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15-Minute HIIT Workout With Jenna Willis and Liza Koshy | POPSUGAR FITNESS




15-Minute HIIT Workout With Jenna Willis and Liza Koshy | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to class fit sugar I'm Jenna Willis and we have a very special guest Today Liza koshy my best friend and also Client that's right whenever she doesn't Answer her calls I do my pop sugar Workouts but what's up sugar cubes we're Doing this workout today hey we are on Pop sugar doing one of my workouts about To pop this sugar that's right now that We're warm we gonna get hot hot we got a Full body burn today finishing off with Some ABS let's get it sugar cubes baby Go we got two blocks of movement and Liza's already warming up I hope it's All warmed up because we're gonna Dive Right In we only have 15 minutes to make Everything count so we're gonna go ahead And start on the mat oh yeah there it is In good old-fashioned glute Bridges There it is feet down on the floor hands Right by your side driving those hips Straight up to the sky beautiful nice Dude that's so sweet of you to notice Yes so notice how Liza's actually Keeping her rib cage tucked Down and Under not hyper extending here yeah I Was doing that yeah nice strong glutes Driving through with your heels not the Balls of your feet that's right is Tight at the top am I right yeah we're Gonna get booty booty booty rocking Everywhere today it's like holding that Gas on the first date honey you'll let Them know on the second one you know

You've been there yeah it's okay there's No shame here beautiful we are almost There all the way through go ahead stand It up we're gonna go into a nice squat Movement we just got a hinge so feet About shoulder width apart we're gonna Go into some nice good old-fashioned Squat pulses so instead of that full Body weight squat we're gonna unload That weight halfway down and go ahead Right from here that's right all in the Pulse this one I call the turbulence When you're on the airplane all of a Sudden the turbulence hits and you're Hovering over that toilet this is Exactly what you look like you're gonna Be so happy you did this because you Strengthened them them thighs this is What I get every single workout and this Is why we're four years strong that's Never a dull moment here that's right This is the exact workout I do on the go Yeah doing in those airplane bags that's Literally we have done an airplane Workout before we flew to Dubai together And we did a workout on the plane that Was an expensive sentence this was Relatable yes absolutely but all of These movements done at home quick Workouts anywhere anytime how those Glutes feel oh yeah feel the burn but Guess what we are officially moving on Down to the mat yep High Plain cold Adding in a nice little shoulder it's

All in the tap that's right it's all in The tap it out tap it out squeeze those Shoulder blades down and back nice high Plank beautiful alternating left goes to Right right goes up to left am I doing It right yeah beautiful actually it's Literally coming over you to be like First of all Liza's stance is incredible Notice how she spread them a little bit Right wider stance to control the core a Little bit more keeping it nice and Balanced girl you look good I'm back Over here doing the workout Nice now The Wider you in the make the Stance the more stable you will feel so It's a great little fit tip here notice How Liza and my hands are right under Our shoulders right hips nice even Steve I just said even even With the roller baby fill up your bra Straps pull them back on this is when You're on up and just giving a little Adjustment okay your shoulders off Because you're like a third of the way Through the workout brush your shoulders Up because we moving on to the next Movement we're getting back up that Upper body's feeling a little bit of a Burn right we got curtsy reverse so Which let's go yeah so right here let's Go to the right to the right first to The right to right and then we're gonna Go to the left to the left all right Here we go ready curtsy reverse up and

Over curtsy that timer's going which Means we are what I'm moving and Grooving do this little curtsy whenever You see the British also I'm gonna keep Coming to you for reference because You're doing great you make me look good Notice how lies is keeping enough space In her gape right now right she's not Chris she's not over here like this Right it's not like this so like that I Like this and all it's like this I like That I'm catching up yeah there it is We're not doing this And this and y'all we're almost there How are you feeling it's the burn the Burn I'm feeling spicy oh yeah I really Am and I know you want to tap out tap in Lock in guess what last one and we're Going to go into a little bit of cardio With some good old-fashioned squat Taps It's all in the tap baby okay so we're Going to unload that weight down tap That first hand unload it down tap that Other hand are you already in it I'm in It baby let's go timer is going in it to Win it beautiful now in this movement You really want your legs to do the work Right your upper body you're not like This you're not doing that football Stands not exploding off the ground Lots of doing her own thing over there I'm just slammed up It's a slam dunk with this workout today For your body you know what this is

