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30-Minute Barre Workout to Recenter Your Mind and Body




30-Minute Barre Workout to Recenter Your Mind and Body

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Welcome to class fit sugar I'm your Trainer Nikki knee and today I've got a 30 minute bar inspired workout for you To help release and realign after a bad Day are you ready I'm ready let's do This let's get started so finding your Way into your body take the legs a Little wider than your hips we're in Sneakers but you can always do this Workout Barefoot if that feels better For you to connect to the Earth let's Just start by taking a deep breath in Roll the shoulders up Exhale drop them down ah give your body A little Shake again deep breath in roll Them up Exhale Let It Go ha little Shake we've Got one more deep breath in this time Hold the breath in tighten all the Muscles in your body squeeze and then Let them go big shoulder roll so we're Gonna move to the music and let the Music help you find the rhythm of your Breath In and out the breath is such a Beautiful way to release any of that Tightness and tension take the shoulders Roll them forward I know for me I hold a lot of my stress And tension in my shoulders and my neck So if that's it for you let this be an Opportunity to release it Shift your state shift your mind shift Your mood right here we're going to use

The chest and take it like a cat Cow and Yoga just arching and rounding and Already start to fire up a little bit Through the center of your body But more important than connecting to The core is connecting to the core of Your soul so feel that and pick the pace Up as you take it out and in So yeah we want a strong physical core Abs and back that is so great but once We are able to find that connection to Our inner selves at any moment we're Going to be able to drop in and realign Let's take the head to the right so We're just going to take it right center Left nice and easy Feeling that stretch let's take the head To a tilt so we tilt that right ear to The right shoulder and then the other Side Beautiful take it down and up So gentle we can get a great workout in And still be nurturing and gentle to our Bodies taking four more All right my friend a thick shoulder Rolls right shoulder goes back and then The left shoulder feel a little little Bit of a Bend into the knee so that we Can start warming up the legs as well And add the elbows to Circle we're going To make the movement a little bit bigger And then take this to a arm circle Circle the arms out It's this invitation to create space

Create space in your body but in your Mind let go of what just happened what Just was going on Stay with us right here right now let's Circle it forward From the back Just being present and allowing whatever You feel to come up and be felt We don't always have to be bright Smiley And happy we can live like a human and Feel all of the things taking it to Elbows bent Rolling it forward And then just shoulders drop the hands Rolling stepping through Hopefully you're feeling a little bit More alive a little bit more warm and Then plant your feet take the hands of The heart and then exhale open that all Up Bend your knees touch your legs roll up Through the body Deep breath in exhale extend your arms Out open your heart bend the knees round Up this is our heart open take yourself Through two or three more just like this And let it be an experience where you Can gain presence with what you need Right now Feel [Music] And then coming up Wonderful stay right here bring your Feet a little closer together parallel

Under your hips lift your arms within Inhale float them all the way up Overhead Exhale let the arms float down Again inhale arms up So just slowing it down give yourself Permission that you don't have to push That you can feel and be And Sherry and I are going to add in a Heel raise this next time that we lift The arms up just starting to find a Little bit of strength and stability in The ankles firing up your calf muscles And if that's too much you don't always Have to go quite as high Leilani's Showing you just a nice variation of That Where the heels don't have to go really High but if you feel balanced and stable You can take the heels all the way up Over the balls of the feet One more like that inhale floats the Arms up Exhale float them down and land your Hand onto your heart into your belly Feel grounded in your legs maybe they Become wider close your eyes and just Take a moment to check in ask yourself What do I need right now What do I need And let that be this opportunity to give Yourself that to feel Through this workout and let any stuck Emotion bubble up to the surface and we

Will burn it out and the Flames of our Inner thighs so go ahead and lower that Down give yourself just a little wiggle A little bit of a shake Oh You got this tapping in to our inner Dancer let's take the legs wide to a Grand plie in second position so we're Turned out from the tops of the hips Toes are at the diagonal wrap your inner Thighs forward so it's like you have These two spirally vertexes of energy Through your thighs around your waist Spiraling all the way up all right we're Going to take that tightness and we're Going to bend the knees down hands to Heart Center and as you straighten the Legs we're going to throw the arms back Behind us let's try we go down up so to The tempo to the beat find your flow Find the alignment in your body so that We're not letting the knees Fall inward we want to use the strength Of our outer thighs to take the legs Super wide to really feel that stretch And the spread I'm feeling it got it all right we're Here in a little while so it can get Better and juicier and deeper as the Legs feel more turned on And I invite you to really use your Breath The breath is the easiest and quickest Way to drop into the present moment

