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20-Minute Lower-Body Workout With Amanda Butler | POPSUGAR FITNESS




20-Minute Lower-Body Workout With Amanda Butler | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey everybody Welcome to class fit sugar My name is Amanda Butler and today I am So excited to bring a 20 minute lower Body workout for you all you need is Your mat and a towel and that is it Today I'm joined by Ellie hey what's up And Pauline hey y'all are you ladies Ready yeah let's do it yes let's get Right into it All right let's start right into this Warm-up I want your feet nice and wide Arms up to a t we're going to start with An alternating windmill we're gonna take Opposite finger to opposite toe hinging In your hips dropping your chest gaze Those towards your feet now me and Ellie Are going to be doing the regular Version and if you want that Modification look at Pauline back here She's so cute you gotta keep up with her All right y'all keep on hinging so I Want you to focus on your breath here Take your time go at a pace that feels Right for you all right y'all we're Gonna start we're gonna go into the walk Out up down so I want you to go towards The far end of your mat we're going to Walk it down into a plank position Shoulders over wrists drop your hips Gaze goes up tuck your toes and walk Your hands back to your feet reset That's fine and then let's do it again Walk it all the way down dropping your Hips shoulders out of your neck focusing

On your breath right here So the warm-up specifically is to get That blood flowing but also to set the Tone for this workout you guys I am so Excited this is going to be a lot of fun Beautiful let's walk it all the way up Towards the center now we're going to go Into a hip Circle to a reverse lunge We're going to start just on the right Side taking that knee all the way up and Away from the center of your body Stepping it back one more And then let's switch sides here we go Left leg pull it all the way up drop That knee right below your hip beautiful We got one more exercise team and then We're ready to work out Last one let's take it to Jumping Jacks Right here all right I want your feet Nice and wide arms overhead this is when We're going to get the blood flowing Okay we got 15 seconds on these regular Jacks so make them look good remember Pauline's got that modification in five Seconds we're gonna take it to seal Jacks we're crossing our arms in the Front crossing our feet in three two and One let's go crisscross Applesauce baby yes final 10 seconds We're getting a breather before we start We're there in five we're there in three Two and one whoa Shake It Off ladies so Good okay let's get right into it so This is a quick little breather grab a

Shot of water do whatever you need we Are going into three rounds of work okay So this first round we have three Exercises we're gonna do it twice 45 Seconds of work 15 seconds of rest round Two we're gonna do twice round three We're gonna do twice and then we're Gonna have a little finisher okay are You ready so round one we're gonna start With a squat to a knee to elbow in three Two and one hands behind your head feet Width apart we're driving our knee to Opposite elbow as we come up from that Squat I want you to sit low Find that rotation here Oh So as we start here focus on your breath Let this drive every single exercise Inhale as you lower Exhale as you lift and twist Use your elbows to really pull back to Open up your chest Y'all I'm already out of breath this is Exercise one this is not a good sign now Remember you don't have to go with me You don't have to go with us go at your Own pace let this feel good Five more seconds one more after this Last one and rest beautiful job okay I'm Gonna be honest with you now is the time To turn up a little bit of cardio I want You to start to the left side of your Mat we're gonna go lateral jump squat to Four punches are you ready let's go

Using those arms and your legs you're Gonna punch three four use your arms and Legs to explode and jump one two three Four so now the Demo's done we're gonna Pick it up just a little bit yeah all Right Pauline's got that step she's Taking out that hop keeping the punches Let's go Ellie you're with me girl let's Do it come on y'all so I want as much Space between each of these jumps as Possible really use your arms and legs To explode Have a little competition with yourself Yeah see if you can go further every Single time can we do one more this is It four three two one shake it off good Job guys all right let's drop it down We're gonna be on our backs whoa we're Gonna start with our right leg we got a Glute Bridge so left leg is gonna go Straight we're gonna lift our hips off Of the ground arms stay down we're gonna Go single leg scoot Bridge Drop it Down Knee Drive send it out meet me here Let's go lift drop knee drive out the Entire time your hips are off of the Ground You're gonna feel this y'all this is 45 Seconds of intense glute work lift so When you start to feel your hips Dropping I want you to press down even Further with that right heel really lift Drive how we doing ladies I know this is one of my favorite

