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10 Unexpected Fashion Trends That Will Be Huge in 2024




10 Unexpected Fashion Trends That Will Be Huge in 2024

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There are some great fashion trends Heading our way this year and there are 10 that I just didn't see coming now These are somewhat unexpected and you Probably could even go as far as saying Controversial but you are going to want To know about [Music] Them hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel now you all seem to be really Enjoying my Trend videos of late and Today's video is a little different it Is a trended video that I just didn't See coming I kind of knew about some of These Trends but some have just Blindsided me and I'm sure they're going To do the same for you too but I know That there is something here for Everyone and that's what I really hope To get from my videos I hope that you Guys get at least one or two Little Gems That you can take away with you and if You do get something that is really Valuable out of today's episode I'd love To hear about it in the comments below Now this first one is a favorite of mine And I'm I'm super pleased that it has Come back but I know that it's actually Going to divide you because it seems to Be one of those trends that you either Love or love and that is wearing dresses And skirts over trousers and jeans and I Can almost hear some of the comments or Imagine what some of the comments are

Going to be about this particular Trend I personally really like it I love the Fact that it gives some of the pieces That you already own a little more Versatility it helps some of your pieces Become a little more trans seasonal so Your perhaps summery skirts can get a Little bit more wear in the cooler Months but it is a trend that's Happening this year and I certainly saw A lot of street style images coming out Of Copenhagen spring summer fashion week Now that obviously doesn't mean that We're all going to wear this look but it Does mean that those sort of Trends do Tend to trickle down a little bit so Expect to see that look and if you do Like it maybe dip your toe in the trend Now winter is the perfect time to kind Of adopt this look and get some more Wear out of some of your favorite pieces Now I'm blaming Tik Tok for this trend And the reason I'm mentioning it is Because I do think that there is some Value for most of us in having a little Bit of a think about this trend now what It's been called on Tik Tok is the mob Wife Trend so what's happening is Obviously we've had a real push towards Kind of quiet luxury minimalist type Dressing and so this is almost a trainin Response to that so it's kind of saying Out with the clean girl image and in With this sort of

Extravagant mob wife style look so Everything about this trend is Exaggerated from hair to makeup to Sequins just think about everything Being a little bit extra now accessories Seem to be a very important part of this Trend and certainly things like leopard And I read somewhere recently that deop Is seeing a an explosion of searches for Leopard or leopard print pieces so it's Really very much kind of channeling the Whole sanos look and feel but I do like It because I do think that it is a a Nice departure from the sort of the Clean lines and the classic style Dressing that we have seen a lot and it Is just a little bit of fun it's a Little bit extra it's perfect for now Because it's all about sort of faux Furs And rugging up and wearing all of the Sparkly bits that you love and own so Think about mob wife as or the mob wife Trend as something to just have a little Look at and perhaps dip your toe in and At this point i' just like to say a very Big thank you to the team at Urban Revival for sponsoring this portion of Today's episode now I've got some great Selects to actually try on and show you I also have a discount code which is Style 15 to save 15% off anything at Urban Revival so let's have a look at Some of these pieces okay let's start With the outfit that I'm wearing in

Today's episode so I love this sheer Shirt it's got this beautiful Elizabethan collar detailing and I've Teamed it here with a black crop top and This beautiful pleated skirt and these Boots that are absolutely amazing you've Got to check them out they are super Cool now how cool is this little vest And jacket so they come as a set so you Basically buy them together and you get That versatility that you get with a set So obviously you can wear them Individually or wear them together to Create a really sort of interesting Structural shape I love this look and so I just decided to team it with the skirt That I just showed you and again These Boots as you can see here I'm getting a Bit excited about them they are just Fabulous now Tara from politics and Fashion and Caren brick chick also have This amazing statement cardigan and will You just look at it it's just an Architectural Masterpiece I love the Fact that you can dress it up or wear it More casually too I've just teamed it With one of my slip dresses here and a Pair of simple heels and here I wanted To show you how you can kind of wear it Really casually as well I just threw on A pair of jeans and trainers and I just Love this statement cardigan it is just Super cool it's got that wow factor and It's a piece that I know that I will

