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30-Minute Bodyweight Strength Pilates Workout With Khetanya Henderson | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Bodyweight Strength Pilates Workout With Khetanya Henderson | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to class fish sugar my name is Katani and I'm here with my girls Paris And Michaela it's a team we've got a 30 Minute Pilates stress workout for you It's going to be a sweaty session but What I love most about it is that you Don't need any equipment shall we get Into it let's do this I was a little too Excited Find yourself laying down onto your mat And I want you to hug your knees into Your chest give yourself a nice big hug Allow your spine yes breathe here so Just ground yourself into your mat Lovely go ahead and take those knees Just give it a big circle around Allowing your pelvis to just rock in a Big circle lovely and then reverse that Don't forget to breathe we need our Breath yes go ahead and take that left Leg long onto your mat hug that right Knee in even more take the right leg Cross the body but be gentle with Yourself just give yourself a little Spinal twist breathe your deep inhale And exhale yes one more deep inhale And exhale slowly bring that Center and Let's switch it out left leg pulls in And cross body same thing deep breath Inhale And exhale one more deep inhale And exhale very nice bring it all Center All right I'm gonna screw myself down on My mat a little bit longer all right

Laying down into your mat reach the arms Back big inhale here exhale right knee Pulls in head neck and shoulders curl And lift up lovely reach back right away I want you to drive your belly button All the way into your spine reach the Leg back out give me two more pull it in Nice breath I hear you ladies one more Pull it all the way in lovely and reach It all the way out let's do the same Thing on the other side left leg pulls It exhale bring it up lovely and two Nice pull it out two more Drawing that belly button into the spine One more lovely pull it all the way in Excellent and reach back out okay we're Gonna do both legs this time draw the Knees and hug it in for four let the Feet drop down to the floor let the Heels drag out as you extend the arms Head neck and shoulders drop down lovely And three draw it in Extend it up Nice and to draw it in Extend it out one more and hug it all The way in lovely extended all the way Out very nice let's hug those knees all The way into the chest I've got that in My abs We just started um all right our first Move we're gonna do some coordination Wake up the brain so arms and legs Extend away from each other Nice open close the legs bend the knees

Bring the arms back down Arms legs extend away from each other Open close bend the knees bring the arms Head neck and shoulders back down last Two more two more take it out open close Bend those knees bring the arms down one More take it all the way out open close Bend the knees bring the arms all the Way down okay take that right leg all The way up to the sky split that left Leg reach the arms back deep inhale here Exhale arms to neck and shoulders curl And lift up lovely dive that belly Button into the spine even more lift Lift lift and here we go we're gonna Pump those arms inhale two three four Five exhale Inhale sew a couple of things exhale I Want you to really use your breath and I Want you every time take a look at that Belly button make sure diving into the Spine Nice and out two three four five exhale One more they want to switch legs And exhale two three four five and Switch and out two three four five Exhale Lovely two inhale two three four five Exhale Three inhale two three four five key Lift up one more inch yes and and out Two three four five exhale you got a Paris got it one more and out two three Four five exhale two three four five hug

It all the way in Yes 100 is to wake up the entire body Are we awake yeah Extend both legs long onto your mat Reach your arms back I want you to dig Your heels into the ground arms and neck And shoulders curl and lift up because It's our first one grab the back of Those thighs as you roll all the way up And then shoulders over your hips roll It back down Lovely reach those arms back Arms headache shoulders curl and lift up Lovely take your time really articulate Your spine as you roll up and roll back Down we're gonna do two more reach back Arms and egg shoulders curly lift up on This last one we're going to hold to the Very top Very nice roll it back down arms and Neck and shoulders curl lift up And we're gonna hold it here very nice Lift in the spine bring that right foot In left foot in I'm going to school back Just a smidge okay inner thighs connect Now take the feet down to the floor Reach those arms forward extend that Right leg long keep the knees in line I Want you to roll all the way down now my Friend here Michaela she's going to take Her arms out to a t position grab the Back of her thighs curl and lift up Using those biceps and reach the arms Forward Paris we're gonna go on a ride

Girlfriend reach those arms back keep Those arms back there and then arms and Neck and shoulders curl lift up squeeze Those inner thighs oh yeah okay take it Down Read your back I'm glad you said squeeze Inner thighs because I was like spread Eagle over here One more reach it all the way back Lovely arms and negative shoulders curls And lift all the way up we have to do The same thing on the other side switch Out left leg extends long know that Those arms your biceps are there to help You too if you need to grab the back of Those thoughts don't be shy about it I want you to listen to your body what Your body needs but also challenge Yourself Curly lift up belly button still drawing In activate the core Reach it back how many we got more left Reach it all the way up bring it all the Way down and let's roll all the way down So when you take those knees up and over Just a tiny lift and roll back down Bring those legs back in line and then Take it back up and over lovely and down So we're just preparing ourselves for The big performers later And back down two more ladies Yeah back down one more connect that Belly button all the way up and in Lovely and then let the feet come down

