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10 Wearable Summer 2023 Fashion Trends




10 Wearable Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

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There are some truly fad summer fashion Trends heading our way this year and 10 Are extremely wearable which is why you Need to lock them in now Hi I'm Leoni and welcome to my channel Now you guys seem to really enjoy my Fashion trends videos so today I thought I would give you a jump start on what's Happening this summer so it's summer 2023 and because I know you guys love Wearable fashion as much as I do I'm Focusing on 10 extremely wearable Fashion trends so there will be Something here for everyone I guarantee Now first up on one of the trains that I Am most excited about is the suit vest And the vest is being worn on its own as A top now I know this isn't a brand new Trend but it is definitely picking up Momentum and will be front and center For summer this year and I kind of liken It to almost how we were wearing our Oversized Blazer last season you know we Kind of really put a whole lot of Attention and focus on at oversized Blazer and we wore it with everything Well the suit vest is going to be Exactly the same in terms of the Versatility and wearability that we can Get out of this piece I particularly Love these soup vests because not only Are they cool and comfy but they also Give any outfit a little bit of an Elevated look they're also great to team

Back with some of the wide-legged pants And sort of man style tailoring that We've been wearing so the biggest and I Think the most versatile trend for Summer is the humble soup vest now it's Been a little while since cobalt blue Has been a color that's been front and Center but this summer cobalt blue is Where it's at now the reason I'm Particularly excited about this color Having a bit of a moment again is Because it is a universally flattering Color it actually suits every skin tone I know that seems a little hard to Believe but it's absolutely true it's a Color that's neither a warm or a cool Color so it does suit everyone and there Is going to be everything on offer in This color from shirts dresses skirts Blazers you name it so if this isn't a Color that you have worn before Definitely definitely consider it it is A super flattering color it's also going To make a statement and if you're unsure How to pair it with pieces that you Perhaps already own it will work back Beautifully with white with Denim and Also with other blue pieces or certainly Look at a cobalt blue set because that's An easy way to get an instant outfit but Also have separate pieces that you can Mix and match with other items that you Already own but cobalt blue is a summer Favorite and at this point I just like

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Watches on offer like the one that I'm Wearing today and tend to wear most days But there is really something there for Everyone so if you're in the market for A new watch definitely take advantage of This very cool offer and also you get to Donate to a very good cause at the same Time it's such a feel-good factor and as I mentioned earlier the team has just Released a new spring summer collection Which is absolutely gorgeous there are Two new colorways that are on offer so There's a beautiful lavender which is Just such a pretty shade and there's Also this lovely Timeless olive green Both colors are very much trending in Fashion at the moment as well so it's Really lovely to see them accented on The new season watches my pick from the New season collection is this stunning Stainless steel chain-like watch band And it comes in two different styles of Watch I've ordered the Unica and I love The fact that this is sort of a hybrid Style it's almost a bangle slash watch And it's just going to add a little bit Of interest to my outfits and I tend to Wear watches like this one that have a Leather strap or just a very plain strap So I love the fact that the strap is Interesting and it's going to be great For dressing up and wearing out at night And just to have a watch that's a little Bit more special so I can't wait for it

To arrive and when it does I'll Definitely show it to you but it's my Pick from the new season collection and One of the most unlikely summer Shades That is going to be up this year and one Think that you guys might get quite Excited about is Summer black now you Might be thinking what is summary about The color black but this season we're Seeing a lot of pieces that are in sheer Fabrics and crocheted and open sort of Weave knit Fabrics that are all perfect For summer but they are Chic and very Sophisticated in a beautiful black now I Decided to wear black today in honor of Summer black that's heading our way and To be fair I've always been a big fan of Black because in my opinion no matter What you wear black is always very chic And the other reason I like black is Because you can often buy pieces at a Lower price point and you can't tell That you've bought something that's a Little bit of a cheapy so for that Reason summer black is where it's at and I am a huge fan now the other big summer Trend is baggy jeans now I've talked About baggy jeans in my last couple of Videos and I think there is a little bit Of a fine line in terms of how far you Go with this trend or how baggy a gene You opt for so anytime I talk about Jeans I get lots of comments about a Skinny jean still in uh boot cut still

