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15-Minute No-Equipment Oblique Workout




15-Minute No-Equipment Oblique Workout

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Oh hey I didn't see you there I'm Jake Dupree and welcome back to class fit Sugar this is a short ab workout with Oblique Focus Gina will be doing a full Out with me Madison will be doing all The modifications and let's do this all Right to get this one started stack Those hands went on top of each other Now lift those knees right and left Again if you need to go slower take your Time yes lift and lift up nice and Tall With that torso ABS pulled toward the Back wall behind you lift and lift arms Up to the ceiling float them up oh lift I love a verb like float yes float Them Up Lift now as those legs come up pull Down and down yes if that's too much Just keep those arms up up and down good Good up lift those knees now twist it Side to side opposite elbow to opposite Knee twist really kind of get that torso Nice and twisting up and up Hugo for ten Nine eight seven six five good four Three two Anna One open those feet up Nice and wide turn the feet out hands in Front of you drop it low now you'll Twist inside to side yes side trying to Look at that back wall getting that Torch so nice and warmed up for those Abs yes obliques up and twist good good Staying low staying low if you can hands Behind your ears tap the elbow to your Knee side try not to lean forward too Much because that does look kind of

Weird trying to think you're stuck Between two walls and you have nowhere To go but side to side yes I don't know Why that would happen but we all find Ourselves sometimes in some weird places Yes now I'd reach the hand behind your Thigh try to tap the floor side again if That's too much you can come up here Just get that side bin with that torso Yes side to the side good try to tap That floor now reach one hand above the Head if you can other hand tries to Touch the floor oh hello sides of the Body yes for ten ten nine nine eight Eight seven seven six and six good and Five five yes four four four four oops Four oops four in three three two two One and one coming back up now coming Down onto your knees now I know if you Have any knee issues just come on to the Hip of that same leg so left knee is Going to come down right leg is going to Go out to the side straight out from Your hip take that left hand in line With your knee and your elbow yes right Hand goes behind the head now lift that Right leg coming up to down yes up light Touch on the floor lift and lower Remember shoulders away from those ears Again if that's too much for you keep Those knees bent yes lift and lower good And five uh-huh and four good good up Three two more two more two hold it up Right there hold that foot up now bend

The right leg in and out but don't let That right knee come in front of your Hip keep it in line with your hip yes Bend and straighten Bend and straighten Go in five uh-huh in four yes in three Really pull that rib cage away from the Floor two last one hold that leg out Straight reach that right hand towards Your foot now lift that right leg up try To touch your hand yes lift and lift Good now as you lift that leg reach for The foot reach for the foot lift and Lift you go for a ten nine that's it and Eight seven Six and five and four uh three uh two And a one coming down onto your left Side we'll do that again on the other Side just take this now feet are stacked On top of each other right hand in front Of you lift that booty up off the floor Up and down you go up turn it down if You need to keep your left knee bent to Help yourself that's great I love it do It all yes lift as much as you can in Three uh-huh in two hold it up right There right arm up to the ceiling now Reach that arm through the body then up To the ceiling try to reach it Underneath yourself twisting that right Shoulder towards the floor yeah reach And up good good in five uh-huh and four That's it in three two more keep those Hips up last one hold it up now pulse The hips for ten nine reach that right

Arm of eight seven six and five a four a Three uh two and a one coming down onto Your left side left hand goes behind Your ear Stack rest that hand like you're taking A nap bring those knees in right hand Reaches on top of your hip making a stop Sign now you'll curl up to down yes up Turn down reaching for your foot then Back down again if you cannot come up All the way just come up as much as you Can squeezing that side then rest it Back down let's go and four uh-huh and Three two more two more two hold it up Right there now tiny little pulses go Ten nine yes eight seven six and five up Four three two and a one oh guess what We have a whole other side to do aren't You excited me too all right yes I have To say that yeah bring those knees down On the floor right hand goes underneath Your shoulder hands and the knee are in Line with each other left leg goes out Left hand goes behind your head now lift It up to down you go up to down again if That's too much keep your right hip down Lift that left leg up as much as you can Or you can keep your legs bent and lift That leg up just a little bit as much as You can lift and lower touch the floor Up and down you go in four uh-huh in Three let's go in two hold it up right There now bend the leg to straighten the Leg bend it just straighten yes Bend to

Straighten try to keep that left knee in Line with your hip Don't Let It Go in Too far back or too far forward yes you Got it five uh-huh four let's go and Three uh-huh and two last one hold that Left leg out straight reach your left Hand for your foot now pulse the left Leg up and up you go lift and lift now If you would like to add a little extra Curl that hand toward your foot or reach It and reach it crunching into that left Side oh it feels so cute for ten and Nine eight seven six you go in five a Four uh three uh two and a one coming Down onto your right side side right Forearm to the floor left hand on the Floor in front of you stack those feet Now lift those hips coming up to down You go up to down working those obliques Getting the side of that body really lit Up let's go in five you got it in four That's it in three two more two more two Hold it up right there left arm up to The ceiling now reach the hand Underneath yourself try to touch the Floor behind you then up to the ceiling Keep those hips nice and lifted twist That left shoulder to the floor reach it And lift it reach it and lift it take The bend and snap but not yeah lift and Lower good in three uh-huh and two hold It up right there left arm up now pulse Those hips lift for a ten nine eight you Got it in seven and six uh five it uh

