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15-Minute Quick and Powerful Upper-Body Workout




15-Minute Quick and Powerful Upper-Body Workout

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We Say hey I Say okay synchronize breathing okay you Can have fun it's okay you can laugh Welcome to class fit suger my name is Jaden Wells and today's all about the Upper body in this 15-minute workout Y'all ready to get it done let's do it Let's Go all right we're going to start with Warming up our thoracic spine we're Going to start off nice and slow but as The time progresses you're going to feel The burn you ready M let's do it all Right let's come into a one nice Sumo Stance Hands by your side and we're Going to move through our Spine sinking with your breath tuck that Chin as you lean back and switch Directions oh that feels nice it does Feel nice a lot of us are at desk we're Having work so our spine gets Stiff which is part of the upper body Hello hello surprise feel good after Being in traffico it's all connected What driving a lot it's all connected I Did hear that a couple times we have 20 Seconds also I feel real cute with this One okay that lean back Hello Okay so this workout is giving a Little bit more Mobility more so than um Strength or super high intensity so it's Great if you're just warming Up and getting into a heavier workout

All right one more time Down and nice let's bring our feet Underneath our shoulders we're going to Warm up right hand is up and then we're Going to alternate through our shoulder Blades right up in here oh it's a little Jazzy yeah a little Jazzy Yes really articulate through your Shoulders Serving oh that's cute yeah jump it on The floor you know Classic so it is a great option just one Those shoulders we're like really stiff Up top times and Breathe okay we have 18 seconds Here nice this one for longer this feel Great it does feel great it's going to Ring out the spine give us that Mobility That we all need all right next minute You're going to give me I Dream of Genie Hands right hand is on top we're going To move into thoracic movements coming To your right at the top inhale and Exhale down Right I'm just going to keep going Here maybe at the top of that you take Your deepest Breath ooh and Exhale and if you like this you can Check out more Mobility classes with our Breathe fit sugar series it's Great to always honor the other side of Movement mhm

Mhm get some clicks so nice come on Quick clack M and to be honest there is really no Right or wrong way to do this just Listen to your body as you breathe Couple more seconds Here and nice let's just stack our other Hand on top left hand on top rotating to Your left there we Go so opening up thoracic spine it's Giving thoracic Park Okay Nice it's also give me a little bit of a Dance Oh can you guys hear my Spine I thought it was me glad is both Of Us nice just inhale at the Top oh yeah yeah when you Breathe about 20 seconds Here I'm not kind of Sweating Mobility I feel That little Del toy burn shoulder Burn nice and rest we're going to go Arms soers forward keeping your Shoulders and hands at the same level Working on our dels hey now the real Burn around I was going to say there we Go this is a great way to keep tension Throughout so don't give me like Uh give me like strong powerful Movements really engaging even through The fingertips can really help so no Spaghetti on huh hey come on spaghetti

On that's you too holding for five That's what after let's add a little bit Of speed to this there we go why is body Weight heavy it is heavy that's good and If you like more of a challenge grab Some weights cute little water bottle Something to just give you a little bit Of a push Oh all right let's speed it up last 8 Seconds oh Yeah all right and let's reverse that Here we go I'm lowkey feeling a Burn not lowkey I'm really I going to Say high key H hi I thought we'd set our Arms down how silly and honestly Sometimes body weight is all you need Mhm I need to shake it out a little bit Of there we go back up in it all right Let's add a little bit of speed my Favorite part all right and a technical Thing if your thumbs are pointing Backwards it just helps Mobility go back In the direction that you're going oh Helpful hands I'll right wrap up the Feet a little bit more do we feel those Shoulders oh yeah a little I know was Just Me yes go all right we have 12 seconds Can we pick up the pace just a little Bit say So there we go you got five four three Hands will come up to the sky pulling Down squeezing the shoulder blades at The bottom little bit of lat engagement

As well Woo nice maybe you want to wrap this up And you're feeling a little bit like you Want a little bit more you're going to Bend the legs give me a little hamstring Curl if that speaks to you otherwise Stay nice and Grounded oh my raise the roof say What we have 30 seconds Here yeah I don't think you need waight With this one Honestly and a cue I can give you in Terms of your ribs make make sure we're Not here you want to stay nice strong Core we have a tendency to open up as we Reach so that's part of the challenge as Well we have 12 seconds [Music] Hereo yeah my back's feeling it too relx She is burning come on LS nice and rest those arms for a quick Second we're going to hinge from the Hips thumbs up to the sky rear delt Flies and once again if you want more of A challenge grab some weights nice hold At the top little squeeze squeeze I want You to pull exclusively with your Shoulder blades okay so don't give me Thumbs up give me shoulder blade R Traction o from the front to back hey They're kissing oh that's Sweet You better Kiss we have 20 Seconds

