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10 Unexpected Fashion Trends That Are Back PLUS My First Urban Revivo Haul




10 Unexpected Fashion Trends That Are Back PLUS My First Urban Revivo Haul

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Winter this year is seeing the return of Some rather unexpected fashion trends And I'm picking that you're going to Love them [Music] I am leonie and welcome back to my Channel now as you know fashion trends Come and go and I love giving you a Heads up on what you can expect to see Each season but these Trends kind of Came out of nowhere and even surprised Me there are some that I think are Really practical sensible and I'm Picking that you may even own some of These pieces so it might be time to Bring them out of storage and work them Into your everyday wardrobe So today We're focusing on 10 of those Trends I'm Pretty sure there are 10 yes I think That there are and I'm here for them I Think that they are very cool so I think We should just get on with these Trends And I hope there really is something for You to love I'm also doing something That I don't do very often in today's Episode and that is a little bit of a Try on so I will share that with you Shortly but first let's get into the First comeback Trend now first up and I Am actually really excited about this One and it is the return of long denim Skirts now the reason I love this trend And is because we all know that denim Jeans are great they're a wardrobe basic

For most people but there are also Plenty of women that I know that just Don't feel comfortable wearing jeans and Perhaps haven't found the perfect pair Of jeans for them and that is where Denim skirts come in they really do come Into their own if you are struggling With finding the perfect pair of jeans And to be honest even if you're not they Are a great comfy addition to your Wardrobe instead of wearing a pair of Denim jeans now one of the reasons I Particularly love longer denim skirts is Because when I Style real women what They often tend to dislike the most or Try and cover up is that sort of inner Thigh area which can be really exposed If you're wearing jeans but that's where A denim skirt can be as functional and Practical as a great pair of jeans but You don't get any of that area that that You have to worry about they are really Flattering for that reason they're Comfortable you can in the depths of Winter team them with some really warm Tights underneath boots trainers dress Them up wear them more casually so I am Absolutely thrilled that these longer Denim skirts are back in fashion now Next up on the list is the return of Tweed jackets now I have talked about Them a little bit on my channel recently And I have a confession to make I'm 55 Years old and I have never owned a Tweed

You know Chanel look-alike type jacket So I thought that this was a good Opportunity to try a few now today's Episode is sponsored by Urban Revival And I hadn't actually tried any of their Pieces before so I decided to have a Little bit of fun with it and ask them If they could put together a selection Of clothing items for me send them to me Without me even knowing about them now You know how much I love doing this sort Of thing and getting other people to Choose items for you it's a great way of Sort of just getting out of your comfort Zone and trying things that you perhaps Wouldn't otherwise reach for so I Received this box of goodies and I Thought that I'd do a little bit of a Try on haul so that you guys can also Help me decide which pieces I should Keep but big thanks to the team at Urban Revival I had so much fun and getting a Mystery box of goodies was super Exciting but instead of me rabbiting on I will roll the footage of me trying on All of the pieces and please let me know In the comments below which ones you Like the best I also have a urban Revival discount code to share with you Which is style in and I'll leave that up On the screen here and that will give You 10 off anything that you decide to Purchase at Urban Revival I will leave All of the links to everything I try on

In the description box below but Anything on the website you can get that 10 off I've definitely got my own a few Pieces so they have some very Comfortable pieces but I specifically Wanted Tweed jackets so that is what They've sent me so take a look at this Okay so first up I'm wearing three Pieces from Urban Revival here this Beautiful jacket which is a gorgeous Sort of Tweety look jacket with metallic Thread and look at those beautiful Buttons and all the detail on the Pockets also this ruffled trim white Shirt which I think is really cool and This purse which perfectly matches the Jacket I'm not sure that I would wear Them together but it is really gorgeous As you can see it's lovely quality and It looks very much like a Chanel but it Is not it is far more affordable now I Also love this cute little jacket and in Fact it's actually a cardigan it's Stretchy and comfortable but is Structured enough to look really Sophisticated it also has all of this Beautiful gold button detailing and it Is super comfortable but just looks a Little bit more put together now here it Is in the green and yeah I just think That this is an easy way to Wear a very simple pair of jeans and Trainers and make them look a little bit More upmarket

