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10 Quirky Fall Fashion Trends You NEED To Try Now | The Style Insider




10 Quirky Fall Fashion Trends You NEED To Try Now | The Style Insider

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Session trains come and go and it's safe To say we're not all going to like them But in today's episode I'm sharing 10 Very quirky fall fashion trends that are Well worth knowing about Hi I'm Leone and welcome back to my Channel as I said we are talking quirky Fall fashion trends and these in Particular caught me off guard and Definitely caught my eye so I wanted to Share them with you in today's episode I'd also like to thank Squarespace for Sponsoring a small portion of today's Episode and I will tell you a little bit More about them shortly but for now Let's get on with these trends [Music] Foreign That I am particularly drawn to is the High-waisted double wasted denim jeans Now just hang on hear me out these jeans Are relatively new but I keep seeing Them popping up on my Instagram on Pinterest they seem to be gaining Momentum now the reason that I Particularly like them is because not Only do they add a little bit of Interest to an otherwise straight pair Of denim jeans let's face it but they're Also a great way of tricking the eye Into looking like you may be wearing a Lower rise than you actually are so they Are in fact high rise but because of the Double waist it's sort of a little bit

Of an illusion and it tricks the eye Which I particularly like they also tend To give the illusion of cinching you in At the waist I think the key is to team Them with more of a fitted top and that Does work in quite well with some of the Cropped tops that are around the season And certainly the cropped sweaters I Think it's a much easier look to pull Off if you're not trying to touch Anything into it so there are plenty of Crops around and options around to team Them with but I do like the idea of These double-waisted high-waisted jeans They're going to hold everything in Trick the eye so they are going to be Flattering and just add an extra layer Of interest to your outfit now this one Is quite interesting because for fall We've seen sequins trending and also Fringing detail trending but what I have Seen recently is fringing and sequins Coming together and there are some Really gorgeous pieces from Fringe sort Of sequined jackets to skirts to dresses They're real sort of flap a wrist kind Of styling and I love it I love it for Winter I think it is a a really great Way just to add some extra oomph to your Winter outfits obviously there's that Practical side that doesn't really tick That box when it comes to Winter Dressing but if you're going somewhere Special or not if you just like teaming

Some sequins infringing detail with your Favorite denim jeans then it's always Going to be be a really sparkly great Look you know how much I love dopamine Dressing and I'm all about dressing Yourself happy and I do think that Sequins and fringing can help do that But I'd love to know what you think About sequins infringing coming together And whether you like the look whether You would wear sequins or Fringe detail On its own there are some really Beautiful sweaters and cardigans that Have gorgeous Fringe detailing so I am Definitely here for it I'm here for both Trends on their own and also together But I would love to know what you think So please let me know in the comments Below now next on the list is leather Blazers and or leather pleather vegan Leather whatever you choose there's Something there for everyone and so the Reason that they've made it to this list Is because obviously we've all been Wearing Blazers or a lot of us have been Wearing Blazers over the last couple of Seasons which is pretty standard and a Blazer is a classic but the Blazers that I have seen for fall really quirky Colors so there's oranges in Mulberry Type colors and chocolate Rich Browns There's all sorts of interesting Colorways in these leather and leather Look jackets or Blazers I should say so

That's why I've added them to the list And I think that they are a really great Way just to give a very simple outfit a Little bit of an edge and just to kind Of make a little bit of a statement Without trying too hard the other reason I've added them to this list is because That there seems to be something for Everyone there are oversized leather Blazers they're a cropped leather Blazers they're a more fitted there's Kind of a blazer for everyone in a Leather or leather look fabric it's not Going to be enough to keep you super Warm in winter but it's a great Transitional piece and it's also a piece That essentially if you choose the right Color for you you can hang on to it for Years and at this point I just like to Say a really big thank you to the team At Squarespace for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode if you've Been watching me here for a while you'll Know that I've worked with Squarespace For a number of years now and the reason I do that is because I stand by what They do I created my own blog using Squarespace and I've also worked for Clients over the years and use Squarespace before I even started using It myself for my own blog so I Understand how easy it is to use and how Everything is just there in one place in My opinion Squarespace really is the

Easiest way to launch yourself online or Build any sort of online presence one of The best things about Squarespace is That it is foolproof and very easy to Use so if you're not overly tech savvy Like me then it'll be easy for you to Get started in fact Squarespace has a Number of templates and you basically Just choose what you like the look of And within about an hour or so you can Be live online it really is that simple Everything is there in one place if you Want to sell things or if you want to Send out emails your analytics it is all There it is really easy to use and Generally that's not the case so it's Very unique that Squarespace has it all In the one place it's seamless and very Easy now if you would like to launch Yourself online what I do suggest you do Is whip on over to have A little play take advantage of their Free trial and then when you are ready To launch yourself simply use my URL Which is forward slash The style Insider and my code which is The style Insider and that will save you 10 off your first website or domain so Think about it if you are wanting to Launch yourself online or if you have Plans for 2023 to start an online Business or whatever it may be then Definitely take advantage of this offer I will leave all the details Down Below

