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10-Minute Weighted Arms to the Beat With Khetanya Henderson




10-Minute Weighted Arms to the Beat With Khetanya Henderson

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What's up class sugar my name is Ketani I'm your trainer and this is your 10 minute arms to the beat think of this As dancing with some weights right let's Do it I can't wait let's get into it Let's get let's do it let's go all right Let's get this party going take those Legs nice and wide bend the knees take The head down over to that right side Inhale here Exhale down over to the left side yes so You open up the neckline we want to try To release as much tension as we might Have in this moment one more on each Side Lovely and over to that last side bring A center and lift big breath inhale Reach those arms all the way up Exhale take it down big breath inhale Reach it up Exhale down one more we're gonna hold at The bottom this time lovely take that Right arm all the way up to the sky feel That spinal twist lean that arm down Over to the other side left arm reaches Up nice bring it down right arm reaches Up Exhale down one more on that side Excellent and then slowly roll it all The way up to the very top and let's Grab those weights let's get into it Okay All right here we go take those arms all The way up find those fists here we go

Right and left right and left three two One let's take that Temple right left Find that Target each time punch punch Very nice Seven six five four three double your Punches up cup two Two that's it Excellent get low on those legs I know We're not working on legs but can you Take it a little bit lower in that squat There you go lovely four three we open And close the door until you get open Close it open close it something I love About doing arms is that you can also Sit down and do them yeah if you're like I don't want to stand in the squats sit Down just grab your bar grab your wrist Weights get into it Let's double it up take it out out in oh Here we go here's that burn you feeling This is the bird eight seven six five Four three tap those legs out one tap it Out right left take those arms up Now if you are modifying follow my Girl's pip over there [Music] If you're like you just want that burn You want to get into it me and probably Going to hold it down heck yeah let's Get it up eight Six nice you have four three two one Drop those weights come to the back of Your mat Reach those arms all the way up roll it

All the way down nice hold it here Deep breath inhale Exhale Deep breath inhale Exhale one more exhale drop those knees Here we go tricep pulses down press up All right The acid really find a bend in those Elbows hug your core all the way up and In squeeze those inner thighs Nice How we doing ladies Almost there give me four more four Three two one take it back Walk it all the way back up Grab that bar right to the top All right from the top bring those arms In here we go four three two let's get It hook right left Nice can you find that Target even more Contract those arms back here we go four Eight seven six five four three double It up double up Pump double Can you give me that full extension in Those arms yes Eight seven six five four three open and Close the door up open close oh You see that face I'm making because I'm Feeling it we're at eight seven six five Four three two one bring it down Just take a little shake a little dance Break right I'm loving the dance right Dance break on the in between here we go Eight seven and we have those jumping

Jacks those arms reaching all the way up And over three two let's go take it all The way up oh yes push that ceiling away This is the last time we're doing this Guy yeah here we go we have eight seven Six five Four three two one drop those weights Come to the back of your mat Reach those arms all the way up exhale Walk it all the way out find that plank Oh we've got this hug the core all the Way in press those heels find it there Nice for eight seven six five four three We drop those knees one let's go press And pulse it here So good oh my goodness Right into those triceps chests Pectoral muscles oh find that core we Got it four eight seven six five four Three two one Let the knees lift up walk those hands Back to the feet slowly roll up through The spine grab your bar all right how Are we doing feeling good yeah feeling Good okay those triceps are nice and Warm find the centers three two one Bicep tricep kick back nice now I'm Gonna turn to the side just so you can See how my arms stay up as I do that Tricep kick back out Levy yes You better work that bar over there [Music] Guys give me four

[Music] Excellent lift you have three [Music] You have two Rachel's arms back one more one Lovely bring a center bicep pulses here Uh-huh move those hands yeah that little Dance it's like a dance party it is a Party Let those Elvis be right by your side Squeeze them close to the rib cage Excellent we have eight seven six five Back into those triceps overhead two one Elbows parallel to the front Bend and Extend Nice I'm going to turn to the side again Now as I'm extending those arms up I try To keep my elbows back there so what I Mean is we want to avoid chopping down Keep the back there for eight And seven rib cage keep it connected in Core Bend those knees slightly four We have three lovely two one press and Pulse it here hook eight seven six five Four three two one bring it down lovely Right let's take it all over the back Reach those arms all the way up around The spine find that plank position We hold it eight Seven four six Five You have four three two one downward Facing dog

All right Bend those knees walking back All the way up grab your barn [Music] Last song Let's do it Five steps let's get it Take it back up [Music] Lovely try to keep your heart above your Hips Two let's lift it all the way up one Bicep pulses Take it out to the side yes Think of you living your life fully with Just some bars doing some weights with Those arms here we go for four Three You have two triceps one take it all the Way up and above let's go turn to the Side three two Bend and extend let's get It up down up keep that rib cage Connected in Now as you're taking those arms up and Above I want you to really watch that Your traps don't lift up yeah keep those Shoulders down the back Nice give me four more four We have three Two one we press and pulse it here hooks Eight Seven Six Five we drop those weights Three lovely two and one

Bring them down come back to the back of Your mat big breath inhale reach those Arms all the way up walk it all the way Out Find that plank Hold it here eight Seven [Music] Six Five Four You have three lovely you have two and One Bend those knees and all the way Back to child's pose position Nice work circle out those wrists there Reverse the circle gotta just find Yourself in a seated position I'm just Gonna do a quick quick stretch cross the Leg in the front reach those arms all The way up we'll do that right tricep Because we work that tricep oh yeah Absolutely over to the other side nice Take those arms behind you open up the Chest Bring it all sent to take it over to That right side and then over to that Left side and you know the deal if you Find that you need to stretch a little Bit more you do you great job everybody Yes excellent work class fit sugar that Was your 10 minute arm to the beat until Next time I'll see you all very soon Don't forget to subscribe yes click that Button go click I'll see you in the next

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