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30-Minute Beginner’s Floor Cardio With Rachel McClusky | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Beginner's Floor Cardio With Rachel McClusky | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's up class fit sugar my name is Rachel mccleskey and today we have a 30 Minute beginner body weight floor series No equipment needed and it's all going To be on the mat today I have AJ hey Guys and Ellie hi you're joining me are You all ready to get started let's do it All right we're gonna get started on our Mats on our back so extend your arms all The way long above your head and then Reach your legs long as well take a big Inhale through your nose Big exhale through your mouth Let's do one more just like that big Inhale And we're gonna wake the body up exhale So exhale Roll Up Lift And then lower Exhale lift Inhale lower beautiful so AJ's behind me Doing all the modifications that we Might need it is a beginner class but We've got a few modifications for you Yeah AJ oh yeah I got you guys there we Go beautiful That's it let's go four more just like That exhale as you lift and really just Waking the body up here Utilizing our core Good two more two Beautiful last one you're gonna pull Your knee in towards your chest and Twist and then lower back down slow Exhale twist

Lower back down slow so good twist so There's a little bit of a shoot up if You want to modify two you can stay down Yeah beautiful Four Come back down that's it good three Yes two more so there's a moment where You hold it oh Ellie so beautiful last One now both Heels come to the ground Pull your knees in little pulse is eight And lean back just a little bit you're Gonna oh Ellie is leaning all the way Back let's go Nice three Two one lay all the way down extend your Arms extend your legs big inhale oh yeah Big exhale my core feeling that already Yeah one more big inhale Big exhale huh Dub Lift Lower beautiful lift Nice can you drop your shoulders away From your ears just a little bit Nice up beautiful Let's Twist now Twist hold Up come right back down beautiful twist Hold Up yes You two looks so good also I'm digging These sets so much oh yeah I don't know If I've ever said the word digging Before but I did today two more Last one beautiful now drop both heels To the ground we're gonna pull to finish

Ellie any further down and you are Laying down my goodness this girl is on Fire hold it for four three two one Nice all right we're gonna transition Onto our side we're on our left side but You can absolutely do it on either side That you want you're gonna reach your Arms long shoulder right above your Elbow and then exhale pull your top knee In AJ is going to be throwing out some Modifications on this one Beautiful so exhale and then squeeze Your side body beautiful three All right we're gonna Elevate just a Little bit both knees pull in or what Are we doing over there AJ just keeping That one leg up beautiful Yes four more just like this exhale four Side body right here is engaged the Whole time exhale two now drop your Bottom knee to the floor hold it here Hand behind your head lift up modified Side plank if you're feeling spicy you Can extend a leg if you're feeling Really spicy you can totally try for a Side plank but we're going beginner Style here with this modified side plank And whoo I already feel it yes yeah We're mild over here eight Oh so just a really small pulse keep Think about keeping your chest open the Whole time Good

Four three two one and switch can we do The same thing baby Other side yeah yeah let's do it Shoulder right above your elbow reach Your arm long big inhale big exhale Together Pull your top leg in Beautiful exhale pull Side body on fire oh yeah If you're killing it Rachel yes All right both knees So lean back just a little bit here yeah Lean back just a little bit Let's go yes AJ with a modification Three it is a lot of balance yeah two Last one drop your knee down side plank Modified so pull your knees back just a Touch Lift up Beautiful as you lift your hips Squeeze your belly button in towards Your spine Nice lift Hold it here little pulses lift up eight Beautiful we're almost there we're Almost there Oh yeah can we go a-county here Give yourself a little woo at home four Three two one oh so good shake your Shoulders out real quick take a breather And then we're gonna start the next Series on this side yeah yeah that's how We do it good Getting fabulous

Are we rid of down the body a little bit Let's do it a little booty little legs All right come all the way down so You're gonna rest your head in your hand And then you're gonna stack your knees And your heels so no real modifications On this one right AJ you got it we're All together on this one so we're gonna Start with clam shells so we go knee Heel Beautiful so this is going to take a Moment to kick in once it does Knee heel think about pointing your toes And really making a u shape with your Knee in heel good Beautiful Should we do eight more just like this Absolutely let's go Good Oh I'm starting to feel it oh me too Good we'll just go for four Three now all we're gonna do is add on An extension right here so it's in drop Hit extend and as you extend think about Squeezing your leg totally straight Point your toes Are we good oh yes oh I feel this a lot Let's go four more four more go four Three oh my gosh I feel this all the way Down my leg Two more I just I'm not alone no no no Side blue yeah Last one last one it's hit Little pulse is eight yes

