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20-Minute Meditation to Quiet Anxiety and Fall Asleep Fast




20-Minute Meditation to Quiet Anxiety and Fall Asleep Fast

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Hi welcome to breathe fit sugar this Meditation is for releasing anxiety so That you can fall asleep with ease my Name is Christina joy and I am a Certified meditation guide sound Therapist breath work coach and healing Practitioner the way that we end our day And fall asleep is just as important as The way we start our day I invite you Now to gently close your Eyes take a big deep breath in through Your nose feeling a your belly filling Up your Chest and side Out so we'll do a few more rounds like That just dropping deeper into your Breath Deep Inhales full extended exhales making Your exhales longer than your Inhales This signals the body to begin to relax And to let go of [Music] Stress and as you continue to breathe Here just Envision a soft warm light Surrounding your body And every time you take an inhale this Light begins to glow and grow brighter Within You and this light is Protective it's safe it feels Nurturing so every time you inhale just Envision the light growing a little Brighter lighter a little

Warmer anxiety sometimes arises as Distracting Thoughts and so I invite you to think of Your thoughts as clouds and your mind is Like a clear blue Sky so anytime a thought comes up you Can just place the thought on a cloud And just watch it drift away so you can Go ahead and gently close your Eyes and take a big deep breath in Through your nose fill up your belly Fill up your Chest and side Out if it helps you can even place a Hand on your heart and maybe one on your Belly it creates this connection with Yourself like you're coming home to Yourself And just continue here to deepen your Breath on your Own making sure your exhales are even Longer than your inhales signaling the Body to relax and let Go you can even think of your breath as An Anchor and with every breath with every Exhale you are dropping deeper into the Center of your Being deeper into relaxation and Calm and something I like to do is I Like to link mantras or or affirmations With my Breath so you can inhale the words I am Calm and exhale the words I am at

Peace so I invite you to just do a few Rounds of that on your Own deepening your breath and just Dropping deeper into calm into Peace And as you do this you can Envision a Soft warm bright light surrounding your Body this light is safe it's protective It's comforting And every time you inhale you are Filling up with this Light it begins to grow brighter and Warmer infusing every cell every Molecule of your Body slowing down the Breath deepening and extending those Exhales [Music] Just continuing to deepen your breath Really fill up your belly filling up Your Chest and a long extended exhale on the Way out sighing it Out we'll do a few more rounds like that Big deep breath In and letting something go so as you [Music] Exhale you can even link the words I am Calm to your Inhales and exhale the words I am at Peace So breathing In I am calm And exhaling I am at Peace and as you continue here to deepen

Your breath and fall deeper into Calm I want you to imagine a beautiful Lush Garden this Lush Garden is is your Sanctuary of Tranquility and as you walk through the Garden you can feel the soft grass under Your Feet maybe you hear the leaves rustling In the Breeze maybe there's some Birds whatever you want to create and Invite into this Garden is welcome here So just take a moment to Envision this Beautiful peaceful tranquil [Music] Garden and as you walk through this Garden you Eventually see a Pond the water is perfectly Still maybe it's Reflecting a golden sunset or a starry Night Above you get to Choose and now I invite you to Envision That you have a pebble in your hand and This Pebble represents an anxious Thought or anything that's worrying you And as you throw this Pebble into the Pond notice the ripples that it Makes but Eventually the ripples Dissipate so this exercise is for just Releasing the weight of any anxieties or

Worries that we may be holding Onto so just take a moment here as you Are standing at this pond To toss in as many Pebbles as you need [Music] To any worry any Doubt just drop it into the Pond and then observe as the Ripples eventually dissipate returning The palm on to Stillness once [Music] Again stay connected to your [Music] Breath deep inhales into the Belly and long extended [Music] Exhales [Music] Take as much time as you need Here tossing a pebble into the pond and Then watching the worries dissipate just Like Ripples I am Calm I am at Peace I am Calm I am at Peace we're just going to do a quick Little body scan here Starting from head to Toe so noticing where you might be Holding on to any Tension or Tightness whether it's in your face your

Face Muscles maybe your Jaw noticing your shoulders and just Inviting these spaces to Relax sometimes I even tell certain body Parts that are really tense to Relax shoulders [Music] Relax neck Relax so just taking a moment to do your Own scan from the top of your head all The way down to the Bottom of your Feet Inviting any space or place that's tight To just Relax Continuing to deepen and slow down the [Music] Breath now I invite you to Imagine a beautiful Lush [Music] Garden this Garden is Your sanctuary of tranquility and peace Taking a big deep breath [Music] In and gently let that Go so bring your attention back to your Breath and you can think of your breath As a soothing Lulla Gently bringing you deeper Into sleep and [Music]

Relaxation you can even Envision a warm Blanket surrounding You a cozy Warm comforting Blanket [Music] Envision Yourself sleeping on a Cloud and With Every Breath You Take You Are Melting deeper and Deeper into this Cloud that you're Floating On Continuing to inhale the words I am [Music] Calm exhaling I am at Peace and notice how Your anxious Thoughts have begun to melt away Way notice how with every breath you are Just melting deeper and Deeper into the cloud that you're lying On I am Calm I am at Peace Just notice how your anxious thoughts Are beginning to slip Away as your body becomes Heavier your mind becomes [Music] Lighter breathing in I I am Calm and breathing out I am at Peace can Envision a warm blanket of

Peace surrounding you it's comforting And safe and Secure just giving you a sense that All is Well that you are Safe and that you are at [Music] Peace now I invite you to do a body scan With Me just noticing the places where we may Be holding on to any tension And inviting those places to gently Relax so I like to start with the top of My Head so starting with the top of your Head noticing if you're holding any Tension in your Face checking in with your face muscles Your Eyebrows your [Music] Jaw Going down your Neck into your shoulders inviting your Shoulders to Relax like I'll say shoulders Relax neck Relax so I invite you to do that with me As we go down our Arms upper arms lower Arms gently Relax continuing to stay connected to Your deep Breath and breathing calming energy into

All the areas where you might be holding On to tension as You go lower scanning your Torso your Hips your Thighs your Knees [Music] Your Shins and your Calves Relax down to your Feet Relax and just see if you can get even 5% more comfortable making any Adjustments that you need to Make taking deep breath And then just Exhaling calming Energy into all those places where we Might feel Tight I am Calm I am at Peace [Music] And just allow yourself to completely Surrender and to let Go and fall deeper into the surface Beneath You I am Calm I am at Peace and feel free to continue this Breathing exercise for as long as you

Need To until you begin to feel Calm and ready to drift into sleep with These thank you for showing up for Yourself to create more peace and calm In your life feel free to come back to This anytime you need a moment of Tranquility and be sure to check out Other episodes of breathe fit sugar Sweet [Music] Dreams

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