Into the floor reach those arms back Deep inhale Exhale arms and shoulders curl and lift Back up bring the hands down to the Floor scoot all the way to the front of Your mat all right we're gonna roll like A ball so draw those heels in to the Glutes as much as possible like hug them In now give me a nice little C curve Curl that tailbone under take it all the Way back inhale exhale curling lift Shoulders down nice inhale take it back Exhale and lift ah Michaela you need More curve in the spine when you go back Nice take it back Exhale lift two more there you go take It back exhale lift one more take it Back lovely exhale lift and hold the Very top bring the feet back down to the Floor hands on the mat scoot back if you Got long legs like me me too Hug that right knee into the chest let The left leg extend long at 45 degrees Roll down the spine keep the head neck And shoulders lifted deep inhale exhale Let's switch it out and left leg and Right And left let's take up the tempo let's Go four eight And seven And six And five lovely and four nice and three And two excellent one one hug it in if You're following me in Paris keep the

Head like your shoulders lifted Otherwise keep the head and shoulders Down take those arms and legs away from Each other hold it for four three two One bring it in hug it in This is two take it out hold it for four Three two one hug it in you got three More with me Paris yeah I got it all Right let's take it out four four three Two one hug it in just breathing through Yes breathe breathe take it out hold it For four three two one let's do one more And take it out hold it four three two One hug it all the way in all right we Are about to get very sweaty ladies so Extend both legs long not that we're not Sweaty already reach your arms back deep Inhale take those arms out to a t Position Exhale one leg lifts up give a nice Little clap One time for that leg take it down other Leg Two uh-huh Three Lovely Four Five let's just get it to ten Six I can do this yes you can do seven Eight Nine one more Ten take it all the way down very nice Work all right so Take those legs without mat distance

Apart reach your arms back but I want You to see your biceps notice your Biceps say biceps you are sexy and Beautiful you're sexy absolutely I'm a Little kiss take those legs connect to The core first let those legs lift all The way up and over touch the toes bring It back to 45 degrees inner thighs Connect take it back And roll it out nice and slowly what I Love about Pilates is all about control So try to control It down And control it up I feel this one in my lower abs for you Yes One more take it all the way up Excellent and roll it all the way down Bring the feet onto the floor hands down Into the floor Rock your pelvis Tell your pelvis thank you thank you we Love you All right I'm gonna get into some Bridge Work so Your pelvis if you're with Michaela I Want you just continue rocking your Pelvis Paris and I are going to go on a Little ride so the inner thighs are Still about hip distance apart what I Want you to do is dig your heels into The floor Imagine there's a ball there and start To think of your pelvis rolling up now

Roll it back down So what I love about Bridge work is that You can see Bridge working yoga and in Pilates but the difference in yoga and Pilates and I'm not a yoga gurus but the Biggest difference is in yoga is about Opening up your center opening up your Heart and pilates about the C curve so The top of the head all the way through The tailbone so I want you to think About that c curve as you roll up that Way as you tuck in the pelvis under You're getting into that lower core Connection and roll it back down give me One more ladies squeeze those glues at The top squeeze squeeze squeeze lovely And roll it all the way down very nice We're going to let those legs Connect Now ankles connect these connect inner Thighs connect extend that right leg Long Roll up through the pelvis and roll down Let's just do eight lifts and seven Bring it down and six bring it down and Walk my foot a little bit more five Bring it down there you go There you go four you're looking good Over there girlfriends Paris I'm not Hearing your breath anymore I should be breathing Are you alive Paris I'm here I'm still Here okay give me two more this last one We're gonna hold the very top okay keep The pelvis I know imagine we have our

Trailer cookies don't drop the cookies Let that right heel tap down and kick up Michaela will just stay in a smaller Range of motion we're gonna kick that Leg all the way up like we are Rockets Hello there you go give me four more I Don't know about you but my hamstring on That left side is like um what about Those cookies too right lift one more One hold at the very top very nice we're Gonna do four circles in that Center and Three And two keep the chest wide One reverse That Circle but keep the hips on the Same line again three Two and one this is where it gets fun We're gonna tuck that right foot under Behind our left take the outside arm and Begin to lift up if you're like what was That transition just find me here left Legs in front we're going to lift all The way up we're in our side plank Position Reach the left arm all the way up find The curve in the spine find those Obliques firing in Bring It Back Down Bend the knees deep inhale lift Exhale down Deep inhale lift nice exhale down one More deep inhale lift all the way up Bring the arm all the way up to the sky We're going to hold it here for 30 Seconds Maybe sing your ABCs

