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30-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout With Jayen Wells | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout With Jayen Wells | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey welcome to Classic sugar it's me Jay And Wells and I have your 30 minute body Weight hit workout you just need a mat And your body weight okay I got Michaela Over here hey guys I've got you on Loki Mods today and I got Kenzie over here I'm gonna be turning it up on those Advancements with you it's getting hot Already all ready let's get it all right Let's get it get it get it hey Hello team let's begin with the warm-ups Taking it down in the squat here we go Oh How y'all doing Oh happy to be here thanks for joining Us here I'm glad to be here All right bring your feet a little bit In together you're going to turn to your Right in a transverse squat back to Center switching sides Hey good morning legs we got lots of Legs coming at you so we gotta get them Warmed up a little bit oh my goodness I Promise let's do two more careful what You wish All right we're gonna take you to a Lateral shift taking it over to the Right shift left and good switch side Here we go say what and one more time Hey I just like singing I don't know I'm a Singer I'm here for it All right let's go to Jumping Jacks

I'm gonna keep an eye out for our Low-key modifications Okay Modification There we go spin dip and twirl we got 15 Seconds let me show you our first core Exercise in three Two and one let's head on to our mats Here our first core exercise you're Going to bring the hips up into a plank Shoulder tap right hand left hand right Leg left leg here we go three two one go Right left There we go We're here for 30 seconds Oh yay let me Get a little break Now try not to rock the boat [Music] And one more here we go And a nice work team a little 30 seconds To show you our next exercise we're Gonna go into a bird dog okay bird roof Roof all right so Beast bird dog you're Gonna hover the knees one inch from the Floor right hand extends out left hand Goes back We're going to switch side for 30 Seconds you got the low key I got it she Got it back there here we go Here we go tuck the tummy up three two And one hover those knees And in There we go this is a little challenging Try not to rock the boat as I love to

Say And keep those knees one inch from the Earth If possible If at any time you're like Jan that's Doing the most and we're gonna join Michaela and just hit it right there Okay we got five seconds four three two And one a little quick transition to Explain again let's lay onto our backs We're gonna do a long drop leg bicycle So I'm gonna come up drop the opposite Leg and then switch sides All right no modification you can keep The legs from going too low so your back Doesn't Arch all right here we go three Let's drop that right two and one here We go yes Oh Love a good core and we're gonna be here For one minute Hello oh one minute one minute hello Forgot what you signed up for here I was Like in 30 seconds good I like it here I Mean at least we're on our backs there We go yes like we're taking a nap And your intention here is to kind of Lift the shoulder through space not just The elbow okay really squeeze that core We got 20 seconds How are we doing we got it we're killing It I'm feeling warm feeling good Core is on fire love that all right here

We go three Two and one all right team we're gonna Repeat that all one more time no break In between we got our 30 second tap 30 Second beast and one minute bicycle here We go The last few minutes let's start with The Beast tap right shoulder tap in Three two and one let's go right left Drive that right Yes Okay we can get a little Harmony We got 10 seconds on the clock Let's go one more and we'll drop down to Our knees And going through those beasts here we Go a little shake out let's hover the Knees right hand goes forward let's go Hello old friend So soon good oh Now make sure you're keeping that Lumbar And the thoracic spine stable don't give Me Friday night at the club okay Keeping the core engaged They got it they strong up in here all Right you're five second mark four three Two and one let's flip over facing this Way legs up to the sky let's drop the Right leg down and go Oops I don't even know what my ride is See you're working hard I'm Discombobulated [Laughter] Hmm

Now here we're trying to keep that back And matte connection Drawing the ribs down Oh how you feeling So good nowhere else I'd rather be We got 20 seconds here Oh my Oh Sometimes you gotta let it out Let's go for four more Three Two And one nice work Team all right thanks For joining we'll see you next time just Kidding all right so we have three Blocks of five minute work each move Will repeat themselves throughout the Block and we'll add a little progression All right as they keep moving and jiving I'm gonna show you what's on the menu We're gonna do inchworm Walk It Out into A nice Plank and walk it back Oh all right number two thank you oh my God number two skater Hops and remember Michaela's Gonna Keep It on the low-key Side there we go just like that third Move I'm gonna take it back Drive Alternating into that jump All right oh boy then we're gonna go Into a side plank hole Half on this side half on the other side And our last plyometric version we're Gonna go into a Frogger deep squat or Michaela is going to walk it out

