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15-Minute Speed Workout For Runners | POPSUGAR FITNESS




15-Minute Speed Workout For Runners | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to class fit trigger I'm your Trainer Ashley joy and today I have a Speed workout for all you Runners if you Need any modifications follow poofy hey Hey and if you're looking for high Impact check out your girl Michaela hey Team this workout is sponsored by Nike Invincible 3. so lace up and let's get Ready to unleash our inner racer all Right let's get started at this warm-up Have a seat and we're gonna get into arm Swings we're gonna go in three two one You're gonna flip onto your stomach and Scorpion bring that back leg up and over Exhale And then back seated right into it nice And quick one two three four core engage Flip over onto your stomach flip there It is nice good stretch and then you're Gonna flip back seated and go one two Three four flip exhale every time you Twist good last 10 seconds let's go up And let's finish this race we got five Four there it is two All right we're gonna go ahead and stand We're gonna get into hip circles you're Gonna bring your knee up and out and This is usually done moving so you can Walk and do it but if you don't have That much space we're just gonna take a Step back we're gonna step into it out And over now what do we do with our Hands right it's okay just keep them up Keep them comfortable and focus on

Opening those hips driving that knee up And your toe up look there you go now We're gonna go into knee hugs And skips so first we're going to start With knee up right down Out to the side back down up And out back up and now we're going to Add a little bit of a hop here There it is drive that knee up Toes always Flex out to the side again This is usually done moving so don't Worry There we go Drive that knee up worry about that knee Drive and the toe Flex you can't push That knee out as far as you can Coming up next we're gonna keep that Little jog in place right here and then Now we're going to go into a hamstring Suite so you're going to kick one Hill And toe up and hinge and fully extend go Back into the jog just like so Kick that toe up hinge get a nice good Stretch and those hamstrings and those Glutes now if you need to bend your knee You can bend that knee that's extended And go ahead last one get a good nice Stretch Whoa And reach up I know right it feels like A um Yeah just like a back body stretch all Right work out number one coming up are Going to be skaters so we're going to

Stand in the middle of our mat We're gonna get ready for 45 seconds You guys ready let's go we're gonna have Some fun I want you to give it all 45 Seconds you ready come on all right Let's go push out I want you to Lunge Shoot off that leg touch that back toe If you need to or keep it up but we're Going to be here for 45 seconds so what I want you to think about is touching The ground and exploding explode Breathe you've got this use those arms Full body let's go Halfway Let's speed it up just a little if you Can come on Michaela you got this poopy Let's go I'm right here with you oh Almost there we're under 10 seconds You're doing amazing last five You get 15 seconds rest it's nothing Last one there it is good job 15 seconds Rest grab water if you need to or just Stay as present as possible up next We're going to do quick feet I want you To move as quick as you can and we're Going to hold into a squat hold okay we Got this in two one move those feet move Those arms on my cue you're gonna go Down into your Squat and hold hold there It is and back back to Quick back to Quick use those arms you can go slow or You can go really really fast hold that Squat there it is deep breath in you in

Control of your body let's go back quick Quick Keep running keep running and hold I'm Still feeling in those high knees yes Let's go quick feet quick nice and quick You can go around and circle oh yeah Come on let's go home let's hold hold Three two give me the last five seconds Of quick feet quick quick quick quick And rest That's good you guys good job turn Around all right I know you guys we just Did high fives but we have jumping jacks Into squat jacks We're gonna do four jumping jacks let's Go ready one two three four give me two Star Jacks one Two just like that right into your Jumping jacks is that four yeah Ready Now as you see movie she's taking out The impact But still feeling it low impact high Energy because all right I can't talk That much we are working I want you to Emphasize While you're jumping into your star Jack Explode explode there it is last 10 Seconds On it All right Relax Now lateral shuffle You're gonna stand on one side of your

Mat And we're going to push out To the other side And back actually let's go ahead and Start on this side with me nice and low Push out lateral There push back and we're going down to A squat Jack just like so how many Scratch should we add I think let's do Three one Two Three as you see poofy she has taken out The impact right she's not jumping well Michaela's back there I think she's gone Through the roof is she back yet I'm Sure you ready one two three stay low Stay low stay low and quick there it is Three one Two three last ten seconds make it the Best ten seconds you got it one yeah two Three five come on I want you to spread Last one come on two three fifteen Seconds rest oh yeah Good job poofy now Deep breath we're gonna go into a Lateral Ladder drill think of this as a ladder Right I want you to have a stiff ankles And tap that toe you're gonna move down And back and then we're going to go into A plyo Nice and quick poofy you got this yeah Here Here

