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10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Will Be HUGE in 2023!




10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Will Be HUGE in 2023!

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Today i’m sharing some of the top Styling mistakes that you probably don’t Even realize you’re making Hi i’m leonie and welcome to my channel I spent 20 years working in women’s Magazines both here in new zealand and Also in australia With the last seven of those editing new Zealand’s top selling fashion magazine Fashion quarterly when i left magazines I started this youtube channel to share My passion for fashion with you i also Love a good shortcut so this channel is All about your shortcut to style today We’re talking about fashion mistakes and These videos are always controversial But i’m picking that you may not have Even thought about some of these things But changing them and making some small Tweaks will really make you look and Feel so much more confident in your Clothes a small portion of today’s Episode is sponsored by squarespace and I will tell you more about squarespace Shortly but for now let’s get into these Style mistakes now one of the biggest Style mistakes that i see regularly is Us not wearing our clothes or the Clothes that we own Because they’re not on trend as such now Trends are great don’t get me wrong They’re great for giving us a little bit Of an entree into what we can expect to See in the stores and just giving us a

Little bit of a heads up of what is Going to be in fashion But it’s really important not to be Driven by those trends and Let them dictate what we wear it’s Really important just to make sure that We Select the trends that are going to work For us and those trends that will Potentially update the clothes that we Already have trends are great but they Are not everything so it’s almost like Don’t throw the baby out with the bath Water if your pieces aren’t on trend it Means nothing if you love them and feel Great in them that’s all that matters The next style mistake that i see often Is women trying to buy their way out of A style slump I’m sure you can relate it’s those times When you go to your closet trying to Find something to wear You’re kind of over seeing the same Clothes hanging in your wardrobe And you Go out shopping you think right i’m Gonna buy some new pieces and i’ll have A whole lot of options to wear It doesn’t generally work out this way Because if you go and buy new pieces Without a A plan You often fall into that trap of buying The same sorts of pieces that you

Already own So there is no such thing as buying your Way out of a style slump you do need to Put a little bit of time in Look at what you’ve got first and then Make a plan to plug those holes Don’t just think you can go and shop Like crazy and shop your way to better Style and at this point i’d just like to Say a very big thank you to the team at Squarespace for sponsoring this portion Of today’s episode i’ve used squarespace For a number of years now and absolutely Love What they do if you need to start your Own website or if you want to start a Blog or if you have products to sell Online Squarespace has to be in my opinion the Easiest way to build an online presence And a really stylish online presence as Well i’m not at all tech savvy which is Why squarespace was the best choice for Me when it came to updating my blog and The great news is that squarespace is Offering you a 10 discount off your First website or domain so now is a Great time to Jump on board and launch yourself online What i would recommend you doing first Is whipping over to Taking advantage of their free trial Once you’re familiar with the platform And you’re ready to launch then simply

Use my unique url which is forward slash the style Insider and as i said that will save you 10 off your first website or domain i Will leave that link in the description Box below but if you are planning on Doing anything online as i said a blog a Website selling your own products then Squarespace is the way to do it so this Is a great deal definitely take Advantage of it another style mistake That i tend to see happening when i go Into women’s wardrobes is that they’ll Grab a piece out of their wardrobe like This And It has no Hanger appeal it basically a lot of Clothes especially if we’re used to Seeing them in our wardrobe They just look a little blah when They’re just hanging They don’t look anything special And that is why when you go into a store The pieces that are worn by the shop Assistants are the pieces that get Sold out and bought all of the time it’s Because they look so much better when They’re worn and when they’re styled as An outfit So don’t fall into the trap of looking At your own clothes and just feeling Like it has no hanger appeal What it does mean is you need to put a

Little bit of time in and come up with Some different ways to create some Outfits with some of these pieces Another trap that we tend to fall into Is that we Don’t believe that we can have style and Comfort And that in my mind is something that we Can almost definitely achieve there is Nothing worse in my opinion than feeling Uncomfortable or cold or Strapped into a piece or wearing Something that doesn’t fit you and feel Comfortable All in the name of fashion and trends So it is very possible to have style and Comfort you you may just need to work a Little bit harder or put in a little bit Of time Playing with looks playing with outfits Creating some looks within the clothes That you’ve already got but style and Comfort Do go hand in hand don’t sacrifice one For the other and it is something that i See regularly another mistake that i Really don’t like seeing is using Fashion to hide your body in my opinion Everybody is beautiful and wearing Well oversized drapey billowy pieces Just to hide Any of your shape is in my opinion one Of the most unflattering things that we Can do it generally is our go-to if

We’re not feeling so great about our Body but just adding a little bit of Shape and wearing clothes that are Slightly more fitted now i’m not talking Skin tight Slightly more fitted or with a little Bit of a shape to them perhaps a Tie detail or just a little bit of Ruching or shaping is always going to be Far more flattering and far more Forgiving than wearing super sized Oversized pieces now don’t get me wrong I do love oversized pieces but it isn’t The only way to dress and i think if you Fall into the trap of always just Wearing Floaty billowy pieces to hide your body You’re really not doing yourself any Favors you can Look absolutely stylish regardless of Your size and that Is an absolute fact another thing that i Often see is that we neglect layers I understand that layering can be a Little bit scary because you feel like You have to work really hard to put Outfits together when you’re having to Consider Lots of different layers now i’m not Necessarily Saying that you need lots of layers but Layers especially in fall are a great Way to get dressed when the weather is Unsettled but also layering your looks

