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10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Will Be HUGE In 2024 & Beyond | What to Wear




10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Will Be HUGE In 2024 & Beyond | What to Wear

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I recently filmed a video on the top Fashion trends that are set to be huge Next year and you all seem to really Like it so today I've decided to film a Part two to that episode except today's Trends are even more [Music] Wearable hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel now as I mentioned we're talking 2024 fashion trends and I know it's hard To believe but 2024 is actually just Around the corner so it does make sense To be thinking and planning about what Is going to be in fashion now of course That doesn't mean that you have to Slavishly follow the trends it's just a Way of giving yourself a little bit of a Heads up as to what you can expect to See in store and what potentially is Going to work for you I'm also hoping That you will already own some of these Pieces so if you're deciding to kind of Move some pieces out or hold on to them This might help you make that decision As well and today's episode is also in Collaboration with my friends over over At Lily silk now Lily silk is a brand That I have loved and worn for many Years and my new favorite is this Stunning 100% cashmere cozy sweater Which I'm going to show you shortly has A few different ways to wear it it's Actually part of a set so it has Matching sweatpants to wear with it it

Can also be worn on its own and the most Exciting thing about this piece is that It has a detachable Hood which I will Share with you shortly so I want to Share some of my favorite new pieces From Lily silk with you today and also I Am delighted to share a discount code And that is simply 15 style and that Will save you 15% off anything on the Lily silk website also if you spend over $500 you can use my code 20 style and That will save you 20% off your order And that's orders over $500 I also Wanted to flag that Lily silk has an Amazing Black Friday sale coming up Later this month month so definitely Take a look at that when you can and These discount codes apply to that Black Friday sale so you can take an extra 15 Or 20% off those already discounted sale Prices so keep that in mind but now I Would like to just show you a few of my New faves and I'm pretty sure they may Be your new faves as well and then we Will get on to some of these Trends okay so here is my beautiful Cashmere sweater and as you can see I've Teamed it with the matching sweatpants And wow this set is just so snuggly and Lovely to wear I've teamed it here with A simple white long sleeve t-shirt and My white Adidas sbers for a very kind of Relaxed look and that really is the Beauty of a matching set you can wear

The pieces together or separately and it Just gives you lots of Versatility now As I mentioned earlier here is the Little Hood which is easily detached and Popped back on just by way of buttons That sort of button onto the inside of The neckline there really easy to take On and off and it just gives you a Couple of different looks I actually Like wearing the hoodie when I wear a Say denim jacket or any sort of jacket I Like the hood being on the outside of The jacket just to give a bit of a Relaxed look and feel but yeah love the Versatility of this sweater being able To wear it with a hood or without is Genius and yep matching sets always come In super handy you have an entire outfit And those separates that you can style Individually next up is this beautiful Silk cashmere ribbed cardi and again it Is a really versatile piece obviously Here I'm wearing it opened and the great Thing about this particular particular Cardi is that it can be buttoned up as I Just showed you it can be warm with Something underneath like any regular Cardi but it can be worn on its own as a Top buttoned up and as you can see here It buttons all the way to the neck so it Gives you a little Polo sort of crew Neck as well so it's really versatile I Love the fact that it can be worn on its Own as a top and oh no maybe I'm that's

A bit too low and perhaps not the right Bra but this cardigan is absolutely Beautiful and it's super soft to wear it Just feels light and silky but it's also Warm I don't think I've mentioned to you Guys but I'm heading back to the States So I ordered these beautiful silk Safari Pants so that I can wear not only on the Plane but wandering around doing some Sightseeing you name it they are really Comfy because they're silk they just Feel light and beautiful I'll probably Be wearing them with a long coat coat I Imagine in the States but these are just A winner they are a relaxed fit I've Probably gone a size to Big here these Are a large and a medium would have been Enough for me I'm 511 510 and 1 half 511 And I think I could have gone down a Size but I don't mind them oversized I'm Just wearing them with a simple white Long sleeve tea again here teaming them With my sambers denim jacket these can Be dressed up worn more C casually and They have pockets yes ah I love pants And skirts with Pockets now this silk cashmere sweater You got a little sneak peek of just then With my Safari pants but I decided to Team it with my long pleated skirt which Is how it is shown on the Lily silk Website and I love this look I love the Fact that it can be worn more casually With some trainers or Sneakers but also