In the description box but let's get on Now with these quirky Trends now next up Is bright bags and I just keep seeing Them I didn't expect them to keep Appearing over fall I really expected That we would see as we did over spring Summer Lots of bright bags and purses And little tiny mini bright bags but I Didn't expect this trend to keep rolling Through to fall and not even rolling Through it's actually gained momentum And it's become quite a big trend for Fall winter I love it because as you Know anything that is colorful it really Helps me feel happier and better about Myself and especially in winter so these Bright colored purses and bags are on This list because I think they're Fab And they do make a very simple outfit or They make a statement they really make a Simple statement with a very basic Outfit so bright colored bags are here Let me know in the comments below if you Like them or if you're not a fan now Next on my list are denim dresses now You may be thinking why are denim Dresses on a quirky Trends list because They're pretty much a classic that have Been around forever and you would be Right they have been around forever but There's been a kind of a different Interpretation of them this season so There seems to be more interesting Detail on them from Fuller sleeves to

Vest style denim dresses there are Different lengths there's contrast Stitching there's just a few details That make them a little bit quirky and Just a little bit out of the classic Expected denim dress now I think that Denim dresses are great they're perfect For those times where you just don't Know what to wear they're great also Because you can layer warmer pieces and Warmer layers underneath them and warmer Layers over the top denim suits everyone So there are lots of reasons to like Denim dresses and I'm sure you will have Seen I will have put up some pictures Here of what I'm talking about but there Are plenty of options available this Season as well which is why I've added Them to this quirky list next up are Tights and socks and they're really Quirky and fun everything from Little Fishnets socks to fishnets stockings With interesting detail there's little Pearled detailing on socks and I think That socks can create a really cute Little outfit especially for fall given That you may not be needing to wear Tights or real thick warm woolly tights Yet because it's not quite cold enough But you may need a little bit of extra Covering and certainly just adding that Little extra detail of a sock peeking Out the top of an ankle boot or a tights With some interesting detail I think

That they're just fun and just a really Simple way to obviously warm up but warm Up with a little bit of fun and Flair as Well so keep an eye out for some of the Interesting socks and tights on offer as Well now next up is the return of pearl Core and I've been reading a little bit About Pearl core in the last couple of Months and good old pearls have made a Comeback so I think Harry Styles wore a Pearl drop earring I've seen some other Male celebrities wearing pearls pearl Necklaces and pearl earrings back and in A really big way and the interesting Thing is that guys are wearing them Girls are wearing them so I really love That sort of gender neutral take on Pearls I love the fact that they're an Old school classic that is actually Going to be worn a little bit more Casually as well and I just think it's Really cool now this next trend is Definitely going to divide you and that Is cargo pants but in particular denim Cargos now I'm sure you've seen cargo Pants trending everywhere and in last Video or the one before I mentioned the Return of long sort of Maxi denim skirts And you all seem to have a bit of a Mixed review of the Maxi denim skirts But I'm Keen to know what you think of Denim cargo pants I think that they're Great they're almost like a a boyfriend Style Jean so they're comfy they're

Casual the pocket detail yes we'll add a Little bit of weight but I suppose the Thing that I particularly like about Them is the comfort factor the practical Factor in that you can wear tights and Something warmer underneath which often You can't with denim jeans and denim is Cold to wear I don't know if you've worn It in winter but denim is cold to wear So I love the fact that these cargo Denim cargos you can actually wear some Warmer tights and leggings underneath to Keep you warm the boyfriend styling or The slightly baggy styling makes them Comfortable I'm actually really here for Them I don't own a pair myself but I Will be looking for some when the Weather turns here in New Zealand but I Love the the denim cargos I think that They're a little bit quirky they're not Right out there but they are a little Bit quirky which is why they're on this List now this next one I've seen Referred to as the season's Most Daring Accessory and that's why I've included It on this list and that is fuzzy furry Hats so think kind of bucket style hats But in fur and faux fur and I just think That they are a very cool and practical Way to make a little bit of a style Statement without trying too hard it's Probably sensible to go for more of a Minimal outfit and let the Hat do the Talking unless of course you're a

Maximalist then just go for gold but if You are looking at ways to style a Statement furry fluffy hat then perhaps If it's a particular color look at Matching that color to a piece that You're wearing as well just to sort of Try and make the outfit cohesive and to Make sense of what you're wearing Because a fluffy and certainly some of Them that I have seen are bright and Bold and super fluffy they are going to Make a statement fine if you want it to Make a statement on its own if you want It to be part of a cohesive outfit look At just pairing something else you're Wearing with something in a similar Color or tone to the hat but these are Practical they're going to keep you warm And for that reason they are on the list Now last but not least is the return of Chokers and I just didn't see this Coming I definitely didn't see it coming For for winter although now that I think About it there were quite a few seashell Type chokers around for spring summer so Yep it probably was a happening thing That I kind of missed but it's really Gaining momentum I'm seeing lots of Ribbon style chokers velvet pendant Style chokers I haven't worn chokers for Years but I did actually quite like this Look so I'm here for it I think it's Kind of cool I'm gonna find some chokers To sort of show you what is happening

But Leah let me know what you think of Chokers are you a fan or Is it just a no and if you enjoyed these Quirky Trends then I'm sure you're going To love the fall fashion trends that are Back and I didn't actually expect that They'd be back but they're here so tap On the screen or click on this video to Find out what those fall fashion trends Are because I'm sure there's going to be One there that you will love

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