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10 Summer Fashion Trends To Avoid in 2023 | How to Style




10 Summer Fashion Trends To Avoid in 2023 | How to Style

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Today's video is kindly sponsored by Squarespace it's almost time to start Thinking about summer fashion trends and Instead of wasting your hard-earned Money on those fadish trends that just Don't last why not plan ahead with me Now and avoid any costly fashion Mistakes Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now I've just returned from five weeks In the U.S and I know for a fact that The seasons are starting to change and It's definitely starting to warm up in The northern hemisphere which is a great Thing right now in terms of summer Fashion there are some amazing Trends on Offer and there really are some Beautiful trends that are going to work For everyone so don't fear no one is Going to get left behind this summer but Some of the trends are better than Others so today I wanted to weed out Some of the goodies from The Not So Goodies so that you can start the season Ahead of the game and it's important for Me to point out too that these videos Are always contentious and that's Because not one size fits all when it Comes to fashion and that's a good thing So if you don't agree with some of these Trends and in fact you may even love Some of these Trends and contemplating Wearing them this season then that is Still okay it's great for you to wear

And enjoy fashion that you look good in And feel great in so if you don't agree With my choice voices and that is Totally fine but let me know in the Comments what you do and don't agree With it's always fun to chat with you Once this video goes live so let me know In the comments what you think of some Of my choices now the first fashion Trend that I'm suggesting that you avoid This summer is a trend for wearing a Zesty green color it's almost like a Highlighter green now there are reasons Why I'm suggesting that we avoid this Color and predominantly in the last Couple of years we've seen Kelly Green In the spotlight when it comes to Fashion and I have also been enjoying And wearing Kelly Green it's a deeper Stronger richer color to wear but a Zesty bright almost neon like green is Or I should say it can be a tricky color To wear for a lot of people if I was Wearing that color and wanting to Introduce it into some of my outfits I'd Probably use it very much as an accent Piece whether it's just a small detail Where you see a little flash of this Zesty green as opposed to wearing it top To toe now of course if you love this Color and it is something that works for You then go ahead and wear it all I'm Saying is that a number of the designers Have featured this bright zingy color

And you can expect to see it everywhere And sometimes when that happens it's Easy to get sort of swept up in the hype And you buy something that isn't quite Right for you so if you see a lot of the Zesty green make sure you try before you Buy now next up there is a trend which I've seen being referred to as mermaid Core and basically this trend is almost Ombre style prints now I've read and Seen quite a bit about a sunset sort of Ombre print but they actually are being Made in lots of different colors this Summer so there's all sorts of these Kind of whatever you want to call the Mermaid core Ombre style prints now there may be an Ombre style print that is going to be Right for you in fact I've looked at a Couple recently and have been almost Tempted to dip my toe in the trend but I Do feel that this trend is one of those That is going to be a little bit like Tie-dye it'll be here for a good time Not a long time and if that's okay with You when it comes to fashion and you Don't mind spending money on something That isn't really going to be around for A long time then go for it and enjoy it But I do expect that this trend is not Going to be here for a long time which Is predominantly why it's on my list and I think I have seen some iterations of This trend that look a little better

Than others so if you are going to dip Your toe in this trend I would advise You to have a good look around first and At this point I'd just like to say a Very big thank you to the team at Squarespace for sponsoring this portion Of today's episode in my humble opinion Squarespace is the easiest way to build Any sort of online presence whether it Be a website an online store whatever You're trying to achieve when it comes To the digital world Squarespace is here To make it super easy for you the Blogging options on Squarespace uh Extremely easy now if you've been Following here for a while you'll know That I've used Squarespace for the last Couple of years and the reason being is That I'm not overly tech savvy but you Don't have to be with Squarespace all of The heavy lifting and hard work is done For you and also the great thing about It is that everything is there in one Place so if you would like to create an Online store or a Blog for instance you Can do everything from your Squarespace Website so if you want to send out Emails if you want to check on your Sales or your analytics and take a deep Dive into where your traffic's coming From everything is there and it's really Easy to access and really easy to Understand there are also some beautiful Templates available on Squarespace and

That just means that you can get up and Running really quickly with your own Website so if you would like to launch Yourself online this year what I suggest You do is flip on over to take advantage of their Free trial and then when you're ready to Push play simply use my unique URL which Is forward Flash the Style Insider and my code the style Insider and that will give you 10 off Your first website or domain with Squarespace it is really easy I will Leave that link in the description box Below as well and some more information But if you do want to set yourself up Online this year make sure that you do So with Squarespace that is another Trend which I have also seen referred to As modern utility and that basically is Just a almost an undone military sort of Utility style way of dressing so you'll Know that Cargo Pants have been a very Big part of the last couple of Seasons They're gaining momentum in spring Summer this year they will be everywhere Cargo pants lots of pocket details Parachute style pants so there's very Much a push for a utility kind of almost Army military style dressing and it's Kind of a minimalist style dressing but What seems to be happening for summer is Is that's almost being paired back and And becoming a little bit sort of undone