Exercises Chin off your chest let's mix Up on you I know I want you all to think about me Tomorrow I'm gonna try to do all the Things squatting down sitting on the Toilet all the things five seconds last One drive drop knee drive and out Recover beautiful job let's rest at the Top so come on up Shake It Off we have a 20 second break we're gonna do this one More time and then we're gonna do this All over again yeah so remember we Started we got that squat to knee Drive Elbow to opposite knee all right we're Going in five seconds we're on in three In two and one let's go one squat one Knee drive one squat one knee Drive Chess is up we've been here before let's Do it again I want you to challenge yourself here Maybe you want to push your pace a Little bit more yeah have a little Friendly competition with yourself but If you're not feeling up to it and You're feeling tired and you're like I'm Just showing up to feel good do that do That listen to your body Beautiful we got 10 more seconds here Almost there sit low Drive last one in Three into and one Shake It Off Beautiful job guys All right we're plowing through this so Remember move to the left side we've got Those lateral jump squats to four

Punches I want you to shake it off right Here tell yourself something good Because we're going to finish strong Just like you started are you ready yeah Let's go in three two and one explode Jump one two three four launch it baby Launch it it's like you're jumping to The Moon come on yeah jump oh I swear During these jumps I feel like I'm Jumping way further and way higher than I actually am You feel like a superstar until you see Yourself okay let's go punch it who are We punching today what do we punch it That thoughts bad energy negative Thoughts yes that's right bad Vibe baby Come on good let's go Get those Shoulders out of your ears turning in Your hips your knees and your toes Finish it let's do one more right here Last one best one one two three four Shake it off All right now we're gonna be back on our Backs this time we're working that left Glute so bend that left leg heel is Right underneath that knee right leg is Straight out Flip Flip those hips we're On in three two and one lift that leg Drop Drive the knee send it out now Evelyn right now give me one more inch Up one more inch oh yeah you gotta hold Yourself accountable I'm here we're here But who's holding yourself accountable

Yeah I can't see what you're doing even Though I'd love to you got to be your Number one coach But I'm not right there with you you got To be there for yourself Go ahead left we got 20 seconds Y'all I am working out so many things Today coming back to our why why did you Decide to show up for yourself why did You decide to put in this energy how do You want to feel in like 15 minutes last One five seconds lift drive and drop Okay you earned this long recovery my Ladies how are we feeling feeling good Okay the good news is we're going to Round two we only have two exercises Every single round we're dropping an Exercise how good does that feel it Feels good All right so we're actually going to Start this first exercise side to side Squat so I want you to turn towards your Camera I want your feet hip width apart When you step out your shoulders back And your chest nice and lifted are we Ready y'all yeah let's get it going Three two and one let's step it out Bring it in Sitting nice and low pressing your heels Into the floor Chest is lifted remember we're always Coming back to this breath Think about how much that breath helps You in everyday exercises in everyday

Situations that you're going through It's especially when you're working out I want that breath to help you exude More Force so when we're coming up use That breath exhale Yes there we go Keep this Tempo nice and easy there's no Rush here Oh yeah I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow I Was already sore today oh All right you guys we're almost there we Got seven seconds Oh get low hold it last three last two Last one shake it off so good all right We're gonna crank it up a little bit I Want you to turn your body right foot is Going to be down we're going to be Driving our left toe to our left heel Okay I want you to use your arms nice Athletic stance let's go down into like A little half lunch quarter lunge are You ready let's go three two one good Drive it so you step it back taking that Toe to your heel core is engaged nice Strong stance now I put in a little Secret sauce into this this is 45 Seconds of work we're going this pace For 30. final fifteen we're driving that Knee let's drive it yeah yeah do it I'll Cue you in so we got a couple more Seconds here this nice easy Pace get Ready we're there in three in two and One let's go drive it I want that knee To your nose send it up oh yeah a little

Burnout Oh I feel this gotta breathe come on Five seconds how many can you get in Let's go three two one Shake It Off Beautiful job good news is we don't have To see that right side again we're gonna Go to the left side on the next one okay 15 seconds little breather we're going Back to those side to side squats so We're not really giving much time for Rest on our legs this is why we're Getting our cardio in we're gonna let it Burn we're keeping that heart rate up All right if you hit with the part we Ready yeah yeah let's go step it out Come on Whoa Yes y'all so you know what is my Favorite thing about a 20 minute workout When you're short on time and you're Like no there's no way I can fit it in I Gotta drive to the gym I gotta do this You just turn it on you go right into Your living room that's it no excuses You don't think about it until it's done Yeah I feel energized huh then you feel Energetic yeah exactly So where are you at Be proud of yourself for showing up 10 seconds let's get it ladies we're Almost there last time we see this move Five seconds get it sit low finish it Give me one more and time Good job good job good job I'm drenched