Right now And so that's what we want is just to be Here now Maybe you've had a bad day and In This Moment let yourself feel all of that Girl it's been a bad month A month and that's okay Life is waves so we can experience all Of them And come to our mat come to our workout And let this be an opportunity to let go To release Good staying with it We got about eight more right here I'm releasing something releasing some Let's go definitely I'm with you you got Three more come on And then we're going to go ahead last One stay right here We're going to take a tiny little pulse Just right here we're going to pray to The plie gods And know that that little bit of Shake In the body is not only the muscles Fatiguing burning out and changing but The beautiful part the transformative Part is that shake is trauma leaving the Body So think about that let that shake be an Invitation to have a somatic release to Your body if you need to make noise if You need to breathe or shake the hands You can ah You are hopefully feeling in your body

And safe to be you So keep that going Staying present I was at a restaurant The other day and they called it the Soup of the moment rather than the soup Of the day so today we're going to tap Into our our soup of the moment as in What we feel in this moment right now Stay low give me two more eights right Here And that we know we get to decide in Every breath how we want to feel so we Could have felt like crap 10 breaths to Go and this breath right now feel a Little bit more okay stay right here and Just hold and lift one heel and then the Other heel One and then the other I know it's Burning I feel it but the shape of the Moment right now is that I'm gonna Challenge myself and get through it keep Both heels lifted see if you can find a Moment of balance and take your arms out Wide option to stay here with the heels Lifted and take arm circles back Leilani Will modify taking the heels down but my Friends we are still in this Grand plie I know if You Gotta Straighten it for a Second you can and then we get right Back into it tiny little arm circles Ah Stay present breathe And the beauty of these bar workouts Calling in your inner dancer is that

There's a sense of Grace to it so the Neck stays long the face is relaxed Remember you don't have to be feeling Amazing it doesn't have to be your best It's just enough that you showed up You got four three two one go ahead and Open your heart exhale Let It Go bend Your knees roll down touch your legs Give them a little massage What is it like to just touch your body Today I feel into that where where is it Burning can you give it a little bit More love A lot of times when we're having a bad Day we push those feelings aside and we Don't let them be experienced so take a Moment right now feet together bring Your hands to your heart let yourself Feel that It's all welcome all parts are welcome Here And then we're gonna take ourselves our Hearts down to our mats so setting up For a push up Leilani will show you the Modification so starting in a high plank Position the shoulders are over your Wrists Then we want to make sure that the hips Are not dropping down that means the Back's arched tighten up the core we Don't want the hips too high as well so Set yourself just up in your plank the Modification is down on your knees or

Maybe onto fists if you have sensitive Wrists we're going to start with the Elbows wide so maybe take the hands just A tiny bit wider than shoulders And we're going to take it chest to the Floor we're going in four three two keep The glutes tight we lower down press it Up exhale inhale lower exhale Straightening up yes that's right little Line and let me hear that breath girl The breath is a flush is our release Stay tight We've got eight more right here That's it You got your last four stay focused Pushing the Earth away pushing away the Bad vibes and then take a moment to rest In child's pose set your hips back to Your heels breathe let your belly be Soft Third eye to the floor What do you need right now if the Tendency is to push maybe you take the Modification if your tendency is to Avoid and go easy maybe you try without Your knees let's say this second step so Set it up this time we're going to take The hands a little bit more in so our Elbows are going to stay close to our Ribs like a yogi chakaranga push-up so Get yourself set up breathe in Come into your push-up position set up We go in four three two let's take it Down enough

Down In This Moment what's getting you Through can you shift that inner voice To be one of positivity of acceptance Of where you're at today right now Finish it off let's go [Music] Your last set four more [Music] Yes you can do hard things go ahead and Sit back onto your heels breathe Well done Roll up through your spine give your Arms a little bit of a shake maybe you Stretch out your wrists Doing all right you're here that is Already something to be super proud of That you're not feeling great standing Up and you decided to move to get in Your body and to shift your state of Being that is a powerful sense of inner Discipline We're gonna need it we're gonna need it For these Plies we're gonna need it Everybody loves them a good first Position heels together toes the Diagonal stand up nice and Tall hands to Art Center we Bend and stretch So there's Danny plie in first is an Opportunity to turn on those muscles in The booty I like to call my smile Muscles okay so maybe if you're not Having the greatest day and there ain't A smile on your face you're gonna be a

Smile behind you to keep the Vibes hi [Music] Yeah stay with it we're living here We're breathing here we're doing it try Not to let the the booty those cute Smiles pop out so we want to keep Everything centered and straight down Straight up that's going to get the burn That you'll want happening even sooner Stay here stay here we keep going I feel present feel present yes it's Nice Staying with it I think the thing about Car workout you've got eight more Is that we think that we always have to Be happy positive vibrant beings all day Every day long and that can be so Exhausting so maybe the mood you're in Right now is just because you're tired So let yourself be a little bit tired And let your breath nourish you Thank you for that reminder yeah yeah It's a tired world we live in Work in then your workout let's pulse it Right here It doesn't have to be every time your Best 100 in order to make it feel Productive for you it can feel Satisfying and enough just by showing up Just by carving out this 30 minutes just For you Because you deserve it loving yourself First is the way that we trust ourselves

