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10-Minute Salsa Pop Fusion Dance Workout With Luis Cervantes | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Salsa Pop Fusion Dance Workout With Luis Cervantes | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Salsa dance workout for you so with me I Have my girls Tiffany hey hey and Madison hi hi Let's do it let's do it hey all right We're getting started with some salsa Basics here perfect if you're just Getting started so we're gonna start Slow with that left foot here we go in Three two go left and Center back right And Center just like that and go slow Rock those hips good pick it up double Time here we go rocket Prime and back Making sure the hips are loose the Shoulders are loose arms are right here Just chilling in a second we'll play With them but take it nice and relaxed Just enjoy that music hey all right to The left slow go left and Center Rock Those hips side to side yes Rock left And Center one more right beautiful Double time pick it up Rock hey nice That's it okay come on now we're feeling In the groove look at these girls come On they're killing it oh now break to The back to the left and Center hey Right and Center two more slow go boom And hey yes double time turn it here we Go rock it back hop Rock And look at those Essentials the Attitude these girls are giving right Now feel free to do that at home she Said we're here we're ready [Applause] You stay ready you ain't gotta get ready

Right okay hey Now to the left to the left rock your Hips and hips yes boom boom boom one More time to the front now play with the Upper body rock hey Rock So arms down Maybe you give me a little shimmy Whatever you want yes imagine what that Shimmy come on hey here we go slow turn Left foot to the front go left and open That spare right left one more slow go Left and open hey one fast turn here we Go rocket two and a step Walk It Out Just front one more turn it out go yes Boom just walk feeling good whip it yes Come on rock it out let it feel good oh That's it live it up come on and hate And hey yes Jimmy [Music] Oh at this point just feel it out yes we Know the steps start to add that Groove Into it break it to the back break it Back go left and right yes Oh nice and smooth hit it and hit it Good to the front to the front rocket go Front now give me that turn step and Turn pop pop Walk It Out beautiful hold It right here yes first four three two One Oh that's what I'm talking about how we Feeling amazing all right now we're Gonna get a little dance here okay we're Gonna start to pick up that energy You're gonna give me a little Grapevine To the right three two one Grapevine

Just step back pop that leg go step hey Pop it and drop hey and three and two Again Walk It Out great nine gold Drop it down four times go three right Knee take it out four times here we go Big drop every yes now scoop and throw To the right yes come on oh we're Picking up that energy again for knees With the right here we go rocket Nice drop it down four times all four Keep it up right here get low make it Yours Yes great bye to the raccoon Oh Drop it down we rock and three hey again Take it out take it out rock it Drop it down Beautiful beautiful one more Grapevine Let's rock Yes last one get low we scooped all Right we're going back into those knees Making yours making yours Rock hey and Hey and hey we scoop to the right big Bro you throw it cause you don't need it What keep it working for hey come on Okay drop drop straight line to the Right to the right let's rock and pop Drop it down big floor you know go down Get low Walk It Out Walk It Out okay drop it Down Oh four knees take it out let's rock big Four big four Good Scoop it down to the right you rock

It One more time big knees go four three Two let it all go yes all right we're Gonna get back into those salsa moves But we're gonna add a little new one to The mix so we're gonna start slow with The right go right and right tap left And left two more so boom nice now keep It like double time rock it out go step Step back hey that's it nice Let It Rock Let It Rock hey hey hey now left foot to The front here we go you know it you Rock it you kill it and we're back right Cool that's it Again to the right two steps here we go Rocket two and two hey Nice and light nice and light Hair though to the front to the front That's where I live through them I wish One of these days I'm just gonna wear a Wig on camera what Here we go to the left of the legend Rocko left and right but also I don't Know how y'all do it I'm already Sweating Here we go two steps to the right two Steps let's go step it right Hey Nice all right here's the deal we're Gonna take it all the way around the World right foot right push like roll Roll oh this is your moment to work in Switch your left hey again again with The right roll it don't be shy yes these

Hips one more to the left hey Oh all right two steps to the right Let's go step it right ha Ratchet Sometimes I think I'm a rapper or Something I'm just making up all these Words the music what is that I'm with it Right okay here we go let's go I got one I'll take it hey rock it out rock it out Beautiful we're gonna break it to the Back left foot left foot just bring and Back and break hey that's it All right right foot take it all around The world shake it out last one oh yes Here we go to the left go energy that's It come on three two one and pose all Right let's take it home one more here's The deal you're gonna pump those arms a Little party two and two go two and two Nice butt step to the front walk it up One more Yes again we Pump It Go Party And pump and party you rock I'm smiling So hard That's what I want come on big smiles And Rock It Forward hey Live It Up live It up you scoop it down four times you Go four three now one rolling clap you Roll for four and three again big scoop Big scoop yes so get low then roll get Low high Yes again let's go keep it up Drop it down go ahead And hey we roll it go that's it come on Brownie points if you snake your head And snake it and roll it but don't hurt

Yourself we roll down up yes party pump To the right go two and two box step Live it up we wave oh I want you to feel Like you're on the beach again hey we're Vacay mode we're dancing it up yes oh When that Ocean Breeze is hitting you Come on again let's go Pump hey box step last time good four Skills drop it down you drop it four Three big rolling clap you crunch down Crunch hey okay let's go drop it four Hey good we roll All right we switch it up big slide Right slide and drop it down hey again Go this feels familiar oh yes Queen clap Pump it two and two all right that's it Way there up and back okay let's go this Is just a big old party y'all just have Fun let it go and up and drop scoop it Down right we scoop and hey roll it Let's go Oh come on take it home take it home Let's go drop it hey hey and roll go We finish with that five to the right Big side oh drop it down say hey [Applause] We dropping hey a couple more couple More Over there over here left side We're all go that's what I'm talking About London nice work oh my goodness I Know you guys killed it out there thank You so much for joining us thank you so Much to My Girl Tiffany hey hey and

Madison hey all right you guys enjoy and We'll see you in the next dance Hey hey yes rocket

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