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10-Minute Low-Impact HIIT Workout With Natalie White | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Low-Impact HIIT Workout With Natalie White | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's up class bit sugar I'm your host Natalie white today I'm going to guide You through a 10 minute low impact hit Workout it is low impact but high energy I've got Jay a and AJ hello are you both Ready to get started ready Let's go okay we're going to start with A little tap out and in jumping jack Taps good now again low impact high Energy we're backing up Beyonce let's go Oh yeah good nice gorgeous so age is Going to be modifying today so if you Need any modifications please look for AJ I got you Jay you're with me I'm with You yes good Already out of breath here we go we've Got four seconds three two one take it Out bend the knees kick your bottom Hamstring curl bring it up and up that's It good so we can still keep the pace Even though we're not jumping it good so Again keeping that high energy nice and Up beautiful so low impact is great if You have any injuries I need to take out The jumps Low impact does not mean it's easy we're Gonna we're gonna find that out in a Minute Good five more seconds four three two One I'm gonna just want you to shake it Out each exercise is 45 seconds with a 15 second rest We're going to start with an inch worm You bring it down to a plank do two

Shoulder Taps soften the knees And bring it back in here we go roll it Out you've got 45 seconds right here Good stopping the knees bring it up See how many you can fit in in the time Frame didn't take a little bit faster if You need it AJ is taking out the shoulder taps and Holding that plank good on those Shoulder Taps how still can you keep Your hips try not to let them move too Too much That's the hard part engaging those Obliques good you've got 15 more seconds And then you've got a 15 second rest While I talk through the next part no Rest for me Good all right more seconds here All right good let's finish it off Bring it up nice work next move we're Going to do a reverse lunge and a kick Same leg reverse lunge kick it boom nice And hard nice and strong or a knee lift If you are modifying in three two one Let's go finding that 90 degree angle in That lunge I want you to find that power Behind that kick yes Nice Jay I can hit you back there Killing it yeah yes Whoa hello quads every time the first Thing that burns on me the quads Good job Good Focus on something are you mad at

Somebody Yes Jay is apparently mad at somebody Today here she goes okay You got 10 more seconds here Good job Oh I've got no balance here we go we've Got five seconds four three two one Shake it out oh yeah that was harder Than it looks or as hard as it looked on Me okay it'll break we're gonna do the Other side Shake It Out Five seconds four three two one let's go Kick It Up Other side keep that same energy That same aggression Get that stress out today Good If you have any stress today you might Not Beautiful he got 30 seconds left Go trying to get that knee nice and low Almost tapping that floor Good How are we doing good oh yeah still Feeling it absolutely 15 seconds Focus Maybe that's why I can't balance because I'm always like looking around there we Go five seconds In four Three Two Okay shake it out we are going to bring It down to the floor for mountain

Climbers with a bit of a Twist so it Looks like this one side goes in to the Outside switch in to the outside you're Gonna keep doing that switching legs Here we go bring it in out Nice And fast if you can if you need to slow It down absolutely it is your workout do What you can AJ is modifying giving me straight Mountain climbers If you need to Hold your plank that is absolutely fine If you need to drop to the knees you can Do that Good try and keep the shoulders on top Of the wrist Try and keep that bottom down if you Have a mirror at home or a camera you Can look at yourself See where that body is in that space We're almost there we have five seconds Four three two one yeah oh yeah so good Oh good we're gonna stand back up I'm Sorry We're gonna take side lunges switching Side to side over And over keeping the toes forward the Legs wide three two one Good keeping it low I want you to imagine you're in a low Tunnel And you can't lift up yeah so The bottom goes back

The chest gets low Almost touching the thighs Good I feel like I'm skiing yes going Through the trees yeah I'm so bad at Skiing me too I didn't learn until I was In my 20s And then I had the fear Right Good and my mum would always say you'll Break your legs you're a dancer you Can't break your legs you're not 10 Seconds to go All right Five Four three two one rest Good job so we've got crab walks with a Tap out so it goes two crab walks we Keep it low Tap out and out so two crab walks Tap out and out let's go two Keep it low keep it low again we're in Our very low ceiling Our imaginary tunnel Yes Good job What's that There we go That's it I know it's like a little dance to move This one Good nice work Very Leg heavy today yes for somebody that Doesn't enjoy doing leg exercises I seem

To do a lot of them maybe that's why you Pick it challenging yourself challenging My exactly challenging myself Got five seconds In four three two one shake out good We're gonna come down to the floor all Right this is a a wrestler move Apparently according to my boyfriend so You find that box plank We twist through bring it back to Center Other side are we ready let's go So bringing that top hand off Does not matter What you do with that top arm you can Put it up You can take it Forward okay bring it Round as long as you hit that box in the Middle Good And again AJ's modifying for you just adding the Knee twists not lifting the arm Good how you doing Jay so good I love This actually I know it's good isn't it Yeah it's a wrestling warm-up yeah I Feel very like athletic right now Exactly All right nine seconds Good job bit of upper body and core here Three Two one And rest We're gonna stay on on the floor so Staying on the floor we're gonna bring

Those legs forward leg extension side to Side so you come halfway you twist onto One hip back to Center Twist to the other hip here we go option To use the hands if you need it Or take it just straight So twisting it is also hitting the Obliques Yeah it is yeah exactly I mean it's really a whole Core workout This part Take a breath yes take a breath and keep Going get back into it take a rest Whenever you need and pick it up Good You can just lay on your mat the whole Time if you want Just just watch us laughing of course as Long as you're having a nice time Good five more seconds In four three Two one Let It Go guess what You're done that's it It's done beautiful Hamster stretch bring the legs forward Bring the arms up take a big inhale Exhale reach relax the head relax the Neck And just breathe AJ did you say that was it I'm sweating Yeah I'm saying about you I know I'm still sweating You want some more we'll give you some More you've got a low impact you gotta

Bring yourself up and switch around to a Tabletop There we go tuck the toes Hips up downward dog Beautiful Press out the heels right and left Press both heels back Bend the knees walk the feet towards the Hands keep the knee soft And roll yourselves up slowly chin to Chest head is the last thing to come on Up let's face the front take a big Inhale Exhale hands to Heart Center thank you So much you're done yes thank you so Much thank you and thank you AJ thank You Natalie yes if that was not enough For you today or at home feel free to Rewind try it again I also have a few Other workouts on the channel so please Check those out as well thank you so Much for joining me and I hope to see You next time on class fit sugar

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