Beyonce's workout but just say she's got Lungs of a single over here have you Ever seen Miley Cyrus run on a treadmill No but that's how she's belting that's a Great workout for singers really is I Know right you speaking and moving at The same time you're doing physical Clarity baby listen Liza Just up the Game for all of us I hope everybody's Singing wall squat tapping in this very Moment true Testament last one wow how You doing I'm doing all right how you Doing I'm doing it oh no look at the Elbow yeah there it is hey that's the Technique it's available every time we Are back down to the ground okay okay This is where we up the workout a little Bit right not a lot baby girl just a Little bit maybe just a blue Bridge First leg's up in the air instead of Doing both feet on the ground Single we're singing mingling In This Moment yes I am hit me up in the Comments below good keep those hips nice And even with the ground that's right Driving that heel up to the sky you Should relax your head I'm just staring At all of your beautiful faces that's Not true I can't really see you that'd Be creepy Where's that booty yeah nice Unilateral work go ahead switch sides oh Hallelujah oh I know it feels good out Here though it feels amazing it's like

That burn that you're kind of like I Hate you Jenna but also no I've Literally I've told her how much I hate Her in every session right after we Finish I love her so much I'd be lying If I said that wasn't true and then I Wake up the next day and I hate her Again because it hurts today but guess What moving and grooving baby stand it On up so we hit those squat pulses Flying by dude I know we hitting all day Okay nice wide stance this year instead Of squat bowls since we're going to sumo Squat style feet outwards 45 degrees Unload that weight down halfway all the Way down oh all the way up just like our Bodies you okay going all right ready That's such a tease at the club all the Way down oh that was us last night In bed with tea The most important part is that you Signed on today to dedicate a little Time to not only us but more importantly You to better yourselves not just for Yourself today but for everyone you're Around it really is a ripple effect and That is incredible that's right and it's The ripple effect yeah my booties Burning I get them Good this feels good you know that's What we tell ourselves while we're in And we're like yeah this feels really Good yeah Explode up on that final finisher baby

Good back down on the map okay instead Of those plank shoulder Taps we're gonna Do a little push-up now always feel free To do assistant I always say form is key To success modifications drop those Knees down to the ground beautiful we're Gonna add a little reach we're gonna do A little push-up reach That's right reach okay timer is going Feel free to dab your partner because She went out with a cute guy last night More importantly that cute guy but not With her oh that's right lucky yeah you Were supposed to tell anyone about that Oh we're here I'm a vulnerable subject Now dude we celebrate yeah we're Celebrating our bodies and our lives our Minds and our hearts and whoever Touching me beautiful no no keep going I'm using you real quick yeah notice how Liza has her shoulder blades squeezed Down and back she's not peeling like a Banana so if you're doing that push-ups And you're going like this hit that Assisted nice strong core unload that Weight down drive it up high to the sky But guess what we moving along yeah That's right Let's go what's next what's wrong I know Right I built that okay here we go Curtsy reverse lateral kick adding in so We go ready right yep back kick oh what Oh over to the other side oh it's a Little choreo combo let's go give it one

To the left take it back now hey two Hops this time That's right it's okay Exactly if you make a mistake if you Fall again Reverse let me call it off everyone Lateral land Mercy reverse lateral there we go that's Right you're doing a curtsy honey Because you are the diamond of this Season yeah Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure that's our bodies right now to The side I think she is she's really a Diamond in the rough that's right we are Almost there guess what We've made it into the final movement Last squat come on come on hit it don't Play it baby we got o clock lunges That's great so we're right here feet Shoulder width apart I know you're a Little winded you're feeling it I'm step It back to four o'clock hop it in the Middle if that jump is too much go ahead Just go up to those tippy toes oh clock In the other way but guess what I'm Right here Liza's here I'm here I'm pushing her Through this I'm wet I think my both Have a choice my body is my soul's in The corner But guess what that's most people when We stick through Push it out I know you feel that burn You got that booty working that clock is