And fill our cup up to pour it out into The rest of our world You're gonna need this love we got four More eights right here I know we're feeling it It's a good burn it is a good burn it's A good day to have a good burn yes Leilani's booty is working All right just stay low right here hello You can lift the heels high And go a little bit lower just hold it You just got eight seconds [Applause] Find the balance bring your arms up Straighten up and give it a little shake Out Nicely done Connect again if in take the hands to The heart deep breath in and feel What's going on now what do you notice Release connection definitely different Than the bad month walking yeah And it's all welcome even if right now You're still feeling heavy or stuck or Lost that's okay you don't have to have All the answers right now Just connect to your breath And staying connected to each other is Going to help us make it through let's Move down to the mat So we're going to take it to all fourth Position we're going to work on the Outer thighs the glutes so from all Fours you're going to extend your right

Leg back and just give me a little External rotation from the hip so the Pinky toe is what's lifting up towards The sky And Leilani is modifying on those elbows Which is perfect that'll help to keep Her back from arching and the core more Engaged and then for Sherry over there She's going to show you that you can Really lift the leg if you have the Flexibility and extend the legs super Straight point the foot the foot give me That line it's like that dancer's Arabesque gets that booty nice and tight And high we do fire in gravity I like to say we're drawing on the wall With our toes draw on the wall with your Toes yes I love that analogy And if you do have sensitive knees at All you can always cushion the knee more By adding a fold into your mat or an Extra blanket [Music] And then look down let the back of the Neck just be relaxed What do you see what do you see right Now notice As you feel take that in through the Nose out through the mouth keep pulsing [Music] You just got eight seven Four maybe the leg goes a little bit Higher and then go ahead and sit the Hips back onto your heels oh yeah you

Might want to walk the hands of the left Stretch into the right hip or whatever Feels good for you you know what you Need [Music] I can never guide you as beautiful as You can guide yourself so listen to your Inner teacher as you start to come up We're going to set ourselves up for the Second side so finding that position Extend now your opposite leg back but We've got our left leg straight back Turn out from the top of your hips so Your kneecap faces the back away from me And then the pinky toe is Lifting and Lowering up Breathe there maybe you need a Modification on this side Remember it's not about being perfect Today it's not about having the 10 out Of 10 gold star workout it's you showing Up For yourself Finding a shift in your day shifting Your mood keep that leg lifted [Applause] We are still here we are still working Out those glutes the beats a little bit Quicker so let's add that Tempo up And we gotta lift lift Are you breathing Leilani I'm doing it I Hear it I love it keep that up How are you doing over there Sherry I'm Surviving surviving that sometimes is

Enough we don't always have to be Thriving keep that leg lifted Staying up We got about 30 more seconds on this Side where does your mind go where do Your thoughts go what is the soup of the Moment today right now Stay with it you got this [Applause] 15 more seconds [Applause] Feel the extension feel the leg lift Let's go for eight more [Applause] Got four three two lower down take a Seat back into your hip maybe walk the Hands over to the side You doing all right we're gonna do a Little bit of a cardio burst here so Stand back up give yourself a moment a Little bit of a shake A little shimmy and then we're gonna get Back into first position finishing it Off right here we're going to take a Bend and a stretch of the leg pants to The hips And if you want to turn it up a little Bit more of a cardio you're going to Take a little drop Hands can drop down so low fifth for This finish Have that little bit of a bounce And just out right there may be enough To lighten your load of whatever you're

Carrying let that drip off of you as you Jump up towards the Stars [Music] I'm feeling the release feel the release Yes could be a shake let's go eight and Then just make it free Just Dance it out A little party moment And then take a deep breath Bend the knees round up [Applause] Touch your body check in one more deep Breath in Exhale burst it out Let It Go Staying with it really done we're gonna Take ourselves a little bit to the side Position we're going to start with the Left leg back our right leg forward We're taking grombot Moss so you can Start with the hands of the hips if you Feel more balanced you can take the arms Out it's a position through first a Tondu and then a lift of the leg lower Leg back through chondoo brush through First and come into a nice deep lunge The leg does not need to be hot let's Give it a try four three two one take it Up down lift lower So wherever you're at today is where You're at today I know so often we show up to a workout Wanting to change and be better and do Better but just for today can we be like I'm actually

