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10-Minute Thanksgiving Family Cardio Workout With Jayen Wells | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Thanksgiving Family Cardio Workout With Jayen Wells | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's up everyone and welcome to a very Special episode of classic sugar I'm Jane Wells and I have a 10 minute simple Standing cardio workout that you can do With your family I brought mine with me Here's my best friend Yasmine hey hey Hey and my mama hi come on Mama yes this Is a family fun friendly workout uh We'll have modifications as we go along Throw that Monopoly board away and let's Get moving All right so let's begin with our warm Up nice easy Martian place okay during This workout if you need to keep a low Impact keep it cute my mom's gonna be Doing the modifications right all right And then me and yes we're gonna just be Extra As always as always exactly All right we're gonna take it to our Right Reaching Across in three two one Here we go hey it's like a little dance Move hey oh hey hey Mama there we go mama Hey right left Okay let's squeezing a little bit Chest up pack Oh hey Okay I feel like we had the Temptations Or something like that yeah hey there She go now she knows All right we're gonna reach up and down Lateral jacks Life

Hopefully have on some deodorant All right I can already feel the slit building up In my armpits hey raise the root All right Taking this into a front reach shoulders Are working we're going back and front Hey okay oh she out of the clouds hey Foreign Don't get too clap heavy I know we're Having a party but yeah We still want to work out in the back There you go Keeping that right left step we're going To bring the arms in and triceps to the Back back back back There you go it's okay to go slow no Don't be sorry you can do whatever you Want in this okay we're just trying to Get a movement and you're gonna Squeezing the back of the arms just like A tricep Good How you feeling mom you feel the back of The arms yes I see them moving yeah you Better How we doing yes Amazing okay we have other wonderful Classes dances sugar okay hey all right We have 20 seconds here y'all You want to place the back of your arms We should be nice and warm right yes all Right Five four three two and one take a

Little break y'all you're gonna reach up Bring the knee in Center yourself twist To the same knee that comes up a little Bit of balance here we go and three two One we go one two three good one two Working that core Don't over rotate in the spine It's good my mom did Karate for many Years so this is like a horse stance for You hey hey no all right hey No hi hey hey We have 20 seconds here We go really good I'm a green belt in Taekwondo okay come on Greenville yeah Laughs There's something in the knees Let's do two more together And Yes all right shake it out we're gonna Do the same thing other way take your Time it's gonna feel a little different Three two one One two good Settle in the center before you move say No Those are like the three Japanese words That I learned Not to prevent any pain in the low back Soft Bend tight belly here keep on going Say no hey No hi Hi There you go let's go three more ones Me

Son hey and recover all right we're Gonna take our feet into a Sumo position Mom is just gonna give you a nice sumo Squat me and Yaz will do the two pulse At the bottom let's go bring it down me And Yaz two Cavs yes Oh and then mom's just gonna get this Looters I mean glutes For my mother I can't be talking about my mother's Booty all right but you still want to Squeeze the glue's Chester up there we Go and then balance for the calves here With the ads we have 20 seconds here Let me find it there we go Hey Can we go a little bit deeper Oh How deep is your slide You know the song Original one oh the OG let's do one more Together just to be nice and tight oh Okay all right feet come underneath the Hip we're gonna go cross body two and Two so one two and switch good Let's go nice and slow don't worry about Speed It's gonna be very like Jane Fonda Hey come on Jane All right good nice rotation think Shoulder to knee as opposed to the Elbows yes Mom hey oh looks good it's More than okay let me join y'all I don't

Know where I'm at hey there we go we got 20 seconds here I'm huffing and puffing Let's go two more one more each side and Here All right shake it out next we're gonna Be hamstring curls so you're basically Kicking your booty squeezing the backs Of your legs pulling down at the same Time ready Now make sure you're having fun I still Want there to be a little squeeze But look at me I look crazy okay we're Just trying to have some fun it's not The Olympics okay there we go housing Glutes and hams feeling Okay Love it yes you know how to do this You're Gonna Learn though yeah we've got A little bit of a burn like you're Picking up a weight with your heels Your stilettos Your turkey legs All the things Here we got 15 seconds here Feel free to go at your own pace you Don't have to go with the Rhythm We're just rhythmic people here so That's why we're moving here all right Horizontal punches let's go here we go Oh I like this one yeah Oh it's a very Karate Kid add some power Hey but fun Hey

All my anger okay Towards the end of this we're gonna go a Little bit quicker if you feel for it Here we go and quicker But I'm too fast there you go Also feel free to stay at that pace that You wear Oh she's living for this okay she's like This one yes I do All right 10 seconds here give me a Little bit quicker last five seconds Four three two and recover our last one We're gonna get the heart rate up with The upright row and Jack stepping side To side Hi Said no now if you want to ramp it up And not laughing and you're going to Join me and yes in a jumping jack okay Okay Now I want it to be like you're zipping Up your sweater I don't know why you have two zippers But you do is fashion Hey Yeah We got 20 seconds here You can do it think about all their food We're about to eat so excited Oh my gosh I'm like literally gleaming With joy because I'm hungry All right we have 10 seconds eight Five four three two and one nice work Family let's do a good cool down just to

Get the heart rate down here we go Inhale up towards the sky Open mouth exhale Let's do two more just like that Oh And one more Nice let's bring our arm across to Stretch that shoulder We are feeling okay Okay let's do the other side All right All right let's bring our feet Underneath our hips and just loosen up Those hips we did a lot of jumping and Squatting getting to the hammies The turkey oh and one more here let's Hang here And just bend the knees roll up through The slime One inhale up and exhale to Heart Center Thank you family for joining my family Here at Classic sugar I hope you had fun With you and yours we'll see you next Time here with the moves see ya thank You

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