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10-Minute No-Equipment Core Workout With Danielle Gray | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute No-Equipment Core Workout With Danielle Gray | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to class fit sugar my name is Danielle gray and today we've got a 10 Minute Core workout and I actually do This myself in my own gymnastics Training for strength and stability it Helps with everything so I got Pam Michaela here what's a team when you're Ready grab your mat and let's go get it Let's get right into this warm-up so You're going to start on your back in a Dead bug your shins are going to be Parallel to the floor and your knees are Going to be stacked over your hips arms Are up and what you're going to do is You're going to tap gently your toe to The floor remember you can always follow Pam for any modifications if you're new To your low back should be pushing super Hard as before like you're trying to dig A hole I call these because sometimes You can sometimes you can't really Breathe and as your foot goes closer to The ground it's almost like a gig Because you're trembling I honestly call this that with like my 50 year old male client and it works Because it is very accurate your head Can be down or it can lift for a little Extra uh spice all right catch your Breath next we're going to go into Extensions so one arm the opposite arm And opposite leg room go straight as you Go out the farther down you go the Harder it is all right so just be very

Conscious of that as you extend okay Keep reaching opposite arm opposite leg Don't let those knees creep forward They're going to want to come into your Chest but try to keep them stacked over Your hips all right in three and two and One rest beautiful now you're going to Take a seat I hate these all right so but they're Good You're going to sit uh upright okay now From here your hands are gonna go by Your knees you're going to alternate and Lift one leg if you want to modify just Go back to your elbows and lift now You're going to lift from your toe not From your knee we don't want any micro Bends or develop hay if you want it to Be harder round your back reach forward And lift your legs should feel like it's About five thousand pounds it will Barely get off the floor the further Forward you reach but compression is Really important when you're training For gymnastics or handstands or anything Where you're using your body okay Catch your breath in just a second and We're going to go into like a tricep and A core warm up before we get into our Circuit all right beautiful all you're Going to do from here is scooch your Bottom forward a little bit hands are by Your hips then from here you're going to Lower down onto your elbows all right so

Go ahead keep your hands right by your Hips make sure your elbows are pressing Down at the exact same time if you are Modifying you're just trying to lift off Of the ground and come back but you're Really staying concentrated on coming up And coming down at the same millisecond If you're coming all the way up I kind Of like to roll over my hands it helps Me when I'm trying to press back up you Can also exhale on the way back up It helps to contract your core nice nice Stay nice and around through your chest Bring those shoulders forward so that You're not going into your back this Should be core Focus go slow enough How you doing Pam yeah this is our Hardest this is the modified good uh-huh And all right give me one more finish Strong press yourself all the way back Up good work all right warm up finito Now we're gonna I know what we're gonna Stay down we're just gonna stay here the Whole time because we are here for the Rest of the workout now what we're gonna Do five exercises we're going to start Long go 50 40 30 20 10 and then all the Way back up with the same five exercises All right so let's start in these plank Hip drops give me a forearm plank on Your elbows just follow me I will do my Best to cue you you're gonna rock your Hips side to side so a lot of times in Planks trainers will say don't rock your

Hips well these ones you want to rock Side to side try to get the side of your Hip to tap it's okay if you're doing a Little dance with your feet your feet Want to be apart slightly if you're Modifying just go on your knees really Try to keep those knees together give it A little rock you're over halfway done With these okay stay with it and I Intentionally programmed this so that The harder stuff is for a little amount Of time okay I gave you the uh easier I Guess Stuff that we're doing today or easier We're going on to our stomach we're Doing our chips and Superman lips here Okay and lift up and down now after this We're going to go into lemon squeezers So you got to be fast because remember There is no rest in between this stuff For lemon squeezers we're gonna sit on Our bottom and do a hollow out and in so Just be ready for that in about 20 Seconds right now you're trying to lift As high as you can try to reach behind Your ears keep your legs straight every Time you come back down your knees Should not touch the floor really Squeeze your quads tight in five and Four breathe in three it's more lemon Squeezers two and one oh Switch it over to here All right then we're gonna go out into a Hollow hold and back up all right if you