Love and wear for years it really is Just Everything now there are two Urban reval Pieces here first of all this beautiful Bubble puffy bag which I was desperate To get my hands on one of these and of Course this statement denim shirt which Doubles as a denim jacket you can wear It open like you would a jacket you can Wear it completely buttoned up like this It has this lovely cuff detailing the Cuffs are long or you can wear them Cuffed up to make them a little bit Shorter it's just the perfect piece of Denim and as we know denim is really Having a moment right now and it's going To work with absolutely everything you Own yep there I am grabbing that bag it Is such a winner I've seen loads of them And this is the best and if you're Looking for the ultimate pair of black Pants then this is them they are not too Wide they're not too fitted they are Just perfect they also have a bit of Stretch so they aren't super comfy they Seem to just fit like a glove as well They've got lovely pleat detailing at The front and they are just an allaround Great black pair of pants and I wanted To show you here them worn more casually With my trainers and also dressed up a Little bit with a sheer mesh top Now this jacket is an absolute winner From Urban rev as well it is kind of

Really buying into the Chanel style Tweed jacket but yet it is padded and it Is super warm and it's just such a good Piece now this dress really did push me Out of my comfort zone it's not what I Would usually wear but I am enjoying it And I think that it's kind of cool I've Teamed it with a mesh top underneath Just so that I don't have to show too Much skin and I I think yeah you could Easily wear it with some tights Underneath team it with a turtleneck It's great for just having a little bit Of fun with Denim and there's a lot of That happening this year now this little Sweater dress is super cute and it's Actually a little too short for me to Wear on its own but that's all good Because I've teamed it here with some Leather leggings some white jeans and The urban revivo black pants now the Collar is detachable so you can have it With or without it's made from a sort of A wet suit type material you can also Tuck the little little skirt detailing And the Cuffs up if you just want a Plain black sweer so it is super cute And kind of giving a nod to the trousers Over skirt or trousers under skirts Trend and because double denim is really Having a moment and I love Denim and I Love a matching set I couldn't go past This beautiful denim skirt set and again It's all about versatility here wearing

The pieces on their own separately and Wearing them together as a matching Outfit I love the quality of this the Skirt has some beautiful stretch in it So it's super comfy and it can be warm With heels for more of a dressy look the Darker denim sort of really lends itself To that or teamed with Trainers for more Of a casual look the tank is just to Kind of show you that it's a perfect Trans seasonal set as well anyway I hope You enjoyed seeing how I styled some of These pieces and while yes they are Trend Focus pieces many of them that I Picked are also Timeless pieces so they Are styles that I know I'm going to wear And love for you years to come now I Will leave them all Linked In the Description box below and don't forget That discount code which is style 15 to Save 15% off your order now let's get Back to these Trends now this next trend Is basically bringing it back to Something that's a little bit more kind Of I suppose mainstream and that is the Return of longer style shorts and we've Seen lots and lots of kind of little hot Pants and almost their shorts but not Quite and I do think this trend is Obviously far more wearable and it's far More practical I love the fact that it Is being styled with some say Moto style Boots and quilted jackets and wrapped up With a big scarf there's some really

Interesting ways to wear these longer Shorts and wear them throughout the year And again that's one of the reasons that I particularly love this trend it's that Versatility and it's all about well Certainly for me it's all about trans Seasonal wearing I definit definely Think gone to the days where we pack up Our spring summer outfits put them away And we have a separate winter wardrobe I Do think the more that we can kind of Mix and match those pieces across the Year the better it is for everyone now This next Trend I'm calling denim with a Difference and that is purely because Denim is always on Trend it's always in Fashion certainly in my world it is but What is happening this year and it's Actually huge denim is being worn top to Toe and it's also being worn in really Interesting ways so there's a lot of Patent denim pieces there's a lot of Textured denim denim adorned with kind Of quirky embellishments there's also a Lot of top to- toe denim that's being Worn and even sort of shirts that are Worn Backwards shacket denim shacket that are Being worn completely buttoned up there Is a lot happening with Denim and it's Seems to be the whole idea behind it is The more interesting you can wear your Pieces the more fashionable you are so It's about thinking outside the square

When it comes to Denim and perhaps Looking in your wardrobe and pairing Some of your denim pieces together that Perhaps were a little unexpected but now It's time to pair up some of your pieces And wear them in perhaps unexpected and Interesting ways but denim is very very Much here for the entire year in fact As I said denim is always in fashion but How you wear it tends to change so this Year it's all about denim with a bit of A Twist denim with a difference now you Probably already know that this year is All about the silhouette and while 2023 Was all about sort of oversized Baggie uh Blazers this year is All About Cinching Us in at the waist and kind of Enjoying some of that feminine Silhouette so I have talked about belt Here on the channel but what I'm also Seeing as something that's a little new And an unexpected trend is double belts So basically wearing two belts instead Of one I like this trend because I think It's fun it's a great way to make use of Your accessories and have some fun with Them you can mix colorful belts together Or a black with a tan belt different Buckles you can wear two Thin belts a Thick and a thin I do think that this Lens yourself to having a little bit of Fun and creating some interest from Pieces that you already own there's a Real theme going on with that right now

