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15-Minute Booty Burnout With Raneir Pollard | POPSUGAR FITNESS




15-Minute Booty Burnout With Raneir Pollard | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's going on pop sugar fam it is your Boy Supernatural coach Ranier Pollard And I am here with a 15 minute booty Burn workout I have Leilani about to do My modifications and Chelsea gonna hang With me all the way through all you need To do is bring some beautiful energy Let's do this [Applause] [Laughter] All right now fam let's get right into It we're gonna get ourselves into a half Squat position slight Bend in the knees Belly button in I want us to focus on Trying to push through our leg to stand Tall and get a little bit of balance Here now there is a modification to this If you don't feel that you can pull this Knee all the way up to the chest you can Just drive the knee high it'll still Warm those hip flexors up but if you are Getting into the balance challenge know That you are preparing yourself for the Brunt of today's leg work okay you can't Say I didn't try to warn you we are Gonna balance a lot which I think is a Great way to connect to yourself and Connect to your patients that is a big Aspect of this life so practice it you Will see me fall off balance I'm gonna Tell it to you right now get your Expectations good and right okay so to Prevent myself from falling off balance I'm going to try to push into my big toe

As well as driving through my heel now From here I'm going to give that same Half Squat and try to go for the ankle Push the ground away try to get this Ankle nice and high a nice piriformis Stretch and again you can see that Modification of maybe just tapping the Ankle instead of trying to hold on to The full heel and stand all the way up Tall this is where I knew I would start To Tumble a little bubble you just all You have to do every time you fumble Instead of getting annoyed with yourself I want you to say thank you for being Here thank you for putting in this work Today and challenging yourself oh you Want to hear me say that a lot then if You didn't know that that was what was About to come at you know it right now Now let's go into a fuller squat if you Need to modify by keeping it into a half Squat I understand all about that range Of motion I'm getting myself a little Side leg lift activating this glute Mead It is a lower body workout so powers of The glute Mead activate that is where The shelf of the booty is created so I Know I'm doing you know the Lord's work When I work it hello Give people something to look at when You're walking away it's community Service I've said it before I can repeat jokes I can repeat jokes Last couple moments here as you can see

I'm still taking my time this is still Warm up I'm being responsible from here We're gonna go to a kickback Just Flex that glute take that heel Towards the back of your space push the Ground away That is the number one thing I want you To focus on as much as the leg and the Air is giving you really good work the Leg that is on the floor is what we're Focusing on you're trying to look like You know a flamingo I feel like I'm Starting Florida out I am from Miami That's not exactly Florida there's an Argument to be had we can talk in the Comments we could talk in the comments But um yes we have we Florida is known For the flamingo they just stand on one Leg and look beautiful okay some people Have said that about me when I'm in a Balanced workout so you know so invoke That same spirit and push this leg back Last couple of moments hello and if you Catch the spirit say something about it I love it all right now going into here I want us to practice our airplanes one At a time we're gonna get a good hinge Focusing on driving that belly button in If you can get your upper body parallel To the ground do it do do not judge Yourself if from side to side you feel Like there's one one side that's way Harder to deal with than the other that Is life let's just get into the work of

It all now you may notice that the Modification here is not going to as Extreme of an angle in your airplane Last couple moments here and what we're Going to do is add a squat in between Each one of these airplanes you take a Moment drive that belly button in lower This booty push out and get right into That airplane side to side breathing Through taking your time we're on a Journey today I hear that it's one of Those things where when you work the Lower body It's going to get that heart rate up It's a big old muscle group right yeah But here we're not focusing on the Cardio aspect of it all we're just Moving and loving every little second of It dropping it low and pushing through That working leg so I want you to focus In On really activating through your core Through your Center Your abs are the link between your arms And your legs and when you keep them Stable your arms and legs are able to do Their work with more efficiency hello You know I'm just trying to preach but Um the truth of the matter is As much as we're working this booty and Focusing in on it the rest of your body Should be working here as well I'm Focusing on getting my arms and my heel Up towards the sky which is definitely

Going to be getting in to that backward Last moment here let's Stand Tall you Can shake it out shake it out if at any Time the low back Out of pressure you could try to March a Little bit loosen things up from here We're adding on a reverse lunge so we Squat reverse lunge push through that Front leg and get that airplane that's The spirit right back into it squat Reverse lunge and right into that Airplane so I made these really long Intervals Because I don't want you focused on Speed I want you focused on form I want you focused on connecting to your Body Breathing through trying to find your Length in that body as you enter into That airplane keeping your upper body Nice and long the leg that's in the air Is staying nice and active reverse and Then push through I'm pretending I'm on a beach right now All these planes With these flingos are there some Shirtless men's is playing volleyball oh Do do not start with me about volleyball Girl that might be me in a speedo Slave [Laughter] But it's that last wrap And we're gonna stand tall and prepare For our next exercise so I wanted to

Stay low and really just get into these Legs here we're getting squat walks two Walks to the side focus on that outside Leg moving first that will come in handy Later so it's one open To open and back now if you get tired Before the interval is over what are you Allowed to do Stand Up and Shake it out and join me Right back down here we're not here to Judge we're here to work this body get a Good challenge in there and so this Body's some love we're more than halfway Through this interval if it helps you When you open up you can pop pot you Know what I mean get a little dancing no Pop pop if that's the inspiration that You need to stay down here you know I'm On your side last eight seconds That's exactly I want you to feel okay Rest very good job now as you can see we Are building on each one of our Movements and all we're gonna add in is An airplane on that outside leg before Sitting low and moving that outside leg First push off get that glute Mead good And activate it let's start down low and With an airplane go Open strong Sit It Low And yes believe me yourself believe that You are only getting more and more Warmed up so as much as I like to have Good appropriate expectations I do love

