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10-Minute Throwback Pop Dance Workout




10-Minute Throwback Pop Dance Workout

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Welcome to dance fit sugar I'm Luis Cervantes and today I have a pop dance Workout with some major throwback Vibes Girls we ready to go let's do it All right y'all let's get into it we're Just gonna start with some snacks just Snap snap oh nice and light come on get That body warm now we're here for 10 Minutes so we're gonna make it worth it Here we go big point right go Point yes Come on switch it up Oh full full rain moment right here hey Our little Greaser Mama whatever you Want to get into yeah all right right But yeah step step That's right Madison's in for the Greaser moment come on big chest go Yes now tap those heels tap it right Left oh feel nice and cute right here Come on now we pick it up we kick go Kick now we let it all go yes around the World to the right go pick hey Beautiful From the top snap it out we rock now hey I call these the Carlton snaps if you're Familiar with Mr Bel Air come on hey oh Oh perfect can't not smile yes point it Out boy all right back into that moment Grease lightning come on oh look with That there go we're smizing we're Modeling hey right foot taking it out we Step Go step Oh that's it big chest hey add it in we Go

Yes now tap those heels nice and cute Hey hey look at that she looks so cute Come on Go hey You can lose that Focus whatever you Want to do to the left turn it out Perfect Hey back to those snaps snap it Oh we know what it is come on from here You Twist and Shout go twist oh all Right making yours hey you can look up You can look down maybe you go to your Dance partner what's up Madison come on Hey Gina oh move around the room hey However you won oh Snap it out go snap oh my goodness y'all Come on good time exactly it's nice and Light have fun with it hey All right we're gonna get cute one more Time we're gonna tap those heels tap it Out tap hey That's it here we go kick it up we rock Oh Those arms Look Away to the right all Around go [Music] Hey Let It Go oh what I'm talking about All right y'all we're getting into this Next one here we go everybody give me One arm up up nice and dramatic other Side oh jump it low oh That's right we're getting it nice and Spicy come on Breathe we switch it left yes work those

Hips this your moment right here Spotlight's on you big slide to the Right we side go slide and slide yes Perfect now we're gonna cross those arms Give me a little bounce you bounce it They can't touch you what no what no she Said okay four and four big time go four Three cross those arms and Bounce It Rock it four oh it's all in the face Come on again let's go big size big side Yes we cross those arms Again we fight this time we're gonna Play with those arms let's throw them up In the air we party rocking rolling hey Don't shoot rocking I don't know Sometimes I think I'm a rapper clearly Not we go up and up yes take a big deep Breath right here Good right hip big roll roll it out out Back to that moment oh take that breath Take that second switch it left let's go Hey All right we're gonna throw in a little New move You're Gonna Roll those arms Two steps right you roll it two you Switch yes yeah again the throwback Vibes we're getting a little roll in There come on and Roll and Roll and ooh Two more All right we're gonna pick it up double Time you Pony right foot go Pony hey hop It roll it it's a party I want you to Pretend there's a disco ball in your Room right now lights are going off nice

And strong come on All right big slide four and four we Slide it four three cross those arms we Bounce boom hey hey Again let's go All right with that attitude go what you Who again let's go boom This time arms up we party we bounce Beautiful Again this side let's go we signed it Beautiful cross those arms rock it One more time take it out let's go big Four hey We bounce four four three four two one And oh my goodness Give it up okay right here this is our Last one we're gonna shake it all out Just Bounce we sweating yeah I'm ready Nice and warm 10 minutes what you can do In 10 minutes right here we go hey hey Snap it down to the right snap down up Down good nice and light Same thing switch it let's go have that Little bounce let that upper body be Loose again switch it up let's go oh Yeah you're setting up the mood right Here come on one more time take it out Let's go All right we're gonna pick it up that Right arm up to the sky Bounce It Up we Go right left right shoulder down rock It down hey Switch it let's go Yay left shoulder oh oh come on let's go

Right That's right come on that little Attitude with the shoulder you're like Come on one more time hey Drop it down run it out run it up Now swim to the front go oh okay we're Officially on vacay Mode come on I love It yeah to the right pull go right left Beautiful we're gonna swim again here we Go let me see you swim oh oh These Girls Are ready for vacation Go hey hey perfect Good keep pulling right here just pull Pull Hey [Music] Boom one more time switch it left let's Go hey all right that little bounce We're gonna get back into it right arm Up we go right left right shoulder drop It Again left You can let that head go and drop it Down oh oh brownie points if you have That hair whip it I'm living vicariously through these Kids boom boom boom next time we're Gonna put a wig on me right hey run it Out go Go swim to the front You want this one to feel fun hey and Step it to the right you go hey hey side To side One more time slim it out let's go

Beautiful hey To the right we both go yes okay all Right we're gonna clap it up and down Nice and strong you clap it up go up we Drop it down hey oh it's a party now Come on everybody let's go hey hey Now if you want if you're dancing with Somebody move around the room oh come on Let me see those guys Look at them go Hey it's perfect swim it to the front we Rock go swim Okay yeah right come on to the right go Beautiful beautiful Again we swim let's rock Nice and strong hey To the right we pull it down All right that double bounce right arm Comes up here we go right arm up Keep it belt and go back bounce right Shoulder down go hey To that left go Perfect left shoulder drop it One more time left and that's what I'm Talking about y'all come on Good clap it out up and down we go clap Hey hey all right take that big deep Breath because we're gonna take it home In just a little bit come on if you're Like me and you're swimming oh yeah That's called glistening we're glowing Baby swim in front swim hey Yes Take it right they say don't let them

See you sweat we'll let them see you Blow girl come on hey hey let it go and Oh Oh my goodness give it up for these Girls way to work awesome job Madison Gina thank you so much for joining me Thank you I hope you enjoyed and we will See you in the next one dance fit sugar Bye bye

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