Seven good breathe lift Point your toes And then squeeze your leg totally Straight almost there one moment past What's comfortable that's all I ever ask We're here for three two one bring your Leg down flex your foot it's forward and Then kick it back squeeze your glute wow Forward Kick it back it's two more and we switch Sides forward Kick back last one Yeah Gosh we're on that second side You know I know in three two one here we Go quick transitions with me I know I Know they're quick But it's a little more efficient that Way yeah we're just so excited to get to The second side to even out the pain That I'm feeling right now Good me heel again Point your toes open Up your chest and try not to like Totally slump down really keep energy Through the body Heel Again making a u-shape Or whatever kind of shape that is just Make it circular in some type of motion Like that all right can we add the Extension yeah here we go up Take a knee to heal so good extend and Then again squeeze your leg totally Straight oh yeah I love it

Four more four yes Three Oh glutes turning on oh yeah gosh two Wow wow last one hold it up hold it long Pulse pulse now your leg doesn't have to Be too high right there is perfect just Make sure that there's engagement the Whole way through your leg beautiful Lift up we go a count Ellie is as high As possible I bet you could get her leg Over her head not my story but I'm here To support you good four three two now Flex your foot lower your leg forward Kick back Forward kick back squeeze your glute Behind you we're almost there we're Almost there can you just stick with me For a moment I know in these longer ones That they can feel a little more Challenging but I'm just gonna keep Talking at the speed of sound until it's Done they really distract you and then All of a sudden we'll be there four more And we're there four that was fast yeah Oh yeah yeah lightning three Two more two Good Last one beautiful Shake It Out Shake It Out All right shall we continue to work the Booty a little bit oh yeah let's maybe Go up the body of touch so we're going To go into a tabletop position AJ's Gonna throw some modifications out for

You so let's take a cat cows if it feels Good yeah just for a moment Beautiful round your sign And beautiful meet me in a neutral spine It's going to be right arm left leg to Start you're going to extend squeeze Your belly button in towards your spine And then I'm going to guide you through It so we go extend Pull extend and now you're gonna drop Your forearms to the ground back up nice And slow now alternate extend pull Extend drop your forearms down and then Right back up so the bird dog's a little Bit quicker Pull Good down for two Lift beautiful extend pull extend nice And drop for two Few more reach pull AJ do you want to Walk him through the modifications only Bend your elbows about halfway it Doesn't have to be a lot you'll still Feel it I promise beautiful now speaking Of that we're gonna hold our elbows Halfway and then Lean Forward little Pulse eight So you're the way to really feel this in Your triceps is if you lean forward if You pull back we feel nothing yeah yeah Three Two Last one beautiful pull it back quick Child's pose just to release your wrists

Any pressure that you're feeling there And then we're gonna do that one more Time meet me in a table top few cat cows For four can we do this one more time oh Yeah let's go yeah let's do this let's Go right arm left leg here we go so it's Reach pull extend drop your forearms Down this one is so sneaky beautiful Here we go extend pull extend and then The slow tricep drop good Reach out pull Drop down drop the forearms That's it so now again however much you Want to feel it if you're like oh Rachel That's too much for me lean back a Little but otherwise I really want you To lean forward and really trust it Down for two let's go two more Reach pull extend drop drop your Forearms beautiful Last one reach pull extend that's it Down now hold it halfway we pulse it Right here pulse eight elbows in tight Towards the body can we Lean Forward Just a Touch see how I bring my body Forward Oh that's an Ellie yes AJ A little longer than what's comfortable Yeah yes we can got it yes we can do This for four Roll out your wrists And One More Time come back to your Tabletop position cat Cow if it feels Good ground your spine so all right

We're gonna drop down to our forearms we Are going to be working with our left Leg now so this entire song is going to Be the left leg are we ready for that Yeah let's go we've got this we can do It so when you're ready it's lift lower And then we open up AJ now you tell us About the modification and you can just Pop your knee down rather than going too High in the fire hydrant I got excited Can you tell I was really excited for AJ's modification Beautiful now if this feels like a lot You can also lift up to your left hand I'll give that option and Ellie will Stay on her forearms so it's back and Then open up One more one more now we're gonna take Circles right here Circle up and over Over good slow in control Up and over beautiful think about Engaging every single part of the leg of The booty Good four more four more up and over Four can we Flex our feet three Good two Last one Circle the other way take it up And back Seven breathe That's it more than halfway there yeah Four more yeah we got it four Last one right back to the top here we Go it's back Open