To believe believe in your booty hello Oh my gosh can I get that on her shirt Believe in the power of the booty It's always right behind you trying to Give you the support you need I love it So this is only going to make your Relationship better if I'm making you Giggle and that's affecting your balance That's extra credit okay If it's making you Flex those abs even More good Workout and comedy show that's that's my Entire brand right there there we go Last moments here I started on this side So I want to end on the other But I will say the progression is going To be that we just add on a reverse Lunge And finishing good and even now we're in Our little rest periods if you want to Beat on these quads because they're Feeling a lot of the love doing to it You don't even have to ask consent in Yours baby yeah now next up in this Progressive you already know the inside Leg is coming back into the reverse Lunge and then we push into an airplane Open up open up sit down low and then Again pushing from the outside leg over The other side one more plant it take it Back push through if you understand Please join me and get into the fun if You're wondering is that dance option

Still on you already know you could even Do it let's push it inside and into Lunch too okay you're giving me two hype Is there such a thing Turn Down for What Um you were the main one showed me that Offs um that offset twerk that's why I'm Here for it okay she's here to swear To twerk of work Oh push back now again if you want to Get into the modification by just Abbreviating your range of motion you Could start with that reverse lunge you Do not have to drop this knee too low But if you'd like to take it all the way Down even topping the ground that option Is open if you're feeling the spirit and Your body feels up to that challenge Last couple here Pushing through and letting this body do What it do finishing good and even baby ABS tight the abdominals are going Through a lot I want the low back to feel supported by Making the abdominals nice and tight and Active stand up out of it we're gonna Get more into some Plyometrics in a Moment right now we're going down low Pulsing in the squat For three two one lateral jump to the Side or modification little skip just Push off that outside leg three two one A little skip over or if you're feeling The spirit big jump up high and to the Side you see how light that Landing was

Feeling like a ninja yeah three two one Exhale and oh three two one pushing Through my heels predominantly on this Pulse controlled controlled boom boom It is but I feel so ready for this right Now I'm really happy about how much I Warmed this up today it's never a bad Time to Pat yourself on the back of Being a role model I love that right now And rest okay now that little beat on The quads moment that's for you and Anytime you want to have it I know you Already know what the progression is Going to be we are not pulsing it in the Squad anymore though it is a squat Reverse lunge on the inside leg bring it Right back to the squat up and over or That skip back and squeeze that booty You can do it on the beat It's exhale what do you say you didn't Tell me this is a jumping contest I mean it doesn't need to be a contest But if you're trying to give me a Challenge I'll take it I can't even see But I will just assume I'm winning it's The kind of I mean I mean hi I say that I know I know some Shorter people that know how to get it Know how to really push now I want to Say keep that front leg with the Majority of your weight when you go into That reverse line and I also want to say I understand that you're probably Burning right now

Slow these down by giving me more pulses In the squat I'm with you on that we're Finishing right here though reverse Bring it in I'm gonna jump and land oh I Don't know okay Last little exercise let's earn it show Me what you learned today the squat the Lunge the airplane every time you jump I Want it to be a jump for joy okay it's a Celebration of all the work we just put Into these lights so make it good and Powerful act like it's your last one Every single time Now if I fly through this roof you see All this debris just come down and I'm Just gone let me be let me go I'm free okay I'll send a postcard from wherever I go The beach for the volleyball players it Might be put some shirts off that's me On most Sundays you can find me okay Which beach there's a metallic speed I Want so I I stand out hey you'll know From the street is that Rainier in the Timbering speedo now you may notice Especially when I try to tell a joke I Fall a little bit but one thing I do Right away is try to use my arm to open Up nice and strong every time my legs Get in there or every time my arms and Legs really Force themselves to the sky Even when I feel like I'm falling off Balance I'm able to really deal with it We're making this last set one long one

If you're with me you're on the last two Fight strong fight strong body long come On Big finish I want to jump back though I Want to jump back final one here let's Jump like we beat it competition take a Picture who won All right now I'm standing up standing Up shaking out we're gonna cool it on Down now so if you want to rewind right Now and get this whole workout again you Know that I support you but if you're Ready for this cool down let's get right Into it put one foot out in front and Give me a slight Bend in the knee your Stable knee pushing the hips back trying To lift your hips nice and high getting A nice stretch right behind the back of The leg you can pressure into that thigh To help it just a bit or even just to Help your stability although right now I'm sure you're feeling very balanced We've had a lot a practice let's take it One deep soothing breath giving me a Long back to try to help stretch that Back body inhale Exhale to push through the ground and Stand Tall take that same leg back in Space you can drop the heel to get a Little bit of a calf stretch and I want Us to stretch our hip flexor by flexing The glute so we're stretching the Opposite muscle group I'm going to poke My booty just a bit just to make sure

It's on it feels strong okay then I'm Gonna lean into my hip just a little bit More until I feel a comfortable stretch Take that same arm overhead for a bit of A back bend chest up to the sky inhale Reaching back Exhale to stand up tall that wasn't Exactly a modified range of motion she Went longer than me don't look better Than me in this I'm just playing I don't Know You were giving me the line I had to Take my moment it was so long and Graceful Let's get the other side put that foot Out in front slide Bend in the knee and Then scoop the hip just a bit how much Can you raise that booty again that same Option for support If you even wanted to reach down towards The toe and get a little bit more of a Stretch you can let's take in that deep Breath together inhale Exhale push the ground away Stand Tall Let's finish it off stepping back Pushing the heel down flexing the glute Leaning into the hip getting the long Graceful line Inhale reach back chest up and open Exhale to stand until I'll Shake It Off Shake it off and give yourselves a round Of applause amazing job thank you for Joining me we got Leilani over here Killing it Chelsea and you know me coach

Renew Pollard who will see you here next Time on classic sugar

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