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30-Minute Beginner Hip-Hop Dance Cardio Workout With Arianna Davis | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Beginner Hip-Hop Dance Cardio Workout With Arianna Davis | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey guys welcome to dance fit sugar my Name is Ariana Davis I'm here with Paris That's so good and poofy we have a 30 Minute Dance Workout for you today are You so excited I'm so excited we gonna Do a little hip hop all right let's get Into it yeah Hey hey hey hey all right guys let's get Started with this warm-up let's start With a little little Groove yeah get Into it I'm just warming up a little Over here we're gonna do a little easy Warm-up we're gonna start breathing in And reaching up And out one more time breathe in And out two more times actually and up And exhale one more time breathe in Big breath and out we're gonna hit a Grapevine yeah and stop hey And clap Yes Warmed up you don't feel it okay those Arms you know be free with it another Great Vine Hey yeah hey add a little turn if you Want to I mean it's a holy country right Let's do it hey we're gonna hit some Jumping jacks okay here we go warm-up Time right to the side yeah you thought You were gonna get away with not doing Any jumping jacks but no we're doing it We're gonna do one more to the side Then we're gonna hit our favorite little Groove again

You feel it in your legs because I do I Feel it in my heart I feel it in my Heart yes yes One more time we're gonna breathe in And All right guys I am already breaking a Sweat after that warm-up but let's keep Going shall we yeah okay we're gonna Break everything down very slow we're Gonna start with two phrases all right Let's get into it our first move is a Throw and we throw any kind of way we Want to because you know what we have Options right we love options yes we do So you can stop everybody in your path You could throw with one hand and look At your rings you can throw with two Hands and look at the stars I don't care Whatever you want it's a Christmas tree Let's do it we go throw step back and Then we're gonna hit one two three we're Gonna do that again on the left side One two three and this one two three This little pop pop is anything that you Want as well so you can hit a little one Two three or you could do the high knees Just if you want to get your cardio up Let's do that let the let the heart rate Go okay that's what I'm gonna try to do The whole time you guys can modify and Look at them if you want to look at Poofy in Paris they might be doing a Modification just pay attention and do Whatever you want to do all right let's

Hit it all together ready Come on [Music] How do you feel I smell good you feel Great let's go on yes okay our next move Is a kick also however you want to why Girls because we have options period all Right so we go kick or you could do it Kick a little karate chop or you could Do a kick whatever you want come on any Kind of kick you want yes so we go kick Step and throw then we hit this little Jig other side okay Stop and flow Hey one more time [Music] All right let's do that Tempo shall we Okay Five six seven eight kick step and down [Music] [Applause] [Music] My heart rate yeah step and down Step and down Oh my God how do you guys feel amazing You want to do all of it together on the Top yeah ready five Six let's do two of each okay six seven Eight one two three eight four one two Three and four and kick step and down Step and jump hit hit hit oh my God that Felt so good let's do this again to Tempo and let's listen for that beat all Right yeah are we doing any more time

We're gonna do it four times each move Thank you so much Paris yes sometimes I Forget because I'm so into it you know Yeah into it yeah hey let's do it let's Listen yeah Let's Groove out before we Do and five six seven eight [Music] Get crazy with those arms And a kick [Music] Hey it's okay if you get a little free With it you don't have to stay here the Whole time you can you can okay okay Come on [Music] Oh my God that felt so good yes I want To do it one more time just so we can Get it really ingrained in our Spirits You know what I'm saying because I also Messed up a little bit that's okay It'd be like that sometimes hey if you Messed up at home that is okay we're Gonna do it again and again and we're Gonna add on it's gonna be fine right Yes it's all good all right let's get it Let's get it At five six seven weeks grow and throw Out a little facial oh here come on We kick and whoa come on Hey Oh I Feel This Little Rock Hey hey let's try it I feel good I hope you feel good let's Move on shall we to the next phrase yes All right I'm a lot of breath y'all okay

This is a real workout what it's about It's a real workout and that's what We're here for right yes all right so The next move starts let me take a deep Breath here we go Okay yes it's a swipe Hit and then we're gonna kick well let's First let's do the feet first our feet Go kick and back Kick and back and we're gonna do our Arms like this side side side And switch to the other side now Together slowly that looks like this we Go kick and back Kick and Back Again kick and back [Music] So the full move is swipe hit kick back Kick and back then we do it to the other Side we go slice Hit hit and back kick and back and with This swipe you gotta add a little Personality sprinkle a little bit of Spice on there Do the Booty out if you want to get low Oh if you want to go high okay Do your thing and do your thing girl They're gonna look great doing this Let's do it all together shall we slowly Five six Five six seven we go swipe Hey hey [Music] Kick and step again [Music]

