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10-Minute Simple Standing Cardio Family Workout With Jayen Wells | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Simple Standing Cardio Family Workout With Jayen Wells | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to a special holiday episode of Class fish sugar I'm your ho ho Hostess Jay Wells whoa and I brought my family With me to help me out this is my mom Humiko hi konnichiwa and this is my best Friend yes man what's up y'all my sister Girl and we're gonna do a 10 minute full Body standing exercise with plenty of Low impact options and modifications for You at home so grab your family and Let's ride this late or not and get Moving yay All right family let's begin with a Warm-up we're going to go some jumping Jacks And my mom humiko has been a Modifications you'll be following her if You need The body moving we're going to repeat Each cycle two times so you'll have Another chance to perfect it all right Let's slow it down take it down the next Squat hey squeezing the glutes core is Tight Like you want to sit down But you can't because there's no chance Let's go for four more Three what's up with that okay we're Helping the kids count and one right Foot stepping out here we go just Getting the shoulders warmed up nice yes There we go find a rhythm In your groove Okay

All right let's get him standing still Just moving the shoulders nice forward Rotation at your own pace warming up the Shoulders And take it back oh There we go I'm already feeling warm in my shoulders I know yeah All right we're gonna repeat those Jumping jacks again in three two one From the top we're going jumping jacks Yes good How you doing Mama Yeah there we go come on she said Hey and yes how you doing over here Great yes okay with the turn let's take It down in some squats here we go hey Yeah Now no matter what level you're at I Want you moving slow being mindful of Your body This is not the Olympics so we're just Here to have some fun while you wait for The food okay open your presence All right we're going right foot out Side step with a little bit of a Rotation a little dance a little dance Party hey Thank you I'm already All right making sure to really engage Their shoulder hey so good standing Still rotation to the back good There we go do we feel a little burn in

The shoulders ladies a lot Yes let's go forward Pretend you're a swimmer That doesn't really move far but you're Trying Three two one and recover all right We're now in our recovery we have two Exercises that we're gonna alternate First one you're gonna take it down two Squats and then right lunge to the right And then we'll make sure to switch So we can even out Those booty cheeks okay afterwards we're Gonna have a little bit of a fun game We're gonna have a fast beat if I say up You come up if I say right you go right You get the idea here we go take you Down two squats here we go one Two and then we lunge to the right Good weight in that leg Guess what to the left Hey Okay that's where I get it from And hey good keep your heart up your Belly tight We have time for three more Oh no now you're gonna do two more Because they said three Hey and last one And laugh all right a little fun game For the whole family fast feet on your Toes Let's go up There you go now my mom's keeping a low

Impact once we go up she comes onto her Toes there we go Right Oh they they gotta think you gotta think About it a little bit left Hey up Oh Those legs are burning left Hey there you go I feel it left oh oh yeah oh my gosh Y'all oh And up good let's go back from the top Two squats take it down Control the breath it's okay to go slow Good At your own pace There you go nice how you doing Yaz I'm Doing good it's burning there you go so She shoots back that weight is in the Booty two squats And then to the left Other booty okay let's go for a couple More seconds here Yes And let's go one more to the right We're coming into that reaction game in Three Two and one fast speed pitter patter Peter Pata hey now it's kind of fun too Because it feels like your booty is Shaking which is good Right oh Oh all right yes Now can you stay low here up

Yes 20 seconds friends to the right Hey To the left There we go I'm gonna have three more directions Can't guess what they're gonna be up Hey left Last one what do you think of BS right Right you're right hey all right take a Nice 30 second break next exercise Coming at you a little Karate Kid Inspired you'll do three snaps kicks With the reverse lunge making sure to Switch After every rep on that side afterwards We're gonna go high knee punches this is A And your jumping jack will be b a little Bit of a game again just to keep the Mind focused you ready ready all right Let's go snap kick on the right three Two and back lunge with control switch Size Really use that standing leg snap it Cracker pop it now if you're feeling Like you want to be a little Rockette Live your fantasy okay hey And good Let's go two more one more on the right Where and on the left come on Karate And good let's shake it out Now your first exercise is a Mom will be marching Exercise B is a jumping jack here we go

Let's go a Head Now don't worry about how high the knees Are coming just getting the movement Feeling jumping jack B hey There we go Y'all are nervous I feel it hey here we Go MB Three two and one relax snap kick back On the right here we go we're going Three kicks How we doing you guys okay yes Foreign Okay lots of Fun Hopeless okay Here we go We have 25 seconds Now feel free to add a little bit of Pizzazz Ah there it is Mommy Yes let's go one more each side Keeping you soft Bend Good and other side Hey come on Mama oh and let's go pattern A high punches Now at any time you want to take the Modification you can do that as well B And ah There you go Let's go b b And back to a let's just March it out

For our last 10 seconds Four three two and one Let's take a recovery in our last two Minutes we're gonna inhale to the sky Open mouth exhale how did we do you did Amazing yes lots of thinking it's kind Of like twister Okay they might be under your Christmas Tree One more time in here And arms are going to come long reaching From the waist with control nice good Stretch right hand comes up towards the Sky Nice good stretch There you go everyone's going to be at a Different level and that's okay let's Switch sides left hand up towards the Sky Driving your left heel down to connect To the Earth Like the roots of a Christmas tree okay Come on Christmas pun here we go we're Gonna come down straight back position Getting into the back of those legs And drop it down Good let's roll it up or not Quite done yet if you can I want you to Balance and grab that right ankle And stretch out your quad It's about Stillness The baby's sleeping And let's switch sides to the left There you go

Nice let's get some shoulder action How you doing give me a high five girl Hey Hey And switch sides mama you give me half Up on this side hey All right let's take one final inhale up Towards the sky A grateful exhale hands to Heart Center I'd like to thank you for joining my Family with your family here at Classic Sugar thank you Mama thank you And thank you yes thank you To you and we'll see you guys next time Here at class fish sugar y'all have a Great one

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