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10 Wearable Winter 2024 Fashion Trends You NEED To Own!




10 Wearable Winter 2024 Fashion Trends You NEED To Own!

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Today I'm sharing 10 winter Essentials That I truly believe everyone needs to Own not only will these pieces help you Step out in style this season but they Will be pieces that you will own and Love for many years to [Music] Come hi I'm Leone and welcome to my Channel now I am very excited today Because I'm in the US I'm here for 6 Weeks I'm looking forward to spending a Hopefully White Christmas with my son Who goes to high school here so it's Very exciting for me to be here in fact I was going to film outside but it is Super chilly today so I'm inside in my Airbnb all snuggled up I bought this Little Fair ale sweater yesterday from Walmart I'll link it below if you like It I absolutely love it it's got some Beautiful details I love the Cuffs these Extra long cuffs it's super soft it's Not scratchy and it's my little nod to Christmas anyway I've got some amazing Buys that I have been online scoping out So these are some pieces that I suppose You could say are Trend focused right Now but they are going to be items as I Said earlier you can love and wear for a Long time to come and if you've been Following me here for a while you'll Know that that is really important to me So instead of me rabbiting on but you Probably can see I'm just excited to be

Here in the States but I won't keep Rabbiting on let's get on with some of These Fab winter fashion buys now I'm Sure I'll get some push back with this One because I know that this isn't Everyone's favorite fashion item or Trend whatever you want to call it but Leather is very much having a moment and In my mind leather is very much a a Fashion essential now if you're not a Fan of leather there are plenty of Leather look or leather options out There as well but I'm focusing a little Bit more on the leather pieces today Because I have just seen so many of them Lately there are some gorgeous Longline Leather coats there are so many other Options on offer at the moment as well From trench style leather options to Beautiful wrap kind of midi length coats They actually I even just thinking about It now have seen a beautiful leather Slip dress at Zara as well now I know Slip dresses aren't for everyone but if This is your style then a leather strip Strip dress slip dress is going to Really be a good option for you Certainly I'm a fan of slip dresses so I'm taking a very close look at this but There are just some great leather Options out there and if you're looking To invest and you're looking for pieces That are Timeless and that you can pull Out season after season year after year

And enjoy wearing then definitely take a Look at some of these leather options There are also some great leather cargo Style pants some almost jogger style Pants and a kind of a midrise which is Always a safe option I do say when You're buying leather pieces to keep it Really simple though you don't want Something that's really going to easily Date or look like it's attached to a Particular decade so think about keeping Those pieces simple and I suppose that's Why the leather options are the top of My list today because there are some Great classic pieces on offer now next Up are long coats it's not surprising These pieces are very much a winter Essential but there seems to be an Extension of what we were wearing in Spring summer of slightly oversized Boyfriend style Blazers well this kind Of silhouette has very much come to the FL for winter in the way of long coats So the long coats are slightly oversized They're very kind of androgenous or man Style in fact I'm kicking myself I saw And found a beautiful 100% wool midi Style oversized Man's coat at Goodwill The other night And I left it I didn't actually buy it I Think my main concern was that I wasn't Going to be able to carry it in my Suitcase home because it was quite heavy But I really am kicking myself it was a

Perfect piece and it's a piece I could Have worn for years so in my mind there Are lots of these beautiful longer line And midi style slightly oversized coats Which are going to be pieces that you'll Reach for for many years to come if you Are worried about the longevity of them And how they will date and look in a Couple of Seasons time then opt for a a Style that's not quite so oversized but Again if you do go for something that's Oversized you can always belt it to give It a little bit of a sleeker silhouette Bring it in at the waist give it a Little bit more shape so you've got some Options there but definitely there are Some beautiful options in these Longline Coats and they're in Wool there are also Some beautiful knit Longline coats there Are leather as I said earlier even some Denim options as well but you cannot go Past a beautiful long coat regardless of What you're wearing underneath you're Going to look stylish and you're going To be warm and at this point I just like To say a very big thank you to the team At Squarespace for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now I am a Huge fan of Squarespace and have built And work with clients over the years Creating Squarespace blogs and websites For their businesses and the reason I've Always chosen Squarespace is because It's an incredibly easy platform to

