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15-Minute Caribbean Dance Workout With Kaleila Jordan | POPSUGAR FITNESS




15-Minute Caribbean Dance Workout With Kaleila Jordan | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's up dancing sugar it's your girl Kalila and today we're doing a Caribbean Dance Workout we're gonna get your heart Rates up and get those hips a moving and Grooving I got my girl Kira here and Tara you guys ready we ready well we Gonna bun up the place All right guys let's warm it up just Sway your hips a little bit Start to feel it Leave those problems at the door guys We're getting into a workout now Hey We're gonna start reaching up nice and Slow to the right Eat it out really stretch it warm it up There you go now bring it down to the Toes [Applause] Three Two four reach it down one two three Center roll the hips out Nice and big Get all those Kinks out Hey other way Circle it Big Big Last one Spread it out lateral lunge Breathe with it [Music] There you guys go nice and slow and easy Let's wake those knees [Music]

[Music] [Music] Give me a little roll with it one one Hey [Applause] And close it out Hey All right guys let's get into this Workout I'm gonna teach you this move Slow all right One one Give it to me Sway the hips sway the hips up [Music] Zip it up that's what this move is Called guys you got this hey now cut it Off I'm steady Hello Hey give it to me give me them fingers [Music] Snake it off put your flavor on it Hey You got this okay hey Things get too late [Music] [Music] Circle it around four three two [Music] Three four five [Music] Here we go guys [Music] Hey All right now we're gonna cross it

Together left right knee Cross and knee right left again hey You got this knees [Music] Let's get it let's go one more Hey now let's slow it down sequence two Up Below again [Music] One one double it up [Music] Travel one Flicking three four and circle one Two Three Four other way hand down vacillating Flick it out and why your hips around Now let's beat it up hey Stand Down [Music] Hey again Travel Again travel And turn it Get down there Blaze Hey Travel One two three four turn it hold it out Guys All right guys we're getting into this Next workout We're gonna go to the right nice and Slow step together swing There you go nice and big you can let Your head back

Now to move forward front Two three And four speed it up [Music] Now forward down sequence two heal [Music] Ing Pull it in One Two three [Music] You got it One more Slow it down up and back up and in up One more four right right double right Right right Double now [Music] Again hey You got it Hey [Music] Again [Music] Forward run it out Beginning swing it up Four back four three two one again Hey [Music] Here here write it keep it going hey hey Why am I Take it back on toad Two three four on four Again open it up give me a little hit

With it play You got this one more toes two three Four one one level one one double close It out All right guys Willie Bounce It Out There you go dig and pull Get low for me Hey There we go Now let's step it to the right nice and Slow push the knees out Two three Step it up four now step back And then the arms they're kind of just Giving you something cute Hey do it again Get nice and low use those legs Yes Last one now let's speed it up yay dust It off two three four take it back eight Two three four pose it wind it out There you go line it y'all Heal yourself Wind it up Line it up now Circle it Two Three [Music] [Music] Tickle it Okay Step two three four bring it back Again [Music]

Back hey Let's go slow to the side step pull step Other way set pull forward give them a Run Hey [Music] Get it give him a run Again Hey What's going on Hey one more [Music] Foreign All right guys let's cool it down Deep breath let's take a nice deep plie And take it over to the side Through the back just pulse it out There you go Now twist over to a flat back And all the way down [Music] Breathe Center There you go walk it to Center adjust Your feet Hold it there And then other side twist your feet to The side Bring it up the flat back There you go try to keep that head Aligned And twist it out Through the back Stretch it over pull

Now let it fall back to the center [Music] Flat back Center bring it up There you go [Music] Down And slide into the knees to roll it up Slowly through the spine each vertebrae Has last [Music] Five six seven eight shoulders Give me a band Get all the kings out [Music] Bigger arms big And four Four [Music] And last thing roll your head out Breathe All the way around All the tension in the neck other ways [Music] Center And give yourself a bow Cause you're done Yeah thank you guys so much for dancing With us at dance fit sugar I got my girl Kira right here and Tara we gonna see Y'all again for sure because we know you Love that workout right Hey

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