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3 Fashion Rules EVERYONE should Follow | How To Look Good ANYWHERE




3 Fashion Rules EVERYONE should Follow | How To Look Good ANYWHERE

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Have you ever looked in an outfit that You're wearing and can't quite figure Out why it's not working well if you Have chances are it's because you're Breaking one of the three golden rules Of fashion now I'm not one for following Rules at the best of times but these Three fashion rules are definitely worth Knowing about [Music] I talk a lot on this channel about Balance and proportion and how those Things actually matter when it comes to Putting together an outfit and in Today's episode I'm going to expand on That and just share a little bit more About what I mean by balance and Proportion in an outfit and why those Things are really important once you Understand these principles and the Three rules that I'm going to cover off Today you will easily be able to unlock Your own sense of style and putting Outfits together will become so much Easier too so if you would like to see The only three fashion rules that you Need to know about then just keep Watching now the first rule I'm calling The rule of thirds now you may have Heard of this before perhaps in Photography or if you're an artist There's a lot of talk about the rule of Thirds now this rule very much applies To Fashion too and essentially all it is

I'll give you an example in photography If you were a photographer and you were Shooting a horizon essentially the photo Is going to look far more pleasing to The eye if you don't have the Horizon in The center of the shot if you place the Horizon in either the top third or the Bottom third of the photograph it's far More appealing interesting and pleasing To the eye so when it comes to Fashion You need to think about your your body In thirds as well and a really well Balanced outfit has a proportion of Two-thirds which is essentially your Bottom half and one third which is your Top half or vice versa generally if you Wear an outfit that breaks your body Into separate thirds or doesn't give you Any relief in those areas then it really Doesn't create an outfit that's very Appealing one of the things we often do In fashion is we cut ourselves in half And that is the same as having your Horizon in the center of a photograph It's cutting your body in half which is Never a particularly flattering look Okay in theory this outfit should Actually work because it's monochrome But it doesn't because it's not obeying The rule of thirds principle so my Body's being broken up at the waist and Also where the skirt Falls just beneath My knee and it's leaving this strange Gap between the boots and the skirt so

It's basically breaking my body up into Equal thirds well almost and what we are Looking for is two-thirds and one-third To create a cohesive look now this Outfit does exactly that but I don't Like shiny boots teamed with this shiny Skirt so let me try something else Okay I've swapped out the boots for some Converse high tops these are my faves And that outfit looks better to me it's Definitely working so the skirt is Two-thirds and my t-shirt is one third So it's a really nice balance of foods So now I've just thrown on my favorite Crossbody bag and a great pair of Sunnies and I have a very easy casual But cohesive outfit Let me know in the description box below If you can see the difference and see Why the outfit on the right is working So much better and at this point I just Like to say a very big thank you to the Team advice clean for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode don't skip Through this because you are going to Want to know exactly what vitaclean is So basically vitaclean is a shower head That filters your water using vitamin C And essential oils to help improve dry Skin and brittle hair I've only been Using vitaclean for a few weeks now and I'm already in love it feels like I've Created a luxurious Spa in my own home Installation was a breeze and you don't

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Also like to create a zen-like spa Experience in your own home now the next Rule is the sandwich rule of color now I Think Lydia Tomlinson was the first Person that I heard talk about the Sandwich rule when it comes to Fashion But there are two sandwich rules that I Think are worth following so the first One is the sandwich rule of color so When we're talking about a sandwich We're talking about the bread is on the Top there's some interesting filling in The middle and the same bread is on the Bottom of the sandwich and that's what We need to think about when we're Thinking about the sandwich rule of Color so it's as simple as thinking About the color of your outfits like a Sandwich so the same color at the top Which is your bread and the same color At the bottom and a different color in Between which is your filling now I know This seems a little simplistic but it's Amazing how when you change this up and Adhere to this rule it just creates a Really cohesive outfit I'll show you a Few examples here of what I mean and let Me know in the comments below if you can See it working okay now here's an Example I have a dark color on top my Interesting or my filling color is my Light colored pants or jeans and then I've gone with a light color boot now as You can see there is no color balancing

Or sandwiching happening here at all and While it looks okay I think it can look Better alright so I've swapped out those Tan boots for a pair of black boots and I think instantly it looks well the Outfit looks more balanced and more Cohesive and I think it looks a little Bit more modern as well I've just added A belt here to also give me that sort of Hourglass effect where I'm balancing the Color on the top with the color on the Bottom and just adding a little bit of The same color at the waist again just To create some cohesion in the outfit I've just added the crossbody bag and a Long line coat and some sunglasses and I Have a very modern well balanced outfit Here's a little side by side so you can See exactly what I mean I definitely Think the outfit on the right looks more Balanced and that is the perfect Sandwich that's doing it Now I wanted to show you how this can Actually work if for instance like me in This outfit I really wanted to wear These chunky boots but I also wanted to Wear an all black outfit so all I did Was add the top piece of bread or well Yeah the sandwich the other half of the Sandwich the top with this beautiful Faux fur coat and there you have a very Color balanced look and this is a new Faux fur from revolve I've only just Received it this week and it is the most

Divine faux fur it is soft and snuggly And super warm I'm just having a moment With it here and these are some very Cool new revolve leather almost cargo Style pants which I'm absolutely loving As well and who said you can't wear Trainers with fur So the third and final rule is the Sandwich rule of balance and essentially The easiest way to remember this one is To think about an hourglass so an Hourglass is wider at the top it comes In at the center and then wider again at The bottom it creates a real sort of Equilibrium and just really nice balance Of proportions which is exactly what you Want to try and Achieve when you're Putting together an outfit so it's Things like if you have a wider padded Jacket for instance then you would think About teaming that with some chunkier Boots or chunky trainers to balance out That look and the key with this is also Making sure that you don't wear the same Fit top to toe so you don't want to wear A fitted top with skinny jeans and some Dainty heels now don't get me wrong I Love skinny jeans but the way to wear That to create more of a cohesive modern Out outfit is to add a little bit of Depth and interest so wear those skinny Jeans but team them with some chunky Boots or trainers and maybe an oversized Sweater or a blazer with shoulder pads

Just to think about that hourglass and Try and create that difference of of Shape and style mirroring the top of Your outfit to the bottom of your outfit Okay so this outfit clearly illustrates Why wearing all of the same weight Doesn't quite work I mean it's not Offensive but it doesn't look Particularly modern or stylish so Wearing a fitted top with skinny jeans And everything is the same weight In my opinion just doesn't look very Fashion and yeah as I said it just Doesn't look very modern so an easy way To upgrade this look is to add a Slightly wider pant you could do it the Other way around and add something Looser on top but in this outfit I've Gone for my new leather pants from Revolve and yeah I think that this has Just instantly given this outfit a far More Modern Edge and just given it a Little bit of extra kind of oomph I've Added in my oversized Blazer and this is actually my son's Blazer and I'm stealing it from him Because I wear it all the time So here's a comparison and all I've done Is swap out those skinny jeans for a Pant that has a little bit more room and A little bit more weight to it and Immediately it gives the outfit more of A modern fashion forward look but it's Still as comfortable and I think it's

Really stylish Anyway that's it from me today I hope You enjoyed this one and if you did I'd Love you to give it a big thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel For more and I will see you in the next One bye for now [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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