It could be dressed up if you wanted to Go for a night out these sorts of pieces Are absolutely Timeless they're classic Pieces that I always own and for that Reason I tend to invest a little bit More in them because I do know that they Will last the distance now the first Trend and one that I am really excited About personally because I've loved them For a long time and that is the return Of belt bags now belt bags in 2024 are Going to be a little bit more elevated And perhaps a little sparklier than we Used to I know I've been wearing belt Bags or fanny packs whatever you call Them over the last couple of years and They've definitely been more of a sort Of a sporty style like the one I've got Here let me just show you this is one of My faves from a Australian label c Nation bought this a couple of years ago And have absolutely worn it to death I Love the fact that you get the handsfree Element from a belt bag you also get That kind of punch of color like this Bag here is giving to an outfit and in My mind belt bags just tend to give an Outfit a little bit of extra EXT ra Shape and just a little bit of an extra Wow factor so let me know in the Comments below if you're a fan of belt Bags or if they're a hard no for you I Would really like to know your thoughts And if you don't like them why don't you

Like them anyway I love them they are Going to be huge for 2024 so definitely Keep an eye out now another Trend that We can expect to see a lot of next year Is bomber jackets now you're probably Saying that bomber jackets haven't gone Out of style they're still in style and You would be right but what we are Seeing is they have changed a little as Designers tend to do they sort of mix Things up and change them a little but They are not quite as oversized as they Have been and they're just a little bit More tailored if you will there are sort Of smaller pocket details some of the Bombers have even had small collars Lapels attached so they are just a Little bit more refined and if you're Anything like me you will know how Versatile bombers are they just give you That extra layer a little bit of extra Warmth and can create a little bit of Interest to an outfit so there should be A lot of bombers on offer but as I said They're just a little bit more elevated Than they have been now next year Sweaters are being hailed as the new Scarves and I am so here for this trend So a lot of designers I noticed on Runways sent their models down wearing Sweaters kind of draped around their Neck in the same way that you would a Wrap or a neck scarf a nice woolly scarf So interestingly I did exactly this the

Other day when I was Hing out I had a Very simple outfit a pair of blue jeans A white tank top and just needed Something a little extra I've got a Beautiful bright pink knit and I kind of Just slung that over my shoulders Created it as part of my outfit and it Just added a little bit of something Extra and then I sort of noticed that Designers are really taking this trend And running with it next year so Sweaters are going to be used as a nice Kind of extra layer if you will wrapped Around your neck and also used as an Extra layer to perhaps cinch in your Waist I've talked a little bit recently In some of my videos about how waists Are going to be shown off more next year And so cinching yourself in with a Colorful or a lovely sweater is going to Be a really good option as well I know That the sweater that I'm currently Wearing is going to be absolutely great For this just in it with some of my Whites and some of my Navy pieces it's Going to be an absolute winner but Definitely look at your sweaters in a Very different way next year and Consider them as an extra piece to wrap Around and snuggle up with and add that Little bit of extra interest to an Outfit now this year has been very much About silver fashion trends silver Metallics have been everywhere in

Handbags shoes accessories pants jackets You name it we've seen a lot of silver This year next year gold metallic is Taking center stage now if you're Someone like me who prefers a bit of a Warmer metallic then you're in luck next Year because there will be lots of Lovely warm Goldie metallics on offer And the same way that we've seen them With silver this year we'll be seeing Gold next year we're also going to be Seeing a little bit of bronze that's not Quite as big a trend as gold but Certainly there will be a little bit of Bronze happening next year as well but If you love metallics then gold is Happening for next year and just treat It like a neutral in any other way that You would wear a neutral it's a good Basic piece I know designers were Sending their models down the runway in Top to toe gold I'm not necessarily Suggesting you do that but a beautiful Gold knit or a gold accessory is a Lovely and very easy way to update an Outfit now I probably shouldn't have Been so surprised about this trend but I Was because leggings are very much Having a moment next year as well now Leggings are one of those pieces that Are always around obviously they are Something that we wear to the gym There's that sort of sport Lux look that Leggings offer but the big Trend that's

Happening next year is dresses being Worn over pants and of course leggings Were going to help when it came to Creating that particular look so there Are all sorts of leggings on offer and What I am talking about is leggings that Are worn in a fashionable way not so Much in a gym kind of workout way and I've even seen some leggings returning With stirrups the good old sterup Leggings will be making a bit of a Comeback it does make sense we will be Potentially looking for more of a fitted Type pant to wear under our skirts and Dresses if that's a look that you're Going to go with next year so leggings Definitely serve a great purpose they're Also super comfy they look great worn With trenches and long coats which is Also happening next year and that's Probably a really good segue into the Next Trend which is those trenches and Longline coats which we've seen a lot of This year if you've invested great in my Opinion these pieces never go out of Style anything that is a sort of a midi Or fulllength coat or trench is going to Just get wear year after year after year These are Timeless pieces so there are Going to be lots on offer if you haven't Found yourself being sort of drawn to These longer line coats in the pass Definitely check out and see what is Around because there will be definitely