Into that deep Squad Alrighty let's start our first luck Inchworms y'all right here we go Crawl it out into that strong High plank Squeeze the tush and walk it back It's a little bit of Mobility Mobility Instability hello It's a great time too to check in how The body is feeling How you feeling Oh delightful delightful fresh and how Are we doing over here Michaela I'm just Getting warmed up okay she's not even Warm yet you see how strong she is my Goodness all right let me join y'all Wonderful people Here we go let's do one or let's do two More I know right I was like let's do two I Couldn't even do it all righty uh we're Gonna start our lateral skaters in three Two and one I'll be mindful of your joints and Ankles Lots of times if you're not used to this That knee will move and we don't want to Hurt your ACL or MCL Thank you okay no no no no no no no I Can't do this How's it going thank you we got another Singer in the house Oh 20 seconds left Oh

Maybe our little metronomous tabs will Keep you on Rhythm at home okay oh yes You're challenging my speed because okay I'm like I'm tapping three two and one All right next we're gonna go into a Starter kind of like we're running a Wraith going to the air right foot back Three two with the drive and one let's Go And switch Yeah I'm feeling those legs yep there we Go you didn't lie So a couple of things to keep in mind You want to use that opposite arm to Help you drive up into the sky don't Think height like velocity from the Earth where we let me join here there we Go I miss you Oh Where are you going a little bit of a Hinge and a vertical 10 seconds Let's go Let's go for a four Three the race at the beginning And last one All right let's come down to a side Plank for now we're just gonna hold Modification zagger knees here we go Hips up Reach it to the sky Now pretend the floor is lava okay you Seen that show oh so we don't want to Dip dip dip dip down I'm Gonna Keep Up

High in a nice strong plank Oh Draw the spine in Booty in Get that nice long line And drop it down let's flip over to the Other side Not too bad make sure you plop it right Up we gotta do the same amount of time Hey you don't want that souffle to be Not even it's a good choice clearly I Don't make souffles [Laughter] But I heard that's that's not a good Thing right Yeah All right we got five seconds here Three Two and one let me see those plyometric Froggers So we're gonna come here Nice hip opener strong flat feet and Jump it back into a plank here we go Good it's getting heart rate up I don't See Michaela over here she's walking to That Walk it out hey still keeping the feet Flat There we go Now don't be discouraged if you don't Have that Mobility yet you will get There just move out of pace That works for you We got 20 seconds y'all

Sure more I don't believe you I'm like I'm a Terrible liar Oh [Music] The sweat is dripping down on me and me And how And three two and one nice work team Keep an active recovery we don't want to Stay still as you take your little mini Break I'm gonna just give you the heads Up for the progressions that are coming Sound good oh sounds great yeah yeah all Right so in the first inch worm we're Gonna add a push-up Modification down onto the knees Second exercise we're combining lateral And vertical see this on the side jump Up All right third round we're sticking Just vertical Doing that starting the race Side plank tucks we're gonna come down Here Hips Don't Lie Shakira okay keeping the Hips up getting that oblique we'll flip Over and then we'll do our burpees Oh I'm already I'm just telling y'all what to do here We go we're gonna start this in five Seconds inchworm the push-up four three Two and one take it down add that push I Can't wait Oh I feel so much more fun now oh I feel

So complete You thank Kenzie for the super Progressions she lives for them so we're Giving them to her he's not lying Don't blame me for the push-ups I would never wish this upon anyone Not any point too you can switch into That modification join me blue hey Nice work let's keep it going let's see How the file Queen is doing over here She's looking good oh thank you so much There we go rolling it out Yes Oh two push-ups she better all right Let's go five seconds Four All right team our next exercise we're Going into a skater with that vertical Drive Michaela's just gonna stay on the Skaters in three two and one here we go Oh she's already ready to go I told you I love this one I've been waiting all day Yes Good Try and get Triple flexion through that Ankle through that toe and hip knee all The way up driving that arm hey Macarena My balance is starting to go [Music] We got tents that hints you guys got This thank you you too you got it that's