Kick and step how are you guys feeling That was great that was great okay you Felt it in your soul let's do that one More time because I feel like it's a Little tricky with the feet ready yes Okay five six five six let's only do two Swipe [Music] Oh my god let's move on and do it a Couple more times from the top slowly And then we're gonna do it to Tempo with The new phrases in involved okay ready Let's see you know the drill hit a Little move before the music starts Six and five six seven from the top [Music] Hey [Music] We kick step and down hit hit that's my Favorite part actually And really hit that yeah Yeah and boom And yeah get into it yeah then we oh Sorry guys okay yeah we go around yeah And then we come back let's hit it ready Around Other side hit and back hit and back Around Hey hey let's get it yeah and boom Hey hey okay how do we feel let's do That again yeah you know I got dance Brains we gotta run it back right okay And five six from the top we go [Music]

And add those facials hey And kick step down We kick oh I'm feeling like a kickboxer Right we're making Styles today [Music] That move right there let's move right Here Hit hit we swipe [Music] And swap Hey swipe [Music] Yeah guys we're killing it all right Y'all are we ready to go on let's go Okay this next move a little tricky I'm Not gonna lie but we're gonna break it Down slow for you so we can get it all Right we start stepping forward just the Feet step forward and uh forward Scoop Turn around look real slow head not then We replace our feet by going forward Again And forward Scoop Other side Head nod once more once more we go front And up front scoop forward Head not one more time and uh front step Forward Head knot are we ready for arms okay I'm Ready for arms ready we go swipe Around the head swipe

Scoop we drop them and that's when we do This little head knot so the feet and The arms together look like this slowly We go forward Around and forward scoop drop those arms Head And not we go again and forward Up and forward Head And nine one more time forward well two More times back up scoop Take not and hit A scoop other way sorry did it go the Wrong way yeah that's okay all right We're human we know what we're doing we Got I think you guys got the gist of it So let's do that again a couple more Times slow let's kind of integrate it After the swipe hit boom boom boom boom Boom boom okay let's go yeah I feel like That will help us remember what's next You know what I'm saying so we go you Know the drill hey hey hey Let's hit this like swipe Swipe Hey boom boom boom boom boom boom Four times sorry guys [Music] Calm it down yeah Low energy at first and we'll bring up The tempo and the energy later But we're chill right now y'all y'all Got it You guys got it right yeah look it's

Even hard for me you know and that's Good because we always want to challenge Ourselves when we're doing workouts like This hip-hop is for everyone and Sometimes it's a little challenging you Know so we gotta make it work with what We got okay right all right let's do it From the top all the way through with The new really hard move all right but Before we do that let's run that hard Move one more time just for good measure Okay ready okay we're gonna do it slow Five actually let's do it and five six Seven we go forward and go forward So you basically switch your feet One more time and this way Let's do this from the top yeah all Together let's go hey hey hey hey hey Hey what's my favorite part when we get To jig before the five okay We start with the throw six seven eight Two more times Get ready for the kick and boom Give a little flick oh yeah super cute Yeah Turn it up Yeah it's a little bit slower but that Means you can add more personality yes Okay one more time yeah [Music] Here comes the hard move [Music] Slow slow [Music]

Down [Music] [Applause] [Music] Y'all we just did that we did yes Oh my God I feel so good that we did That all together with the new move how Do you feel I know you can't respond for Me but you know what I can hear you hey You're feeling great I can feel it through the screen you Know what I'm saying yeah all right how Do we feel about moving on yeah let's do It let's do it okay so we just got done We're gonna run this one more time this Move right here one and uh two swipe And head and back We're ready [Music] And head we're going to kind of grab our Pants a little bit if you don't have uh If you have leggings on you can put your Hands on your hips or you know you can Even hit us with a I mean mug if you Want to come on two two three four five Six seven eight and then we do this Thing that I call the mouse potato [Music] You stir in that pot and you step into The four corners of the room hey all Right we're gonna do that again but on The other side we go [Music] And if you want to break down that