In and I always say the same thing that If there's a particular style of jeans That you love that suit you wear them And own them and they will always be on Trend for you but in terms of actual Trends a baggier style Jean is very much Where it's happening there are some Extreme baggy jeans which I don't Recommend because I just think that it's Taken the trend too far and they're a Little tricky to wear especially if You're petite but baggier jeans are Definitely where it's at and I think They're perfect for summer I mean who Wants to wear skinny jeans in the middle Of summer obviously it depends on where You live and your climate but baggy Jeans are a really great option for Summer and they always look really cool Teamed back with a simple tank or a cute Little tee tucked in so baggy jeans are Where it's at and definitely as a summer Option I think they great and that leads On really nicely to the next Trend which Is anything with a maxi hemline and in Particular Maxi denim skirts I'm sure You've already seen them on social media They are picking up the pace and Everyone seems to be wanting to Incorporate a maxi denim skirt into Their collection now the only word of Warning that I have with maxi denim Skirts is that they can be a little Tricky to walk in and to sit down in

Unless you have a split in them so I Have seen plenty of Maxi denim skirts With a split up the front a split up the Back if you prefer no split then maybe Look for a maxi with a little bit of Stretch in the fabric but these Maxi Denim skirts are going to be your Absolute go-to's because as we know Denim goes with everything and if you're Not so comfortable wearing a pair of Denim jeans a denim Maxi will be your Favorite friend and there are also some Beautiful floaty maxi dresses on offer That I've personally been loving and Wearing for the last few years oh and Also there are some gorgeous drop waist Maxi skirts and dresses on offer as well You do just have to be a little bit Careful with the drop waist that it Doesn't sort of skew your proportions But if drop wastes suit you then have a Look at them in Maxi length as well but Maxis are very much a hepling thing for Summer now over the last few seasons and The last few years we've seen lots of Suiting and sets and gorgeous little Short sets what we are seeing this Summer is printed sets so beautiful Print Fabrics in all sorts of short sets And skirt sets there really is something For everyone even pant sets I love the Idea of a set because you get that one And done you get an outfit that you Don't have to think about and you also

Get those separate pieces that you can Wear and mix and match them with other Pieces that you already own so think About beautiful printed sets they are Going to be lots of them around and Truly believe me that one and done Factor is really hard to beat now while Black is very much a trend in color this Summer so too on the flip side is white So there are some gorgeous crisp whites On offer and don't be scared of white Because there is actually a white that Suits everyone or a white that will work For your skin tone it's just about Finding whether you suit a beautiful Clean fresh white or a slightly Off-white but there is a shade of white For you and what we can expect to see This summer is very much monochrome Dressing so top to toe white and if this Is a little bit scary for you one of the Easiest ways around it is just to add Some texture and by adding some texture You sort of lighten up the look and add A little bit of interest and it kind of Takes away from what potentially could Otherwise look a little bit clinical so Texture is definitely the way to wear White top to toe but certainly white is Very much a summer color this year so Expect to see plenty of it around now The next random one that I really love Is the return of metallic accessories And let me know in the comments Below

Have you seen metallic accessories being Introduced I can't go past seeing a Beautiful metallic purse or handbag or Shoes they seem to be popping up on my Instagram feed almost on the daily at The moment and that is a trend that's Going to continue and pick up momentum And by summer it is going to be Everywhere so think about metallics as In Footwear and certainly purses Handbags as your new favorite accessory And the beauty of them is that they go With anything and everything so they're Very easy to incorporate into outfits And pieces that you already own now I'm Sure you've heard this one before so It's nothing new that cargo pants are Trending this year and certainly for Summer we can expect to see them Everywhere now there seem to be two Types of cargo style pants there's very Much the cargo pants that are a little Bit more structured or have a little Element of tailoring to them with the Pocket detail and then there is also a More of a lightweight parachute style Pant now both are going to be huge for Summer which does make sense they're Roomy they're comfy and and I'm sure They're going to be sort of worn Casually and also more dressed up so I Know that cargo pants are nothing new But I did want to touch on this because It is very much a wearable Trend and

Also the parachute style cargo pants That are definitely I'm seeing more and More of as well so the parachute ones Are kind of more drawstring elasticated Waists whereas as I said the cargos are A little bit more tailored but they are Very similar and both are going to be Huge for summer and last but not least Is a fisherman style sandal now there Have been lots of chunky sandals and Shoes that we've been wearing over the Last few years and I think that that's What I really love about these fishermen Style sandals so they've sort of got a Caged effect at the front so for me I Particularly love them because they Cover your foot but still allow it to Breathe and for someone like me who Doesn't like showing off their feet too Often this is the perfect sandal and Also having a little bit of weight and Chunkiness to it just gives it a nice Contrast to another shoe type that's Trending for summer which is the ballet Flat and I know that a lot of you aren't Going to be wearing Bellow Flats because They're just a little bit too fine or They just don't quite feel right for you So if you're not into the ballet flats These fishermen style sandals are a Really good option and if you love Following the fashion trends as much as I do then click or tap on the screen Here to take a look at some of my

Favorite French inspired trends that are Set to be huge this year so click or tap On the screen here and I'll see you There

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