Hard too I was gonna say nothing about This is easy Let's go four more Three [Music] And one nice first team now we're going Straight vertical step back on that Right drive the knee in three two and One And a switch Oh my God we're jumping this one Oh Play with Destiny Child jumping jumping Who's Beyonce though you're Beyonce okay Okay If I have to okay too I'm just happy to Be included Hey Michelle Oh man if you love Michelle here Oh 15 seconds y'all He's that hip it's kind of hinging Getting that deadlift motion hinge in Okay I'm getting a little sweaty just a Little a little that you want to know I'm over here what am I crazy Three two and ten second break let's Make our way down to the mat side Playing tuck with that oblique let's aim For eight reps on each side maybe ten oh Okay depending how we feel three two and One here we go crunch God So rely on that foot as well as the

Upper body And stay connected through the core Oh yeah Three two And one bring the hips down flip it on Over Flapjack style That I know here we go other side You may notice one side is a little bit Easier Than another So now we're here maybe move slower You feel it out how you doing Michaela I'm here I'm killing it okay I know That's right oh you got five seconds Four Two more and last rep 10 second break I hope we get burpees Next oh my gosh your wishes might come Out here we go Frogger Murphy three two And one take it back Oh Okay maybe you'll live here a little bit Get it together like me hey hey Just feel nice there it's okay to take Breaks just keep it moving You have wonderful options to choose From I'm gonna join you over here yes Please there we go I miss you Okay We got wonderful trainers Wonderful options we got 10 seconds here Let me find it with y'all Oh oh yeah

Go for three more they're my favorite Ones And Last one recover here we go here we go Give me some love get some water we got One minute we're gonna do that same Thing again But you don't want to cool down okay oh How we feeling we're here I feel like Sweaty let me sweat Swift sweat a little Bit look at her look at her go go go go Go go go this is more fun Join me All right y'all as soon as you get your Sips of water and towel off We will keep moving Maybe take a little shorter break this Time they'll save five movements we're Going to repeat again inform to push up Lateral vertical Race driver side planks and Frogger Burpees yeah that's her favorite you Ready I'm ready all right you ready Thank you let's start to head towards The end of our math we got about 10 Seconds to go there we go Can't Stop Won't Stop the Beat won't stop won't Stop stop the beat go here we go three Two and interim to push [Music] Nice remember as you push up inhale to Go down exhale up This is our last five minutes of class Oh

Is it really To have flies when you're doing burpees All of the above yes all right 15 Seconds left [Music] I'm still ready to let go of these Push-ups so We're about to let it go let's go for Three more I'm sending you love from the market Thank you I'll take it Two And one more together Let's do it Okay All right y'all let's go into our skater And jump three two and one to the right Oh Where are you guys on like dripping Sweat I'm dripping everywhere A little wild remember to go up land Side good Oh yeah You guys are killing it All right 15 seconds to go so what's Going on over here talk about what You're doing I'm digging into the glutes There we go pods all of that core is Engaged don't let that fool you it is Challenging y'all and what you're doing Over here oh you know surviving there we Go Destiny's Child come through oh yeah There it is three two and one 10 second

Recovery right back vertical Drive in Three whoo let's go two And one here we go [Music] Oh yeah It's a couple of checkpoints here you Want to aim to be at a 90 degree Everywhere step it back and drive Remember it's not about perfection it's Got a little bit of progress every day Right yeah that's what they say oh I've Heard it yeah I already met it made a Mistake popped right back in it oh 15 seconds y'all oh yeah More fun with mistakes anyway oh yeah Life is about learning from here Five four three two and let's go one More all right hey all right let's come Down 10 seconds we're gonna go into our Side plank where that needs hook here we Go team okay last two minutes hips up Hey 10. look over 10 reps It's the glutes for me Four more four Three Two I don't know one little transition flip It all over Flapjacks Flapjacks okay are They vegan now they're vegan for you Mama thank you here we go hey ten It's like Michaela said call upon the Glutes connect yourself to the lower Limbs