We've seen a lot of sheer dressing over The last few years and certainly it's Taken me a while to kind of get my head Around it but this year there seems to Be a real trend for wearing sheer midi Skirts now the thing about them is that They are kind of being made a little More conservative by there is a slip Underneath them so you're kind of Getting that that sheer effect but You're not really seeing anything and They're being teamed with oversized Sweaters and kind of given that real Sort of high low look just throw Throwing in something that's a little Bit more casual just tends to create a Really nice juer position from the sheer Sort of skirt which you would Traditionally think of of as being an Evening wear piece so it's being teamed Back with more kind of casual relaxed Pieces Just to create a bit more of a Modern Vibe I think it's a great look And the texture of these sheer pieces Also lends itself to creating Interesting outfits so in the past when I had kind of I suppose written off some Of these sheer pieces because they were A little too hard I do think that They're not as hard as you think Especially if you have the right base Layer to wear underneath so definitely Have a look at this trend it's feminine It's pretty and it's great teamed back

With some of your favorite sweaters now Whether you like this trend or not Fringe skirts are back I have been Seeing quite a few Fringe tops around as Well so I'm sure we will see those but In this video I'm putting the spotlight Firmly on fringed skirts now the reason That I'm particularly loving these is Because they are fun they're pretty but Also they look great worn over pants and Jeans as well just to add a little bit Of a feminine Edge so if you are going To get on to the bandwagon of trying Dresses and skirts worn over your pants And jeans then think about some fringed Options now that leads in really nicely To a little bit of a utilitarian Trend That's coming back and the trend is to Where utility kind of Men's Work Wear Style jackets now I did see something Very similar at the Prada shows and I Think in fact from memory they were Teamed back with some fringed skirts so I love again this sort of high low Dressing and the kind of unexpectedness Of it of such a Practical versatile piece worn back with Something that's kind of flirty and Feminine I really love that and it is Kind of what seems to be happening quite A bit in terms of fashion this year I Love the fact that that gives you a a Scope for dressing and a scope for just Having a little bit of fun with fashion

And again that's what I hope to achieve Out of these F Trends videos it's about Giving you a little bit of an entree Into what you can expect to see in the Stores or if you're not into shopping It's about looking at some of the pieces That you currently own and seeing how You can style them in different ways to Get more wear out of them so these Utility coats I think I might have to go And borrow one from my son or from my Boyfriend perhaps but I do love this Style oh and actually This lends itself Really well to thrifting so thrifting One of these may be just the ticket as Well and speaking of Prada one of the Other looks that they showed on the Runway was bubble hems and so expect to See The Return of bubble hems on dresses And skirts this year and it probably Gives you flashbacks to middle school or Days gone by where you wore this trend It certainly does for me but I'm not Completely sold on this train for me Personally I do think is going to work For a lot of people though it is going To be a big Trend but I think for me I Am going to take a little bit of warming Up to it but who knows quite often with These sorts of Trends where I'm just not Really on board I do find myself being a Late adopter so Never Say Never when it Comes to Fashion but yeah bubble hems Are definitely where it's at and maybe

There is something here more than even I Realize now last but not least is what I Have have seen being referred to as Grandpa core or Grandpa Chic and so Essentially what this is is we are once Again borrowing for the boy from the Boys and from the old boys so think About some of the sweaters and knits and Cardigans and Tweed style Blazers that Perhaps our grandfathers have worn or Still wear and this is very much a trend That's happening this year and again This lends itself to uh some good Thrifting but it also is just I think a Cozy comfy way to dress I mean it's Definitely a look that is more Associated with sort of a a laidback Kind of lifestyle and perhaps that's why It appeals to me I do enjoy that style Of dressing more and more these days Unless I've got something really fun to Get dressed up for but that kind of laid That Casual comfy snuggly style of dressing Is definitely where it's at so think About borrowing from Granddad next time You see him or heading out and having a Look and thinking about some of these Chunky cable knit sweaters and just Flannel it shirts and as I said Tweed Some of these pieces are just going to Make it really easy to dress cozy and Comfy especially for now anyway that's It for me today I hope you enjoyed this

One and if you did I'd love you to give It a big thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel for more and I Will catch you real soon bye for Now

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