this next one is Gonna just come for you but we're gonna Come for it yeah we're gonna we're gonna Slay this y'all to get out those big Drums [Music] Yes let's give it a one two three y'all [Music] I feel so cool I'm not Let's drum it out it's got like a little Couple action here other side Take it four four one two three four Everyone let's do that again keep those Legs nice and loose all right [Music] I know this is slow take it back [Music] [Music] One more time [Music] [Music] One two three four Hey [Music] One two three four

We get a little funky y'all just rock it Out [Music] Hey a little bumper Hip Hop for y'all Hey [Music] All right here [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Now we're gonna take four each side Y'all here we go one two knee all the Way up One more time you guys got it keep Breathing [Music] All right we're gonna introduce some Heels That heel is just touching down okay hey Let's jump over here here here [Music] [Applause] [Music] Freestyle your arms here [Music] One two three [Music] Four hey Good job that one comes out of nowhere Okay you guys we get to get a little Chill well chill Bollywood we're gonna Just ride that train okay so we're gonna Get on that train just pick it up up up

Up up up Good knees come up this is just to catch Your breath for a second I'm so nice Aren't I Before I cross it over one two three one Two get those train arms out [Applause] Give me a double clap [Music] Hey It's good If you guys have ever seen A good Bollywood movie there's usually a Great trade scene Cup knees up Give me double time Good jump jump jump jump jump jump jump Jump Going up up up up hands jump jump jump Four up up okay so we're gonna double Time that jump Up Up Back to the train Oh yeah again I'm nice outside Well I'll change it to it Three five six seven eight Breathe Ready guys we're gonna walk out one more Time this is your last and final push For those like sorry I'm six seven and Up two three four jump jump up two three Four jump Up two three four last time pop one more

Three four I lied but you know I love that the Music says keep going where do you keep Going One two three four Now this is the last one I love those fake out sometimes tricky One right okay you guys so proud of you We are just going to bring that level Down you guys worked so hard you pushed Through some really really hard stuff But most importantly I hope it was some Fun stuff so take those like I told you I give you a nice good cool down Pull It This is where you want to get connected With that breath Foreign [Music] Y'all [Music] One more time [Music] Good take those arms up [Music] I want you to reach your fingertips all The way towards me reach reach reach Flat back all the way down take it all The way down relax that head shake that Head yes and no Shake those hips yes and no give a deep Plie Bend those knees Good stretch Again just like that bend this is your Time you guys

[Music] Again be so proud of where you started And where you finished And you can always come back to this Space this is your dance space your safe Space one more time [Music] And roll it up for me So we're just gonna take it to a lunge Both toast inside nice and easy good Knees right on top of that ankle Alignment super important dance you want To keep those bodies dancing for as long As possible especially the style like Bollywood a lot of jumping a lot of Stuff that's really hard on your body It's so important to stretch take it up Your hips up Good keep breathing with those hips And relax into it take it down So even if you feel like you need a Little bit more stretch after that after This please do Hydrate hydrate hydrate turn it out to The front use plenty of water like chug Chug water you guys How are you guys doing my friends Yeah Just a stretch right Other side you guys again remember me Right on top of that ankle back heel Stretching nice and long Just breathe oh your breath is Everything even as we go through that

Dance Workout you've got to remember to Breathe yes if you want to do it again And again and again and keep finding Where your breath is where you can jump A little higher where you can jump a Little bigger I love doing the same Dance Workout many times because I find How I improve right and that's it's a Journey you know I feel like whether You're working out whether you're Dancing it's never like an end goal it's Just how you get from one place to the Next last thing you guys Take it all the way over walk those feet Together we're just gonna roll it up Nice and slow to the spine [Music] Head is last or in my case ponytail We're gonna take those arms up you guys You're just giving all that amazing Energy all that hard work you're gonna Pull it in say thank you to yourself to The people you love And most importantly we'll see you guys Next time on dance with sugars thank you Frank and Nina bye y'all

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