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10 Wearable Spring Shoe Trends | 2023 Fashion Trends




10 Wearable Spring Shoe Trends | 2023 Fashion Trends

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There are some Fab Footwear trains Heading our way this year and today I'm Sharing the best of them [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now today as I said we're talking Footwear Trends and no don't worry I'm Not talking about those crazy Cartoon-esque Astro Boy type boots that Seem to be taking over the Internet like I don't know how and why but it's a good PR stunt if you ask me but that's about All we're good for so today I am talking Wearable Footwear Trends and there Really is something here for everyone I Know one of these Trends is going to Divide you because I've kind of Mentioned them a little bit in the last Couple of videos and a number of you are Not so Keen but I'm sure some of you Will like them but as I said there will Be something for everyone in today's Episode so let's just get on with these Trends now the first Footwear trend is One that I am particularly loving and I Don't even know what to call this it's a Little bit of a hybrid shoe so it's a Cross between a hiking style boot sort Of a real Adventure outdoory Boot and a Sneaker so it's kind of somewhere in Between but it does a lot of things Things and in my opinion these Particular boots look really cool as Well so most of these boots are

Waterproof they're also really Comfortable they're hard wearing and I Do think that they have a very cool Modern look as well so they're the kind Of boot that can take you from an Outdoor adventure to a cool catch up With the girlfriends I love that Versatility and I love the practicality Of these boots and the fact that a kind Of a classic hiking boot is getting a Bit of a modern makeover and just Getting a little bit more of a cool Factor to it anyway let me know in the Comments below what you think of the Hybrid style boot I'm definitely a big Fan but I'd love to know what you think Now if you love wearing heels you're Going to love what is happening for Spring summer and that is wedge heels Now we all know that wedges are far more Comfortable and more practical to wear Than a spindly stiletto of course if you Love spindly stilettos you're still Going to wear them and love them that is Fine but if you do want to update your Lineup and opt for something that's got A little bit more of a Modern Edge then Definitely take a look at some of the Wedge heels that are happening the likes Of Fendi Bottega they very much featured These heels and I know that we are going To see them more and more as the year Goes on personally I think that this is A really easy Trend to wear most of us

Probably already own wedges so we can Bring them out from the back of the Cupboard and start wearing them again But wedge heels are definitely where It's at for this year now the next Trend That I'm excited about I'm not sure how Much I'm personally going to dip into This trend but I do love it and that is The trend for wearing sparkly shoes now There seems to be everything from Rhinestone encrusted booties to gorgeous Little pumps with a sparkly bow detail On them there's lots of Shimmer and Sparkle in shoes and I think it's a Really easy way to add a bit of bling And excitement and fun to an otherwise Simple outfit and certainly if you're Struggling to find the perfect shoe to Wear with a particular outfit you can Always rely on a sparkly shoe or boot to To do the job for you they are Timeless They also just go with everything and You can dress them up and wear them more Casually as well so don't just keep the Sparkles for best they're not just for Special occasions anymore so sparkly Shoes and Footwear is definitely very Much a happening thing and as I said Yeah if you often opt for a plain black Pair of shoes then definitely think About adding some sparkle to your lineup Because they will be super versatile and At this point I just like to say a very Big thank you to the team at Blue land

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Them for sure so check them out I'll Leave that link in my description box Below next one is definitely going to Divide you and that is ballet flats now I have talked about ballet flats quite a Bit in the last couple of videos but They are very much a happening Trend now I know that a lot of you struggle with The fact that ballets are fine and Dainty and they tend to make you feel a Little bit unbalanced in your outfit Especially if we're wearing oversized Baggy cargos and slightly oversized Pieces I do get that I appreciate that That can sort of throw you off a little Bit I think sometimes with ballet flats It's just about Changing our thinking and getting our Heads around them if you're anything Like me you've been wearing lots of Chunky shoes lately like trainers and Certainly chunky boots and transitioning To something that's more fine and Definitely really flat like a ballet Flat can be a little bit of an Adjustment and just a bit of a shock to Our senses and that sort of feeling of Proportions but certainly a ballet flat Is one of those shoes that may take a Little bit of warming up to but it's a Super versatile shoe as well now of Course if you need a little bit more Support you might have to opt for Something that's more of a sneaker style