Three more that's it three open up good Lift your leg a little bit higher last Two beautiful last one last one take it Back open two circles each Direction It's up and over Up and over switch take it back And back shake your leg out all right Let's stretch that side and then we are Gonna do the same thing on the other Side are we ready let's do it let's do It so flip over and again all the way Down on your forearms like AJ and Ellie I'm gonna give you the option to cross Your hand over and then right hand on The floor when you're ready it's gonna Be back and then open up fire hydrant Beautiful so think about lifting so that Your knees that are at about a 90 degree Angle rather than swinging your leg up I Just want you to think like you're Stumping the ceiling yeah and then Squeeze your belly button in towards Your spine AJ give us that modification One more time option just to top your Knee down and don't have to lift as high As maybe Ellie is yeah That's a Fallout yeah That's good and think about really Lifting rather than swinging yeah Tears let's go for two Open up last one And then hold it down right here you're Going to take it up and over Seven and trying to bring your knee like

You're making a half circle good four More four nothing crazy high just what Feels good for you yeah Circle back Circle back Eight Seven beautiful up and over we are Almost there four more four more four Flex your foot three yes we can yeah two We can do this last one all right from The top it's up Open beautiful again flexing your foot Are we feeling it oh yeah are you with Me yeah Good Last one last one take it up And back right here up and over up and Over Take it back take it back Beautiful take a breath go ahead press Back take a big inhale Sometimes big exhale so good how are you Doing good amazing yes We're gonna make our way into a kneeling Position so hips right above your knees Feet are either going to be flexed if That's comfortable or top to the feet on The floor and we're gonna move into a Kneeling arm Series so you know I love My standing arms it's pretty much the Same thing but just kneeling oh yeah so Go ahead bring your arms out long drop Your shoulders away from your ears tuck Your belly button in towards your spine And then no squeeze your belly button in

Towards your spine and then tuck your Tailbone under and let's just go little Pulses to start big inhale Big exhale All right let's get into it Right here it's pulse pulse Yes and then when you're ready go ahead And goal post your arms it's press press Keeping your elbows at shoulder height And then higher as you extend Eight Seven beautiful just lift and really no Modifications for this yeah no we're Just lifting working the upper body you Can always add a little hey hey Up Lift Six this is just waking it up yeah Four we're like oh yeah we feel it Already oh yeah in three two now follow My lead we go up down two in Here we go up press down two in Beautiful it's up press down so as you Rotate really feel your shoulders engage Four more four more it's four down and Yes we can now three before we Transition to the next part I want you To know you can drop your arms at any Time shake it out if you need to but Just one moment past what's comfortable You know the drill right here hold it Here Palms in little pulses Little pulses whoo breathe Breathe again if you want to shake it Out it's right here fold forward shake It out and then come back to it with me

How we doing good good did we feel it Yes in those arms And then again tuck your tailbone Squeeze your belly button in towards Your spine in four three two open up and We press can we go back to the top yes Yes let's go Give yourself a little whoo It makes the workout it makes the day I'm trying to join you there we go lift Four more four more it's four Three it could be four it could be eight You really never know with me here we go Here we go take it up down in in up down In beautiful lift Lift Two more two more for real too for real Too in last one Hold it here Palms in little pulses Breathe how close can you bring your Elbows together drop your shoulders down Away from your ears look at this oh my Gosh it is For four three two one oh my gosh shake Your shoulders out All right not so fast we still have our Triceps to work AJ and Ellie are gonna Turn so that you can see all angles Hinge forward elbows in tight towards Your body and then again squeeze your Belly button in towards your spine we Just go press In press squeeze your triceps behind you Almost like you have weights in them