That always helps Maybe think about spelling your name Backwards Sometimes that helps Know that you could do it stay with me You've got it Keep breathing draw the belly button Into the spine shoulders elbow wrist Keep it all in line We have 10 seconds left on the clock Nine eight seven six five you have four You have three two and one gently bring It all down Take that side stretch open up the Obliques deep inhale my favorite part Yes Exhale grab that outside ankle take it All the way up and over oh yes very nice And lift okay here we go find that Tabletop position tuck the toes under Lift it up send it all back to downward Facing dog right knee left knee Bend Pedal it out enjoy it while we have it Before Three Two and one both heels lift for four Press down three press down Two press down and one very nice walk The hands back bring the hands behind The head let the head neck and shoulders Be heavy roll up through the spine Connect that core as you lift Lovely long's my roll it back down Paris Like hold on

Walk it out All right drop the knees elbows are Going to bend at 45 degrees let your Shin stay connected to your mat take it Down for four press and lift and three Press and lift and two press and lift One more one press the left tuck the Toes under lift it up walk it back Hands behind the head roll it up All right I love you we're gonna do Eight this time because I know you're Strong We are strong with it walk it out Drop the knees let's get it eight exhale Use a breath Oh yeah there it goes sticks press Strong from here oh yes five press your Fingertips out two four Three Two one more One tuck the toes under lift all the way Up walk it back all right because I'm Nice this is going to be our last set Roll it up All right deep inhale tell yourself I Got this roll it down Bend those knees Walk It Out All right let's get it ladies We could do ten yes let's do that let's Do it ten lift nine exhale Eight Seven Six Five use that core even more

Four Three Two Lovely One child's pose Circle out those wrists I love it roll it through the spine send Those legs forward and through we have The other side All right reach those arms forward Roll it down All right left leg extended long this Time Lift the pelvis up take it up and down And seven Now I always say be the captain of your Ship The baker of your bakery Give me another one The bartender of your bar the cook of Your kitchen yes all of that if it feels Good notice if it doesn't notice as well Adjust Hold it here maybe it means that you're Not going to lower the leg and lift it On this side Yeah just listen to your body as you're Working but maintain your form pelvis is Still in line tray of cookies Down press and lift I would like to eat A tray of cookies after this what kind Chocolate chip chocolate chip bring it On give me two one more here we go four Circles four Three connect that core two One reverse it for four three two one

Tuck it under Here we go press and lift up All right let's find this side plank Position As you lift shoulder in line with the Wrist take it all the way up and over And bend it in There we go deep breath inhale it feels A lot different now after oh yes I fell Take it all the way up Lovely and exhale I want you to really Find that rainbow underneath Lovely one more And bring the arm right in line here we Go our 30 seconds Now the thing about plank right I know It feels like it's all in the arm I want You to reach that arm at the top all the Way up through the sky It's going to help you lift Lovely and breathe find that connection Even deeper Exhale Lovely inhale And exhale Give you two more inhale And exhale One more inhale And exhale gently bend the knees bring It all down we did it take it all the Way up and over Lovely Up and over other side

Very nice all right sweep it behind you Let's lay all the way down into our mat So Paris and I are gonna stack our hands Behind our head and then if you need to You can bring the fingertips down to the Floor to help with the lift so deep Inhale connect the core in Exhale lift lift Hold it here four three two one and Bring it down Lifting torso and legs this time lift Holding four three two one and bring it Down Lift lift I want you to think of the Bottom rib cage lifting up And bring it down Let's do three more lift lift hold And bring it down And two lift lift hold Lovely and down one more Lift lift hold Lovely bring it all down Hands underneath the shoulders tuck the Toes under lift everything up Walk those feet into the hands Bend the knees grab the back of the head And roll back up through the spine Lovely all right I'll be doing good Let's get into these legs all right take That right leg out Bend that right knee find a flat back Position so hinge in the hips reach Those arms forward and we lift up for Ten take it down