And again it is just a stretchy knit but The structure and the shape of this Little knit jacket just makes it look Very chic in my opinion and this bag is A fantastic wire so dupe it looks Exactly like the YSL bags but it is so Much more affordable it's also really Gorgeous quality and the hardware is Lovely and heavy and the clasp detail Works really well too now this jacket is Just a really good classic and again I've tried to keep my pieces underneath Fairly simple so you can see how a Jacket will just make a very simple pair Of jeans look a little bit more modern And pull together how cute is this bag It goes from a over the shoulder purse To a crossbody bag in an instant which I Really love now you're not going to see Me in a dress like this very often and I Probably needed to wear tights and some Knee-high boots to really pull it off But I'm just showing you here to give You the idea of what it looks like now For another tweed jacket and I really Loved the richness of this with all of The super Shiny Bright sparkly gold Buttons and I just wore a very simple Black monochrome outfit underneath to Really show off the jacket Now this jacket's a real favorite of Mine because it is really comfy but I Love the structure and contrast trim Just gets me every time as you can see I

Can't get enough of that bag but yeah The detail in this and the heavy weight Of this beautiful little jacket is is Really lovely so it's definitely one That's going to keep you warm and there Are so many different ways to wear this And that's why I've kept it fairly Simple underneath so that you can see The jacket now this dress was a little Bit of a surprise and I felt like that Little dancing girl Emoji in this it is Just super pretty I love a good maxi Dress this one can be worn buttoned Right up to the neck or opened at the Front like I did and it is just such a Lovely easy dress to wear so please let Me know in the comments below which of These pieces you think I should hang on To now this next one I really didn't see Coming and scanning fashion weeks has Really got me excited excited about the Return of this trend I know it's not a Trend that is going to be popular across The board but it is such an easy way to Make a strong statement with an outfit And that is Special sunglasses and in particular Hi-vis kind of colors like Neons and Whites and really bright vibrant Sunglasses and I know that people tend To wear sunglasses inside at Fashion Weeks and they're all trying to make a Bit of a style statement but I do think That there is Merit in some of these

Statement Shades they really can just Add that extra little bit of oomph to an Outfit so statement Shades and in Particular some real sort of neoni white Bright vibrant colors are I just think a Really fun way to add a an interesting Punch to your outfit next up is the Return of vinyl coats now I'm sort of Thinking the Matrix I don't know where The inspiration comes from but I do Think that these coats are super Practical they're almost like the winter Equivalent of a trench coat so in terms Of wearing them and styling them I think That it's pretty easy they're just the Final layering piece and the great thing About vinyl is that they're windproof And potentially offer you a little bit Of protection from the elements as well The wind and rain and snow and whatever It is you're facing but I also think That there are some really fun colors as Well I've seen some metallics and Different colored vinyl coats and Certainly if you opt for a really basic Vinyl style coat you're going to be able To wear them for years and years to come They're Timeless pieces and will give You the same outfit options that a Classic trench would give you now I'm Not sure why I was particularly Surprised about this one but cowgirl Hats are back cowgirl Cowboy I'm not Sure which but you get the picture and

It's not surprising really because Cowboy boots are back and they're back In a really big way for fall winter this Year so it probably does make sense that Their hat equivalent has come back as Well I also think that there are Practical addition especially when it's Cool outside a hat is going to keep you A little bit warmer and I also think a Little bit like the sunglasses that I Talked about it's just that final Accessory that just adds an element of Interest They're practical but just that sort of Final piece of the puzzle and I think That we spent a number of years not not Going out much and being locked down at Home the key accessories are coming back And I personally am really here for them So cowboy cowgirl hats are back next up Is a trend that I haven't always liked But I am really here for it and it's one That's sort of been coming and going a Little bit over the last couple of years And that's the trend for wearing top to Toe Denim and of course wide leg denim Jeans are everywhere this season and I Did mention that denim skirts are back But denim shirts are really back and Bigger than ever as well and certainly Worn with denim equivalent on the bottom So jeans or your skirts and yeah as I Said I haven't always been a fan of this Look I've always thought that it looked