Yeah In back here let's pick it up together Here we go Press Eight more squeeze your triceps behind You I promise you we do not need weights To feel this four three look at you two Go yes pulse it up Pulse it up eight so Just bend and extend your elbows that's It press Four one last little push squeeze your Triceps straight and then bring your Elbows in Palms stay up oh there we go Five four three two one there it is nice All right we made it to our last one are We ready let's do it awesome you're Gonna meet me in a high plank shoulders Right above your wrists kick through Your heels take a big inhale Big exhale AJ's got you with those Modifications We're gonna lift our hips into a pike Come forward and then drive your knee in One at a time so Pike forward Drive Drive hike come forward drive the right Knee then the left knee nice and quick Good up Forward drive drive last one Now hold your high plank hold it here Take a big inhale big exhale just the Right knee drives in eight times eight Seven six Yeah four three two one and pull it back Quick child's pose can we do that one

More time oh yeah yes we can laugh push Yeah High plank hold On again drop your hips big inhale Big exhale give me a whoa Here we go pipe your hips up up come Forward drive me in one at a time good Up come forward forward beautiful now as You pull into the pike take a little bit Of weight out of your shoulders yeah and AJ those modifications look stunning Forward here we go four more yeah four And exhale as you pull your knees in Beautiful Two more two more two Yes we can last few minutes of class Let's do this let's do it good just the Left knee Pull It in eight Seven six Good four three Two One pull it back child's pose oh yeah Take a breath I'm so sorry we have one Last little push I think I lied a little You're gonna choose forearm or high Plank AJ why don't you hit the forearm And then go ahead Ellie hit me with a High plank and hold Cold in 20 seconds everything that you Have left you worked so hard today you Should feel so proud of yourself that The last 15 seconds matter hold Should we Chit Chat yeah how was your Day this is amazing Just like that it's three two one pull

Your weight back let's move into our Stretch yes you did beautiful job job Drop your forehead to the floor Knees come together reach your arms long And just take a moment catch your breath 30 minutes whether this was your first Time or you're just coming back for more Just be so proud of yourself for showing Up reach one arm through thread the Needle 30 minutes out of your day just like That Sometimes it's really hard to get onto The mat yeah it's the hardest part the Hardest part and then we feel so good Afterwards And we're here to cheer you on the Entire time Oh my shoulders Shoulders feel so good yes Walk your hands back so I've had to Bring your inner lace your fingers open Up your chest lift your gaze Big inhale Big exhale and then can you ground your Spine forward little protract your hands In front of you so good And we're going to finish stretching on Our back so you're just going to shoot Your legs in front of you extend your Legs and then pull your knees in towards Your chest when you get there And just taking a moment maybe thinking Of something you're grateful for a

Moment where he wanted to pull back and You kept going and just feel so proud of Yourself extend your left leg pull your Right knee in towards your chest and Then twist over spinal twist extending Your right arm and gazing over your Right shoulder What was the moment that you felt Challenged and you kept going AJ Definitely the plank oh yeah because the Seconds got down it was like nothing it Was so easy yes yeah what about you Ellie I agree I'm gonna say plays you Know he stole your answer but we kept Going I kept going and it felt great yes You did and twist over Foreign Calm of Silence Perfect and then from here you're going To pull your left knee in towards or Open up your left knee and then left Ankle to your right knee and then pull Your right and then and then and then And then and pull your right hamstring In tight towards your body take a figure Four also another option if that doesn't Feel like enough on the force to come Right here and lift up Ellie I'll let You have that one I got you flexible Over there Pulling your hamstring and feeling so Proud of yourself or showing up for Being here 30 minutes on our mats and go ahead and

Just switch Right ankle over your left knee Opening up your knee a little bit more Maybe closing your eyes for the last Portion of class yeah Allowing yourself a chance to go inward To really reflect on the moments when it Got challenging and we stuck with it We did it anyways I was so proud of Yourself for that pull your knees in Towards your chest And then go ahead bring your hands Behind your knees you're going to rock Yourself up a few times massage your low Back this is possibly my face oh yeah Then go ahead and find a seated position If you want to First bring the soles of The feet together Lift up your chest If you want to move your neck side to Side take a few rolls Stretching is just as important as the Work yeah All right and then meet me seated Position we're just going to take two Big deep breaths together take a big Inhale Big exhale Let It Go One more big inhale seal in the change Big exhale let go of anything holding You back And then Gathering all the strength all The energy all the crazy hard work that You put in take that with you we did it

AJ Ellie you crushed it thank you so Much for being with me and we can't wait To see you again on the next class fit Sugar Oh

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