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10 Winter Fashion Trends To Avoid | What Not To Wear




10 Winter Fashion Trends To Avoid | What Not To Wear

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With winter just around the corner I Wanted to give you an early heads up on 10 new season Trends to avoid but don't Worry I will be sharing what I think you Should wear instead [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now these videos are always contentious And that is because not everyone is Going to agree with me and that's Absolutely okay but if you've been Watching me here for a while you know That I don't like wasting money on Fashion and even less I hate to see you Guys wasting your money on fashion and As much as Trends are exciting and Appealing there are some trends that are Seriously just not worth spending on and That's what I'm focusing on today a Small portion of today's episode is also Sponsored by skillshare and I'll tell You a little bit more about them shortly But for now let's talk Trends now the First Trend that is big for winter and I Mean big literally and metaphorically Speaking and that is oversized robes so They're like a big bulky actually no the Best way for me to describe them is like Wearing a duvet with a belt they almost Look like bathrobes but they're padded And chunky and while I see the appeal And rugging up so snuggly and warm in Winter definitely does make sense I feel That it's one of these trends that is

Not here to last if you bring out one of Your oversized robe coats next season It's going to be very obvious that you Are wearing last season's look if that Doesn't bother you that's absolutely Fine great go for it but these super Sized bulky wearing a sleeping bag slash Duvet kind of coats for me something That make an impact on the runway but Don't work real way so have a think About that there are some gorgeous Shearling style long line coats and Jackets and I think that they are a much Better option they're basically a Timeless coat that is modern but it's Not going to date it's always going to Be a piece that you can bring out season After season and get lots of wear out of It that's my take on these coats but Please let me know in the comments below What you think do you agree or disagree With this one okay we all probably know That knee-high boots the hottest boot of The season this year but what is also Happening is knee high almost waders and I have seen I think I was reading in Vogue recently that they were actually Referred to as waiters and again this is In my opinion taking a trend way too far And while it will work on a Runway and It will make an impact and just make a Style statement again it's not going to Translate very well to the street and Everyday style and at this point I just

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Outfits just hear me out for a moment so We probably all know that Moto style Jackets are back and I have talked about Them a little bit in recent videos but There also seems to be this trend for Wearing a full motorcycle outfit pants Kind of padded motorcycle pants and Moto Jackets matching sets exactly like a Motorcycle rider would wear now in my Opinion these pieces look great worn Separately wearing them together as an Outfit is just a little over the top now If it's right for you again that's Absolutely fine but I don't think it's a Look that is going to really last the Distance either I don't know I'm just Not I'm not buying this one but let me Know what you guys think and just on From that what I am seeing also is Motorbike boots that are trending at the Moment for winter as well and again These Boots are very much motorcycle Boots they're not just classic kind of Biker boots with a little bit of chain Or Buckle detailing they are padded Real Deal motorcycle boots and again for that Reason I do think that they have a Finite life they're not a boot that you Would bring out year after year after Year and get endless amounts of wear With so I would suggest sticking with Classic motorcycle jackets your classic Kind of black biker Style jacket and Your classic biker style boots as well

Not the real deal that you would Actually see being worn on a bike purely Because they're not going to stand the Test of time now I suspect I'm going to Come under Fire for this one but there Is a real return to Bohemian styling This winter as well and I do appreciate It I do understand it it's a very much a Kind of a warm fuzzy home spun homemade Kind of thrifted vibe to it but I do Think that it runs the risk of just Being too high hard to work with in Terms of you need to think about these Outfits to pull them together so that They look cohesive and so that they look Modern and fresh I just think that That's too much like hard work one it's Not easy to wear in winter and two it's A very hard look to crack unless you Invest a bit of time in pairing some Boho pieces back with some more classic Modern pieces which it takes quite a bit Of effort to do and for that reason the Boho styling for winter this year is on My list now I know a number of you will Not be liking this one and I think you Will agree with me that we have seen a Lot of oversized items in the last Couple of Seasons so the first piece That comes to mind is oversized Blazers And I personally have loved them I've Really enjoyed wearing them but what I Do tend to do is when I'm wearing these Oversized pieces is that I try and

