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10-Minute Standing Glute Workout With Rachel McClusky | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Standing Glute Workout With Rachel McClusky | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's up class fit sugar my name is Rachel mccleskey and today I'm joined With Pauline hey and Nikita what's up And we are going to be doing a 10 minute Standing glute series and we are so Excited no equipment needed all body Weight let's get into it are we ready Let's go All right let's get started we're gonna Wake up the lower body so we have to Start with squats yeah of course feet a Little further than hip width apart You're gonna make sure your knees stuck Right above your ankles and then you're Gonna pull your weight back we're going To start with Tempo squats so it's down Three Two one and then shoot up squeeze your Glutes pull your way back breathe Good exhale squeeze down did I just slap My butt yes I did good start to the Workout let's go down good One more slow down three two good full Range just down and up one count each Squeeze pull your weight back Good how we feeling good good Beautiful four lift three two more we're Gonna do up an inch down an inch so hold It at the bottom here hold up an inch Down an inch slow up down really small Yeah good lift chest is up gazes up so Good four more yes we can four Burning three I know already we're in it Two

Last one whoo Shake It Out Shake It Out Turn your toes out we're gonna do the Same thing in a sumo squat position pull Your weight back we go in four three Little dance party two one lower down Three Two one shoot up squeeze lower pull your Weight back keep your chest High good Whatever you choose to do with your arms Here is really optional I like to bring Them to the prayer pose but honestly you Can really do whatever you please Nothing too crazy down I got a little Excited there two more Two Good Last one slow down three two full range Here we go down lift Lower beautiful So the inner thigh should really Activate here as well squeeze your Glutes at the top Nice Four more then we go up an inch down an Inch four Good three we don't even need ten Minutes to fire up the glutes oh my gosh Hold it down up an inch down an inch go Eight lower Yes we can yes we can and if you're Really feeling on fire I want you to Just stay a moment past what's Comfortable yeah I'm going to say that All throughout our class today three

More Two more Last one can you hold it down just a Moment just a moment hold four three oh My gosh two one oh my God shake it out Maybe give yourself a little shimmy [Music] All right let's get into it we are Having a little too much fun over here I Think left leg forward right leg back Point your toes extend your arms drop Your shoulders hinge forward Nikita you Got us on the mods yeah yeah here we go We're gonna exhale pull your knee in so Pull in round your spine Extend back pulse up round your spine Extend back and so it's just a little Lift exhale in and then a small lift and Nikita's just dropping her toe down all Good yeah that's gonna feel really good For balance because this is really hard To balance good exhale in Extend let's go four more exhale round Your spine so think about exhaling into The crunch Pauline okay stunning two more Last one bring your hands in hinge Forward Point your toe pulse up go eight Nice squeeze your belly button in Towards your spine to really activate Core Balance right here oh my goodness I Keep looking back and forward and I'm Just blown away three Two last one extend your arms touch your

Toe down pull your knee in right here Eight Are we ready for the second side yes Let's do it yes four more go four Three two one Should get out shake it out and switch Other side I feel stronger already right Leg forward left leg back extend your Arms when you're ready lift up exhale Pull in Extend good exhale round your spine Extend behind you little lift as you do Come forward Extend are you breathing breathing yeah Breathing and balancing Good pull it in Extend we're almost there in can we go Four more yes we can four Extend Good three if you fall over all good I Cannot tell you how many times I've Fallen over doing this one we get right Back into it doing this or just in life Just in life agreed hinge forward Palms Come in to prayer four more pulse up Four Three go ahead drop your toe down Pull It in exhale in This is it pull in exhale as you pull Your knee into your chest yes Four Three Two And one oh my gosh

All right we are gonna do some leg lifts I feel like we're just gonna activate All sides of the glute so when you're Ready Little Bend in your left leg it's Side and then we go at an angle take it Back keeping your hips Square then back To the angle nice so flex your foot Little little Bend in your standing leg Nikita what's the mod here I think we Can tap it down yeah I love that Side Good angle take it back are you Breathing and is your belly button Squeezing towards your spine really Think about that to help with balance Drop your shoulders down breathe a Little deeper Last time through and then we're gonna Pulse up Good angle oh my gosh glutes are Activated hold it at the angle right Here pulse it up Pulse eight so much Balance today but then our core gets to Activate just as much as our glutes yeah Lift Take it up oh my gosh in four three two One Shake It Out Shake It Out Booty is awake it's a little more than I Planned on doing but here we are second Side come up angle So take it back squeeze your glute Trying to take any arches out of your Back nice open angle Take it back squeeze oh my gosh there I

Go nice open Angle how you doing Pauline doing good I feel like any time that you're Starting to lose steam give yourself a At home and it just lights up the room It gives you more energy Good open Angle last one we're gonna hold the Angle when you're ready pulse it up Here we go pulse eight Say yes to it say yes to it just staying A moment past what's comfortable a Moment past you even think that you can Do I promise you have it here we go for Four three two one Oh that's right all right we have one More we started with the squad series I Thought we'd end with one feel good all Right last push so we are gonna go hands Behind our head and feet a little Further than hip width apart to start When you're ready we're gonna go squat Twist squeeze your obliques and then add A kick Twist And kick good They were ready to go with the woods and That's just what I need in my life Good you gotta say it when you kick Absolutely that's a lot of Woos for this Series Down twist Perfect four more four twists good reach Three

[Music] Two more Two make sure you're squeezing your Glutes at the top really keep it active Good last one hold a low squat hold let Your heart rate come down take a big Inhale Big exhale pull your weight back we're Gonna transition into a lunge squat so You're saying low the whole time oh my Gosh I already feel this four more Four Three Good two Last one Shake It Out Shake It Out ha One more time okay one more time give me A whoa Here we go round two It's drop twist Kick it out Twist So guys kick anything you want to let go Of anything you want to release kick it Out of here Go ahead kick down twist Beautiful a few more keep your chest Open be so proud of yourself for showing Up 10 minutes yeah Last two Good last one Beautiful hold your low squat hold Breathe pull your weight back and you go One inch lower one inch lower oh my gosh [Music]

For four Three oh my gosh two transition lunge Squat single the whole time Good front knee stacked right above your Ankle back [Music] That's it take it back Nice three more We go right back to the top squat twist Squats kick squat twist Finish it drop twist yes He's so proud of yourself for showing up Today Sometimes all we have is 10 minutes oh My gosh I'm dripping sweat two more Last one hold your load squat Hold your low squat breathe hold Big inhale Big exhale Beautiful job yes Nailed it quick stretch and then we'll Get you into your day take a wide stance Reach your arms up Fold forward let your head hang loose Big inhale big exhale Foreign [Music] Your right knee And your left Now this is a super quick stretch Do that again if you want something a Little bit more go ahead take time to Stretch And other side

Beautiful extend both legs turn your Toes out come down into a little frog Stretch right here Shift side to side I'm still I'm still recovering Stuff that was so much fun beautiful Toes forward roll up slowly And let's just take two big deep breaths Together big inhale through your nose Big exhale Let It Go Beautiful job 10 minutes we did it Paulie and Nikita oh my gosh this is our Best high five all day thank you so much For joining us here at class fit sugar And we can't wait to see you again soon Bye [Music]

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