Kind of crushing it right now wherever I'm at I did not stay on the couch wallow in my Sorrows I turned on a workout I got my Body moving feel good about that and let Go of How High your leg is So I got dressed today I am here Give me two more Oh yeah shake it out we'll stay that Same direction we got this yeah we got It take it to the other should I take The opposite leg back right leg back Left leg forward stand up tall roll your Shoulders back girl here we go take that Grandma up and down lift and lower So again it doesn't have to be high but If you're really feeling that work of The energy coming down from the back of The leg underneath and out your toe That's what we're working for rather Than gripping the quad in the hip flexor To thrust the leg up it's more of an Energetic brush of energy out from Underneath you Up down lift and lower we're almost There [Music] Maybe getting a little bit sweaty Feeling the heart rate get elevated [Music] Almost there finish it out [Music] Stay connected within find that place That is always okay that knows it's

Gonna be fine [Music] It's my friend we're finishing it off Right here you got four more [Music] Two One shake it out Let It Go Give me a little dance party a little Bounce a little Shake remember who you Are It's all welcome feel the feelings and Then let them go [Music] Deep breath in Open your heart exhale Just stay standing one hand on heart one Hand on belly feel that connection Within No know that little voice inside telling You it's all going to be okay It's all going to work out And as you feel into that can you trust That voice When in the past has it not been okay And that always somehow life has Unfolded just as it needed to so keep That and energy going that connection to Your inner self That part of you that's not going Anywhere ever it's Eternal and it's Content let that Drive As we finish this workout out let's hit Take a seat for some core

All right let's go ahead and face the Side we're doing all right we're doing Great all right we're going to take it To a reverse crunch fingertips Point Towards your heels shoulders roll back You're going to keep a bend in the knees And you're going to draw the knees into Your chest and then extend them out as Far out as you could feel comfortable Leilani's showing you the modification Here where you can just take the legs In and out if you want to go in between That you could take the hands and add in A crunch with your reverse crunch So you can add both of those in or you Can stay in and out So find what works for you know that You're nearing the end so if that helps You to keep yourself going keep moving Then let that take you there I'm going To lower it down because I could feel Myself gripping my quads and I don't Want to do that I want to feel it right Into the lower abdominals into the Transverse keeping everything held in All right stay right here everybody meet Me down on your back fingertips to the Temples keeping a Bend to your knees You're going to take the right knee to The left elbow as you twist and then Lower it down and then opposite side Twist and then lower let's go to the Tempo here we go and twist lower Still breathing

The breath what is the moment That what is it that you feel in this Moment Mirroring the end Let's take one more eight count right Here and you could have the option to Stay with Leilani and keep this work Going or me and Sherry you're going to Take it to a bicycle extending of the Leg out so extend and twist Laughs for four three two one my friends Lower down let everything soften and Relax a big shavasana Thank yourselves Thank you guys thank you you all for Grateful for you both yes for keeping us Accountable the supportive Community is Really something special so You are held even if you're doing this Alone know that we are with you That time and space is just a dimension And we could be present together right Here right now [Music] I feel [Music] From here go ahead and draw your knees Into your chest and give yourself a Little massage to the back by circling Your knees in One Direction [Music] Circle the knees in another Direction And then let those knees just fall over To the left side of your body your right

Hand can extend to the side and your Left hand can become the top of the Outside of your right leg maybe close Your eyes Feel the internal organs get a massage And I feel proud When we're having a bad day that energy That feeling that emotion We reach a lot of times for unhealthy Things One of the things the unhealthy things That you reach for when you're feeling Sad angry Go ahead and take the legs the other Side For me it's like TV or Chips or you you know like sometimes we Just want to wallow in that feeling and That's okay But then what if when you're feeling sad Or stressed out you reached for your Body and you're able to move it As the medicine To whatever you're going through hmm That feels really empowering Thank you for that Take it back Center go ahead and take The feet to the floor across your ankle Over your thigh make a figure four and Draw the knee to the chest we did a lot Of work with the outer thighs so give Them a stretch [Music]

And then uncross Yeah so just feeling in your tool belt What you could start reaching for when You're having a bad day and being able To have the resilience to bounce back to A state of balance and Alignment more Easily More quickly [Music] Go ahead and lower the legs extend the Legs long and just let's close out our Practice right here connect it back to The body hands may be to the belly or The heart whatever feels good for you And ask yourself now how do I feel What do I need I'm just remembering that it's all going To work out Because you're in control You get to decide And let's just begin to roll on over to One side take a moment there And just feel into your energy and what Maybe you need to do the rest of your Day or not do If you need more rest maybe it's a Decision to get to bed a little bit Earlier Take that with you as you press yourself Up to a seat and then gently make your Way up to standing Well done thank you Sherry thank you Leilani hopefully you've been able to Release some stuff so that you're more

Aligned to move through the rest of your Day feeling like you we'll see you next Time

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