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10 Wearable Fall Shoe Trends You NEED To Know | 2023 Fashion Trends




10 Wearable Fall Shoe Trends You NEED To Know | 2023 Fashion Trends

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This year there are some fabulous fall Footwear Trends and if you love shoes as Much as I do then you're going to want To hear about these [Music] And welcome to my channel now today I'm Talking about one of my all-time Favorite topics and that is shoes now as I said earlier there are some amazing Trends heading our way and some that are Here already but I thought it was Probably a good idea to wrap up all of The key new season Trends in one place So you've got a good handle on what you Can expect to see now and in the next Couple of months as the weather gets Colder now I've always been a huge fan Of shoes because no matter what happens With my dress size if I put on a few Pounds or lose a few pounds my shoes Always fit me and for me Comfort is very Much key so most of the trends that I'm Covering off today are definitely built For Comfort there are a couple here that Are perhaps a little bit questionable But they are still very wearable there's Also one Trend here which is Personalized and it is amazing and I Haven't heard anyone else talking about This trend so stay tuned for that but Instead of me rabbiting on let's just Get straight into these trends now Western detailing has certainly been Making a comeback in fashion in the last

Couple of years and so it's no surprise Really that cowboy boots are a huge Trend for the season now in particular I Am seeing two different styles or types I should say so there's a huge Trend Towards metallic cowboy boots which I am Totally here for I think it sort of just Takes them a little bit out of the Saloon and onto the streets and gives Them a little bit more of a fashion Edge That's the metallic I'm speaking of and The other type of cowboy boots that I Seem to be seeing popping up are kind of Two-tone colorways so definitely colors That are making a little bit of a Statement that are kind of moving out of The traditional realm of cowboy boots as Such so in my opinion cowboy boots are a Timeless boot as well the metallics give Them a little bit more of a fashion Edge And you also have that versatility in That metallic's work back was anything You're wearing so I love that aspect too But number one and quite possibly my Favorite Footwear trend for the season Is metallic and colorful cowboy boots Now the next trend is also a real Goodie And it is lace-up combat boots now Vivian Westwood sent her models down the Runway wearing them and while they're Nothing groundbreaking and new I do Think a good combat boot is a great way To give a feminine outfit a little bit More of a harder Edge and obviously

There's that practical component as well Where a combat shoe is made for the Cooler months so stomping around in more Of a chunky combat style boot there's as I said lots of lace-up boots there is Also some Buckle detailing as well so Anything that's kind of got a little bit Of Hardware is definitely going to work And be on Trend as well so if you own Some of these boots drag them out from The the closet I've got a couple of Pairs of combat boots that I know I are Going to cut it this season so combat Boots lace-up or buckles are definitely Going to be your best friend love the Practicality and love the fact that they Just add a little bit of an edge to an Outfit now next up and I did touch on This earlier is personalized sneakers Now in particular I recently saw Zara Has this personalization thing going on They've got some really cool leather Sneakers that are very simple not too Much detail and I've talked in recent Videos before about sneakers being a Really good essential so a good sneaker Or trainer is going to give you lots and Lots of options with outfits and Obviously there's that comfort factor There as well but these Zara sneakers Have some great personalization so you Can have your name embossed on the Tongue of the sneaker or on the side of The sneaker or your initials it's just a

Great way of kind of making them your Own or putting your own stamp on a Sneaker so I've put personalized Sneakers here as one of the trends it is A trend sneakers are a trend and if you Don't want to go down the sort of editor Samba route or the high tops the Air Jordan High Tops if you want something That's a little bit more unique and a Little bit more personal to you then Definitely check out these Zara sneakers And at this point I'd just like to say a Very big thank you to the team at Babel For sponsoring this portion of today's Episode now if you haven't heard of Babel before they are one of the world's Top language learning apps and it's an App that I've become really familiar With in the past few months in fact I Have been trying to learn how to speak Spanish with the sole purpose of helping My son learn Spanish so he is 17 he's at High School in the US and he is learning Spanish this year and finding it pretty Tricky so I've been using the babble app To really get up to speed with the Language myself so that I can help him Out it's been super fun for me to be Able to connect with him on a different Level and to be able to help him with His learning there's no not much that He's learning these days that I can help Him with so being able to give him a Little bit of guidance and help him with

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What language would you like to learn I Would love to hear about it in the Comments below okay we've seen a lot of Ballet flats happening in the last Couple of seasons and what seems to be Happening for fall winter or certainly The the closer we head into winter is That they are being replaced by more of A pointed leather flat or a kitten heel Now I do Know that I've talked about these Particular shoes a little bit on recent Videos but they they work they look Great they are the perfect shoe teamed Back with some of the loosest launchy Trousers that are in fashion at the Moment certainly they work back Beautifully with a cargo pant or a cargo Style Jean but think about these low Profile flat pointy or kitten kitten Heel slingback shoes is a really Versatile option for the season now it's Just a shoe that's going to give you a Little bit of femininity so quite a Contrast from the combat boots so it Will give you that femininity but it's Also still going to give you that Comfort factor as well and next up is Your classic Mary Janes now I've seen Every version of the Mary Jane on offer This season so from hit something with a Little bit of a heel or even a wedge to An absolute flat end in my opinion a Mary Jane a classic Mary Jane just adds