But Bellow flats are great and again if You love skinny jeans then a ballet flat Is your your friend and also what I have Noticed is pants are instead of being Super wide we are going to be seeing More Slimmer Line Pants not super tight Not super skinny but more of a tailored Finer pan inch Slimmer line pants so the Ballet flats will work perfectly with Them they also look really good worn With like skirts like what I'm wearing Today a a pleated skirt they're just an Easy option especially for spring and Summer so have a little look out there Maybe you'll find a ballet flat to love This year now this next one is I think My favorite Footwear trend for the year And that is Mary Janes but they are not Your classic Mary Janes Mary Janes have Had a little bit of a modern makeover And they've got a chunky heel and a Little bit more shape to the toe so Don't think Connor's school teacher Mary Janes these are Mary Janes with a bit of Attitude and I love the fact that they Are a good solid shoe that in fact I Owned a pair a number of years ago and They are the one pair of shoes that I've Often thought about from time to time And actually wish that I'd never let go Of them they are a shoe that I've wanted To kind of bring back in here with Certain outfits so I am thrilled that These chunky Mary Janes are back they

Are Mary Janes with Attitude they're Comfortable they're going to work with Everything so I'm very excited about Them coming back and I'm loving some of The details that I'm seeing on them as Well so interesting Buckle details and Even wedge heel Mary Janes there's kind Of something for everyone so definitely Don't miss out on checking out some cool Modern Mary Janes this year there are Also lots of shoe options that are kind Of mesh and I'd even go as far as saying Net detailing so quite sort of woven Leathers and and very much kind of yeah Netted shoes and there have been shoes And little boots that I've seen with Just complete knit detailing and others Just have accents of this kind of netted Look they do kind of remind me of Wearing fishnets on your feet and I Think I like effort the idea of wearing Something that's going to breathe but Look interesting on your feet is yeah is A look that I'm definitely open to the Other Footwear train that I do see Taking Center Stage this year is Brightly colored shoes now I think that There's a lot of Merit in this because It's a little bit like your sparkly Shoes you can actually let your shoes do The talking when it comes to your outfit And sometimes just updating your closet And adding a beautiful pair of sparkly Shoes or a gorgeous colorful pair of

Shoes can really lift a lot of the Outfits that you already own so it's one Pair of shoes that can just give or sort Of breathe some new life into your Classics that you generally tend to wear On repeat so there are lots of different Colors on option Pantone shoes seem to Be everywhere not surprisingly but Making your Footwear do the sort of the Work for your outfit is definitely what Seems to be happening this year and These bright colored shoes are doing Exactly there now next up and I am a big Fan of this and it is chunky biker style Boots now I'm sure you're thinking that We've seen this before but what we have Seen and certainly this winter has been More about paired back chunky boots I'm Thinking the Bottega Boots the really Chunky lug soles but we're kind of Moving back into the classic biker boot Territory with Buckle detailing and Straps just your very classic biker Style boots which I have a couple of Pairs of and absolutely love now I'm not Surprised that this trend is making a Comeback and definitely taking Center Stage when it comes to Boots and that is Because there is a real trend for Wearing biker style jackets and bomber Bomber kind of biker jackets and just Your classic Moto biker jackets so it Makes sense that the boots are back as Well but certainly I'm very happy about

This but biker boots with a slight Slightly chunky sole are very much where It's happening this year as well and we All know that knee-high boots have been A hot look this winter and they are kind Of a staple for a lot of us but the Boots are kind of going a little bit Higher than ever and I recently saw my Favorite YouTuber Karen Brit chick Wearing some amazing thigh high like Well over the knee boots at Fashion Week Now I know that this look isn't going to Be for everyone but I do have to mention It because it is a trending look and I Love the way that Karen wore them Because essentially they just covered Her legs and created A really lovely Amount of color to her outfits and Coverage so they were practical they Made a statement they allow you to wear Shorter skirts and dresses because you Are covered up it's a fun Trend as I Said it's not going to be for everyone But it is definitely happening this year These Thigh High full length boots which Uh statement statement shoes at best and Yeah I just think that they are amazing Now last but not least and this one is Definitely a bit of a blast from the Past and that is jelly style sandals so You know the ones that were they were Big like I don't even know whether it Was a 90s Trend or an 80s Trend Certainly when I was a lot younger I

Loved These jelly sandals and they do Keep coming back from time to time it's Almost like a carry-on from the sort of The transparent shoe Trend which is very Much happening now as well where we see Transparent sort of PVC type straps and Full transparent front of sandals and Just you know that sort of see-through Looking shoe I've personally never worn It I don't like my feet enough to show Them off to that degree but they seem to Be coming out with very much a jelly Style clear type sandal which I Definitely think if you're spending Money on a cool pedicure for spring Summer then why not show it off as much As possible and a pair of these jelly Style sandals I think that they're fun They are not going to break the bank and They're just going to be a fun easy Addition to a spring summer wardrobe and If you'd like a little bit of style Inspiration then click or tap on the Screen here and check out what is being Worn on the streets of Paris I'm sure it Will inspire you to look at some of the Clothes you already own a little Differently so click or tap on the Screen here and I will see you there

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