Can just sometimes add that final piece That creates a stylish outfit and i’ve Talked a lot about trench coats lately And A trench does exactly that so it doesn’t Have to be a trench it could be just a Bomber or a vest These often these layering pieces are That final piece of the puzzle that just Add a little bit of a style statement Sometimes we’re not sure about those Layers so we go without or we just wear Something that’s so warm and you just Wear it on its own but my message here With with this mistake is that don’t be Afraid of layers and don’t be afraid to Mix and match different prints and Patterns when it comes to layering I have said this earlier but sometimes It just requires a little bit of time And effort to Play around with some of your layers Now’s a great time to do it at the Beginning of a new season But neglecting the importance of layers And how they can really take an outfit From zero to hero is in my opinion a Definite style mistake now the next Mistake and this is probably the one That makes me feel the saddest and that Is when i see women just bored with the Clothes that they own now generally what Happens is the clothes are absolutely Fine

But we tend to get into a bit of a rut And we wear the same pieces With the same pieces so the same Knit with the same pants And that’s the only way that we wear These pieces Those pieces are going to be fab but it Does just require you to spend a little Bit of time Creating some new outfits with those Pieces that you already own i know this Sounds a little bit complex but it Really is just getting re-inspired by The clothes that you own you can do it It just does require a little bit of Time so say for instance you Have a shirt like a bright pink shirt You may be feeling a little bit bored With it then just google and have a look On pinterest have a look at street style Images Type in pink shirt Street style see what comes up you will Be so surprised that there will be Options there that you hadn’t even Thought about And you own some of the pieces already So it’s about getting inspired to Put the pieces that you may be bored With together in different ways to Create new look now that leads in really Nicely to this mistake which is Not planning your outfits now again what Happens is that we tend to

See our pieces in particular outfits but If we don’t plan them and come up with a Whole lot of different options and Different ideas for our outfits then we Always grab and go for the same looks All of the time which is just really Limiting it means that we’re not Using the pieces that we own to their Full potential so if you do want to Maximize your wardrobe and make the most Out of the pieces that you own you are Going to have to put in a little bit of Time and effort Spending time playing i talk about Playing in your wardrobe quite a bit on This channel because i think it’s Something that we don’t tend to do Enough we do have this expectation that We can go to our closet throw together Something and hope that it’s going to Work sometimes it will and often it Doesn’t and then we feel like a failure And then we don’t do that again What it is i think a good idea to do is When you’re not in a hurry to go in span 10-15 minutes Throwing together some different looks Take a photo of the ones that you like And that work well for you and then they Can be your go-to looks when you Next need to get ready in a hurry but Invest a little bit of time and play With the pieces that you own next up is Not trusting your intuition sometimes

And i know personally this does get hard When there seem to be so many rules and Regulations attached to fashion of what You can and can’t wear What’s on trend what’s happening with Your body It all becomes really overwhelming and When that happens we tend to Lose sight of our own intuition and kind Of lose confidence with being able to Judge whether something works for us or Not So what i would say is just to trust Your your instinct and your intuition When you put something on It generally makes you feel a certain Way so connect to that and Try and See how that makes you feel what i do Suggest is when you’re trying on Clothing at home Make sure your hair and makeup is done Because you’re never going to feel Anything special if you have just walked Out of the shower you’re trying on an Outfit and trying to sense whether it is Right for you or not do it when you’ve Got your hair and makeup done and that Will give you a better take on whether You’re feeling good in that outfit or Not now the last mistake and i do tend To see this one a lot and it’s probably Because it’s a tricky one to get right But wearing the wrong shoes can

Completely kill an outfit i think what We often tend to do is play it safe and Opt for Say perhaps a black shoe or a black boot Because we feel like Black is universal and we can get lots And lots of wear out of it and it will Go with lots and lots of things and that Is true but when we update our shoes we Tend to go black again and then another Pair of black shoes another pair of Black boots Sometimes it takes just a little bit of Confidence to Try and i was going to say then dip your Toe in pardon the pun but try something A little bit different there are plenty Of neutral shoes that you will get that Cost per wear out of That are not so dark and heavy to really Drag an outfit down there are other Neutral options other than black and say For me i tend to wear trainers sneakers Converse all the time because they suit My lifestyle i love the comfort factor And in my mind converse go with Everything i own so it’s about finding Shoes that do the same thing for you and For your style and try not to get Trapped in the I suppose cornered into Always opting for the same type and same Color Shoe and just have a little look at some

Of your shoes i know we tend to try and Make do with them because shoes can be Tricky but Getting your shoes right is in my Opinion one of the easiest ways to Create Lots and lots of great outfits shoes in My opinion do maketh the outfit anyway That’s it from me today i hope you Enjoyed this one i certainly had fun Making it don’t forget to give it a Thumbs up if you enjoyed this the Youtube algorithm seems to love it when You engage with my videos and that means A lot to me also don’t forget to take Advantage of that cool squarespace offer And also subscribe to my channel if you Are interested in more fashion content Because i’ve got plenty heading your way Real soon but that’s it from me today i Will see you real soon bye [Music] You

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