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10 Summer 2023 Fashion Trends You NEED To Know About!




10 Summer 2023 Fashion Trends You NEED To Know About!

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There are some super cute mini Trends on Offer right now that you need to know About [Music] I'm Leoni and welcome to my channel now Not all Trends are created equal and There are some trends that pop up from Time to time that just don't get the Attention that I think they deserve so Today I'm sharing 10 of those tiny Trends that are definitely worth taking A second look at now the first tiny Trend that I wanted to talk about is Raffia now I don't know whether you've Noticed but there are some gorgeous Raffia baskets and bags and totes on Offer and also some beautiful shoes with Gorgeous Raffia detail so lovely flat Sandals and beautiful strappy summer Shoes that are great if you're traveling Off to an exotic tropical island for Summer and if you're not they'll make You feel like you are but Raffia is very Much a tropical island-themed summer Trend which just gives off beautiful Summery Vibes and I do keep seeing more And more Raffia pieces popping up so It's a cute little Trend that spells Summer and the great thing about Raffia Is that it goes with everything so There's no color coordinating your purse To your outfit Raffia across the board Will go with any outfit you wear so I Love the versatility of it and I just

Think it looks summery and fresh and fun Now I've talked about dress trends in Previous videos but one dress that does Seem to be having a moment and it's not Really getting a lot of air time and That is strapless dresses now I know That strapless dresses can be a little Tricky you do need to wear a strap well Most of us need to wear a strapless bra With strapless dresses and sometimes Finding a comfy strapless bra that Actually does the job is not always easy There are a couple I've found and I'll Actually link them in the description Box below because I do think that often The key to Enjoying wearing a strapless dress or Top is making sure that you have the Right underwear to support you but Strapless dresses are really pretty I've Seen some gorgeous black simple Strapless dresses and they've been Teamed with pops of color and Accessories so strapless dresses if you Do like your shoulders and you love the Look it's a mini Trend that is Definitely worth having another look at And at this point I just like to say a Very big thank you to the team at Babel For sponsoring this portion of today's Episode in case you haven't heard Babel Is one of the world's top language Learning apps and I've been using it Over the past couple of months to teach

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Definitely give it a try I've been Having so much fun with it and just While I'm thinking of it what language Would you choose to learn if you could Choose any language in the world what Would it be I would love to know now There are some beautiful colors that are Trending this season and let me know in The comments if you would like to see Some of those color trends and I'll Dedicate a whole video to color because I think there are some gorgeous colors And I'd love to share with you how to Wear them and who can wear some of the Colors that are happening for spring Summer this year but one of my favorite Colors that is having a moment is Vibrant orange now we've been seeing a Lot of bold vibrant colors over the last Couple of years with Kelly Green and Bright yellows but vibrant orange is Very much happening for the summer now It kind of makes sense it's very much a Summery color but whenever I talk about Vibrant orange on my channel here I do Sort of seem to divide you guys some of You love bright orange some of you feel Like you're wearing high Vis or you feel Like a pumpkin wearing bright orange but There is an orange that will work for Everyone now traditionally bright Tangerine orange Seems to work better on warmer based Skin tones now I don't have a warmer

Base skin tone but when I like to wear This color I warm my skin up with a Bronzer and a corally warm lip so for me There is no color that you can't wear It's about how you accessorize it or What makeup you wear to ensure that that Color looks as good as it possibly can On you and while this color does tend to Be a bit of a tricky color to pull off It is worth a little bit of effort Because it just gives you a vibrant Healthy glow so basically speaking if You have an olive or darker skin you can Choose a really vibrant shade of orange If you're a little pale then I would Suggest opting for more of a muted shade So more of a coral or a peachy type Orange and of course Neons and neon Oranges are pretty hot right now but I Would definitely tend to use it more of A highlight color or an accent color Only so I tend to keep it away from your Face and just use it as sort of a belt Or a bag or some shoes perhaps the other Great thing that you can do with this Color is to clash it with opposing Colors which just creates some beautiful Vibrant outfits so orange and pink work Beautifully together orange also works Really well with a red or a vibrant Cobalt blue you can use white to sort of Freshen up an orange outfit but the one Word of warning is that don't tame this Beautiful color with black

Sometimes we tend to think teaming Colors with black as just an easy and Obvious choice but when it comes to Vibrant orange it just doesn't work it Does tend to look more Halloween in my Opinion and the black seems to kill the Vibrancy the two two colors just compete And it doesn't create a sophisticated Outfit so steer away from black but There are plenty of other options to Team this orange with and if bright Colors don't work for you in terms of Outfits and individual pieces then maybe Look at just adding some vibrant Accessories in the way of shoes and bags Or purses to an outfit I've seen some Gorgeous outfits recently that are very Simple very monochromatic but the the Modern element in these outfits is just The addition of a vibrant cute colorful Purse or as I said some vibrant shoes And the great thing about this kind of Look is that it really is an easy and Affordable way to update some some Pieces that you already own and create a New and fun and fresh summer outfit so Think about some of those cute little Vibrant bright brightly colored purses And crossbody bags and clutches that are A really simple way just to add a wow Factor to an outfit now this mini trend Is going to be an interesting one that Will divide you and it is denim bustiers Now I have just ordered one from revolve

