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10-Minute Upper-Body Workout With Jasmine Blocker | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Upper-Body Workout With Jasmine Blocker | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hi guys i'm jasmine blocker and welcome To class fit sugar today i have paris With me hey what's up guys and i've also Got aj hello we're going to be doing a 10 minute upper body workout perfect for Strengthening your entire upper body are You guys ready to work let's go All right so we're going to start off With a quick warm-up let's do a couple Of nice arm rolls forward and then bring Them back Let's hang down into a rag doll Here yes ma'am and then let's walk it Out High plank position scapular push up Here so we're just pushing down in Between our shoulder blades keeping Those arms straight I'm gonna go on my knees yes ma'am and Then we're gonna sink back And then come up give me one push-up Sink all the way back Come up Another one my coach calls these frog Push-ups give me one more And then we're gonna walk those hands Back in Let's reach up again Meet me in the set of your mat a couple Of arm rolls Sorry shoulder rolls and then let's pick Up our weights here we're going to start With hammer curl to press You guys will see that i have a couple

Of sets of weights here with one a Little lighter one a little heavier Paris has our lightest set of weights And aj's right there in the middle Keep that core nice and tight Thanks for the reminder We're doing 10 seconds of rest so this Is actually a tabata style workout you Guys we're gonna do two sets of each Exercise 20 seconds on 10 seconds off All right let's get back into it I'll always keep reminding you guys About your core it's so important for These upper body workouts Halfway there Nice deep breaths how are you guys Feeling good yes [Applause] And 10 seconds of rest we're gonna go Into two sets of punches next Really nice stance and then we're just Going straight in front of us straight For the middle tight core Arms up and we're punching straight Towards the center Not forgetting our breath Stay nice and strong nice and tight Getting in as many reps as you can here It is tough I'm regretting these twelves already Keep it going two And one So we're in our 10 seconds of rest for That next round of punches try to shake

Those arms out if you can i know i am Arms back up and let's go Nice bend in those knees Keep it going I'm gonna check all my friends here Let's go let's go Let's go let's go let's go Let's go let's go Let's get it three two and one we are in Our next 10 seconds of rest we're going To be doing a row to a tricep kickback I'm still going to be using my lighter Weight here feet shoulder width apart Nice hinging the hips flat back and We're up and work kick it back There we go Nice and controlled here Especially on the way up We're nice and tight sit back on those Heels just a few more seconds here And we're in our rest 10 seconds It's the kickback it's a kickback Let's go I hear some great breath work behind me All these guys are not playing around Let's go We're more than halfway there Stay strong Three Two And one Ten seconds of rest here We have a renegade road next so let's Come down to the mat

If you're using two sets of weights Let's grab your heavier set And let's begin Feet a little farther than shoulder Width apart for this I can do it and stay centered You all got this Just seven more seconds here Don't let those hips rock And we're in our rest Nice deep breath you all got this yes Light work you got it And we're back in it Feet a little more than shoulder width Apart flat back Just 20 seconds you got it Five more seconds Let's go you got it let's go And one All right we'll be on our backs next for A floor press Turn it over And let's go Some nice chest work here bring those Elbows down to the ground Push up You got it y'all let's go Four more seconds two And one weights down Ten seconds of rest and we do it one More time You all got it Make sure that bag is nice and flat on The ground

Let's go again How you feeling aj so good so strong Arms are burning let's go you look as Strong as you feel let's go Three Two And one Bring it down yeah nice work so next up We have our russian twist so i'm Actually gonna grab my lighter set of Weights for these russian twists i'm Gonna try and do them with a straight Arm feet off the ground And let's go And paris is actually going to be doing Them with her heels on the ground Because we're focused on keeping that Arm nice and straight and i can still Feel it i bet Y'all got it come on Three two And one Ten seconds of rest That straight arm is no joke no Add something a little bit different Yeah it does Let's get back to it And go Nice deep breaths That core work yes hang in there Two And one Nice work y'all so we're done with the Weights

And we're going to be doing some crab Tricep dips so i know it sounds weird But get into that crab position toes off The mat All right dip into it i like to have my Wrists my fingers facing in and i like Mine out guys it's totally fine Whichever way whatever is more Comfortable for your wrist okay Focus on getting those good reps in nice And controlled just five more seconds Here Two And one Ten seconds of rest now you're gonna Meet me in a bear crawl position because We're gonna do a little bear crawl Push-up I did make that up so here we go So bear crawl position step out then Back into bear step out Push up In and out Push up You guys got this nice flat back nice Tight core Just give me one more before that 10 Seconds of rest Beautiful It's a good one it's a good one Shake it out a little bit All right leave me back in that bear Crawl plank Step out

Push up Back in Nice and deep on those push-ups If you're trembling you're doing it Right Give me one more push-up Beautiful ten seconds of rest And we're gonna be in our last two Exercises Oh Maybe in a plank we're gonna do some Plank up down so meet me in a forearm Plank Come up And down Beautiful Try not to rock those hips too much Two and one Ten more seconds of rest and we're in Our very very last set Let's go There you go let's get it Leave me enough for on flank And up Let's go guys you got this yeah almost Done There Keep it up you got it Three Two And one Beautiful job yes yeah nice work i like Jelly Yeah

Oh my god mine too All right you guys that was not an easy One Only 10 minutes but an absolute burner Thank you so much paris of course and aj Welcome for joining me for this super Awesome super quick workout we hope to See you guys again on another class fit Sugar

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