A little bit too much but I do think it Has a real cool Factor there's it's Effortless in terms of styling options And it really does create a mod a chrome Simple layering layering piece that Essentially you can layer up warmer Elements over the top and warmer coats And jackets and scarves and hats so top To toe denim is in my opinion a really Good look I'm glad that it is here in Full force but let me know in the Comments below are you a fan of top to Toe denim or not and I have talked in Videos before about being called the Canadian tuxedo and there seems to be Debate as to whether that is the case in Canada or not so please let me know I Would love to clear that one up once and For all as well now this next Trend and I think it is inspired by some of the Fashion weeks that I've been watching or Maybe the it girls that were attending Fashion Week Saw what was coming before the rest of Us but metallic boots and bags are Really big this season as well now they Do make a big statement there's Definitely a real wow factor especially If you're wearing knee-high metallic Boots like I saw the fabulous Karen Brit Chick wear at Fashion Week I'll try and Find a photo here or a video or Something to show you how amazing she Looked in these boots but I love the

Fact that these pieces are Timeless they Are going to make a big statement so Perhaps you will get a slower cost per Wear so what I mean by that is you're Not necessarily going to wear them all The time this season but you will hang On to them and be able to keep them for Years to come the great thing about Metallic too is that it go they go with Every outfit and every color and every Pattern in fabric that you can imagine So quite often a black boot which is What we generally tend to gravitate Towards when we're looking for a classic It can be a little bit heavy and can Drag an outfit down a metallic in the Same way that a faux sort of a mock Croc Does is just a really simple neutral That will work with all of your outfits So they are a funny combination of being Really statement like but also super Practical another Trend that is back and Being worn on the streets is feather Trimmed pieces so I think pants with Little fluffy ostrich-like feather trim And I'm not advocating for real feathers There are plenty of options out there That are not real feathers and no birds Have been harmed in the making but these Sort of feathery details uh in my Opinion just a really pretty floaty Feminine addition to an outfit obviously Over winter everything we tend to wear Is is heavy and kind of weighs us down I

Suppose so I love the sort of Juxtaposition with these lightweight Feminine sort of feathery pieces and Generally there tend to be feather Details that are as I said trims Trims On pants Trims on jackets little pocket Feather trims and little oh I've also Seen some little feathery type scarf Detail as well which is really cool so I Think that they're a really fun way just To add a little bit of texture and They're not going to keep you warm but They are going to look a little bit Flirty and floaty and feminine and for That reason I thought that I would Mention them and include them on today's List okay this next one is really Interesting and it's a combination of a Classic ballet flat and a sandal and What they are is a lace-up ballet flat Now this I suppose intrigued me because I would have normally thought this is More of a a summery type of shoe but I Have seen them worn with tights Underneath which I think is just really Interesting and certainly if the weather And the climate allows for this I think They can look really great just worn With tights they're flat so there's that Comfort factor they are just an Interesting kind of They're just an interesting kind of Footwear option for the cooler months They're a little unexpected and I think

That they're just a little bit fun I Know they're not going to be for Everyone so let me know in the comments Below if this is a footwear look that You would wear or not keen to hear what You think but I included this one Because I just thought that it was an Interesting Trend and certainly one that I didn't expect and last but not least Is one that I really love and that is Bright suits and I probably should have Expected this one but we saw a lot of Bright suits last winter I didn't expect Them to be so popular again this winter But I think that there's a lot of mirror In these sets these cords so essentially As I've talked about before you get two Pieces that you can wear independently And create lots of different outfit Options and if you do want to make a bit Of a style statement you can wear them Together and have that sort of real wow Effect so these brightly colored suits Are are I think really fun you do need To obviously find your color because They are going to make a statement and I'm not sure that they are going to be Around for a long time so if you're Looking for a classic suit I'd probably Pull it back and opt for something that Is a little bit more muted but if you Love your color and you do want to look At creating some colorful outfits for Winter and of course winter is in my

Mind the time that you need a little bit Of color and brightening up so if you do Want to do that then maybe look at Investing in a bright suit because it Will certainly give you that real kind Of Shot of happiness at a time of year when Often we all need it anyway that's it From me today I hope you enjoyed this One and if you did I'd love you to give It a big thumbs up oh and if you enjoyed My little try on please let me know if You would like me to do more of them I Really had fun doing this one so let me Know in the comments below if you would Like to see more but thank you for Watching and don't forget to subscribe To my channel if you would like to see More but until next time it is bye from Me goodbye [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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