Staring at me that clock is taken down And you're almost there honey it's The Final Countdown Come on heavy breathing I know come on Come on you got it you got this Oh that Booty that's tight looking right keep Moving that is the key to success come On last one one more come on finish Strong Ooh Child I went there you did And we went there we all went there you Went there too nothing out here and Nothing but abs And also notice how that heart rate was Pumping I'm spoiling us because you know We're going right into an isometric hold So a little bit of recovery but also not Really because you're engaging that core Notice how we're squeezing this is Shaking like this is all inactive this Is really great it's just really trying To relate to the audience at home that Might be going through it like I am okay But this is an act I'm fine You're great thank you you're welcome oh Good you're gonna hold your breath I Know you want no do not continue to Breathe squeeze those shoulder blades Down and back look if you're at home and You're slouching this isn't a slouching Party okay squeeze engage that core core Galore this is the way to success but Guess what roll onto our backs this is Literally Liza's favorite movement so it Had to be in the workout today you want

To announce it that's right okay this is A little bit of a pelvic floor workout We're calling them Pilates ABS baby this You just want to breathe in as you tap Down and exhale on your way up so Breathe in Exhale and contract your abs really Think about your lower pelvic area and Tightening that you know what I'm saying Yeah get it right and tight for someone Tonight hey also can I add a little fit Tip in here notice how we both have the Small of our back on the ground the Whole time that's right the whole time That entire vertebrae you put your knife Without fire dear sorry I had to go There Mrs Doubtfire anybody cool yup yup don't Doubt us though you know because we Moving and grooving good yourself Because you're still moving aren't you Yes that's right what I want to Reiterate is what Liza said this is a Nice controlled movement don't worry We're about to Speed it back up but Enjoy this movement focus on the breath Connecting down to the pelvic floor last One it's time to speed it up baby take That thing down flip it and reverse it Oh can you do that We're going into groiners okay okay they Sound nasty because they are so right Foot up to right hand left foot up to Left hand good now this is for Speed

Good timer's going baby which means We're in it to win it I thought these Were called kroners because that's what I'm gonna do Yeah you will grind through these yes You will yeah here we go he's like babe I just want to keep him keep it spicy Mix it up for you and then you do this On top of them Beautiful I'll throw them for a loop now What I do want to point out as well Besides all of Liza's commentary our Hands are remaining right under the Shoulders the whole time we're not Shifting the weight back here notice how Liza's booties notice how I keep you Going I took a break okay Liza's butt is Nice and down the whole time the whole Time it's not like this all right we're Not showing off that booty that's for Later last one come on one more Congratulations hallelujah we're moving Along right here yeah you followed me Sorry together I was like she saw that Like what is it sneaky little stretch Let's get it inner heel Taps so right Here good notice how we sped it up to Slow it down we going down down you Peeling that shoulder off the floor Right yes so the more that you reach Through The more that you feel with this Movement did you know fun little fact Spit it yeah you only have to get 10

Degrees off the mat to hit all of your Abdominal walls what that's the truth Baby you only have to give ten percent Ten no not ten percent give 100 10 degrees wow off the mat yep yeah so And if anyone's at home having neck pain Just continue this movement but just Give a little neck support right there Liza you look great right now I'm really Impressed you too yeah if you have your Hands behind your head do you touch your Knees yeah well that's kind of that's Kind of a difficult move to get all the Way up there and you don't want to tweak Your neck but like meet it in the middle It's about the gesture right really Reaching up and through about the entire ABS feeling we want to flip it on over One more time like a hot sizzling Pancake come on you got that oh it's Kind of fun isn't it did you try it at Home I hope you did send me a video On Instagram And we're climbing to the Mountain Times Ain't no mountain oh Guess what this is the final movement of The day Yes it really is oh thank God can you Get that opposite knee to that opposite Elbow can you keep your booty booty Booty down I know you're tired I know This is the point when you're saying are You worth it the answer is yes you are I Am yes we all are I am hands under those

Shoulders squeeze those shoulder blades Don't give me a shrugging party but Guess what you are literally almost There at that Finish Line come on come On the other thing I like here we go Sweet That's What She Likes yeah One baby oh wow she's still got energy We got five more minutes Congratulations everyone on such a job Well done I'm Miss Jenna Willis on Instagram you can find oh that felt good You feel that bumps in that workout you Can find that there on Instagram and you Can also find what oh don't sweat it Alone where I have all of my online Workouts full fitness program health and Wellness can I see more of you on here Though yeah you can guess what yeah you Can class fit sugar baby that's right And on her Instagram let's go catch your Last little sneak peek right here zoom In zoom in get it zoom in get it don't Miss it oh almost right it's an Advertisement and it's that's how I Bought it at its finest I invested early Four years ago she did it invest now and Yourself

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