Balance out my proportions if I'm Wearing something more oversized on the Top I will stick with more of a slim Line bottom half but what is happening This winter is that that we are seeing Oversized all over this can work for Some people but it does run the risk of Absolutely swamping you if you Especially are a petite frame or you're A little bit shorter anyone will Potentially be swamped by oversized Pieces for that reason I have put this Sort of oversized look on this list Purely because I like the pieces Independently but I do like to balance Them back with something that's a little Bit more structured and a little bit More slim line just to create a bit of a Balance to me it's just not a Particularly flattering look for most People now next up I wanted to talk About dopamine dressing which is huge For winter and one part of me is really Excited about this I love all of the Vibrant colors that are happening for Winter and winter is a perfect time to Inject some color into your outfits but What I think we need to be aware of is Just how we wear some of those colors And in my opinion I think the easiest Way to wear some of these brights is Either top to toe so you create a Monochrome outfit in the same color or You simply use them as accent pieces

Whether it's an accent on your Footwear Or it's a brightly colored little purse Or bag that you're carrying I tend to Think that it can go horribly wrong if You're trying to Anchor some of your Pieces your colorful pieces with other Bright colors or perhaps even worse in My opinion and I know I'll come into Fire for this but anchoring them back With black which is sort of a safe easy Way to do it I do think brights are Great but I think that the best way to Wear them is top to toe the same color Or the same tones of that color or just Use them as little accent pieces whether It's beanies purses accessories you name It now I'm not going to spend too long Talking about this one but catsuits are Here and again I think these have to be The most impractical piece to wear for Winter and I can't imagine many people Really being drawn to this trend again It's a Runway Trend but I just think It's a little bit like wearing a Jumpsuit in Winter and when you're Layered up the last thing you want to do Do is try and go to the bathroom when You're wearing something like a jumpsuit Or a cat suit and I just think winter in My opinion is all about comfort food and Not having to worry so much about how You look I know I'm gonna come under Fire for saying that but wearing a Skin-tight catsuit in winter is just

Such a big no to me I hardly know what To say this Winter's also seeing a real Return to Gothic styling and one part of Me quite likes this I like the idea of Having a dark Moody winter outfit the Part of it that I don't like and the Reason it is on this list is there seems To be with it a return to the sort of The old days of heroin Chic super skinny Models and that unhealthy sort of Gothic Styling and I don't want to go back There I don't want to see that I think It's unrealistic for any females to be Aspiring to be that skinny and I think It's it's unhealthy on so many levels And I suppose probably my biggest Concern is this goth Trend which is dark And Moody and I think it's kind of Almost enmeshed with the whole heroine Chic thing and this return to skinny Skinny models I could be completely Wrong on this and as I said I do like Moody dark outfits but taking it too far With lots of studs and that kind of real Hard Edge Look I think is just too far And it's not overly practical now last But not least and this is just a little Bit of a fun one really and that is leg Warmers now part of me thinks that they Are really practical and warm and it Gives you the opportunity to channel Your inner flesh dance moment I Certainly remember thinking back in the Day that I or dreaming of myself wearing

A high-cut leotard and prancing around Some New York City Dance Studio wearing Leg warmers but the reality of wearing Them these days is not quite so Appealing of course if you're wearing Them at home all snuggled up and warm And cozy on the couch or maybe at a Stretch if you're wearing them outside Under some wide leg pants just as an Extra layer to keep you warm but I can't Really see leg warmers returning in the Way that they were way back then maybe Give a go but proceed with caution if You enjoyed today's episode and you Would like to see what the most wearable Winter Trends are for the year then Simply tap or click on the screen here And I'll see you there

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