And then back Quick There it is use those arms and back Plyo And flyo and back now if you need to Just take out the jump and go into Reverse lunge let's make it to the other End come on come on Last one spring up finish yes Michaela I Saw you through the roof good job You guys 15 second little rest we Actually have a full minute in between And That was hard that was hard that was Good right heart rate's up you guys Running is my passion my love I ran in College I ran forever and I always Encourage all of my clients to run it's The best thing the one thing about Running teaches you It's all about yourself you start a race You feel good you're hydrated you feel Amazing you're working hard but to Finish to finish you have to work even Harder that's one thing my coach would Tell me first part of my race in order To even get the second half a little bit Of what the first half you have to work Hard so that's anything in life right Gotta finish hard yeah so we're gonna do 30 seconds of rest 30 seconds of work This next round it may feel harder it May feel easy but I want you to no Matter what work harder this round grab

Some water we're gonna get right into it You only have 30 seconds of work easy Full 30 seconds of rest first up we got Skaters you guys ready come on pushing Out let's go 30 seconds Push [Music] Hey guys guess what what we're pretty Much halfway done oh hey can you believe That I like that there it is now if you Can if you are touching that back toe Try to stay off and I want you to think About pushing off one leg yes use those Arms Stay connected core nice and engaged There it is two one and this is gonna Feel like we can sit down and have Coffee yes we're gonna have tea we can Watch our favorite TV show 30 seconds Could we touch makeup like right yes and A text message we have 15 more seconds But in this up next we're gonna do the Quick feet to squat hold while we're Doing our quick feed I want you to think As soon as that ball of your feet Worthy On our toes on our toes no heels touch The ground you ready quick quick quick Use those hands move them and we're Gonna get into squat hold it now back Quick quick I think we're gonna stay Here for a while yeah Michaela let's go Let's go push it come on push it here do Those arms use those arms in hold hold

That Squat and we go right in right back Let's go last five seconds push push Nice and quick you only have 30 seconds And hold and Stand Tall how does this Round feel does it feel easier it feels More powerful power right right you're Moving quicker you have less time You don't think I have those extra 15 Seconds so you give it You're all but guess what I'm guarantee You you're working harder than the first Round yeah we got 10 seconds we're gonna Get into jumping jacks into those star Jacks remember four count on the jumping Jacks follow poopy free modification Let's go one come on Let's go push out And explode four Push Push back into it your speed is going to Come with your jumping jack push Push come on we're halfway over half 10 Seconds Push harder you can push through this Four last one And breathe Come on Superstar it feels like the 30 30 should have been the whole workout Right no but you earned this you're Working harder I promise you We're gonna go into our lateral shuffle Pick the side of your mat We're going to push out we're going to Stay nice and low

Now speed Doesn't always mean moving forward and Backward Becoming better as an athlete you need To be able to move quick from side to Side let's go push Push Squad Jack two three now go right Into it push feet together one two Three come on nice and quick touch the Ground if you can one two three come on Shuffle touch Shuffle touch pop up two Last one let's go Michaela push it push One Two finish strong and three yes Yes she's learning yeah burn in It's a good time to grab water You may be feeling amazing hydrating is Important Mm-hmm Your muscles need all The water in the world to move All right Ladder drill stiff ankle let's go push We're going back and forth remember the Speed this is the most important part The plyo is just adding a dynamic of Power Because speed is power There you go Come on dry those arms Everything is connected core nice and Tight push push let's go Three two finish finish finish finish Nice

All right yes that's how you finish your Race Go ahead and stand on your mat Let's get a quick little cool down we're Gonna stand Palms facing up feet nice and wide go Ahead and push those toes out And let's do a deep breath in Forward fold Exhale Nice Go ahead and grab those elbows And sway back and forth fill out those Hamstrings bring the elbow towards your Knees Go ahead and bend those knees if you Need to Good hands to the ground Move those toes and heels together Bringing those feet together [Music] Placing your hands on your shins Make sure your back now is nice and flat And let's come up Shoulders up by your ears And down we work those legs so much Let's go ahead and give our quads a nice Little fun tap and stretch our quasi and Go ahead and grab Oh your ankle How comfortable are these Nike Invincible threes I feel like I'm Jumping on the moon oh I like that I Felt like I was jumping on a cloud a lot

Of support yeah I feel like I can run For a really long time all right let's Go ahead and switch Good Try to bring your knee as close as you Can to the other knee Stand Tall always engage your core Breathe get connected with yourself Again Deep breath in Exhale Good good job actually Joy amazing thank You so much for working out with pop Sugar and Nike if you're looking for More check out the agility or the Quickness workout or go for a run see You next time bye Tina

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