So there's distressing there's fading in The fabric while this can be interesting I think unless it's worn well and Outfits have put together in a Sophisticated way it can end up looking Like you're wearing clothes that have Seen better days and I know that sounds A little strange but I do just think it Makes sense to be a little bit careful With some of these pieces that are just Quite distressed and undone and worn Looking there can be a place for those Pieces but just proceed with caution now Next up what I am recommending is that You avoid wearing any pants or trousers That don't suit you now I know this Sounds really simplistic but what I mean Is essentially designers are making a Big deal about trousers and pants and The good news is that there is a style To suit everyone yes there are certain Trends that are happening like low rise Pants and jeans are coming back in but The key here is that there are options For everyone so don't fall on into the Trap of opting for low-rise pants or Jeans if they don't suit you your body Your lifestyle there are other options This season it seems to me to be the Season where almost everything and Anything goes which is great because it Does mean that there is going to be Something for everyone so just be Mindful that you can look around spend a

Little bit of time to work out which Pants and trousers and jeans are the Best for you and your lifestyle even if They're skinny that is absolutely fine I Keep seeing here on YouTube lots of Influencers and YouTubers talking about Skinny jeans being out but remember if They are what suit you and what work for You and you feel great in them don't Discard them wear the pants that work The best for you now I have also seen a Number of hooded dresses and the reason Hooded dresses are on this list is Because they are one of those pieces That can look super dramatic and Eye-catching on the runway but try and Transition them to every day and it's Not quite so easy so don't fall into the Trap of seeing a gorgeous hooded dress And thinking that you're going to be Able to pull that off okay if you've got A very special occasion and it's a fancy Ball or something special to go to I Think that's the time and place to wear A hooded dress but for everyday wear I'm Not quite convinced that they are a Great look so think about what addresses You probably will start to see them and Wonder about them these pieces are Amazing for magazine editorials and also For runways but not so much for real way Now I've talked quite a bit about this Trend lately and I am bringing it up Again today because the trend for

Wearing sheer pieces seems to be gaining Momentum and while they can look really Sophisticated and stylish and they can Look great let's face it but they are Very tricky to style so what happens When you're wearing sheer pieces you Have to think long and hard about the Pieces that you're wearing underneath You do have to be thinking about what You're covering up and what you're Showing there's a lot of thought that Goes into these outfits looking stylish So if you are on the fence about sheer Pieces I would definitely say just give Them a Miss they're tricky to style they Are going to take a little bit more time Of course if it is a look that you love Then go for it but they're honestless Because I just think they're too much Like hard work the other Trend that Seems to be really taking off is Statement earrings now there's kind of Nothing new about statement earrings We've seen them before and in principle I really love the idea of a statement Earring just paired with a very simple Outfit and I know that statement Earrings are the easiest way to take a Basic top or an outfit and give it a Little bit of a wow factor but these Earrings in my opinion have just gone Too far there's just a bit too much Going on and it kind of runs the risk of Just making your outfit look there's a

Word that's coming to mind mind and you May not understand it but it's a little Bit too tizzy and that is just something That kind of means it just potentially Looks a little bit cheap so I think There are also other reasons to avoid Some of these oversized earrings apart From these earrings being in my opinion A little bit tacky I also think you run The risk of the earrings damaging your Earlobes and dragging your piercings Down which is something that you want to Avoid at all costs and also there are so Many other beautiful earrings on offer At the moment plenty of statement Earrings that look gorgeous they're Sophisticated but they just haven't gone Too far one of the biggest Trends this Summer is kind of sleepwear slash 90s Being worn as outerwear now don't get me Wrong I can see the appeal in terms of Comfort and coolness when it's really Hot outside but I do draw the line when It comes to wearing sleepwear kind of as Outerwear I know a lot of designers sent Their models down the runway wearing These pieces so we know know that they Are going to be in the stores soon if They're not there already I do just Think it is a tricky tricky Trend to Make it look like fashion as opposed to Sleepwear no I'm not saying that it Can't be done but it's not easily done And for that reason it is on this list

Now crochet has been trending for the Last couple of seasons and I've kind of Been on the fence about this trend but I See what has been happening is crochet Has almost tried to become a little bit More modern and a little bit finer and Less kind of Homespun grandmarish and More designer in fact I saw on who what Where recently that they were referring To this look as cobweb weave which Definitely sounds a whole lot more Fashion than crochet does but I'm still Not convinced that this is a an easy Trend to wear for a couple of reasons Firstly any item that is a loose weave Is going to be a accident waiting to Happen if you've worn on any loose weave Sweaters and knits you know that they Get caught on things and get pulled and Easily damaged I see that this happening With the com web weaves as well they're Also really sheer and again as I spoke Earlier about sheer pieces they do Require a significant amount of effort When it comes to styling so even though Designers have tried to kind of move Traditional crochet into more of a Fashion Arena and I think they have Achieved that they've created something That isn't overly practical and again it Is not easy to wear so whatever you like To call them crochet cobweb wave Whatever I don't think it's a good idea now

Bralettes have been something that we've Seen a lot over the last couple of Seasons and in fact last spring summer We saw bralettes being worn with Oversized Blazers but a lot of bralettes Are being worn with oversized Blazers Still this season they're also being Worn on their own and over t-shirts and Tops in all honesty I think that I'm Just tired of this trend I don't think It's a trend that's particularly easy to Wear if you're say 40 plus I know I'll Probably come under Fire for that but it Is definitely a tricky Trend to wear as You get older but I do think it's kind Of time that we just move that Trend Aside bralettes in my opinion tend to be A little bit more underwear than Outerwear and yes I'm probably sounding Incredibly old-fashioned and saying this I just wish that we'd move on from this Trend I don't think it's overly Flattering and while it's exciting to Start talking about summer fashion Trends we're really just kicking off Spring so if you would like to know how To with the top spring fashion trends Then simply click or tap on the screen Here and I'll see you there

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