For it uh three uh two and a one coming Down onto your right side right hand Goes behind your ear knees into the Chest left hand makes a stop sign on top Of your hip now reach those feet up and Down good good reaching towards your Feet reach it and down I don't know why Your hand has to be a stop sign but I Just think it looks kind of cute some do It yeah lift and lower good up and down You got it in four uh-huh and three Yas In two hold it up right there now tiny Little cute pulses push it and push it Good ten and nine yes eight seven that's It and six of five it four three three Three oops three two and a one just felt Like I needed two yeah lie down on your Back for me yes yes bring those knees Into your chest to lift the shoulders Lift the head fingertips behind the ears Now opposite elbow to opposite knee Opposite elbow opposite knee twist you Can take the twist out if you need to or You can put your feet on the floor one At a time do it yes [Music] Yes side to the side good tapping That Elbow to your knee tin in ten nine and Nine eight don't worry this move is Coming back in a minute seven and seven And six and six I know you're concerned About that and five four four three Three two two One and a one take those feet hip width

Apart rest your head arms up above your Head you'll roll it all the way up Reaching for your feet boom boom and Back down again if you cannot come all The way up just come up as high as you Can ew and try to keep your feet on the Floor opposite of what I just did yeah Reel it all the way up good yes coming Up as high as you can you got it my Little chickens yes Good three more All the way up and all the way down two More you're gonna love this next part Yeah last one good hold it down right There lower back is on the floor Shoulder blades are up now lift the Bring the feet together lift the feet up Then touch the floor up then touch the Floor pulling that belly button down to The floor behind you yes in five you got It in four let's go in three yes in two Last one hold it up fingertips behind The ears here we go side to side a Little quicker this time I told you it Was coming back yes side to side yes yes Just like that one cousin that you don't Care for every holiday season they're Back again let's go for 10 in nine and Eight and seven and six and five good to See you Steve it's so happy that you're Here in four and three in two and one Feet to the floor oh if your hip width Apart hands up in front of you now climb Up your magic rope again if you can't

Come all the way just come up as high as You can yes How big is that rope yeah I love that sometimes people's shoes They're like I'm gonna choose to climb Up this spaghetti noodle yeah inform Your choice girl and three uh-huh and Two last one you're gonna come all the Way up even if you were on the floor all The way up bring those hands behind you Finger spacing towards your booty lift The feet off the floor toes together now If this is enough for you hold it Otherwise you're gonna reach those legs Out knees go wide out knees go wide Elbows are trying to touch the floor Behind you and if you want you can lift Those hands off the floor if that's Enough for you let's go out and in yes Yes in five uh-huh in four hold it at The top in three two more two more last One last one hold it up at the top bring Those knees together interlace your Fingers in front of you yes hold it Don't move hold it belly button in now You'll twist it side to side elbow to The floor elbow to the floor let's go For ten ten nine nine eight eight seven Seven six six five five four four four Four four four Three three two two and a one and a one Down to the floor Take those hands underneath your booty Shall we lift those feet all the way up

To the ceiling or keep the legs bent Whichever feels best for you flex your Feet if you can now lower the legs down Down point and lift lift flex it Dion And Dion point and lift the cheerleaders In my high school used to say touch Dion I'll let you I'll let that joke land Where it does yes let's go down and down Point and lift touch Dion uh-huh like What are you even saying yeah lift and Lift they were so nice uh-huh get down I Hope you're watching Barbara let's go Down and down lift and lift three more Down and down lift it up and up two more Kitty cat down down a lift lift last one Hold it up at the top Point those feet Take those hands behind your ears now Reaching for the opposite foot again you Can keep your legs bent reaching for the Opposite foot ginging our legs go Straight if they are straight you're so Welcome yeah for ten ten nine nine eight Eight you got it seven then seven and Six uh six try to touch that ankle five Four four three three two two One and a one rest it down ooh take Those hands right beside your boot reach Those legs all the way up to the ceiling If you can keep the legs bent if you Want to point the feet now you'll take It to the right Circle it down around And all the way up Now to the left oh now with this next One try to keep your big toes in line

With each other the entire time don't Let that one foot slip in front of the Other to the left Corkscrew baby Obliques These obliques jealous let's go to the Right uh-huh Good to the left to the left take it Back now y'all hold it up yes and reach Those hands up towards your feet now Curl it up and up if you can touch your Foot good for you Linda let's go for ten And nine eight seven six and five a four Uh three uh two and a one knees into the Chest oh this feels so cute getting Ready for some more lift the shoulders Lift the head fingertips behind your Ears legs go out it's at a 45 degree Angle and you're gonna hold this thing Uh-huh hold it straight if that's too Much lift the legs a little higher if That's too much rest your head yes yes Hold it baby ten in nine and eight seven ABS in in six in five a four four four Four ah four three two and a one rest it Down oh Rock and sit up my little chickens bring Those feet behind you coming onto all Fours oh My abs are burning uh-huh bring the chin To your chest look for your belly button Round that back Looking up to the ceiling drop the chest Down Round it ooh Halloween cat hey uh-huh

Looking up Drop It Booty out yes coming Back into a child's pose Reach that right hand underneath the Left arm try to take your right shoulder To the floor and look over at those Right hands check the manicure baby it's Right mm-hmm Yeah Switching sides right arm forward left Arm reaches underneath the right trying To take that left shoulder to the floor Look over at that manicure hey If you don't have one maybe get one Uh-huh yeah coming down onto the floor Onto your chest all the way onto your Stomach hands right beside your chest Elbows up to the ceiling inhale lifting The upper body up Come up all the way just come Up we can shoulder blades press down the Back and roll it down inhale giant Inhale up Tail roll it down kitty cat last one my Darling hold it at the top looking over The right shoulder Looking over the left shoulder let's do It again right uh-huh and left Coming back into those all fours sit it Onto your left hip give yourself a pat Pat a pat pat a dab dab a dab dab thank You for watching class fit sugar this is Gina this is Madison I'm Jake Dupree and I'll see you again real soon bye

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