I'll flick up on the screen here which One I've ordered and you might be Thinking you're too old for that Leone What are you thinking that you can pull That off but hear me out these bust ears In my mind are a fantastic base layering Piece now for me personally I wouldn't Wear it on its own but I would wear it Teamed with a an oversized Blazer or a Lightweight bomber jacket I love the Fact that it is an easy way to sort of Pull off the double denim look and Another way that I will think about Styling this piece is just worn over a Button-down shirt just to add a little Bit of interest to a classic piece that I already own let me know in the Comments below if you'd like to see how I style my bustier when it arrives I was Hoping that it'd be here before I filmed This video but it isn't unfortunately But let me know in the comments below if You would like to see how this 56 year Old Styles a denim bustier now next up I Have been seeing a bit of a return to Statement necklaces now we saw them a Number of years ago and I don't know Whether I'm being specifically Influenced by the incredible Carla Rockmore who is an amazing woman that Creates incredible outfits and usually Her outfits are finished off with a Stunning statement necklace now if you Haven't discovered Carla on Instagram

Before she may be on other platforms but I follow her avidly on Instagram then I'll leave a link to her handles and how You can find her in the description box Below but she is an amazing stylist I Love Her Style I love her vibrancy she Uses statement necklaces just to finish Off an outfit and I love what she does So statement necklaces are again having A little bit of a moment it could be Carla inspired I'm not sure but Definitely think about a statement Nicholas as a very cost effective way to Add a little bit of interest to a simple Outfit or to pieces that you've owned For years of course costume jewelry Isn't going to break the bank and if you Find a piece that's Speaks to you then it's a really simple Way just to update anything that you Currently own but statement necklaces Are having a moment a word of warning I'm not talking about long dangly Pendants that get caught between a Fuller bust that's not the kind of Statement that I'm talking about but More of a sort of short statement Necklace that looks beautiful over even A simple white tee now the next tiny Trend that I'm loving and maybe it's More than a tiny Trend because I am Seeing a lot of it and that is a Tailored vest now I spoke about it in a Recent video I purchased this one from

Urban Revival I actually need to return It because it's too small for me I need To get a different size but I love the Idea of wearing a vest in summer as Opposed to wearing a Spaghetti strapped top or a simple T-shirt it's just a nice update on some Of those classic pieces that I already Own Now I know this won't be for everyone Because a lot of you don't like showing Off your arms and exposing too much of Your arms but you can also wear the vest As just an extra layer over a t-shirt or A sheer top so it's just an interesting Update and it's a piece that I Particularly love and it is gaining Momentum but it's kind of a trend that I Think deserved a little bit more time in The spotlight which is why it's on Today's list now this one is hardly even A trend it's very much a basic but I do Know that a lot of women write this off Because again they're perhaps not Comfortable showing their arms but tank Tops are a great addition to your Wardrobe especially if you have dipped Your toe in the Fuller trousers or pants Or you're wearing Cargo pants they're a great piece to Team with a fuller piece on the bottom And they're really underrated because I Do think the fact that they're a little Bit fitting and they're sleeveless can

Make you feel feel a little bit exposed But if you are going to wear a Lightweight cardigan over the top or an Oversized Blazer or a denim jacket or a Lightweight bomber there are options and This creates a nice summery silhouette And a perfect layering piece so if you Look at these tanks don't immediately Write them off I suppose that's the Message that I'm trying to get across Here think of it as a base piece for Building an outfit now of all the trends That I'm talking about in today's Episode Lavender is one that is probably The biggest so I'm wearing a Lavender-esque type shirt today just as A bit of a nod to that Trend but I think Lavender is a beautiful Trend to Incorporate into spring summer Specifically because it's a soft color To wear it teams beautifully with all of The denim the denim cargos denim jeans Double denim outfits it also works Really well freshened up with white say A simple White Tank worn underneath a Lavender shirt it's a very forgiving Feminine pretty summery color and one That's worth taking a closer look at if It's a color that you haven't really Played with in the past now last but not Least I'm calling low profile Sneakers But in particular I'm talking about the Cult-like favorite which is the Adidas Samba sneaker now these sneakers have

Been made famous thanks to celebrities Wearing them and influences wearing them In fact they are so popular at the Moment they're kind of hard to get your Hands on in fact I tried to grab myself A pair when I was in the states a couple Of weeks ago and couldn't secure myself A pair but the good news is there are Some other styles and makes of shoes Nike Puma some of the other brands Actually have a very similar profile Shoe that you can't even tell the Difference now these shoes I Particularly love because they're just a Simple shoe to wear they're going to Team back with a lot of your basic denim Pieces they still look great with a lot Of the maxi skirts and dresses on offer This season as well so if you can't get Your hands on the favorite which is the Adidas sambas then I'll link to a few Other pairs down below that look very Similar and if you didn't no the editor Sambas actually started as a a soccer an Indoor soccer shoe so who knows what's Next in terms of what is going to sort Of be a cult favorite and what is going To Trend I particularly love this style I love Low Pro profile sneakers I love Incorporating sneakers into my outfits Because it suits My Lifestyle but yeah If I can get my hands on a pair of Sambas I definitely will but good to Know that there are some other options

As well but there's mini trend is a Favorite of mine which is why I had to Incorporate it in today's list anyway That's it from me today I hope you Enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love You to give it a big thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel for More and I'll see you in the next one Bye for now

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