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10-Minute Salsa Dance Workout




10-Minute Salsa Dance Workout

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It's your presentation right here you're Like I didn't come to play oh we came to SL you R my girl what's up dance with Sugar my name is Louis and today we have A 10minute salsa for your glutes so We're going to work that booty and we're Going to get nice and spicy are we ready Yeah let's get It all right let's go ahead and get this Party started so we're going to start Off with just a little shimmy side to Side shimmy and shimmy hey get that body Flowing get that body going You' been Sitting all day this is your time to get Moving right here come on M love this Shimmy all right we go big roll and Squat roll drop it down yes roll through Feel it oh make it nice and gooey get Low with it hey again we're working on That booty today so get nice and low one More hold it at the bottom you pop it Side to side o can we stay low working Yes hey hey you can look back at it That's okay we go look back look back we Working nice and strong hey all right Here we go we're going to put it all Together two rolls four pops roll sit Roll Pop for four you go big four big Three again two rolls bring it up drop Hey use that full time to make it nice And strong let's go big roll eight rope Pop it hey hey one more time just like That okay I don't know about y'all but My clads are already starting to fire up

Yes back to that shimmy side of side This where you get to stand it on up you Can shake out those legs before we get Back into it yes little more come on can We lean it back oh can we lean it back Come on [Applause] Let here we go knees out get low just Out and out out and out even here drop It nice and low work those knees come on Boom oh we're feeling to burn that's Right come on come on we get to Shake It Out shimmy side to side let's go all Right little break for those legs right Here yes take it nice and light before We get back into that combo big breath Hey all right we ready yeah let's go Let's get it that combo two rolls We Roll two and sit two you pop it hey and Hey and hey again that's right big roll Hey nice and gooey drop it down boom Boom little more come on big Roll roll as you get into it challenge Yourself right nice and strong Go Up High drop low up high hold it pop it ooh Ooh hey shake it Out okay we're going to throw in a Little combo for this one one so follow Along and then we'll start to put that Energy into it here we go you pop up you Shake drop it back forth yeah that's it You pop big shake and take it back for Start to add that energy pop it drop it O back it up yes that's right pop and

Drop o okay that's what I'm talking About nice and strong and then stay low Boom yeah that's it we're still firing Up those glutes so squat it down two More hey hey one more right here let's Go hey now slow to the front go front And back three shimmies three two one Take it back back and shimmy good double Time right here pick it up go rock and o O o yes that's it come on let me see Those hey this is where we get spicy That red dress is on the salsa heels are Tight come on M boom hey one more combo Pop that knee pop it drop it back it up Hey that's it come on don't be afraid to Shake it make that shake yours come on How you going to shake it yay again go Hey oh salsa front go front big shimmy Boom and shimmy let's see it go Hey oh hey maybe you play with the Levels and hey Ooh and hey two more let's go ooh po Back to that combo go work and drop hey Hey that's it let's go hey come on lilan You better back it up let's go hey hey One more one more let's go big pop and Drop and hey Sala to the front oh shake Shake shake oh shake shake shake Play with it hey po hey Pop 3 2 one Let It Go okay we're going to take it nice and Slow side to side a little Groove shake Out those hips we go side and tap side And tap hey that's it come on I know

Poopy got them HS let's go they don't Lie she said was in the house oh couple More let's go nice and Light Side to side hey all right we take it to The back you go back and hit show them Yeah show them it's your presentation Right here you're like I didn't come to Play oh we came to slay you R my girl we Drop it down squat Drop It Low you hook that arm hook it ooh and Switch two rolls up you go up drop it Down again you hook go hook and switch Hey two rolls up go up nice and low up Again go you hook them like you're Fishing come on ooh they said there's Plenty fish in the sea but let's be real You're the best one okay come on take it Up go o drop hey that's it here we go Side to side just that de we go side tap You can start to play with those arms wi That sweat oh you point over there You're like you that's right I'm dancing Stay over there go no I'm just kidding Here we go hey we take it back go back And hit back and yeah you can play with That Focus you can look away beautiful Come on Boom hey couple more go one more We drop it down you squat oh that's Right hold it we hook Hook two rolls Go Up Get Low up yeah you Want that nice wide Dan so that you have That full range How low can you go what can you go oh Hook that's right I see you Lou doing

The roll I can do it too come On hook side to side just that step Go Side tap hey play with it make it yours Ooh nice and strong yes come On Rock It Rock it perfect now we take It to the back go hit and yes Whip It Strong oh and O Shake It Out go that's What I'm talking about all right we got That last one so I want you guys to drop It down low and give me all that energy We're going to go around the world four Steps big roll four and three and two Switch it other side go four go three You give me a big snake down nice and Low you drop hey hey hey hey that's it Come on oh around the world four step go Leave it up make it yours let it feel Good switch it up go come on World Tour Come on World Tour and I'm our Tour question is where we're going Where's our Tour St oh come on let's go Around the world one more four three two One more switch four all right now we're Getting into those squats you squat Pulse you go pulse then crunch hey pulse Then crunch yes stay nice and low fire Up that booty get it nice and strong Come on oh yeah ooh we said 10 minutes Glute 10 minutes of glutes and we're Going to make that time worth it boom Two more right here go boom hey all Around the world take it ooh this is Your world tour take it out let's go hey And hey snake it down strong go snake

And snake hey little more little more Let's go big roll and roll around the World let's ride Rock It Go Hey come on show them what you're Working with oh they can't mess with it No you drop it down who can do it like This yes you can come on oh sometimes I Think I can like make up these lyrics I Cannot I'm here for it okay thank you Here for it squat it d squat squat D see Get you a squat that supports you no Matter how crazy you are sometimes come On a little more let's go we Crunch and Feel that core boom boom crunch it That's it hey around the world Roll and Roll see here's the thing we worked our Booty and then you show it off on the Rolls you're like look how juicy it be Snake it hey hey hey hey nice we pulse It down squat it go oh that's it take it Home come on yeah that's it Oh so what set Booty set Spicy set Peaches how do we make peaches grow we Water them and we water them with a Little sweat a little hard work come on Let's go and just a couple of squats yes Almost there come on hey go boom boom Hey let it Go give me some love way to watch thank You guys so so much for sticking with us Thank you poofy thank you thank you Lilan thank you all right you guys my

Name is Louis thank you so much for Joining me see you in the next dance fit Sugar hey hey hey hey hey hey

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