Need to just hold a tuxit you can after This we're going to go into Beast toe Taps we're going to flip over onto our Hands and knees for a quadruped so just Be ready for that movement You got this reach try to push your low Back into the ground same thing the Lower you go the harder it is first Three Two and one good flip it over base toe Tap so hover your knees try to touch Your toe or just hover your knees and Hold grab the floor as Hardy as you can With your fingertips okay you got this You got this I know it should burn it's Tough we're almost there we're gonna go To our back flip it over come through Straight leg lowers this is the one We're gonna be here for a while okay Lower your legs down nice and straight And come back up all right now I want You to add a butt lift because now we're Officially in the second set all right So you're gonna lift up so now we're Just starting with these same exercises I just spat and it I saw it come back Down and it landed on my face It was like oh no Beautiful you're almost there good next We're gonna do those Beast toe Taps flip It over So now you know you know what to expect You know what to do we're doing it we're Just gonna finish strong you're

Officially going through if you were Like what is happening the first set now You have the chance to go back through Hold that beast half keep the knees Close to the ground I do not want your Bottom high knees should be skimming I Hear you breathing I hear you're Breathing you've got this building Almost there We're gonna do our lemon squeezers begin Over here extend out and in and out and In or hold your abs should be cramping Right now my abs are on good if you're Shaking you're doing it you're doing it Right we're gonna go into our Superman Lifts and then our blank hip drops and Then you're almost done here we go stay With it Pam come back no you want to get Out it's not done yet we're gonna get it Come on him you thought this was easy we Got I did not thinking Oh yeah five four three two one oh my Lord Almighty on your stomach Superman There's more Save the day two to do up and down here We go last two I know you can do it Finish strong squeeze your bottom the Tighter you squeeze your bottom the Further you press your hips into the Ground the higher you go give me energy Through the fingertips no dead hands Lifty lift then we're gonna go into Those hip drops and then we have Stretchy time oh feel that heat in three

In two and one go on your elbows press It up into those hip drops stay strong This is your final exercise pace Yourself if you need take a little rest Hit that child's pose come back in I Know this is fast I know it's intense I Know it burns do not let your stomach Sag and your butt stick up like this Okay if you're doing this then you need To modify tuck that tailbone under stay Round like a rainbow Tailbone under first Two four one child's pose That was have you guys ever been in a Yoga class where the instructor's like Everyone exhale at the same time and Then it's like this Me every day yeah right this is like Beautiful chorus of all everybody at Their different pitch oh amazing good From here we're gonna go into a seal Stretch all right so you're gonna slide Through [Music] You're gonna press your hips down if This is too intense on your low back Then go down to your elbows and try to Pull your ribs to the floor up to you Here whichever one you want to be at Whichever one you feel to feel more all Right then here we're going to slide Back into a cat stretch for our Shoulders so bend your knees Push your armpits down to the floor

Let your lift your hips lift super high Look in between your hands Breathe lengthen the ABS oh I am moist Oh But I don't I don't trip sweat actually That's a lie the first time I ever Really really drip sweat was like in a Spin class I didn't know your shins Could sweat that was that was new to me All right from here bring your left hand Through the Gap drop your left shoulder On the ground Lift your right arm up and twist you Might get a little back crack here you Might get a nice chest stretch it's up To you you can Circle the wrist Then we're going to go to the other side Go back to the center Reach your right hand through drop your Right arm do that what is that your Shoulder Head Shoulders Knees and Toes Lift your left hand up Circle that wrist Open and look at the ceiling amazing Good awesome now you get to lie down all Right you're going to lie down on your Back We're gonna do a t-spine twist so you're Gonna be lying on your back you're gonna Have your left leg straight your right Knee is bent your toe is touching your Left ankle drop your right knee towards The left Reach your right arm out to the right And look back towards your right arm I

Am about to choke on my spit and there Is a tear falling down my face Oh my God but I'm but I'm not crying you Guys it's okay we had a good time I'm Just sad I'm just sad to leave okay it's Gonna be okay don't cry Other side bring your left toe to your Left your right knee and drop your left Knee towards the right left right reach Your left arm out to the left look Towards the left if you want to push Down on your knee you can if you want to Put your hand kind of by your tailbone And press down to lengthen you can all Right and bring it back to the center Bring your knees to your chest Grab behind your legs give me a little Rock up to a Sit if your back makes a Nice little toot sound that's fine you Are sweating So sad to leave you guys oh I'm I'm Proud of the work that you did today uh Thank you to Pam that was fun thank you To Michaela yes I am proud of you for Surviving let me know what you like let Me know what you didn't like and my name Is Danielle gray and I'll see you next Time on class fit sugar

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