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10 Wearable Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Upgrade Your Style




10 Wearable Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Upgrade Your Style

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Giving your outfits a little style Upgrade just got a whole lot easier with These 10 Fab full trends [Music] Hi I'm Leoni and welcome to my Channel Today we're talking fall fashion trends As you already know from the title of This video but these particular Trends Are all extremely wearable and they're Pieces that I believe that all of us Should actually own so if you would like To see what they are Some of them are really good then just Keep watching Oh and before I forget I Wanted to just mention that I have Recently joined ltk now if you haven't Heard of ltk before it's a free app that Is a little bit like Instagram but it's A shopping app so I follow a whole lot Of my favorite influences on ltk don't Know why I haven't started my own ltk Page before but I have now I'm late to The party but they're late they're never Right but anyway I wanted to share the Link to my ltk store with you but Basically I will be creating and I have Been creating daily fashion content on There whether it's giving you a heads up On some great fashion sales that are Happening or some outfit inspiration or Just some cool fashion trend advice I'm Going to be updating that content on There on a daily basis and wouldn't want You to miss out on it but I will leave a

Link to my ltk store and as I said it's A free app you just download it and Follow me and a whole lot of your other Favorite influencers to get a whole lot Of extra fashion content so I'd love you To follow me I'll leave that link but I'm talking too much let's just get on With these Trends now this first trend Is one of my favorites and it is belts Now bear with me this season it's all About embracing the waist I know over The last few seasons we've had oversized Blazers and lots of oversized clothing But this season is all about nipping you In at the waist and giving your outfits A little bit more shape what easier way To do that is then with a belt now in Terms of the belts that are on offer There really is something for everyone From beautiful leather tie belts to more Thicker statement sort of almost corset Style belts to just wide leather belts Now the great thing about these belts is That if you did buy into that slightly Oversized Trend and wearing boyfriend Blazers you can now nip them in at the Waist to give them a little bit more of A modern look and feel and just to Create a a very different looking outfit From some of those pieces that you Already own now the next trend is Designer denim now I'm not talking about Designer denim with designer prices what I am talking about is denim with a

Difference so I recently bought these Super cute double waistband denim jeans From Zara which I have been getting so Much wear out of and absolutely love but What I have noticed this season is that There are so many Designery denim pieces on offer whether They are Barrel leg jeans or whether Some of the denim jeans that I've seen Have stud detail down the side there is A kind of embellishment or there's Something a little extra about denim Jeans now I particularly love this trend Because I think if you're a fan of Wearing denim jeans if you opt for some Of these denim with a different kind of Options it immediately gives you a more Interesting look to your outfit so these Interesting I don't even know what to Call them I was and I am calling them Designer denim but call it what you will It's embellished denim it's denim with a Difference and I think it's a really Easy Trend to incorporate into your Lineup and at this point I'd just like To say a very big thank you to the team At Squarespace for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now I've been A huge fan of Squarespace for a very Long time even before I even had my own Squarespace blog I had worked with Squarespace sites on behalf of clients In the past and just found the whole Experience super easy in fact if you're

Not very tech savvy like me and you want To get online whether you want to start A website or a blog or if you've got Products to sell Squarespace is Definitely the easiest way to do it they Actually have some amazing really Beautiful templates already designed and Ready for you to put your own little Spin on and that just makes it super Easy you don't have to have any design Skills it is all there for you but if You do pick up some of those skills Along the way and you would like to Alter the look of your website or your Online presence it is very easy to do That as well now I'm delighted today to Say that Squarespace is offering you a 10 discount off your first website or Domain all you need to do is whip on Over to take advantage Of their free trial and then when you Are ready to push play simply use my Unique URL which is Forward slash the style Insider now I Will leave a link to Squarespace and More details in the description box Below but if you are intending on Setting yourself up online this year Then definitely make sure you do it with Squarespace okay no full wardrobe would Be complete without some beautiful cozy Knits and what I am saying for fall is Kind of a return of long line knits now Not so much long line Cardigans although

I have seen a few of them but more long Slouchy sweaters and I think that these Are actually perfect for fall the other Thing that I like about these extra long Line sweaters is that they tend to fall On your legs where you your leg starts To sort of narrow so if like me you've Kind of got that inner thigh thing going On these sweaters seem to be long enough To cover that and just hit you at the Right spot they're also snuggly there Are lots of different options and they Are a perfect wearable piece for fall Also they can be dressed up and worn More casually as well depending on what Accessories you team with them and how You style them but these long line Sweaters are definitely a favorite of Mine now I've talked in recent videos About red being a trending color this Fall now one of the other colors that I'm definitely here for is gray or Shades of Gray Now as I said I'm not talking 50 Shades Of Gray as in the book I'm gonna get Myself into trouble here but Shades of Gray is definitely where it's happening For fall now I particularly love this Look because it teams back beautifully With some of the other colors that are Trending as I said red and gray looks Beautiful together it's also just a a Little bit of a different neutral we've Been wearing more sort of earthy beiges