Crunched in the middle I lost count I Think we're F5 oh Three more oh yeah two And one okay Oh Lord Oh wait we're not done yet can You guess what's next Burpees we gotta burp the baby here we Go take it back this is the last minute Let me get that cool down I'm just gonna really enjoy it because I Know I'm gonna miss them you know you've Seen those friends they're only in town For a weekend Okay best friends Well great thing about plastic sugar That you can always come back to this oh And do it again yes So give us some cues here what do you Love about the what do I love about it Yeah man I love how I get nice and deep At my hips how I feel every inch of my Body hey hey Booty body Even as you step that foot is clad here Right oh yeah there we go he got five Seconds on the clock let me join you Here Let's go four more last three of the day Two What's after that hello come on hello I'm on team okay yes let's bring it down In a cool down I got you okay come on You have to get the love we're gonna Start in a seated position what I like It already what is this

Let's go ahead and cross your legs Oh And just grab that middle and focus on Your breath I know you're over here having him Puffing mhm Let's go into the nose Man I'll do them now Yes relax those shoulders let's do two More like that And down Oh in and out sounds so good right now One more And ow All right we're gonna give ourselves Some soft look hug yourself and expand The back as you breathe in Foreign And our last one All right let's flip on over this way We're gonna do some cat and cows meow And more okay all right So go ahead and let the belly drop as You tilt the eyes up And inhale full exhale round the back up To the sky And be really dramatic with it oh Inhale move come on dojo and exhale Kitty cat And less than two more And exhale Good tuck that tailbone in and let the Belly drop one more inhale eyes up to The sky

Exhale That feels great all right from this Position we're going to tabletop Position reach up towards the sky and Thread the needle and Good let's do that again one more time Up towards the sky as much as you can Thread the needle in now I'm going to Turn this way just so you can see my Body we're going to put the shoulder Down and ear down And really rest on the earth inhaling Through the sky To the sky And exhale Good let's thread that needle back up One more time And place the hand down switching sides On that right side all right let's Thread the needle towards the right Exhale down One more time up And down resting that shoulder and ear On the Earth Good night goodbye Thank you guys for working with me thank You let's inhale one more time and Exhale Go back to Center all right we're gonna Flip onto our backs get into our uh oh Into our gluties okay let's put the Right ankle on that knee And clasp your fingers together Clasp or clap it's clasp with the S

[Laughter] Okay Now we can get a little Dynamic with This as well Rock side to side within Reason And just explore oh come on Dora the Explorer okay All right make sure you're breathing Releasing tension Nice work let's place that foot down Switch sides And clasp That right side oh come on now Make It Clap Hey come on Make sure we're breathing Now if you're not quite here yet you'll Get there you just have to breathe and Keep practicing with us let's get a Little dynamic Rock side to side Should feel good after all that jumping Even if you weren't jumping Mobility It's always important Go ahead and place that foot down Now we're gonna go into a double knee Hug I want you to keep your knees together Right hand to the right and we're going To push our legs to the left in a 90 Degree spinal twist Feel free to make adjustments with the Body Your intention is keeping the knees

Together And just breathe The more you breathe the better you'll Get at this See I'm even talking slower I never talk Slow All right let's lift up towards the sky And switch sides [Music] Oh there we go the snap crackle and pop What I was looking for Papa sugar On brand take a deep breath Try to keep that shoulder down maybe we Bring our arm down a little bit knees Together [Music] And back up to Center we're gonna send Our feet up to the sky and a little Happy baby a little Yogi move for you Now you can grab on the inside you can Grab on the outside And just hips up to the sky breathing Life into your back There we go A little massage on the Earth Final exhale Let's lower the limbs down onto the Earth keep the back flat one more breath Here And exhale I know Kenzie wants to stay down she Wants to go to sleep let's roll up and Say goodbye to our friends y'all thank You for joining us here on class fit

Sugar and thank you to my wonderful Friends for joining me and we'll see you Next time I hope you have a wonderful Day night or afternoon and we'll see you Here goodbye bye

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