Nice also to modification we can take is Going one at a Time core is tight we have 10 Seconds o longest 10 now it's only Five three two and one let's come up Upright position we're going to go into Our pull Downs with a pulse at the Bottom three two and one wo extend Makes that Nice oh yeah that pulse nice and nice And Toasty I'm just glad I put on deodorant For y'all because I got my arms up like This I'm like sorry y'all we appreciate You're thoughtful I try to be thoughtful I mean you're so many us do this but you Know we're just having a party when Yes and like before don't get too handsy Going to p with your scapula down and Up yeah cuz a lot of people lead with Their hands as opposed to scapula huh Yeah yeah that changes it it changes the Game y'all we got Five we got four what's after that three There we go two oh we're not skipping no EXT let's go back to those Real Del Flies with a little pulse at the top and Now pulse and down guess what here we Got extra credit here's the extra credit I love extra credit little double kiss Now oh that's super extra [Laughter] Credit now lots of people in a bentover Position start to feel sensitive back

You going to take a full upright stance To rest and then jump right back in it Making sure your core is tight in the Bottom position Yes Who's having fun put your thumbs Up see what I did There okay why don't you go ahead and Give us a thumbs up on this video while You're here actually after so you can uh Do the workout with us okay I hate this We have Five Four three two and one we're going right Back into it okay here we go with the Full range motions in the pull Downs up And down let's out a little a bit of leg This time since the body is Familiar Nice so this is great if you're working At a desk a Lot sitting down a lot spinal Mobility Really good I took off the leg cuz that Was in my Spirit we have 30 seconds till our flies Again yeah cuz it really opens up the Chest too Open up your heart open up to the head Hey okay Layout nice we have 12 seconds [Music] Here all right let's go three two and One all right let's switch it up a Little bit we're going to come elbows

Are going to be bent and we're going to To a flies here nice fly Ooh [Music] It's a great foundational Movement clothing my hands changes the Whole game for Me I'm sweating it's going to S feel Shoulders Shelby Moldy all [Music] Right Let's go 20 seconds here like 5 seconds Left or 45 seconds we finish Now 10 Seconds that's what I'm talking about Then we have our uh lat pull down pulses In three let's go ahead and stand up two And one hands up pul it Down oh my Goodness I'm he Said he I Say Okay synchronize breathing okay you can Have fun it's okay you can Laugh Hope come on Huff puff over there She said ho hoo oh man that's kind of Rude but I I I relate okay you better Relate it's Relatable all right let's add a little Bit slower Tempo down down and pulse Down and pulse ooh switching Up Tempo And velocity can change up a

Workout I feel it MH okay when the fire Starts to burn Hey let's go three more reps Three Two and one nice work last set of Real Del flies here we're going to bend our Elbows once again here and keep it right In the pocket modification one at a time And if you have decided to use weights Really make sure your core is extra Engaged as it won't be as Easy 40 seconds Here okay I'm going to need to go to Breathe F sugar after this get some uh Cool down I'm sweating like Crazy Woo all right 25 seconds Friends oh boy maybe we hold a little Little bit at the top hold and down you Know love a Tempo change Hey we got 15 seconds hold and release Pull and Release we have eight Seconds give me two more reps Two and one nice work shake it out we're Going to go into a little bit of Thoracic Mobility once again right foot Is forward back foot is facing the left Wall I'm going to do wind nails so I'm Going to go back let your spine move and You're going to switch directions right Hand going to come up you're going to Look to your right kind of ringing out Your spine back and forth it's giving

Tai Chi a little bit you're ringing out The energy points there stay to your Lunge you may find one side is tighter Than the other mhm is totally Good nice [Music] And let's switch our stance left foot is Forward right foot to the right wall Let's go up and over so left hand up Look to your left scoop behind you there You Go yes are we feeling a fantasy say I've Never felt so coordinated in my whole Life and just breathe just like those I Dream of Genies you want to breathe Through your Movement Let's do four More nice okay you breathe and move so Gracefully y'all let's do two More Woo and last One all right really quick inhale up to The Sky open mouth exhale hands to Heart Center thank you so much ladies Gentlemen everyone for this 15minute Upper body workout make sure to check Out more classes like this at classfit Sugar I'm Jane Wells this is leani and Kenzie and we'll see you next time bye Y'all Bye

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