And cream tones so moving into a gray Tone is just something a little bit Different it also looks absolutely Beautiful worn back with vibrant Stark Whites as well just to kind of give that Contrast so there are lots of Shades of Gray happening for fall so if you Already own some of these pieces drag Them out and get them ready for when it Cools down okay so long line sweaters May be in but what I'm also seeing very Much happening for fall are more cropped Fitted Cardigans now I particularly love These because they can to give off that Sort of French girl cool style but They're also a perfect layering piece For those trans seasonal Seasons times Of year trans seasonal For Trans seasonal dressing So essentially they do just offer an Extra layer certainly if you need to Cover your arms or you prefer covering Your arms these are lightweight simple Cropped Cardigans that are easy to wear And also you can wear them buttoned up As a top or you can wear them open with A tank or a tee or something else Underneath so there's that versatility That comes with them as well but there Are loads of them around to choose from And I do think that they are a good Staple piece and a great layering piece For fall now another full Trend that I'm Absolutely loving is the return of

Quilted jackets now not the same as the Quilted jackets that we saw last year But these jackets are really colorful And beautiful printed patterns so if You're looking for a jacket that's cozy And comfy and is definitely going to Keep you warm and make a statement then It might be worth taking a look at these I found a very cute one at Zara in fact I've been buying a few pieces from Zara Let me know if you'd like to see a bit Of a full Zara Hall from me because I Have bought a few pieces there recently Um but yeah let me know in the comments Below if you would like me to show you What I've bought but some of these Quilted jackets in my opinion are just a Really lovely take on a trend that was Very much happening last season you can Still expect to see some of the quilted Jackets that are a little bit more sort Of utilitarian style as we saw last Season but these sort of printed more Colorful options are definitely worth Keeping an eye on as well okay we all Know that tailoring has been a very big Look for quite a few seasons now and one Of the key looks before is oversized Shirting now I'm a huge fan of this Because shirts are really versatile Especially if they're slightly oversized You can wear them as a jacket you can Wear a tank or a tee or even a Merino Knit underneath they're a really

Versatile piece in fact I've been Wearing some of my oversized shirting Under some of my favorite sweatshirts And sweaters they're just a great kind Of layering piece and an easy way to add A pop of color or a little bit of Interest to an outfit in fact let me Just show you one that I've recently Bought and it is from one of my best Friends fashion labels called Leo and B Here in New Zealand now I am actually Going to swap this out for a slightly Larger size because I like my oversized Shirts too sort of fit quite low on my Hand and this one's just a little bit Too short because I've got super long Arms I love the color of this I love the Pattern I'm seeing myself teaming those Back with just simple denim jeans or a Denim skirt like I'm wearing today Making it look a little bit more fresh And vibrant with say a white tank Underneath the options for this are Going to be endless so oversized Shirting is definitely a really good Option and certainly a wearable great Layering piece for fall now I've talked About ballet flats in recent videos but There does seem to be a real return to Pointed Flats even pointed kitten heels As well now I think this is a really Lovely look it's perfect paired with Slightly oversized trousers you just see The point of your shoe sort of peeking

Out the front of your trousers and also Even teamed back with some of the maxi Skirts denim skirts that are happening For the season so these pointed flats Are a huge winner in my book in fact I Recently wore a pair and I will pop up a Picture here or here just to show you a Pair that I wore recently and absolutely Loved they are as comfortable as wearing Trainers in my opinion but they do just Elevate your outfit a little bit so There are lots of different options with These pointed Flats but they do just add A an element of sophistication to an Outfit but you don't have to sacrifice Your comfort so that is why I Particularly love them okay and I did Just mention denim Maxi's and I want to Give them a shout out again I recently Bought this one from Zara and I think I've actually found the perfect denim Maxi this one's got a whole lot of Stretch in it it's also not too heavy Weight the denim isn't too heavyweight It actually moves with you all I'm Saying is that if you have been tempted With uh pulling the trigger on a denim Maxi now is definitely the time to to do It and last but not least uh abstract Earrings now earrings in my opinion or Certainly even statement jewelry is the Easiest way to update an outfit or give Any outfit a different look and feel and It's a really cost effective way to do

That too in fact I recently bought some Of these abstract earrings but ended up Returning them because the pair that I Bought were just too heavy on my lobes And I just knew that I wasn't going to Reach for them and so for me it's about Finding the perfect pair and hopefully By the time this video goes live I will Have found some so I will share them With you here but some of these abstract Earrings make a little bit of a Statement nothing too crazy but just Help to modernize an outfit and give it A little bit of a fresh look and feel And also as I said it's not going to Break the budget and anyone can do it so Maybe step outside of your comfort zone And update your earrings anyway that's It from me today I hope you enjoyed this One and if you did I'd love you to give It a big thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel for more and I'll catch you in the next one bye for Now [Music] Foreign

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