Navigate and I don't have a whole lot of Text Mars as you guys already know and Squarespace makes life so simple so if This year you would like to launch Yourself online or start any sort of Website or if you have products to sell Then Squarespace is the easiest way to Do exactly that you can sell from Squarespace you can send emails you can Track your customers whatever you need To do online Squarespace makes it very Easy now I'm really excited today to say That Squarespace is offering you a 10% Discount off your first website or Domain all you need to do is whip on Over to take advantage Of their free trial get familiar with How Squarespace Works they have some Amazing templates there so you can check That out and then when you're ready to Launch yourself what I do suggest you do Is use my unique URL which I'll put up On the screen here and that is simply the style Insider and my Code which is also the style Insider and That will save you 10% off your first Website or domain with Squarespace so as I said if you are looking to launch Yourself online and make 2024 your year To shine then definitely take advantage Of this great offer now since I've been In the states which is only a week I've Seen so many fur booties and in Particular the good old little tiny cut

Off Uggs which seem to be super popular This winter and for a really good reason I mean obviously you get that comfort Factor with them and your feet are going To be warm and there's nothing better in My mind than in winter Making sure that you've got that comfort Factor but you also need warm feet well At least I do I can't be happy unless my Feet are warm so the great thing about These Uggs is that they have a little Platform as well so that gives you a bit More distance from the pavement which is Going to give you that extra warmth as Well and you can wear them with or Without socks which gives you a bit of Versatility there but not only have I Seen a lot of these Uggs I've seen lots Of kind of modern interpretations of Your classic little fur and fur line Booties so I'm going to flick up a few Images here of what I have seen and what Has been about but there are great Option as you all already know and again They are a type of shoe that you're just Going to bring out season after season Especially if they're comfy and you love Them and of course we did see these Little cut off Uggs last winter and they Don't appear to be going anywhere so Again if you're going to make that Investment in a fur line or fur style Booty then you do want to know that You're going to be able to wear it for

Years to come and certainly with these Uggs that is what is happening but if These aren't your starle there are Plenty of other lace up options as well And as I said I'll flick up a few images Here so you can see them and everything As always will be linked in the Description box below now this one is Probably my favorite Trend this season And it is coats and sweaters with a Either built-in scarf or a faux sweater Tie detail so it kind of looks like You've done the layering but you haven't Done anything so coats with these Built-in scarves are obviously not only A good look The Styling the color Everything has been done for you but you Also get that Snuggly easy wear and same thing with Sweaters sweaters I talked in a few Videos ago it was probably two or three Videos ago about how a lot of the Designers sent models down the runway With sweaters kind of worn as scarves so Now what's happening we are seeing these Kind of sweater sleeves built into an Actual sweater so it's not two sweaters In one it's just the sort of sleeve Detail so it gives you that effect I Like it I think it's really fun and also It's just layering without having to do Any of the hard work so I have included These today because I just think that They're cool and they are going to be

Pieces that you will be able to wear and Enjoy for a long time now you'll either Love this one or you won't but there are So many statement Cardigans around this Season and when I say statement I mean Really colorful cardies there are also Cardies that are chunky kind of cable Knet style cardies there are WRA cardies They kind of as something for everyone And in my mind a good cardi is a great Layering piece there are some amazing Colors to choose from patterns and if You just wear a very simple outfit Underneath pop on a statement card You've got that Comfort snuggly Factor But you've also got a little bit of a Fashion Edge going on there as well so Take a look at some of these statement Cardies and if you love the piece then You are going to love it and enjoy it For years to come and that leads in Really nicely to the next Trend and that Is for what I'm calling pretty puffers And I've been a huge fan of puffers for many Years but for a long time I just wore a Very standard black puffer it was pretty Boring and definitely wasn't making any Kind of style statement but I have Noticed over the last few years puffers Have been picking up momentum and They've also been showcased in so many Different colors this particular season I'm seeing different shapes as well I

