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10-Minute Quickness Workout For Runners | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Quickness Workout For Runners | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to class fit sugar I'm your Trainer Ashley joy and today I have a Workout that is all about quick Movements this is a cross training Workout that you can do to prep for your Next speed run if you need any Modification follow Michaela see Michaela and if you're looking for high Impact check out poopy I got you this Workout is sponsored by Nike invincible 3. so lace up and let's get ready to Unleash Your Inner racer let's get Started with the warm-up we're going With arm swings we're standing nice and Tall you're going to push those hands All the way back past your hips up by Your face we're running really nice and Fast There you go we're only gonna do this For 15 seconds and then we're gonna go Into hip circles ready all right hip Knee up and out remember walk it back Come up And out getting these arms these legs These hips everything ready to have some Fun all right now knee hugs go ahead and Grab the front of your shin bring that Knee up and close to your chest Alternating make sure you have your Balance this is not this is the point Where you don't have to go fast okay This is where you make sure you're Stable And we're just stretching out those

Hamstrings We're good next up we're going to do one Of my favorites it's gonna be high knees So we're incorporating all of these Moves right now right we got those knees Up arms going high knees 30 seconds go Ahead Follow Michaela for your modify Let's go come over here I got you moving In with me going all out oh yeah now This is the warm-ups I want you to take In all that oxygen Ah let it out we're gonna have some fun Less than 10 seconds can you believe it Oh that was quick yeah exactly it's a Speedy workout three two and one first Up we're gonna do is lateral Hops okay so one side of your mat and You're going to push off Land Come on follow me time's already going We got 30 seconds of work And only 15 seconds of rest Next 10 seconds As quick as you can Come on poopy you got it three Two One 15 seconds of rest next up we're Going to do a burpee No push-up but we're exploding at the Top Michaela you're not hitting anything off The ground you're staying on the ground You ready we're gonna push back

Let's go push Jump up To the sky What I would not want you to do is drop Those hips Stick that plank and take it to the sky Quick There you go Spring off the ground Less than 10 seconds Walk it out if you need to take a break Two last one Yes Nice and quick 15 seconds Yeah we're gonna get started go at the End of your mat Double feet we're bounding high knee Reverse let's show them Stick it high knees back Nice and quick There it is explode Michaela you're doing amazing I know you can go quicker than that just Because you're modifying doesn't mean it Has to be slow Be intentional you want to work on your Speed Push it there it is too One And rest Only 15 seconds who's feeling it I'm Feeling it yeah this time because we're Catching our breath Middle of your mat

Quick feet Into a jump squat ready quick And then down push it up hold it back to Quick feet Use those arms Sit back and explode There it is Quick feet 10 more seconds hold it explode let's go Nice and quick one motion Down and up there it is Yes one more exercise I promise We're doing 15 seconds each leg reverse And drive and hop one leg at a time go Ahead step back Drive it up and hop or if you're with Michaela you're just going to tap and Then so dry that knee Focus Balance is there drive go ahead and Switch Take it back And drive Take it back Be in sync with yourself And focus Give me one more You guys Just so quiet it's so quiet Speed Oh It takes a lot of oxygen to get fast you Guys are doing good we're having a full

Rest so go ahead and Grab water And mentally I want you to give yourself credit Supposed to be difficult Right yeah it's not supposed to be easy Getting faster takes practice And also muscle memory so continue to do These workouts To get faster I promise you will if it was easy Everyone would do it that part my Coaches tell me if it doesn't challenge You it's not going to change But we're having fun yeah Still have to have fun even though it's Challenging but you make me feel like a Superhero actually you are you're over There bounding and dumping and Everything you guys guess what You ready I'm gonna hop right in yeah We're going into our lateral Our lateral bounds right we're pushing Off they go pushing off 30 seconds three Two one stick it There it is Yes you need to Tap that toe down Try to look at least A foot in front of you Breathe Exhale Focused Less than 10.

Three you got it two last bound 15 Seconds All the way on the mat Mentally get ready for these burpees If you're lucky I didn't know how to Push-up into it okay One fluid motion stick that plank Let's go To the sky Yes we are superheroes we're getting Fast Over halfway I want you to push right Now keep going keep going yes poopy Let's go all the way to the sky five More seconds Ma'am I need you to speed it up two one And rest Yes she's coming for me I am she Believes in you because exactly I love To say because I know you can do it You're right and you have to just prove To everyone out there who's following You they have someone to look up to Edge of your mat We're bounding and reverse high knees Two one let's go Nice and quick Michaela you can do this Come on I see you Ashley you know it We all can do this At your own pace Shake It Out And go There it is under 10. can you believe it Give me

One more bound one more reverse Yes Time to go up and Beyond This is it this is the last round Fast speed And two Squad cats Deep breath in Two one fast feet fast There it is Squat explode back into fast feet right There Squad explode come on fast fast Explode up onto those toes okay let's Boom there it is come on poopy you're Doing amazing let's go down up less than 10 seconds let's go Five Squat and up reach for that Sky Come on down and up beautiful Reverse Plunge Knee Drive Focus we're using one leg at a time Control that breath Ready feet together Step back Drive and bound One leg at a time 15 seconds Whoo [Music] Come on we're about to switch one more Straight into it step back And drive This is it remember we have to work

Harder this second round to match the First Three Two One more for good luck Good job so proud of you yes yes yes Catch your breath Oh that was an amazing Amazing workout Speed quickness Fast twitch muscles Man I can't even talk you guys tell me what Was your favorite part I feel like it Flew by 10 minutes is easy I really like this if Not but because it made time fly by Because we were flying yeah All right To find a way to cool down You guys want to get on the ground or Stand tall And be proud go ahead feet underneath Your hips deep breath in Hands above your head Three breaths Get all that air that we deserve in Out Last one in And out Beautiful Let's go ahead Toe to the ceiling hinge those hips back Hello glutes and hamstrings

Yes this is delicious yeah Deep breath in and hand a little bit Deeper Nice let's go ahead and switch Heel To The Ground toes to the sky Push that butt back Focus on catching your breath deep Breath in and exhale A little bit deeper on that exhale Yes Deep breath in Exhale Amazing thank you so much for working Out with pop trigger and Nike if you Guys want to work out some more go ahead And check out our agility and speed Workouts and I will see you next time Thank you poofy thank you thank you Michaela and thank you

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