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10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Are BACK in 2023!




10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Are BACK in 2023!

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If you'd like to look stylish this year Then you need to know about these Fab Fashion trends that are back [Music] In Leone and welcome to my channel now Before I get started talking about these Trends I just want to address the Elephant in the room which is my new Shacket now I know that shackett's Divide you guys because you seem to fall Into one camp or another you either love Them or hate them I've always been a fan And I recently purchased purchased this Gorgeous shacket which I am digging it Is so snuggly and cozy and I can wear it With jeans but I tend to wear it with my Leggings and trainers just for a cool Comfy casual look but let me know in the Comments below what do you think of this Jacket I am loving it anyway let's get On with these Trends as I said earlier There are 10 Fab trends that are back For 2023 and I know that there are going To be a few Trends here that I am sure You are going to love so before I keep Babbling on and boring you let's get Straight into these Trends now first up And possibly my most favorite Trend this Year is the return of bomber jackets now I'm sure some of you will be saying I've Always been wearing them they haven't Gone anywhere for me and if that's the Case great but if you had kind of moved Your bomber jackets aside or perhaps not

Even jumped on that Trend in the first Instance then definitely give it a go a Bomber is just a great layering piece It's a really easy shape and style to Wear and it's the perfect piece for just Giving some core pieces that you already Own a little bit of a modern Slightly more useful look and feel I Know we've seen a lot of blazers lately And while Blazers and slightly oversized Blazers are still going to be very much A happening thing this year bomber Jackets have been brought back and I Think for very good reason they're a Really fun very versatile piece to add To your wardrobe now I've talked a lot About cargo pants in the last couple of Videos and we probably already know by Now that cargo pants are definitely a Hot look for this year but what I have Also seen is cargo Pockets being used on Shirts jackets skirts coats you name it It seems as though these oversized cargo Pop-up Pockets wow I really balls that Up the cargo style pockets are being Added to all sorts of pieces just to add A really nice street style sort of vibe So if you like interesting detail on Fairly classic pieces then take a look At some of these really gorgeous options That just include Pockets that are kind Of cargo-esque style and at this point I'd just like to take a couple of Minutes to share with you my new tasty

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Fan of denim Maxis or not I am on the Hunt for the perfect one I'm going to Flick up a few here so you can see what I mean but not just denim Maxis all Together are a really hot look this year And if you're anything like me I love a Good Maxi they're incredibly versatile It doesn't matter what time of year it Is because obviously you can layer some Warmer tights underneath in the cold Weather Maxis are here and they're here To stay so if you've got one in the back Of your wardrobe somewhere go and grab It and bring it back out and Reincorporate it into some new season Looks now I just mentioned that Oversized Blazers are still happening For this year and another big Trend that Is continuing and I am putting it on This list but because it is back and Continuing to gain momentum that is the Trend for wearing menswear style pieces So we have seen a lot of that in the Last few years with jackets and Blazers That are slightly oversized but these Menswear pieces are very much a Happening thing this year now the great Thing about this is that essentially They are good Timeless Basics so it just Means that there are going to be lots of Different options available if you don't Like super wide leg trousers there'll be Something a little bit skinnier for you So basically there are going to be lots

Of really good options for Timeless Classic pieces because this trend for Menswear is not going anywhere now if You're anything like me and you enjoy Wearing leggings from time to time like I am today then you'll love this so the Return of faux leather and leather Leggings is here to stay now you Probably saying that this hasn't gone Anywhere where and it probably hasn't to Be fair but it's kind of gone viral so Leather and leather look leggings are Back and again these these guys are a Really versatile piece to own you can Wear longer layers over the top you can Wear them with boots trainers dress them Up wear them more casually they in my Opinion are an absolute staple to have In any wardrobe regardless of your size Regardless of your style I really think That these leather leggings and leather Lock leggings are a great super Versatile piece to own now one of the Biggest color trends that is returning Is the color green now if you've been Watching me here for a while you'll know That I've worn my kelly green shirt and Kelly Green accessories a lot in the Last couple of years now green is Returning in all sorts of Shades and I Know Green can be a challenge for some Of you and if that's the case maybe opt For a green pattern piece for instance This green shacket or green a jacket