Nine I'm sending my gloves back every Time eight squeeze that right glute Seven Six nice If I press the heel as you lift I want You to find that connection through the Hamstring that hamstring we worked on we Should feel it now three Lovely two one more One now we're gonna stay on this side I Want you to shift over just onto that Right side lovely bring those arms out To the side make sure you see your Fingertips we're gonna lift that left Leg up tap it down now just notice Do you see your toe and knee facing Forward that's what we want To be five Four Three lovely Two how we doing ladies here one see That leg behind you stand tall hips Face Forward just bring it down Take it out to the side and lift take it Down Out to the side and lift Take it down Find their spine right in that Center Line Get down Keep it on the side and lift four more Take it down And lift And three

It's a lot of stabilization lots of Balance here So if you find that you need to bring That foot down and then lift all get Helps a lot it does right One more Get down Press and lift up lovely bring it all The way down so we do that on the side Let's do it let's get it to it okay left Leg Reach those arms forward send the glues Back toes facing forward and lift And take it down Send that weight back give that glute That love Can't walk around the right glute all Lifted and the left glute hanging out Back there right I mean you could but Nah I don't know about that as a look I Need symmetry symmetry I'll take it give Me two One more one shift that weight find on That left side reach those arms out to The side let's get it 10. now you might notice one side feels Different than the other That's okay Yeah because we are captains of our ship That's right maybe that leg goes a Little bit lower Focus on your form toe a knee facing Forward Keep breathing connect that core in give

Me two One more one sweep it behind trust your Balance take it down press and lift Now the thing about curtsy lunge is that It's very easy to bow down I love that but I want you to keep your Spine lifted Connect the core think spine up and down The elevator down And lift Down press and lift now let's add that Leg extend it out whoo yep so you saw it Wasn't on my leg properly So I might need to first place the foot Down And lift As much as I want to be superhuman My body is in Balance like all of us but That's okay that's what we're here Working on our strength Give me two And lift one more Press and lift hold And bring it all the way down Right right on the outside nice and Yummy all right shall we close this Chapter let's reach those arms all the Way up to the sky exhale roll it all the Way down I'm gonna give us a little bonus here Come all the way down Legs are mad distance apart reach those Arms forward and long head neck of

Shoulders Lift legs lift Right arm left leg lifts Left arm right leg lifts opposite yes Opposition All right let's swim Let's imagine we're in the ocean But I want you to lift your bottom rib Cage up belly button plugs all the way In And we're gonna breathe the same like we Did in hundreds so inhale two three four Five exhale we've already done a few of Them so let's go in out two three four Five exhale that's five inhale Exhale Six maybe lift up one more inch but Don't compensate that lower back length And the lower spine Seven inhale Exhale Eight inhale Exhale nine one more and out two three Four five exhale ten hold it here reach Those arms behind the back and Lace the Fingertips curl and lift up squeeze Those shoulder blades still looking to The ground deep breath Exhale Let It Go Hands underneath the shoulders lips Curls the spine nice and slowly send it All the way back Are we feeling stronger now yes Take those arms up and over to that

Right side left arm right on top of Right deep breath Exhale Other side left on top of right Inhale And exhale bring that all Center Roll up to the spine let's do some cat And cow it's always good To come back To flexion for the spine Lovely breath slowing it all down One more Lovely comes a neutral spine take that Right foot forward Right knee in line with the ankle I want You to Windmill the right arm up and Over reach towards that ankle if that Feels good for you you want to go deeper Flex the left Foot grab the inside of the ankle there Breathe deeply Yes feels good right Exhale one more And exhale release Extend that front leg long I'm a cheat towards the front just so You can see me a little bit more now You're going to walk your hands on the Outside of that leg And let the head neck and shoulders drop Down Breathe deeply here Lovely Center that up And let's see that leg behind let's do

The same thing on the other side so left Leg is forward again check in with your Knee and Ankle alignment windmill the Arm back Flex the foot if you want to go A little bit deeper Deep breath Exhale Again deep inhale And exhale And release that Extend that front leg Very nice release it into that stretch Walk the arms On the outside of the leg breathe deeply Here And exhale One more deep inhale And exhale Square back off that back Foot is just going to tuck under And it's cross the legs in front Whatever feels good for you We'll take that left arm all the way up And over anchor the left hip down and we Lift other side right arm all the way up And over anchor that right hip down and Lift interlace the fingertips behind you Let the Palms come down into the floor Open the chest Shine forward We're about to tell my age Care Bear Stare You know if you know lift all the way up Very nice roll the shoulders out Take your head down into that right side

Lovely and then down into the left side All right and roll it all the way up Fabulous work I did it yes you feel good Killed it yes I hope you guys feel good At home as well my name is Kay Tanya This is class fit sugar and that was Your Pilates strength class all the Power you need okay I'll see you all Next time peace [Music]

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