Mirror a little bit more this I call it A truck it's basically like stepping and Straightening your leg at the same time So instead of bending like this you're Gonna keep it straight and it comes into Like this little pop situation we do Eight of those right and then this just The arms for the mashed potato we go Turn it with both turn it with both You're you're a master chef do you stir In the box right two pots at one two Possible ones one's in the air Mysteriously right okay [Laughter] [Music] I smell what you're cooking All the seasoning oh that seasoning salt Ooh yes it's delicious I'm ready for Thanksgiving This is a Thanksgiving meal right here Since we got the snacks and the entrees And the dessert I can't wait to teach You the desserts oh my God okay let's Get going with the rest of this meal Though already okay we go from the top And put the new moves all together with It slow actually you know what I believe We can do it Tempo let's go challenge You come on with the new moves Tempo yes Ready Get into it hey get into it [Music] Hey make an earthquake make an Earthquake hey hey

[Music] Hey hey swipe time swipe Yes yes [Music] [Music] [Applause] Oh my God we are almost ready to do the Whole thing I have to teach you one more Phrase but first let's do it all from The top to Tempo all right come on let's Get it I'm ready [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] All right [Music] I love my sound effects Let's do this new move two three four Five six seven mashed potatoes [Music] Four quarters Four quarters all right guys we are Literally almost done we did it right And I told you that we have a little Dessert for y'all so you know what that Means super sassy fun move okay okay we Go Around All the way down yeah yeah I did it yeah And then we go And then your own pose so you could go

[Music] Yeah options right yes because what do We have girls Um thank you very much yes okay so that New move again ready we go And around Hit Step And we're gonna do that twice actually One two three four five six seven eight Yes we're gonna do that twice so we're Gonna do it again [Music] All right are we ready to add that on Yes ma'am Okay let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Okay so what we're gonna do is I know Right this song is a little hey get into It we're gonna dance to this song and we Are going to go so full out because why This is our final performance we're Going to run it two times all the way Through and we are gonna hit this new Move which reminder is around Hit And step one more time And what does that come after that comes After the mashed potatoes just as a

Reminder okay because I know we need Those reminders sometimes we do yeah all Right are you ready we're ready Yes it's a square garden yes hello New York how are you thousands of people [Music] [Music] [Music] But you got it [Music] And a two And Chuck I'll say Okay Mashed potatoes yeah [Music] And this is your dessert super cute and Yummy yeah oh my God okay this is the Whole thing really fast you should be so Proud of yourself we did it we did that So fast and we even hit those Challenging moves like this man that's Hard girl that is hard but you know what Paris poopy we got it yes yes [Music] Let's run it back let's get our heart Rate up so that we don't get too tired Let's hit a jig first Around [Music] Yeah Some personality yes [Music] Yes [Music]

[Music] Oh you're looking good Yeah One more time [Music] [Music] I think the crowd is going wild Oh my God Oh my gosh oh my God that was so Incredible I'm so proud of you for Getting through that that's crazy Paris Poopy you guys are stunning thank you so Much for literally being amazing thank You but you most importantly are the one Who should be proud of yourself oh my God okay so now that we hit that final Pose the crowd went wild guess what we Have to do we gotta cool it down let's Breathe in and breathe out just like how We did in our warm-up ready and reach up Inhale and exhale Inhale And exhale two more times one up And second one down and we're just gonna Hang out here do this little squat we're Gonna really stretch out those hips Because we did a lot of bent knees today Our quads are burning we're gonna come Up we're gonna go over into a lunge and We're just gonna pulse it out pulse it Out Pulls it out it smells good yes it feels Great right come up we're gonna go up And over and hit the other side pulse

Pulse pulse pulse it out and we're gonna Come up We're gonna breathe up And put those arms to a horizontal line And we're gonna wrap it around stretch Out those arms yes my arms need it we Did a lot of mashed potato stirring Today we need the stretch come over to The other side oh yeah that feels great And lastly we're gonna put our feet Together we're gonna take our arm we're Gonna pull our head to the side We did a lot of head whips we did a lot Of crazy stuff today a lot of Challenging stuff all right but you guys Did it we made it through I just cracked My neck And now we're gonna take it to like a Little bit of a diagonal still to the Side but just a little bit to a diagonal So you can get the back of that neck Because we really got to stretch out Those necks after we do something crazy Like that because we don't want to hurt Ourselves later right other side this is The last thing Oh that feels so good oh my God all Right Shake It Out ah guys thank you so Much for joining us at home we really Appreciate you Paris Say Goodbye Girl You did a great job Say Goodbye Girl you did a great job Thank you oh yeah yeah thank you so much For joining us at dance bit sugar and we

Hope to see you again once again my name Is Ariana Davis and I hope you have a Wonderful day bye guys

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