With some green detailing in the pattern Is a really easy way to incorporate a Trending color without feeling as though It is really hard to wear or completely Taking over your look so it's about Giving a little bit of a nod to the Trend as opposed to say for instance That kelly green shirt that I tend to Wear all the time because I love that Color so green is happening there will Be a grain that works for you and yeah Give it a go I think you might be Surprised how easy it is to wear now I'm Going to give Blazers their own category Because yes they haven't gone anywhere But they are back and what is happening With blazers is we are seeing more Options last year we saw oversized man Style Blazers and that was almost it This year we are seeing the return of More shapely Blazers so not all of those Kind of oversized Blazers I know a lot Of you the oversized just doesn't work For you it tends to swamp your your Figure so get excited there are going to Be Blazers and worn more casually so Don't think of a Blazer in terms of Office wear it's very much a piece that You can layer and wear casually but There are more options available from Fitted Blazers more colorful Blazers There are plenty of options not just Just those oversized Blazers so if you Kind of stay away from those baggy man

Style Blazers then definitely have a Look at what's on offer this year I Think you might be surprised because Adding a good Blazer to your lineup can Really give you lots of different Options and if you have been watching me Here for a while you know that I'm all About wearable and making sure that the Pieces that you own are really versatile A good Blazer that suits your style and Fits you well is going to be a really Versatile piece now next up chunky Loafers they kind of took off with a Hiss in a raw last year and then they Seemed to sort of fade out a little bit And that's possibly because in the Warmer months they weren't as easy to Incorporate into outfits but this year Chunky loafers are very much a happening Thing now I know that it can be slightly Challenging to wear chunky loafers and I Think the key with them is making sure That you don't create an outfit that is Bottom heavy sometimes teeming chunky Loafers with some wide-legged pants is Is almost just a little bit too bottom Heavy so think about pairing your Chunky Loafers with some cute little socks with Skirts with cut off and cropped jeans Just to have a little bit of breathing Space so as I said you don't have such a Bottom heavy outfit I'm going to flick Up some pictures here just to give you a Little bit of inspiration but chunky

Loafers are back this year and they are Going to be bigger than ever I love them Personally because they are the ultimate In comfort so try and think about some Ways that you might be able to inject a Little bit of life into some of the Pieces you already own by incorporating Some chunky super comfy loafers now next Up this one is actually a little bit of A challenge for me but I know that a lot Of you will like it and that's the Return of transparent detailing in Clothing shoes bags I'll put up some Images here so you can see exactly what I mean I'm not a fan of this only Because I love the look of it but I Don't particularly like the look of my Toes and don't like to have them on Display at the best of times let alone Making a feature of them but if you are Not like me and you're not afraid to Show off your toes and you like to kind Of step out in something that just looks A little bit interesting and modern and Then definitely take a look at some of These beautiful transparent pieces don't Get me wrong I do think they are Beautiful they're just not quite right For me let me know in the comments below What you think of these pieces but we Started to see them a little bit last Year they kind of didn't really go Anywhere but they are back this year now I think they're fun they're modern and

If you don't mind the way your feet look Or showing off what you are carrying in Your handbag then go for it now last but Not least and one that I am very excited About is what I'm calling daytime shine There seems to be a real return to Sparkles and metallic like shimmers and Sequins anything that shines and draws Out that inner Magpie in you is Happening and what I do love about it is It looks as though it's going to be worn Definitely in a sort of a daytime Setting as opposed to keeping the shine And the sparkle for after dark so this Is definitely a trend that I think Definitely has a place but you do have To work in my opinion a little bit Harder in terms of how you incorporate It into your look I recently bought a Little sequin top showed my boyfriend And he was like how are you gonna wear That well I will show him I'm going to Factor it into some of the pieces that I Already own and when I was in the states Recently I just bought a pair of wide Leg denim cargo pants and I can see it Looking really nice with them but I will Let you know how I get on with that and Let me know if you want to see that Outfit anyway but there is a lot of Shine and Sparkle happening this year And and I love it anything that makes me feel Happy and alive and brightens up my day

I am here for it anyway if you enjoyed This one and you would like to find out What is trending for spring then click Or tap on the screen here and I've Covered off 10 of the most wearable Spring Trends and springs just around The corner so you might want to know About these so click or tap on the Screen here and I will see you there

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