You guys tripped yeah it's working I Know it's working all right so we're Gonna do the left leg this time so turn In the opposite direction left foot is Down remember we're driving that right Toe to that left heel we're on in three Two one let's go Got sit low Like I'm right there Oh y'all okay we're just tapping tap tap Baby Not going anywhere not thinking about Anything just moving our body staying Present here The quad is burning this is working the Quad working the glute on that left side There Is No Escape in it remember we're Putting this baby in sport in about Three seconds ready two one let's go Drive it drive it smart mode come on Drive that knee all the way up Make this uncomfortable Final five Yes that sweat is dripping three two one Shake It Off Oh Okay long break take a breather don't go Anywhere Why don't you grow up in a snack or Going for a walk stay right here okay we Got one more round left Only one exercise we're doing it twice Okay this one's gonna be a little bit More challenging right foot is down

We're going single leg deadlift so we're Gonna lift that left leg hinging in our Hips taking fingers to opposite toe you Come up step it back give me that lunge You add a hop you step it in yeah watch Pauline for the modifications okay she Kicks hands up foot She takes out the Hop step it back hop Bring it in we ready yeah we got this Last round in three two one let's go we Hinge So I'm a little bit wobbly when I first Start this which is totally fine okay You've got to warm your body up for that Balance So go nice and slow There's no rush here When you find that good Pace that feels Comfortable You can start to push that pace just a Little bit Even I get wobbly whoa see then I get Wobbly sometimes it's harder to go Slower and faster right we're really Making sure we're getting that stretch In the back of that hamstring Ground down with that right foot Oh my gosh my booty let's go I got you Ellie I got you girl hinge Like you're dropping down it's like a Bend and snap last one right here finish It come on last one last jump and time Oh Lord okay quick recovery we got the Left side we're not going anywhere

Turn it around we ready yeah left foot Plants right leg moves three two one Let's go we hinge Step it down pop oh I got this one you Got it It's important don't worry about what We're doing focus on yourself Okay all levels are welcome here I want you to let this to feel good let This feel good hinge So this is so good for if you need to Pick things up off the floor Working that hinge A lot of times we lose this hinge if we Don't use it Whoa I'm starting to feel it it's 20 Minutes my left leg's screaming at me We're almost there can we do one more Last one drop it drop jump oh my gosh Good job okay whoo We got one more thing We got one more thing you thought we Were done but I put a little finisher in Okay this is your breather We're going burpees to finish Burpees to finish now Pauline's got the Modification For me and Ali hands are going down to The floor we hop it out we hit a push-up We come up we jump okay my Pauline hands Down step it back into a plank Step It Up use your legs to stand okay 45 Seconds got this all right let's take a Collective breath right here yeah big

Inhale let's go Exhale We Ready ladies yes this is it let's go Three two one come on let's hit it down Use your legs and jump Good to find that piece It's not about speed It's about quality right here Send it up You got this trust me you've done way Harder things than burpees You got to get that mine right Train your mind your body will fall up All right we got 15 seconds whoa Can we start to push right here can we Push can we get like three more yes we Got it Ellie Five seconds one more And Time oh my gosh you did it All right let's drop it down let's cool It down Let's find a spot on the ground Roll it all the way back arms and legs Out just breathe right here Just Breathe Maybe your eyes are closed Big inhale through the nose let that Chest rise big exhales Let's send that right leg to the sky Big Stretch in the back of your Hamstring rotate that ankle a couple Times Uh switch directions on that

And let that leg fall to the opposite Side Supine twist And that stretching your IT band your Lower back Oh I'm out of breath guys Come back to Center left leg feels so Nice to stretch yes my favorite Stretches because I get to lay down Switch directions with that foot Draw it across your body And that twist Obviously you can stay here for much Longer if you need to Give yourself what you need Now I want you to come to Center Legs are long big inhale here On that exhale hug your knees into your Chest I want you to rock side to side And before we add any extra movements I want you to think of one good thing That you did maybe it was showing up Today was the hardest part maybe it was Those burpees because I think frosted With the burpees tell yourself something Nice okay because if you're not your Biggest cheerleader who is gonna be yeah All right lengthen those legs right here Let's take a big breath arms overhead on That exhale sit up nice and Tall fold Forward touch those toes just hold here Finding a deeper stretch

Letting everything go One more breath here Exhale fold a little deeper And release slowly come up All right thank you so much for joining Us you guys my name is Amanda I hope to See you on the next class fit sugar Thank you Ellie And thank you Pauline Bye everyone bye

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