A little bit of Hollywood glamor to an Outfit and again it's just a slightly Elevated take on stomping around in an Ankle boot or your combat boots it's a Feminine classic style of shoe and the Reason I love them is the Comfort sector But also the fact that these are a Timeless shoe so as I always say when Something is on Trend it just means that There are more options out there Available for you so if you love The Look of the Mary Jane there is Everything imaginable on offer at the Moment from metallics to Velvet you name It so go and have a good look and Mary Jane is an absolute classic to own and If there was one particular shoe Trend That seems to be dominating this season I would have to say it would be wedges There is every type of wedge imaginable From over the knee wedge boots to wedge Style ankle boots to straight wedge Mules there is really something for Everyone in the way I of wages so if you Are looking for something a little bit Different and with a bit of a heel a Wedge is a really good option of course It sounds like I talk about Comfort all The time but it might be because I do of Course a wedge is going to offer you Some comfort and stability as well so Definitely have a little look at the Wedges on offer there is something there For everyone now next up and this one is

A bit of an outlier but I had to mention It because I keep seeing them everywhere And that is denim shoes now we all know That denim is just everywhere at the Moment so whether it be denim Blazers Vests jackets jeans cargo jeans Top to toe denim looks are definitely Where it's at so it was really only a Matter of time before we saw some denim Shoes popping up as well and certainly Spring summer I saw quite a few denim Slides happening and that now has Morphed into a denim ankle boot a booty An over the knee boot and also some Denim bags I've seen which are very cool As well I'll pop up a few options here That I've seen but I do like the idea of A denim boot or a denim shoe I think That it's possibly something that you May Tire of quickly and potentially it's Probably not as practical as some of the Other Footwear that I'm mentioning in Today's episode just purely because Shoe like that in Winter isn't Necessarily the most practical shoe but I think that they're cool if you really Want to make a style statement then Definitely take a look at some of these Denim options a lot of the fashion for This season seems to be inspired by kind Of classic menswear styling so it's not No surprise really that brogues and man Style kind of loafers are definitely Trending as well now I know this

Particular Trend will probably scare Some of you off because it's just a tad Too masculine but I do think that a Classic brogue is something that will Never go out of style as well so if this Is a particular look that you could see Working into your outfits into your Lifestyle then it does make sense to me To invest in a really good brogue Certainly a good lace-up brogue is going To just see you through many years of Good quality wear so think about these Man style options in terms of teaming Them back with some of the other classic Styling that we are seeing on Trend this Season but these man style kind of Brogues or your classic brogues and Loafers are very much where it is at as Well I always struggle with loafers I've Got to say I do tend to find them a Little bit tricky to style let me know What you think of loafers I see them Styled beautifully everywhere but I do Think that they require a little bit More effort especially a little bit more Than a classic lace-up lace-up brogue so But let me know what you think in the Comments below now this trend kind of Took me by surprise and it's almost hard To even describe it as a trend but there Seem to be lots of designers that sent Models down the runway this season Wearing a classic black court shoe now I Know a lot of you will probably own a

Classic black court shoe and so that's Kind of good I think that that means That it's an easy option to style back With some of your outfits of course it's Not going to be for everyone and I often Steer clear of of suggesting a black Court shoe because it can Sort of be a little bit heavy or the Black can be a little bit heavy and kind Of kill an outfit but I think in this Instance and tamed back with sort of More of a 80s 90s aesthetic it Definitely works like a classic black Court shoe worn back with neutrals with Blacks whites Grays navies is always Going to be a good look so I wanted to Mention black Court shoes as a trend Today because I think a lot of you will Own them and if you do invest in them They will never ever truly go out of Style so black Court shoes are back now Last but definitely not least is the Trend for wearing rubber soled shoes and In particular these are like waterproof Rain style booties and I'm here for them In a very big way I think the humble Rain boot Gumboot whatever you call them Has had a modern makeover for the better So these boots obviously are really Practical you will need some warm socks On underneath but they are obviously Waterproof they're going to be really Functional I don't suspect that you Would want to walk too far in them but

They are a really good option for the Cooler months so that's why I'm a fan I Do think it was time for the Gumboot Rain boot to have a bit of a modern Makeover and give it more of a fashion Edge and that is exactly what has Happened So now you've got a really good handle On all of the Footwear Trends this Season one of the things that is really Important is to make sure you don't Create outfits that look frumpy there Are some simple things that you need to Do to just tweak your outfits and tweak Your style so that you can always put Your best foot forward so click or tap On the screen here and I'll see you There

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