Lots and lots of different options Available and that's the great thing About Trends it just means that they are More on offer so expect to see those Longline coats and trenches very much a Happening thing for 2024 as well I'm Very happy about it you can create a Very simple base outfit and then top Your look off with a Longline coat or Trench just easy I also wanted to touch On some of the denim trends that will be Happening for next year and there's a Lot of interesting things happening with Denim and of course jeans are a go-to no Matter what they're always in fashion For those of you that like skinnies You'll be pleased to know that skinnies Are definitely still a happening thing Next year I mean in my mind if you like Skinnies you just wear them all the time If they suit your style and your Lifestyle wear them but in particular There are still a lot of high-waisted Jeans around which is kind of Interesting because we did see a little Bit of a move towards more lowrise jeans But the high-waisted jeans are very much Happening and denim with a little bit of Interest so just some detailing a little Bit of distressing is weaving its way Back in nothing too crazy but a little Bit of distressing and also a lot of Interesting washes in black denim as Well now I think black denim jeans are a

Are a really good goto to own as well They can look a little bit more elevated Or a little bit dressier than just a Classic denim blue denim wash regular Wash Jean um and also they tend to be Quite easy to style as well especially If you like color they're very easy to Style back with color so there are some Options when it comes to dark denim not Super dark denim but they do have a bit Of a lighter wash to them so some really Nice black denim options high-waisted And then denim jeans with a little bit Of detailing similar to kind of what I'm Wearing today I'll just see if I can Stand up and show you these jeans that I Absolutely love that have a double Waistband going on here so there are Lots of different and interesting Options when it comes to jeans next year As well so keep an eye out designers Like Prada and heres sent some of their Models down the runway wearing one of my All-time favorite colors and that is Gray Mal now I particularly love gray as A neutral we've seen lots of torps and Chamy colors like the one I'm wearing Which I'll always love but we haven't Seen as much gray and gray M so I'm Really excited about the return of these Beautiful Grays they are again a neutral Very easy to style look beautiful and Timeless and knits I love a grey mile Sweater with a bright red lip they look

Great teamed back with the black denims Regular denim you name it there are Plenty of options with grey M I've also Seen designers peering sort of top to Toe looks with with with this gray so Gray is very much a happening color we Know that there are some other beautiful Colors happening for next year that I've Touched on in my previous video red Being one of those colors and all sorts Of shades of blue from sort of Navy to More of the lighter pastel Blues there Are some beautiful color Hues happening Next year but the grey Mile in my mind Is just such a good basic and a Timeless Color to own and wear so if you already Own some make make sure you hold on to It I've also seen a lot of Pinstripes Returning for next year as well and Again I think this is a really nice Departure from some of the suits and Matching sets that we've seen that have Been in more kind of neutral Shades so Pen Stripes is a great kind of little Departure from where we've been I love a Penstripe I think that it's a Timeless Look and again if you're wearing pin Stripes there is that added benefit of It being a a little bit more of an Elongating pattern to wear so Pinstripes Are making a return next year and think More along the lines of in suiting so Trousers pinstriped vests some beautiful Pinstriped skirts as well but it's a

Really lovely slightly more elevated and More sophisticated take on just a Regular classic suit now another Trend That is very much happening and in fact It's not exactly a fashion Trend it's More of an outfit look and that is Dresses teamed with knee high boots now I love the practicality of this look I Love the fact that you can wear your Dresses more trans seasonally so more of Your summer dresses and lighter weight Dresses through to the cooler months it Also just gives you a really seamless Look and it's a look that I particularly Love so if you like this look and you'd Like to get more wear out of some of Your summer dresses then definitely look At creating some outfits with knee high Boots anyway that's it from me today I Hope you enjoyed en this one and if you Did I'd love you to give it a big thumbs Up don't forget to subscribe to my Channel for more and take advantage of Those Lily silk discount codes as I said All of the information will be in the Description box below so if you are Looking to grab some beautiful Timeless Pieces that you will wear this year next Year and Beyond then definitely take Advantage of that Lily silk offer it's All down in the description box below But that's it for me today I'll see you Soon Bye


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