Picked up a a great puffer I'll show it On the screen here last year it from Revolve it's got a nipped in Waist I Absolutely love it but this season I Have seen some really gorgeous options In the way of color there's some Beautiful metallics even some cropped Puffers this pretty pretty pink cropped Puffer there's also actually that Reminds me there are also some lovely Different quilter jacket options so they Kind of there's somewhere in between a Puffer and a quilter jacket but there Are some really lovely options and I Couldn't not include them in today's Episode because these particular jackets And puffers are not going anywhere at All now next up and this one is a goodie And it is sporty sets now I've talked a Lot in recent videos about matching sets And we've seen a lot of them especially In spring summer but in winter this year There seem to be some beautiful sporty Sets which I'm a big fan of I've worn Sweatpants and sweatshirts for a very Long time there is nothing better in my Mind than snuggling up and keeping warm In winter in a sweatsuit set that is a Tongue twister I've seen one that I Particularly love and it's from memory a Bomber with some joggers a great set to Have and as I always say sets are Brilliant because you've got that Versatility of wearing them together or

You can wear them separately as well but There definitely seems to be a trend for Jogger style pants like your classic Kind of sweat pants sets so whether They're with a sweatshirt or a bomber Style jacket these what I'm calling Sporty sets are perfect they are going To be versatile pieces they are going to Keep you warm they're going to give you Comfort and just give you some really Sporty cool outfit options now I've just Had to put my glasses on because I can't See I've got my notes right here and I'm Struggling to read them so please bear With me but next up I'm calling this one Sheer sweaters Now I've seen lots and lots of them in Fact I wore one in a recent video and Got lots and lots of comments which was Really nice but these sheer type Sweaters or long sleeve teas whatever You want to call them they're kind of a Woven fabric so they're not a a sheer in The sense of a chw type fabric but you Get a little bit of texture you can see Slightly see what you're wearing Underneath whether it's a chemol a tank Or a crop top so it gives your outfit a Little bit of Interest interest it still Gives you the coverage and of course You're going to throw on a long coat and A scarf or your woolly kind of outer Wear to keep warm but it just gives you A layering piece that's going to create

An outfit that is a little bit more Interesting and as I said it just gives You that texture as well and certainly If you like me are into monochrome Dressing that texture is just going to Create a little bit of interest in your Outfit so take a look at some of these Sheer Style tops and don't worry it Doesn't often matter what you're wearing Underneath you can just layer something Simple or something that's even a little More casual underneath because you're Only going to see a hint of it anyway And that always works so don't rule them Out don't think that they're going to be Too hard to style in Winter cuz you are Going to rug up but think about the Texture and how they're going to add Something a little interesting to your Everyday outfits now I've talked quite a Bit about metallics being a happening Trend and in particular gold and I'm Actually surprised to to see quite a lot Of gold pieces popping up this winter And there are some beautiful gold knits I actually saw a gold sweater a gold Dress some gold pants the great thing About gold is you just treat it like any Other neutral and it can be teamed back With black so a gold top with some black Pants doesn't take any effort or much Thought to style but it's always going To look really elevated and Sophisticated and these gold pieces are

Pieces as I said they are neutral so You're going to be able to pull them out And wear them and enjoy them for years To come obviously they are a warm tone So if that's something that suits you Then definitely take a look at some of These gold pieces they are Timeless they Are a neutral so if they work for you Now is a good time to grab something and Last but not least our cargo pants and In fact we've seen cargo pants trending And having a moment for quite a few Seasons now and I was probably a little Surprised to see how popular they are This winter but it kind of makes sense They're comfortable they've got that Sort of cool street style girl kind of Vibe going on they're a little sporty But they're also a little bit more Elevated than a straight sweatpant so It's probably not a surprise that They're very much enjoying a a little More time in the spotlight and the Reason I added them to my list here is Because cargo pants are always going to Be a style of pant that you can bring Out and wear regardless of what's on Trend and what's happening in fashion I Own some cargo pants that I have loved And worn for years even though the pants This season or cargo pants this season Tend to be a slightly wider leg the Caros that I love and have worn for Years have more of a tapered in they

Sort of taper in at the ankle but it Doesn't matter a cargo pant is going to See you through I've even seen some Sweatpants in a cargo style so if you're A cargo pant fan now is a great time to Bring out your own cargo pants from the Back of the Wardrobe or stock up on Something new but there really is Something for everyone some great denim Options as well and they are never ever Going to go out of style so cargo pants Are they're such a winter essential Anyway that's it for me today I hope you Enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love You to give it a big thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel for More and I will see you in the next one From here in the US did I say I'm Excited to be Here I think I [Music] Did

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